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Get ready for the extreme super real fury frontline missionadventure, a challenge to demolish the rivals in combatwarfare!Expert shooters and criminals are attacking in the moderngrand city battlefield. Criminals and great shooters are using realmodern fury weapons to abolish and kill the citizens in frontline.They are equipped with heavy FPS modern shooters and sniper guns tomake the modern city a strike battlefield. The modern city showsthe picture of extreme warfare, criminals and evil action commandosare attacking with great powers in this warrior’s battlefield. Bean action commando, special sniper warrior and recuse the Americancity by showing your real survival powers towards gangster strikeaction. This FPS commando game provides you gangs and fury enemyhit-list. Be the best FPS commando in these modern games that isvery thrilling and extreme adventurous. In this challenge you as acommando shooter will start this action combat mission. The FPSmodern shooter 3D gameplay of this world war frontline game is verythrilling and adventurous. You will start the extreme mission tokill expert mafia groups in the fury warrior’s battlefield ofAmerican city. You have multiple strong FPS weapons in this actioncommando 3D game to prove yourself as a FPS commando hero & FPSmodern shooter of the year 2018. You may have played modern combatmission games of fighting but you might have not played real actioncommando challenge games ever before. You can kill and attack yourenemy by utilizing weapons in this strike force heroes frontlinecommando simulator. This modern fury action commando game of greatmodern weapons let you explore 3D game environments in which youwill perform your duty as a great frontline hero shooter to rescuethe city from mafia monster gangs in such type of modern games. Itis highly recommended to use modern sniper guns to be the best FPScommando & FPS modern shooter. This is one the best commandogames of the year 2018 in an excellent 3D simulator, and let you tobecome the action commando in full action. You have to wipe out thecriminals in this modern warfare to save the humanity and win thetitle of great combat shooter by killing the rival’s lives. Showthe commando fury eyes towards strike force heroes and stop thegangster strike action in this special sniper warrior battlefield.Become the real modern fury frontline commando in this combatmission to win the hearts of innocent American citizens in 3Dsimulator modern games of warriors battlefield. In this combatmission you must have pistol in every challenging mission of thisfrontline warfare 3D game. You will earn reward after completingthe FPS commando mission so that you can purchase more FPS modernshooters to kill the rivals in one go of these modern games. Thisaction commando game is one of the finest action packed andthrilling 3D game ever played. Furthermore, you have a FPS sniperrifle for stealth missions in this 3D game. All missions in thisaction commando & special sniper warrior battlefield are veryelectrifying; make an attack plan by following an intelligentstrategy to proceed in this modern fury combat mission challenge.Strike with the real modern sniper guns to be the best FPS modernshooter hero & FPS commando in this 3D action game. Enemy forceis highly trained and professional like strike force heroes.Getvarious guns to as FPS commando to play in these commando games;you just have to aim the enemy to kill as strike force heroes inthis warriors battlefield. Prove yourself as a special sniperwarrior and frontline commando to rescue the citizen’s lives as anaction commando! Key features1. Stunning and HD 3D graphics to beatthe rivals as frontline commando2. Thrilling fighting and killingmissions to explore3. Best audio effects and interesting gameplay4.Realistic and smooth controls5. Sniper gun shooter missions

App Information Modern Strike Action - Commando Shooting FPS

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    Modern Strike Action - Commando Shooting FPS
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    February 26, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Legends Games Production
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    Office #227, 2nd Floor Siddique Trade Centre Gulberg II Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
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The real grand city is in devastating danger zone of furious fight!The war is happening in American city, terrorists and criminals arecombos killing the innocent citizens. They want to transform thepeaceful city into a slaying real battle zone; they are burning thebuildings, houses, warehouses and plazas etc. They are behavinglike the real time avengers, who show their evil robots talentsover the innocent community so that they can rule over the Americancity and become the iron legend. Do you want to save the Americancity as a protector and want to relieve the citizens fromdevastating aliens & robots? You can vanish this crazy slayingmafia by becoming the real superhero flying spider. Transform intoAmerican captain superhero to rescue the city from grand evilcombos mafia in superhero simulator. Get the best chances to besuperheros flying spider protector and captain USA to defeat combosrobots. Let’s play the most devastating, exhilarating andelectrifying game of the aliens combats superhero simulator. Be asuper hero and indulge yourself in dangerous quest againstterrorist, gangster and mafia robbers in superheros flying spidersimulator 3D robots game. It’s a nonstop action and fun packed gameof ultimate crazy real protector adventures. Choose your Americancaptain superhero that has all the super hero flying powers andattacking capabilities to defeat the mafia gangs. Kill the eviliron legends with the great super powers attack them with fullpassion to save the humanity. If you are looking for excitingsuperhero simulator then these combos Slaying superheros flyingspider simulator is the best choice for you. It is now the time tothrow the spider web towards your combos enemies and become theAmerican captain superhero who will fight against shadow mafiaavengers gangs robbers in this American super city furious fight.Are you ready to showcase your surprise attacks with tricks againstyour ultimate rival’s mafia agents? If yes then get into the groundgo and attack with allies flying spider simulation, hit all theevil avengers to become the iron legend and captain USA. Aliens& robots are slaying and attacking with bombs and they areshowing the picture of furious fight, this whole scene in the cityis devastating and shows the picture of incredible fighting, Be anallies flying spider protector to attack the avengers rivals in thegrand city, Use your American captain superhero flying powers inthis incredible fighting, attacking weapons, combos attacks andspider web in this combats war. Become a real allies flying spiderto defeat the competitors within limited time, It’s time to be realsuperheros flying spider to show your iron legend stunts in thegrand city of superhero simulator. superheros flying spider battlewith other terrorists and mafia who are defeating the citizens,these avengers attacking in this combats mission of superherosimulator, this superheros flying spider simulation game willtransform you into American captain superhero protector. There isneed of you the need of an American captain superhero to kill theavengers, become a real iron devastating legend in superherosimulator by installing this Captain USA VS Super Spiderhero CityBattle that is an addictive gameplay. Being a superheros flyingspider, it’s your turn to show all your epic power & marvelousstrategy to protect the people from avengers & robots. Livelife of an amazing American captain superhero that can save onebuilding and the whole city in superhero simulator. This superherothriller is the piece of crazy adventures, Captain USA VS SuperSpiderhero City Battle gives you a complete non-stop actionexperience of city battle unseen in some strange superhero games.Key features1. Remarkable furious fight fighting features2. Bestspider hero battle game in 3D simulator 3. Fighting attacks, Spiderweb, stamina4. Stunning graphics and best audio effects5. Excellent3D game environment
City Train Driving 2018: Simulator Free Games 1.0.1 APK
With this never-ending passenger train simulator game and itsdownhill twists let’s begin the journey on the offroad train hillclimbing on the downhill tracks as the best train driver of offroadtrain driving simulator 2018. Experience the most thrilling andexciting adventures on the impossible mountain rail tracks for thereal adventure. This would be the best real adventure in 3Dsimulator on Uphill mountain rail tracks, pick the passengers fromthe sloppy uphill tracks to experience the real adventure, this isthe offroad train hill climbing adventure of the year 2018 in anexcellent 3D simulator. Experience the train driving with fullexcitement as a euro train rail driver on the thrilling tracks.Explore the multiple impossible mountain rail tracks by picking uppassengers. Offroad train hill climbing lets to experience thesloppy uphill, hill stations, thrilling tracks, fast futuristictrains, picking up passengers, sharp turns on the real 3D thrillingtracks, best train driving adventure for the most thrilling andexciting offroad passenger.Gets the experience of offroad trainhill climbing on the sloppy uphill by driving the fast futuristictrains? The real adventure is picking up passengers as to get theoffroad driver experience, you being the expert train driver has todrive the train on the sloppy hills, mountain bridges rail tracks,uphill mountain rail tracks to get the euro train driving adventureand accomplish the hill climb missions in this 3D simulator. Becareful while driving the train on the downhill tracks andthrilling tracks to pick the most thrilling and exciting offroadpassenger, explore the shallow greenery in this Offroad traindriving simulator 2018. This real adventure of sharp turns in thedeep valleys will let you discover the downhill twists, sloppyuphill and offroad train hill climbing tracks in hill stations 3Dgame. Enjoy the realistic graphics of driving the euro train on theimpossible mountain rail tracks. Each mission in this Offroad TrainDriving Simulator 2018 is thrilling and challenging. Pick the mostthrilling and exciting offroad passenger from the located point,enjoy the hill climb missions of train driving on the uphillmountain rail tracks, get the thrilling tracks real adventure andimprove your passenger train driving skills by train driving on theuphill mountain rail tracks. Select the fast futuristic trains andget to the train station to pick passengers and drop them to thefinal destination by driving on the thrilling tracks taking thesharp turns in the deep valleys. Offroad train hill climbingsimulator provides the sloppy uphills and the real picking and dropoff passengers in 3D game. Drive among impossible mountain railtracks and get the experience real adventure of train driving innever-ending passenger train simulator game. Enjoy the downhilltracks, sloppy uphill and the most thrilling and exciting offroadpassenger real adventure in an excellent 3D simulator. Drop thepassengers on the downhill tracks from one real station to anotherstation of thrilling tracks by driving the euro train. Offroadtrain hill climbing game is based on the missions of never-endingpassenger train simulator game, enjoy the hill climb missions, viewof beautiful mountain bridges, sloppy uphills, green deep valleysand downhill twists on the impossible mountain rail tracks to getthe offroad driver experience. You may have played the picking uppassengers bus simulator games, but you may have not played thebest offroad train driving simulator 2018 euro train driving ofhill climb missions. Drive the great real euro train on thedownhill tracks!Key features1. Realistic stations and picking uppassengers’ simulation2. Impossible mountain rail tracks to drivethe real euro train3. Explore the green deep valleys, mountainbridges and downhill twists4. Obey all the train driving rules,reach at the destination safely 5. Advanced technology of trainengine and speed controls
US Army Defense : World War Training School 1.0 APK
Get into US Army Defense : World War Training School Course tobeextraordinary military trained commando fighter.US Army Defense:World War Training School Course is informally known as BootCampand is the program of physical and mental US army trainingforworld war deadly battlefield royale attack. It is required inorderto become a US solider, elite military soldier, army Commando&sniper shooter in the US Army force, US Army Reserve, ArmyNationalGuard or Army Solider trainer. Basic military US armyTraining isdesigned to be highly intense & super tough byfollowing thechain of US military commando course hero and ischallenging whichmany can’t absorb. The challenge comes as muchfrom the difficultyof tough physical training as it does from thepsychologicaladjustment to a difficult way of life US Armytraining.US ArmyDefense : World War Training School is not onlyyour army militarytraining or world war training battle ground, getready to be takeninto the coldest nights, hot deserts, dense forestand moredifficult west areas with challenging gunfighter situationswhereyou have to survive in this realistic military game.Lifethreatening situations would make you see your death socloselythat you won’t fear it anymore in the royal battlefieldagainstgrand enemies in super tough action arcade shooter game.Youhave tocomplete all levels of this boot camp world wartrainingbattleground to qualify as a US forte soldier commando inUSmilitary army game & in Realistic military game. You have tobeat the best swimming training ground at 7 o clock in themorningfor swimming training. You have to be at the US Armytrainingbattle ground at 8 o clock in the morning for physical ,heavymachinery guns & heavy weapons shooting training. Afterthebreakfast you join the royale battle training again at 08:30andcontinue the gun shooting & physical training with majoruntilthe mayhem is over which is 12:00 at army school. Step intoshoesof a war commando fort knight soldier and make your mind up tobeone of the super tough Mr. shooter to protect the state inthefuture from all sort of vice enemies, evil terrorists,deadlycriminals & world war lll in this world war 2 actionarcadeshooter game.US Army Defense : World War Training School freeUSsolider game is actually developed for counter-terroristtrainingfor saving your people from terrorists as army soldiertrainer. Ifyou have any interest in army training camp than jointhen it wouldbe your best us army soldier training because youwould love itsadventure and variety of deadly flying obstacleswhich make you areal army soldier trainer. You will become bestfrontline antiterrorist army officer by playing this US ArmyDefense : World WarTraining School as trainee in this traininggames. Starting fromyour cap till your boots, everything isspecially designed to keepyou fit for the tasks you have to performin the training of armycommando world war training camp &become army soldier trainerin this gun training game.******Keyfeatures******Amazing HDGraphicsSmooth & Intuitive gameplaycontrolsPlay as Realtrainee cadet to test your skills
New Farming Sim 2018 Game - Real Farmer Life 1.0.1 APK
Let’s experience the farming life and play the top farming sim 2018enjoy real farm life with modern farming vehicles! Farmingprofession needs lot of hard work, time, astuteness and dedication.Being a real modern farmer of Top and great farming sim 2018 isreally a hard life to have and harvest crops, transport woods,taking care of cows, look after sheep and livestock, and drive thetechnical farming vehicles. This Real Farming Simulator 2018 Gameboosts your agriculture career with the help of modern farmingvehicles. Enjoy views in new farming sim 2018 Game - Real FarmerLife. Top farming sim 2018 let you experience the farming life andshows you what’s it like to be the real farmer life as you willperform all farming duties as a real farmer to harvest crops,fields, throwing seeds in the productive fields, plough the farmingfields, managing the dairy products, managing the farming animals,taking care of the farming vehicles, this is the real farm lifeadventure and missions of harvesting with the best simulationtransport machines. A real Top Farming sim 2018 game is availablefor free on the play store. New Farming sim 2018 Game containsmultiple features to explore to become a real professional farmer.New Farming sim 2018 3D game is all about real farm lifetraditional farming, this 3D farming game transforms you to a realfarmer, you can become a professional farmer by installing thisrealistic 3D farming game with all the latest modern farmingmachines. Explore various farming levels to enjoy the game play andlive a real great farm life as a modern farmer. Experience thegreat farming life with the newest Farm Expert Mobile app toprovide hays, transport wheat & woods, harvest the fields withthe 3D real harvester, cultivate the crops by using the cultivator,seed the fields by seeding machineries and perform many more tasksin this farming duty. Have fun using the newest Farm Expert Mobilegame to sow, plough, harvest, cultivate, water spraying, pesticidespraying and seeding etc. Download this Top Farming sim 2018 totransport the real farming livestock! Real Farming Simulator 2018Game lets you to live a real farm life in the beautiful 3D villageenvironment. You will see sheep, trees, fields, cows and greeneryeverywhere. At start you as a real farmer will plough wheat crops;firstly in this Top Farming sim 2018 you attach the agricultureplough machine and follow the map to plough. As a modern farmer youwill clear this level if you plough the whole field with thefarming machine in the given specified time. Then you will performnext farmer duty to watering the fields so that your crops can stayfresh and cool in the season, attach the water sprayer before goingto your farming fields. Take care of your crops because there is apossibility that pesticides, insects may attack your beautifulcrops and wheat so keep an eye to look after and spray pesticidechemicals to save your crops. This would be the real farmingsimulation experience for you, in this only one Real FarmingSimulator 2018 Game you are exploring lot of farming adventures.Then visit the best city market to sell your wheat crops in thereal farm market. Plough the corn crop by real farming vehicle bythe given directed 3D map. Perform these real farmingresponsibilities as a modern farmer. Go to wheat crops to spray thewater by bestowing water machine. The newest Farm Expert Mobile appis the great platform to transport woods, harvest crops, seed thefields and enjoy farming. In corn crops season you as a real modernfarmer has to harvest and sell them. Get this New Farming sim 2018Game - Real Farmer Life 3D game for the best farming simulationexperiences!Key features1. Become the real modern farmer 2.Challenging levels and missions to improve real farming life3.Realistic 3D farming user interface to enhance the farming life4.Manage your giant farm 5. Highly detailed 3D HD farming graphics
OffRoad Hilux Jeep Adventure Truck:Mountain Drive 1.0.3 APK
Off-Road Hilux Jeep Adventure Truck:Mountain Drive isinterestingand great fun play on the super offroad track with anexcellent 3Dsimulation of the year 2018. You will drive ModernMountain jeepson the hill climb offraod tracks and explore anotherworld ofdriving. Install this one best jeep driving game in 2018mountainroads and become the super offroad jeep rider 18 of 4 wheeldrivein the best 3D simulation. Drive on the hill stations with thebestjeep driving & hill climb adventure. This 3D Jeep Driving&Hill Climb adventure of difficulty level gives the bestoffroadhilly tracks and hill stations. This is the best jeepdriving gamein 2018 with great Off-Road Jeep adventure on mountainroads, hillstations to drive the Super offroad jeep rider 18 withthe smoothand realistic controls of modern mountain jeeps. Explorethe greatoffroad hilly tracks with the 4 wheel drive by carryingthe jeepriding career of 4x4 furious engine and drive on hillytracks.Being a Super offroad jeep rider 18 is a tricky task todrive the 4wheel drive difficulty level jeep on the hill stationswith theextreme difficulty level. best jeep driving game in 2018mountainroads in dangerous offroad hilly tracks with jeep driving&hill climb requires the great cool driving skills and stamina.Youwill ride on the Jeep Driving & Hill Climb mountain roadsandhill stations with the best jeep driving game in 2018mountainroads to become the Super offroad jeep rider 18 of modernmountainjeeps.Jeep Driving & Hill Climb is the best Off-RoadJeepAdventure with the 4 wheel drive with the best jeep ridingcareer,drive on hilly tracks with the modern mountain jeeps withthe greatspeed of 4x4 furious engine and accomplish all thethrillingchallenges within given specified time. Extreme hill jeepdrive2017 fulfills your dangerous drive dreams and let you becometheSuper offroad jeep rider 18 of Jeep Driving & Hill Climb inthebest jeep driving game in 2018 mountain roads. Off-Road HiluxJeepAdventure Truck: Mountain Drive is all about Off-RoadJeepAdventures on the offroad hilly tracks, so try this crazy jeepraceof 4 wheel drive on the jeep riding career with the 4x4furiousengine on the modern mountain jeeps. Off-Road Jeep Adventureis aunique and new idea drive on hilly tracks with the great grandjeepon the offroad hilly tracks with the difficulty level. Drivewiththe 4 wheel drive provides you the best platform to becometheSuper offroad jeep rider 18 in the super Off-Road JeepAdventureand thrilling missions. Get this Modern Mountain jeeps 4x4furiousengine as best super offroad jeep rider 18 in this Off-RoadJeepAdventure. Driving the big jeep on offroad hilly tracks withthe 4wheel drive shows great pleasure and excitement for jeepridingcareer. This best jeep driving game in 2018 mountain roadswith thebest selection of Modern Mountain jeeps of 4x4 furiousengine todrive on hilly tracks, views of real crazy hill stationsand allthe thrilling and crazy Off-Road Jeep Adventure to drive onhillytracks. Jeep driving & hill climb is all about fun onthisOff-Road Jeep Adventure with difficulty level, drive verycarefullyto become the best 4x4 furious engine on the offroad hillytracksin this Off-Road Jeep Adventure. This is the best jeepdriving gamein 2018 mountain roads. You will drive as a Superoffroad jeeprider 18 in this Off-Road Jeep Adventure with thedifficulty levelof jeep riding career. Enjoy offroad hill trackswith the 4x4furious engine with full excitement and complete thrillto be aSuper offroad jeep rider 18 in an excellent jeep ridingcareer of3D simulation and drive on hilly tracks. Drive verycarefully toestablish best jeep riding career on the hillstations.Keyfeatures• Stunning levels with the amazing 3D gameplay• Thrillingand amazing hill station adventures• Cool offroadhill trackanimations• Modern mountain jeep selection• Be the superoffroadjeep rider
US Army Commando Survival Strike Mission 1.0.2 APK
Let’s wipe out the up roots of highly immersive trained terroristswho want to invade the US city!There is lot of noise of bullets andsmoke in air of US city. Terrorists and criminals are fully trainedto attack in full action of US Army Commando Survival StrikeMission. Real war is on in full action packed mode, criminalsnipers forces squads have evil plans and stealth action to defeatyou in this 3D battle. You have to become the best US army commandoas you are fully trained with all the army actions and skills tobeat the rivals with rifles and Ak47. Crime rate is so high in UScity, criminals are committing crimes day by day and they are welltrained diverse to accomplish missions successfully. You need to bethere as soon as possible you are recently graduated from US armyschool and fully trained to win this ultimate anti-terrorist forcesultimate war in modern FPS military action battle.Gather all yoursuper army school military powers to win in this battle, maketerrorist’s plan fail, go wild in full immersive crime action makeyour evil plans to stealth their power. Take their heads down, showthe US army school skills to kill the enemy, zombies, andterrorists in this war. Show immersive forces to vanish the evilplans of terrorists’ squad. Prove yourself as an excellent US armyschool military trained commando to stealth the enemy who want todestroy the US army and its nation. Before this ultimate war inremote island and before the invade of monsters and zombies, people& innocent citizens were living happily in the US city, kids goto school daily for study, citizens go to office for earning andall were living normal life in the US city. In that time period youwere in US army school to get trained for the evil wars. Armyskills were polished to transform you in a well-trained battlecommando of US army. You used rifles, sniper, Ak47 and fps weaponsto beat the enemy. All military commandos were well-trained forcesbefore the happening of diverse ultimate war. Be ready to face therivals in frontline, you should have much confidence because youare fully trained from US army forces school. Abolish the crimeactivities that are happening in every street of US city, immersiveterrorists squad came with evil plans to stealth the power of USmilitary, in this great battle of forces action crime rate is high& terrorists have evil plans that changed the US city pictureinto a terrible war crime battle zone. They came up with immersiveforces actions and have great weapons as sniper rifle, Ak47,well-trained shooting skills that they can even shoot one remoteisland in one go. They want to invade the US city, you have tosmash their immersive heads with 3D sniper rifles and have to bealive for the rescue mission of the real US city. Make the name ofUS army school proud and win this 3D ultimate war with full powershoot of Ak47. Use all the sniper rifles in diverse actions, escapefrom terrorists’ secret attacks, stealth their power, and kill theenemy to show your military power and rule on the hearts bybecoming anti terrorist FPS commando of the year 2018 in this 3Dsimulator. US Army Commando Survival Strike Mission is all aboutimmersive war battle actions in full military style, wipe out andvanish the rivals within given limited time and explore all themodern guns weapons Ak47 & sniper rifles to defeat all themafia enemy gang. Face all the crazy real war challenges to be a USarmy commando to save the remote islands of US!*Game features*1.Real thrilling challenges to vanish the terrorists from US city2.Be alive & alert for the survival mission and rescue thecitizens3. Explore strike weapons, sniper rifles and Ak47 to attackthe rivals successfully4. Become FPS anti terrorist to be a real USarmy commando in this 3D simulator5. US Army Commando SurvivalStrike Mission carries HD graphics and stunning audio effects
Crane Excavator Construction: Transporter Cargo 1.0.0 APK
Become the best Construction Builder of the modern city!Let’sstartconstruction by driving heavy cranes and machines ontheconstruction site as realistic builder, you might have playedcarracing 3D games in sim city but you may have not played therealConstruction site games in 3D simulator by driving theheavyConstruction Excavators machinery and Roadroller vehicles onthemuddy tracks. This would be the real challenge for barn buildtodrive the heavy machinery transport and construction trucks.This3D construction game will let you explore real missions ofheavymachines, crane diggers and driving heavy cranes ontheconstruction site. Oil tanker is fallen off on the road ofmoderncity, at its destructed the road site badly, you have toperformyour duty as a construction builder to construct that grandroad byshowing your incredible build barn skills in this sim city.Explorevarious collections of special cranes, heavy cranes, cranediggers,excavators to buil the perfect and smooth road for thecitizens.This massive disaster made hazard for people to performtheirregular activities. Loader will be used to carry massive andgiantstones, that will placed on that grand road in this mission.Sothis is not only construction site game but also adrivingtransportation 3D game to bring the stuff for modernroadconstruction. Explore heavy machinery transport, liftersandconstruction trucks to learn the procedure to construct roadsinthe real construction games to become a real builder. This3Dconstruction game is designed with all new features of drivingandhaving smooth controls in this sim city. Accomplish all thetasksone by one to achieve mega grand modern road in thishighwayconstruction game. Drive multiple machines and massivevehicles onmuddy tracks!Construction trucks, Heavy machinerytransport, cranediggers, roadrollers and excavators are availablefor this megaroad construction. This Crane Excavator Construction:TransporterCargo will transform you into an incredible constructionmasterthat will construct a smooth and plain road for all thepeople ofsim city. Modern water spray vehicles, heavy machinerytransportwill be used to turn out the muddy track into a plainroad. Thepleasing 3D graphics in this road construction game willincreaseyour urge for barn build, the real challenge is to drivethe modernheavy machinery transport towards construction site andperform therealistic take in given specified time. Drive the roadroller toplain the grand muddy tracks of construction site, thisgame isbased on the unique idea to build mega highway road in3dsimulator. This Crane Excavator Construction: TransporterCargogame has lot of adventures and these thrilling missionsareinterlinked with each other. Drive your favorite Heavymachinerytransport, special cranes, excavators, crane diggers,water sprayvehicles and roadrollers with the construction trucks inthismodern sim city. This game is available for free on the playstore.Discover the construction sites and see how labor does thesekindsof tough duties in summer to build roads and highways in simcity.Enjoy the smooth and easy controls in this free constructionsitegame!Be an expert road construction builder in thisfreeconstruction game of 3D simulator 2018. This CraneExcavatorConstruction: Transporter Cargo let you explorehighwayconstruction zones, drive the heavy machinerytransportconstruction trucks to find load. Experience easy andsmoothcontrols of heavy cranes. Make a construction plan to make abestroadside build in the sim city that can be liked by allthecitizens. Download Crane Excavator Construction: TransporterCargoof 3D simulator to be an expert road construction builderof2018!*Key features*Thrilling construction siteadventuresStunning3D graphics and best audio effectsRealisticconstruction trucks andgrand vehiclesCrane diggers, Crane diggerand Heavy machinerytransport
World War II Heroes: Commando Survival Mission 1.0 APK
Get to the battleground for real global war!Grand city isunderattack of real gangsters, criminals and terrorists. They wanttoinvade the city by fighting with their snipers and guns. Theyareequipped with modern weapons and guns to strike inthebattleground. The innocent citizens are waiting for realcommandowho can shoot all the terrorists in this Second World War.Youmight have played action-packed fighting games but you may havenotplayed the game that is themed on real global war. Eliminatethemob of mafia gangs, criminals and terrorists to be a realarmycommando of the year 2018 and rescue the US American city fromevileyes. This World War II Heroes: Commando Survival Missionshowsrealistic battleground with lot of shooting and terroristattackingin this outwars. This is one of the best world war gamesyou wouldever play. You are a trained army commando who can winthis combatmission by utilizing super killer fighting powers.Attack in thebattleground by using your expert weapons, sniper,rifles and guns.Strike with full force in this global war adventureto wipe out allthe enemy mafia in this world-war. This world at wargame will letyou explore thrilling FPS missions and SWATchallenges. Do you wantto be a modern shooting commando in thisglobal war?If yes then youare just one click away from that,install this World War IIHeroes: Commando Survival Mission 3D gamewith an excellent 3Dsimulator. Go in the battleground to kill yourenemy gangster andterrorists like an expert shooter commando ofAmerican US city.Show your best expertise of modern shooting andfighting to assaultin this battleground. Play as a real US armysniper in this SecondWorld War game of 2018. World War II Heroes:Commando SurvivalMission is all about real actions with modernweapons, guns,military snipers and rifles to attack the gangstersin this grandSecond World War. Strike in the battleground to killall the mafiagangs to prove yourself as a real modern militarycommando,accomplish all the SWAT missions with full pride in thisworldstrategy games. Start the war in the real battlefield forthesurvival mission of this outwar, it’s a battle for therealsurvival mission and show your realistic military warriorskills tobecome the shooting commando in this battlefield. Enjoythethrilling and exhilarating military missions against therealterrorists and mafia gangsters. Rescue the city by utilizingallyour super powers to kill all the criminals in this battlefieldofSecond World War. Show your expert shooting and shooter skillstokill all the enemies in the battlefield. World War IIHeroes:Commando Survival Mission lets you explore new warriorfeatures toattack the gangsters in one go, strong and modernweapons aredesigned to kill the gangster killers. Begin the globalwar ofworld war games in the real battleground as a real hero inthisworld-war, this game is designed on the theme of worldstrategygames. Show your realistic warrior and army commando skillsinthese thrilling missions of world war games, strike andassaultwith the super sniper guns against the gangster mafia as theFPScommando in this World War II Heroes: Commando Survival Missionofreal fighting missions. Win this Global War with the widevarietyof fighting weapons and accomplish all the missions withfullpride!Download World War II Heroes: Commando Survival Missiontoplay thrilling and fighting missions!*Key features*1.Thrillingassault missions to play2. Action packed frighteningchallenges tokill the rivals3. Realistic 3D graphics and Best audioplay4. Easyand smooth controls to shoot the terrorists5. Performyour duty asa real commando hero to rescue the US city6. Widevariety of modernweapons to explore7. Snipers, guns and rifles toshoot the mafiagangs8. Great shooter missions to explore