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Angry Furious Mom fight crime street isaserious adventure which includes a mom beating the crap out ofthestreet thugs and the kids who would not listen to mom. AngryUSGirl gorilla commando Mom with majestic fighting skills hastakenit up to the streets. Angry and ferocious mom is ready to bendsomerules and make the mean boys nice men by softening them up withthepowerful kicks and punches. Don't get knocked out on thestreet.Mom fight crime street becomes more challenging with theprogressin the game. Multiple guys including mean bikers, streetthugs andother non notable petty criminals taking up their quarrelwith momon the streets. But the enraged mom is not having thestreet fightswithout any conscience, she is well trained andcapable ofunleashing her karate and martial arts skills on thosemean littleboys.
Kicks, punch, mega attack and combos; give her some space andseehow much destruction and devastation she can bring upon thestreetenemies. Beat all the guys in each level and move on to thenextlevel running over fences and not stopping at all.
Mom fight crime street has the complete city environment and itisthe best ever made with the realistic narrow and dark streetsandplenty of room for such an adventure. Drug dealer considerthefurious mom their biggest threat and think she is really badfortheir business. So they try anything to stop her from doingwhatshe is capable of. Street fighter won't let go and they willnotsit quite at your victories against them. In every level thedeadlyfight take another hype. Angry fighters come back with evengreaterrage and the combat attack is more intense every time. Momfightcrime street has punch in all enemies quests, and kick outallothers. It is time to rush to street and be the part ofchaos.Achieve the honor of the toughest person on thestreets.
Lethal ways of fighting, no rules, maximum violence and thelonglist of weapons starting from the golf clubs to throwing knivesandmetal rods.
Mom fight crime street features:
• Multiple combat styles including punch, kick, mega attack,comboetc
• Block the enemy attack with the block button
• Epic battle between street thugs and the furious mom
• Martial Arts and kung fu moves
• Hordes of enemies attacking at once.
• Detailed environment with urban theme.
• A lot of melee weapons including baseball bat, knife, ironrodsetc.
• Melee weapons including the knife, baseball bat etc
Download this epic battle between mean criminals and the angrymomtotally free at the Google play store and don't forget to rateusas well. Give us your valuable feedback because we like to hearitfrom you

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    April 19, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Free Hard Games For Fun
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It is an amazing fast speed 3D jeep drivingsimulator game. Let’s read for a real driving adventure. Now yourdriving experience become more crazy fun when you drive an off roadthrill. The hill driving is more dangerous compare to driving oncity roads. Let’s start the engine, tap speed and ready for flylike a plain. It is a complete adventures game with ultimate actionand thrilling movements.In this awesome hill climb game you can drive your nitro speed 4x4horse power engine jeep on hill climb, desert, mountains, forest,and jungle environment. Off-road simulation become crazier when youget a chance to drive monster jeep on old vintage era. Drive overheavy mountains, under or over the bridge and under the tunnel. Inthis game you also enjoy Beach Island, snow and other beautifulsceneries.Ultrarealistic engine physics makes your driving experience moreenjoyable. It is the one of the great and simplistic hill climbrace game with 4x4 extreme jeeps and sports cars. In this racinggame you will encounter many awesome features and lots ofchallenging levels. You will become best driver and be the jeepracing king in this stunning furious jeep simulator game. Befurious and fast dodge to limited time. Drive safely and avoid tocrashes.Smooth and easy controls makes your driving experience moreenjoyable. If you enjoy off-road tractor driving or truck drivinggames you definitely enjoy it because it is more advanced. The gameis totally free and available on google play for all genders andall age persons.**How to Play**1. Click on play button then select a jeep and on next windowselect scenario2. Click on left and right arrows to control jeep.3. Use accelerator pedal to increase speed.4. Click on brake pedal to stop and reverse the jeep.5. Pause button to stop game at any time.6. Camera button for adjusting camera angle.7. Clear every level with good score for getting new jeep.8. Play anytime and anywhere: without internet access.**Features**• Brilliant graphics & thrilling gameplay.• Best jeep & car driving physics.• Multiple levels & vehicles.• Engaging driving levels.• Easy driving controls.• Cool sound effects• Bridge and tunnel view.• Smooth controls.• Different camera views.Compatibility:Android 2.3 or later all Android phones and tablets run the gamesmoothly and ready for further improvement if required.Your ratings and reviews are our motivation to make moreenhancements in it.Note:This free game is supported by advertisement Ads within the Apponly as per Google Policy.Like us on Facebook & follow on twitter: - FOR NEW UPDATES& NEW LEVELSFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/asg.officalpageTwitter: https://twitter.com/asg_offical
Zombie Defense Shooter 1.1.1 APK
This is the most addictive action packedzombie defense shooter game with full suspense. Are you ready forthis dynamic bloody zombie scary and dangerous dead battle?Ultrarealistic 3d game graphics and smooth game-play with realenvironments provides you real deadly war experience.In last few days zombie virus is spread everywhere in the world.Many people effected with this virus and this is turn into a worldepidemic. Thousands of people infected by the virus and that turnspeople into flesh eating terrible zombies. These monsters wants tokill every one. Kill these bad zombies down before you prey.You have survived in this situation and people’s all hopes on you.You are only who has kill these zombies and save the world fromdestruction. Use your modern shooting skill for killing zombies.You have fully equipped with modern weapons, Use these weaponsagainst the raging zombies and get back the peace of your world.Aim and kill shot till the end of last zombie. Arm yourself withthe best guns and kill all zombie bosses. Aim at their heads fightsmartly to win this epic boss battles.Each Mission has unique and challenging in different scenario butyour main focus is to kill the target without failing the level. Inthis game you have learn how to survive between these furiouszombies. This game is for all adults, and teenagers totally freegame.Features:• #1 FPS game• UHD graphics• Efficient controls• Shoot zombies on legs, arms and head• 3D zombies land environment• Powerful weapons rifle, Ak47, Pistol & sniping gun• Enough Sharp bullets• 100% free game.How to Play:1. Tap and move on screen left side of your device to move yourposition.2. Tap and move on screen, right side of your device to target onzombies.3. The zombies will attack on you when they see you.4. Guns show on right side of the screen.5. Choose your desired gun tap on it.6. Fire button is on right side of the screen tap fire button toshoot.7. Guns are reloaded automatically.8. Use your rifle or pistol to aim at zombies from adistance.9. If you don’t respond quickly zombies may be kill you.10. Tap back press button for pause any time.Compatibility:Android 2.3 or later all Android phones and tablets run the gamesmoothly and ready for further improvement if required.Your ratings and reviews are our motivation to make moreenhancements in it.Note:This free game is supported by advertisement Ads within the Apponly as per Google Policy.Like and Follow us for new updates on:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asg.officalpageTwitter: https://twitter.com/asg_offical
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China transit city bus is 2016’s last butnotleast special, extra fun and adventurous driving simulation,fullof adventure and fun, mind blowing game from the house ofASG(Action Simulation Games). We waited for this moment to releasethisfun, best adventurous and blood rushing simulation game atthelast. This simulator is more than a driving school simulatorWhileplaying, you’ll find no limits in this simulator.. This gametakesthe driving simulation to a whole another level. 2016 has beenfullof simulation games but this is not an ordinary simulatorbecausewe almost covered all the major cities of China whiledevelopingthis adventurous game. Driving through the awesome roadsofShanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Hangzhou, you can feel the warmthofthe Chinese urban culture. Drift across the sharp corners ofcitystreets and take the adventure to whole extremes and thrill.It’sall due to the futuristic and closer to reality environment wehavecreated by keeping in mind the actual maps and landmarks ofthecities of the china which are shown in the awesome simulator“Chinatransit city bus”.With the feature like “China transit city bus” adventurousandthrilling simulation game, the game is in fact one step aheadthanother city bus simulation games in Google playstore. With morethan10 exciting tracks to pick up the passengers and drive themtotheir destination, it’s the ride full of fun and adventurewhichnever ends. Easy to play, just spot passengers around busstops andtake them to the destination. Some Passengers aresensitive sodon’t drive too rash while on route. Don’t get off-roadand smashtraffic poles while speeding. Recurrence of Day and Nightin thegame makes it even more believable, realistic, fun andadventurous.Pedestrians and the other characters in the game arethe best ofdigital actors presented ever.Features:• Best 3D graphics of 2016.• Numerous Vehicles.• Extreme engine sounds.• Customization in Busses.• Real honking sounds of Horn.• Realistic visualization of damages.• Genuine Surroundings.• Smart Chinese Traffic System.• Extremely Astonishing Interior designs.• 10 Different Cities.• Adventurous Missions in each city.• Bus Driver Career Mode.• Free Mode to roam around city.• Steering Buttons mode.How to Play• It’s easy to drive and have fun in this Game.• Use left, right buttons to steer the bus.• Use Auto or Manual throttle/gas to drive.• It can be changed in control settings.• Choose between free or Career mode.• In free mode, you don’t have to pick and drop passengers.• In career Mode drive to find the passengers.• Use map to drive them to Passenger’s destination.• Some missions are time bound.• Drive through missions to move to next city andnewpassengers.• Use the fare money to unlock new Vehicles/busses.Download this hours of marvelous fun of driving and simulationfreeat Google play and don’t forget to give us you useful feedback.Youcan follow us at twitter and Facebook as well for moreexcitingnews and updates about our recent uploads.Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapi_appsFacebook: https://web.facebook.com/Tapi-Apps-739785832837955/
Traffic Racer Monster Truck 1.0 APK
Get your traffic racer mood on and get onahighway to compete with the ongoing traffic. But this timeit’stotally different scenario. You don’t drive a normal car thistimebut you drive a monster Truck this time to hackle with thetraffic.Smash them if anyone is in your way. Your vehicle has gotmore lifethan other cars on the road. A monster truck with thegreat horsepower and best handling to rough up the road and trafficis theultimate blessing for racing enthusiasts. There are more thandozenregistered monster trucks to drive in the road and some oftheminclude Bigfoot, Black widow, California Kid, Rockstar andwickedtornado etc. compete in racing in traffic and enjoy therealphysics of the monster trucks in action, you can choose toracewith random vehicles on the road or you could just enjoy thefreeride on the road.In this game you have a big garage of extraordinary bigmonsters,watch upon your acquired vehicles, and see your engines,intakes,exhaust and shocks to see what needs to be improved. Acompleteview of realism and vehicular physics is shown while yousmash thevehicles on the road and run over them. Get your truck onthe bigroads like highways and city motorways and narrow, trickyroadslike snow and jungle. Destruction is inevitable while bigmonsterson the road break the tiny cars into pieces and drag themwith you,some must think it odd idea but for thrilling simulationgame it’sthe perfect cookie. Take 50 grand and fill your garagewith newmonster truck every time you win the rewards. Whatever thehell youwant, do it on the road and get away with it. Pick uprampages onthe road and kill the traffic to complete them. Theheadache tocomplete the is as much fun as it is difficult andsometimes itcould take hours to complete but it is totally engagingso noproblem should be there. To make the game more realistic andfun toplay, we have added best soundtracks which will latterly blowyourmind.Features:• Spectacular Graphics and Awesome Game Design.• Realistic environments.• Biggest Monsters in the Android Market• Win Conquest and get titles.• Perfection In details.• Spread the terror on the road, bring back the reign ofmonstertrucks.• Thousands of miles to travel and race with traffic.• Nerve Shredding excitement of vehicular war.• Auto and manual transmission/Gear• Monsterize the road.’How to play:The game is very simple to play• Select the controls from setting• You can use both tilt and the buttons option.• Use jump button to hop over other vehicles to destroy them andgetmore points.• Get as far as you can.• Don’t bump other vehicle directly from behind.• Three times striking other vehicles like that will finishthelife.Enough of this reading and now it is time to download thebestmonster game. Download it for free and please rate us and giveusyour valuable feedback to make us this game even better for youinthe future updates.
Sniper Rifle Fury Shooter 1.0 APK
Fun is all set, get ready to have it. Newyetamazing shooting for free, get it now before everyoneelse.Thrilling action, an enormous amount of firepower, armysnipers andtotally engaging environments of battlefields are themain factorswhich make this best first person shooting game. Get asniper gunand start killing terrorists because it’s time to have astunninganti-terrorist battle while enjoying the best graphics andactionsequences in a first person shooting. Awesome visuals,Missions areentertaining, Mob elimination on streets, Fights onstreets, stopthe gangster’s brawls; take out the highly dangerouscriminals,traitors, and crime and drug dealing moderators. Time toshow howgood are you at being a marksman, finish off the enemies ontarget.New content is updated periodically and regularly, and getreadyfor upcoming challenges. Stop playing the dumb repetitiveshootinggames; it is time for bloody headshots, blood streams inpublic,taking out two enemies with one shot, do you copy, savethepresident, eliminate the threats, save train and planehijacks,unblock badass weapons, largest arsenal, upgradeable ammo,steelyour enemies resources; their guns, bulletproof jackets,grenadesetc, bullet time action cameras, master yourself inkilling, noneed of virtual currency, totally free and unbelievablyrealisticbattlefield environments to fight in. Enemies behave inuniquemanners & this makes it even more realistic, specialopsweapons, material to survive in the worst battle against,flashwounds with the knives in case you let the enemies get nearyou,Hostage situations in various missions, save civilians frommaniacsand psychopaths. Missions in crowded areas are mostchallenging andit’s difficult to find the target in the crowd,hidden treasuresare always difficult to find. Assault rifles arefor more kills inless time, get a variety of guns including shortguns, pistols androcket launchers and mainly the snipers. Over thetop quality, agunshot noise is realistic, whirling exhibition ofthe world ofcrime is the portrayed in the most authentic waypossible. Crimelords sniffing out and looking up for you in thestreets, mobs aretracking you and only way of survival is to getback at them andkill them all, one by one, group by group. Navigateand aimperfectly, take the missions around the globe, shake thegangs upand use customizable advanced weaponry, chose killingcontract froma variety of options, get enough fire power to takethe enemies andterrorist from a distance. Try to make yourstrategies and kill thethreat by taking advantage of the situation.Donate explosives atright places, remember where enemies come from,take yourself outof incoming fire range.Features:• Missions around the Globe, travel anywhere• Conquer the streets from Mobs.• Bullet Action Cameras• Real Gunshots.• Sharp Controls and Immersive display of Graphics.• Master the weapons and unlock heavy weapons.• Clashes with the worst Mobs of Streets.• Heavy fire power and Ammunitions.• Nefarious terrorists and heinous military organizations tocompetewith.• Dismantle the threats to humanity by killing evil.• Hone your skills to meet the challenges.• Take down the drones.• Wage some action on bad guys and take the under siege.How to play• Start a campaign with the primary sniper gun.• Drag and aim at the enemies.• Look the map for locating your targets.• Zoom in to perfect your short.• Take as many headshots as possible to score more and unlockthenew badass weapons.Download this game for free right now and give you feedback.Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapi_appsFacebook: https://web.facebook.com/tapiapps/
PK Offroad Rickshaw 1.0 APK
The best game for driving simulation ofthePakistani Auto rickshaw and you can never get bored withthis.Colorful rickshaws with the best artistic design covering thewholerickshaw’s body are so satisfying to watch. The adoption ofthisbrilliant idea could not have been executed better.Transmissionadjustable to both auto and manual, picking up touristsand drivingin multiple locations in Pakistan is so fun to play andwatch. Thegame has no inappropriate content and it is foreverybody.Specially the people who have never ridden a rickshaw intheirlife, it is the ultimate dream come true for them. DealinPakistan’s most unconventional roads like Naran, Kaghan etcwhereyou don’t drive the rickshaw at plan steep roads but dumpydirtstreets which are even more challenging.Driving a rickshaw might seem easy at first but it is fullofchallenge, it is not like normal vehicles like cars and truck.Tomaintain its balance on the road is ultimate challenge andthrill.Overall this is an awesome simulation driving game with thebest 3Dgraphics, authentic and real rickshaw sound, multiplerickshaws andgeographical locations to drive in including urbanareas to thehillside and suburbs etc.Features:• Augmented 3D graphics.• Best Simulation ever.• Artistic Game play• Unexpected bumps to screw your head• Knocking sounds of engine when repairs required• Customized paint job for each rickshaw• Amazing sound effectsHow to play:• Tap on play button.• Select your desired level.• Use Buttons, Handle or tilting to navigate• Tap on throttle to accelerate.• Hit brakes to stop and hold it to reverse.• Tap on hand brake to completely stop the vehicle.• Pick up the passengers from their stops.• Don’t hit other vehicles.• Drop the passengers on their destination safely.• Congratulation your level is complete• Follow these instructions in every level.• Play anytime and anywhere: without internet access.Download the game right now for free at Google Playstore andrateus. Your feedback means a lot to us.