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Did you think which classic monster are you like? A vampyre, amummy, Dracula, wolf man, frankenstein and so on. Do you think youare like an alien? Are you a wolf man when there is a full moon?Were you like a dragon spitting fire? To find out which animal youare like, put your photo on the scanner, the scanner scans yourface to know which Halloween animal you are like. Play to this gamewith your friends and find out which creature is inside you.Depending on your frame of mind you can be different creature. Tryas much as you want! Which creature do you identify more? If youwant to dress up with a fancy-dress for a creepy Halloween party,you can find out which fancy-dress is more appropriate for you.With this free app you will have a good time and you will see whois more monstrous. Try this app fearlessly and have a good timewith your friends or relatives. It is a test of joke andentertainment that you have fun with friends and family. Important:If you find a problem, doubt or suggestion with our apps, pleasecontact us through guasilba@gmail.com before a negativequalification. We are happy to help.

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    Monster Scanner Face
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    June 21, 2015
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    Android 2.2 and up
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