1.0.1 / April 3, 2016
(4.0/5) (3)


Monster Orbit is a baby monster in search ofyummy cookies around the orbit space.
Monster allies are there to help you collect cookies that boost youwith energy. Each level has interesting obstacle and fun animation.

-Evolve into different monsters.
-Play 60 levels with different obstacles.
-Collect cookies and use the power up to increase cookie points anddestroy the evil monsters.
-Cool animating stages!
-Score high by bouncing.
-It gains you fast reflexes.
-Leader-board and lots of Game center achievements.
-Easy to play.

App Information Monster Orbit

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Force Reborn : Frontier Breach 1.5.1 APK
Game Pencil
Force Reborn: The Frontier Breach (FullEdition)STORY:Far across the future in another universe. The human race "Terrans"lived among new colonies advancing into new technologies. Now theresources at grown weak Terrans are in research with new powerresource however they are not alone. Another alien race "Necros"envy the Terrans for its resourcefulness and try to steal theirtechnology.An adventurer named Axis Brandspear of the Terrans in search forrelics across the galaxies now has a new quest that others havenever faced before. Now he faces countless of Necros that stands inhis way.GAME FEATURES:- Powerful Warships to defeat the enemies.- Tune Up your ship with upgrades to become powerful.- Power Grinding Level Up system that unlocks new attacks.- Neat combo points that releases nice Rewards.- lots of various enemies and epic boss fights.- Challenge your friends in Leaderboards.- Lots of achievements to gain.- Game movie scenes that tells a story.GAMEPLAY:-Force reborn is an RPG (role playing game) based system in a topview shooter game. It allows the player to level up that givesincrease in the player stats for life, damage and critical strikerating. It also has a neat combo points when you hit enemy fast andgain rewards by making large points. It also has a story that spiceup the gaming experience. Lots of enemy, chapters and challengesthat is worth playing.HOW TO PLAY:-The game is as simple as dragging your warship using your fingersto move around the scene. It can be dragged in a close distance andstill see the warship. The warship will automatically attack todestroy your enemies.THE WARSHIPS:-Each warship has different strength in Life, Damage, Attack speedand Critical strike ratings. New warship can be unlocked bycollecting Coins that can be collected by destroying enemies andbosses. Coins can also be purchased.TUNE UP YOU WARSHIP:-In addition to powerful warships. You can tune up your ship tobecome powerful. Life, Damage, and Critical strike ratings canincrease the warships. The upgrade will apply to any warship youselect.LEVEL SYSTEM:-The Player can Level up by destroying enemies. The Pilot can gainextra Life, Damage and Critical strike ratings. In addition tostats you also unlock new power up skills.POWER UPS:-Power ups gains additional attack to the warship. If your levelgoes higher newer power ups are being activated. All power ups hastheir own unique advantage.ENEMIES:-The enemies comes different in every stage. They carry differentstrength and attacks. They also come in teams and formations thatare quite a challenge.CHALLENGING BOSS:-Each Boss has their own attack and strength. Each new warship youchoose will win over the next Boss.COMIC SCENES:-The game also carries a story that comic and sci-fi fanatics aregoing to look forward to. They have special animations likewatching a short movie series. The art is fantasy type artwork doneby John A.C.E.IN APP PURCHASE-There is only one in app purchase of this game to gain additional1,000 coins. This can be purchase with real money. Coins are usedto purchase Tune Up upgrades, buy new warships and can be used torevive the player when it dies in the game. It can be purchase manytimes. The developer is not responsible if the user uninstall thegame then re-install it and loses the coins and other features ofthe game.___________________________________________________-The development and art of the game is made by John A.C.E.-Special thanks for Justo Cascante III in help making the video ofthe game.To read stuff about this game, news and update you can visit thegame's website:http://gamepencil.com/forcereborn/
Dragon God Fighter: Saiyan War 1.2 APK
Game Pencil
Train to become the most powerful fighter toprotect the universe. Fight against the alien invaders and theirleader that threatens your world. Level up and evolve intodifferent evolution until you reach the level of a god.FEATURES:-Action pack moves and nice animations.-Colourful auras in every evolution.-Over powering special attacks.-Power up and customize your strength.-Challenging enemies and boss fights!-Powerful Evolutions that increases your critical strikeratings.THE WARRIOR- The story goes in another universe where earth is invaded bypowerful aliens. A boy warrior trains to defend earth. He must facecountless of enemy invaders to become stronger and evolve to reachthe dragon god level.ATTACK MOVES- Basic attacks has different attack poses that earns you combo.Combos can gain you extra score. The more fast you attack theenemy, the less chance of getting hit by them.LEVEL UP- Levelling up will makes you stronger. Raising much level willunlock new skills that gives you extra attacks. Aura changes as yougain more levels.POWER UPThis feature empowers your stats to gain extra attributes.- Life: More life you have the less chance of being defeated in thegame.- Damage: increasing damage will easily destroys the enemies. Themore you have the more damage you can inflict with specialattacks.- Critical damage can cause double to triple to more damage basedon the players attacks and critical % chances.- Improving Critical strike % chances can cause many chances toinflict huge amount of damage to enemies. Having super mode skillwill temporary improve your critical chance % by additional35%.SPECIAL ATTACKS- These comes in unique techniques. You get to learn new attackwhen you gain a level up. Each spells comes in series of handyways. Each comes with a cool-down duration.ULTIMATE POWER- Getting this feature will remove all ads in the game.- Reduces all skills time cool-down by 50%.. Spells will madeavailable sooner than it was before. This also applies to ultimateskills.- Video ads in rewards will be removed and instead clicking rewardswill instantly gain you a large amount of Ki.- Getting this feature will unlock 2 ultimate spells that can causemassive damage.- Super God blast- blasts all enemies on sight.- Machine gun attack- multiple shots.EVOLUTIONS:SSJ Kai ModeSSJ Saiyan ModeSSJ Green BroliSSJ RoseSSJ Demi GodSSJ Blue GodSSJ Blue KaiokenSSJ Angel Form
Sailor Witch Miru 1.5.1 APK
Game Pencil
*Sailor Witch Miru (Full Edition)The Sailor Witch Miru now comes with a full version with endlessmore adventure! Join her as she ventures the night and vanquish thescary nightmare creatures using her powerful spells.Features in Free Game:-Exciting Power Levels!-Buy Stats of Life, Damage and Critical Strike using Game starcoins that customizes your strength!-Challenging Enemies!-Cast Spells to help you in battle!-Check out the Skill Wheel!-Endless battles!-New challenges awaits!
The Original Vampire Dracula 1.1.2 APK
Game Pencil
Venture Transylvania with the Twilight MoonKing Dracula! He as Awesome Zap skill that helps you. Fight yourway into the obstacles and the evil dark forces of doom.Features:- Challenging obstacles and boss.- Zap spell that aids you in battle.- Awesome rewards goals when you defeat the boss!- easy to play.How to play:- Tap anywhere on the screen to make Dracula kid fly.- Collect coins to use power up.
Monster Orbit 1.0.1 APK
Game Pencil
Monster Orbit is a baby monster in search ofyummy cookies around the orbit space.Monster allies are there to help you collect cookies that boost youwith energy. Each level has interesting obstacle and fun animation.Features:-Evolve into different monsters.-Play 60 levels with different obstacles.-Collect cookies and use the power up to increase cookie points anddestroy the evil monsters.-Cool animating stages!-Score high by bouncing.-It gains you fast reflexes.-Leader-board and lots of Game center achievements.-Easy to play.
Geometry Shapes and figures 1.0.1 APK
Game Pencil
Kids love to play and learning at once! Thiswill help little growing kids to learn how to recognize all kindsof basic and complex shapes.This App improves and enhances the child's recognition and logicskills. It is also suitable for all ages who wants to improvegeometry.Features:- Shape Chart to learn.- Randomized shape questions.- Nice tip to help you.- Rewarding achievement when you guess the answer correctly.- Play the Time Challenge for more excitement!- It has Grading System.- You can do this all over and enjoy winning!- Playing it more will help kids pass school activities!- Young and Adults can play!
One Man Super Hero 2.0.2 APK
Game Pencil
He's super strong, He's invulnerable, No supervillain could ever defeat him but,... he trips?! What kind of poweris that?! Who is this unidentified super hero? He just popped outof nowhere defeating all the most dangerous super villains by justa punch? What kind of power is that?! He's even more powerfulwearing costumes, he's soo strong that he can go further into otherside of the universe. Play the undetermined super hero to promotehim into becoming the world's top Elite class A Super Hero!FEATURES:-Awesome animations and attack sequences.-Use your One Punch Attack to bring down foes.-Wear different costumes with unique skills.-Interactive elements that can be used as weapons.-Encounter different enemies and boss.-Easy to play.*HOW TO PLAY:-The game is easy to play. You can fight enemies all you want, thechallenge is to avoid obstacles that makes you slip. Fight enemiesusing the attack button and Shoot button. Dodge slippery obstaclesby pressing jump. Defeating Enemies pops out coins to get newcostumes.*The One Man Super Hero:-No one knows him, not even a popular super hero. People think he'sa disaster that cause all super threat to rage in anger. Not evencalamities of the planets can stop him except that.. Hetrips!*ATTACKS:-Punch: melee attack at close range.-Shoot: attacks in a single line.-Special: massive damage. It can also destroy obstacles.*STAGES:-each stages has a wave meter that lets you go to the next stage.Each stage has different weather conditions, some can destroy someenemies. Every stage also has different enemies andobstacles.*SELECTABLE COSTUMES-Cosplay into different costumes. Costumes varies in differentanimation movement and powers. Feel free to try them out!*SPECIAL FEATURES:-Getting this feature will get you 50% cut coin reduction on allspells.-This will also remove all pop ads and banners.-This will also remove video at rewards and get coinsinstantly.For more news and updates about this game you can check out thewebsite at:http://gamepencil.com
Duterte knows Kung Fu 1.1.4 APK
Game Pencil
Fight criminals with Duterte with Vice Leni.Use your Kung Fu attacks to defeat foes that stands in your way.Bring out the justice!*Features:-Awesome action and animation.-Special Super Attacks!-Level up to become the unbeatable hero.-Easy to play.*Game Play:It is an action fighting game action genre made to entertain andstress relief from crime situation and traffic? LOL. The game is assimple as defeating criminals that comes at you. The challenge isthe number of criminals and you have to put them down quick, that'twhere the special Kung Fu attacks come in handy.*Duterte:-The fearless leader that could take down all the criminals is nowin action to kick them flying away.*Basic attacks and combo:- Duterte's attacks comes in different animations. Each combogrants you an extra score.*Reset difficulty:-This will reset enemies level to level 1. Your level will remainthe same and still be as strong as before you restart the game.This is good if you want to start over again to defeat old strongenemies and gain experience points.*Level Up-Every defeated criminal grants you can experience points raisedlevel you up. Every time you level up your stats raises and becomestronger. If you get more you get to unlock special powerfulattacks.*Power Up-This feature will add stats to your character for better life,damage and heals. The more stats you upgrade the more powerful youbecome.*Leni's Love- Leni act as Duterte's side kick that gives himinspiration and heals him when he gets wounded.SPECIAL ATTACKS!-They can cause massive and instant damage to group of enemies:they are equivalent to double to triple of your name normal damage.You can unlock these skills by leveling up.Flying kick- instantly kicks out the enemy.Power blast- powerful beam that deals damage to group ofenemies.Power gun- deals damage to all enemies and sight.*Criminals:They pop out in random directions, life and speed. The challenge isto put them down before they beat you.*Languages:We have english as primary language. You can also set language toFilipino. This game is dedicated to pinoys and the people of thePhilippines."Please support our game by sharing it your friends. Cheers toPinoys, Mabuhay!"_____________________________You can check out our website about us and our games:http://gamepencil.comTHANKS!-This game is created by John A.C.E.

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WordPress APK
WordPress for Android puts the power ofpublishing in your hands, making it easy to create and consumecontent. Write, edit, and publish posts to your site, check stats,and get inspired with great posts in the Reader. What’s more? It’sopen source.WordPress for Android supports WordPress.com and self-hostedWordPress.org sites running WordPress 3.5 or higher.Visit the forums to get help with the app:http://android.forums.wordpress.org