1.0 / January 14, 2015
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Monster bridge, it's a long journey. howfaryou can go, our monster is a stick expert, tab and hold to makethestick grow then release, but be careful if the stick notlongenough the monster will fall.
Challenge your self! How far can you go?

App Information Monster Bridge

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Viking Stick Run 1.0 APK
VIKING STICK RUN, A superb game. You don’tneed fast reflexes,so how far you can go?, help the viking to reachhis ship,What you can do is helping the viking to find the way backhome.our brave viking has the power to make branches. You can help greathero: stick man.The length of the branches grow is relative to thetime you touch the screen.Be careful that, you need to control the length of the branches,toolong or too short both will make the brave viking to face the riskof falling into the sea, and game over.The lost men are always want to back home, make good use of thebrave viking power, and bring him back home.Challenge your self! How far can you go?Features:• Arcade game• Perfect time pass• High-resolution graphic• Free, fun and addicting
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Monster Bridge 1.0 APK
Monster bridge, it's a long journey. howfaryou can go, our monster is a stick expert, tab and hold to makethestick grow then release, but be careful if the stick notlongenough the monster will fall.Challenge your self! How far can you go?
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Flying Cute Pig is a game that is fun forthewhole family. Kids love it - if they can get it away fromtheirparents!!Join the Flying fat and cute pig in its great adventure .Tap tomakethe pig fly!! don't worry the cut pig have wings !! just guideitthrough all the obstacles to level up... and mostimportantly...beat your friends high score. to be the best!Easy to play but hard to master!! A flying pig might not beasfit to fly as bird but it has a big heart .Free and fun!Beautiful graphicsCatchy music and sound effectsVery addictive game… once you start, you can't put it downIf you enjoy the Flying Cute Pig, please leave us a review!Yourreviews keep the updates coming
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DINO is a dinosaur loves candy, cut theropeand help him to reach his favorite food the candy. You willfindobstacles and dangers that will cut your adventure. Earn candytoget levelup, specials and power ups.Download now and join the adventure through its 18 awesome levels.Do you like candy like me then join me and i swear i willsharewith you all the candy that we collect.Features:- Free, fun and addicting- High-resolution graphic- 18 awesome levels