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Hijab is an Arabic word that means curtainorcover that basically means "to cover, to veil or to shelter".InIslamic legal lexicon it is defined as the type of modestdressingthat covers entire body except the face and the hands whileinpublic. The hijab has a wider meaning of privacy, moralityandmodesty in islam. In the Quran, the muslim holy book, thetermkhimar has been given for headscarf or veil and not a hijab.Incommon english speaking world or in modern arabic language hijabisunderstood as a type of head covering that Muslim womenweartraditionally.

In Islam it is necessary for the Muslim women to wear ahijabwhenever they are outside of their home or in the presence ofothermen. By wearing the hijab Muslim women get various benefitsforherself as well as to the society as a whole. It is a modestdressfor Muslim women. The misconception about the Muslim womenthatthey are forced to wear hijab is absolutely wrong. It issimplyworn because they belief in God and think that they arefollowingthe principle of clothing given by God.

However in Islam the other definition of a hijab is that it isadress which covers all which might arouse instincts. In thiswaywearing hijab is very beneficial for women. It would keep awomansafe not only in the place where she lives but also towhateverplace she goes. It is important that the hijab is worn insuch away that it does not provoke the attention of theoppositesex.

Nowadays hijab comes in variety of colors, styles andpatterns.Because of this Muslim women are coming with ways ofmakingthemselves notable and graceful. These different styles ofhijabable women to feel confident. With creative and attractivedesignsavailable in hijabs, they become popular all over theworld.

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