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Take the responsibility in your hands and prove to yourself andeveryone around you that you can manage to replace your mom in alaundry day without any problem. But to be able to do that you needto practice until you get the job complete. So this cleaning gameis exactly what you need for that. As you might see from thebeginning is actually a laundry challenge and a cleaning one aswell. The room is a total mess and you have to make it clean againusing those tools you dispose of. Each part is cleaned with adifferent kind of tool and you actually have to accomplish all thegiven tasks so you can move to the next step. First, you have tomake sure you eliminate that stinky garbage that is spread all overthe room and put it in the trash can. The spiderweb is all over theplace and as soon as you clean that it might look even better, themirror doesn't look good at all, remove the dirt from it too. Thedirty clothes need to be placed in the basket so you could comeback at them after. Arrange the object in the right order and makesure you get rid of that bug that is climbing on the wall. When youare done you have to take care of the laundry. Sort the white onefrom the colorful ones and separate them when you wash. Adddetergent and laundry softener for a professional wash and once theprogram is over you have to take the clothes out and hang them inorder to dry. Here comes the ironing part where you get the clothesand make sure you put them in the closet in a good shape. Iron eachpiece of clothing and arrange it in the wardrobe. After you fulfillthis task you are not able to do all the chores in the house. Don'tforget to have fun too.Let's see what features this game has tooffer:- Free and easy to play- Cool graphics and thematicbackground music- Learn how to accomplish chores in the house-Clean and see how to housekeep the laundry- Be able to go throughall the process of washing the dirty clothes- Wash, dry, iron andarrange the items in the closet in a right order- Use cleaningdevices to remove the mess from the room

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    Mommy's Laundry Day
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    November 12, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Victor Babes, nr. 15, ap. 3, Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania
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Traditional Mexican food always have been a curiosity for anyoneand that’s why you have a restaurant where the specialty of thehouse is the famous taco. Learn how to cook all kinds of funMexican foods, like tacos. Prepare tacos using only the bestingredients. Start with cutting the onion and the pepper in slices;once you’ve done that you can heat the frying pan and put thechopped ingredients over there and be ready to add some condimentslike chili powder and oregano dried. When they rust you have to putthe perfect amount of minced meat and water to boil your mixture.The salt and the tomato sauce come right after and once it’s allthere you can start mix it with a wooden spoon to homogenize yourprepared food. Get a soft shell and grease the dough with oilbefore you place it in the over so you can wrap your tacos rightafter. Put the tomatoes, the greenery, the cheese and the preparedmeat in a piece of baked dough and then you can use yourimagination to create a design for this delicious food. Add spicysauces and other vegetables to make it even more tasty. You mightalso create a specific plate to give your food personality. Startpolishing up those food making skills, it is all easy. With justthe tap of your expert fingers you can whip up awesome deliciousfood within a few minutes. Work as a master chef in your owntraditional restaurant and become a super hero chef by offering themost delicious and good looking food. Have fun and let’s taco theworld.Features:- Taco themed cooking game- Free to play- Tons ofingredients to try- Be the best chef in your tasty kitchen- Mix andmatch meats, cheeses, and veggies- Decorate your tacos to make themeven better- Learn recipes from specific Mexican food