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Encounter in top free survival prison escape games & actiongames as monster superhero to launch super prison action escapeplan successfully and break prison, just like prison jail break2018 – escape games in this jail break rush game best of kidsgames. You’re an incredible superhero monster and sent to theunderwater jail prison. As super power hero save yourself byperforming incredible monster prison break or grand prison breakoutjail run for kids to play with. In this underwater simulator game,you’re required to be actions hero to make super prisoner escapeplan and perform hero escape mission to break prison in thismonster lockup game. This spy prison escape survival helps you toget freedom, just like jail prison break games for kids and raftsea survival games. Play role of superhero monster who has missionto break the jail and get release form underwater army prisonerlife forever!Get ready for action games with incredible prisonmonster escape with superhero monster prison war that is designedfor the fans of prison survival games and survival escape games forkids. No one in jail knows about the mysterious monster powers souse your monster superhero transform at this time to get escape theprison in this terrific monster hero prison war. Evaluate yoursurvival prison escape and superhero fighting games abilities toreact in this jail escape prison break, finest of top free prisonescape games and sea games for kids. Enjoy thrilling monster actionin essence of sea survival games and monster superhero games. Amonster survival games adventure full of monster prison survivalescape, taking you towards freedom from superhero prison. DownloadMONSTER SUPERHERO SEA SURVIVAL: PRISON ESCAPE GAME, cream of jailgames & enjoy survival escape prison or survival craft fightingin prison games.Jump into amalgam of sea escape games and jailprison games, use your monster legends skills for monster prisonescape and keep your stealth mode on for monster hero prison break.It’s best of kids games with highly security lockup under the deepsea survival with lots of guards equipped with machine guns, unseenin jail security games. Use weapons like u see in police shootinggames and perform gigantic monster escape from the monster prisonin sea battle for survival. Sit in the boat, navy submarine &sea ships that are outside survival prison and go to the survivalisland successfully, best of ship survival games and superhero jailgames. Enjoy monster transform into a gigantic incroyable monsterto crash every hurdle best of action games. Your raft survival seaescape or escape survival from monster jail depends on your prisonbreak lock down & incredible monster prison escape plan infinest of escape sea games and sea monster hunting games for kids.Make a monster escape plan and execute it to get freedom in jailprison escape 2018 survival game. Features:
- 5 challengingsurvival royale missions of prison break 2018 
- Smooth on-screencontrols of jail fight games for kids
- Outstanding HD graphicswith evasion of prison escape sea & monsters city environment
-Transform, jump, attack, sneak, shoot, fight and incredible herobattle stunts for fans of action games
- Realistic sound effectsjust like prison fight games for kids to play
- Variety of monstersea transport to run from police jailbreak to sea monsters citylike underwater ship gamesSo, people can you escape from sea incriminal escaping game best of action games? Be the part of thisescape monster game & superhero prison war to destroy citymonster jail, in naval warfare and defeat criminal police attack,unseen in police jail games. Show your survival stealth monsteraction in this super prison action packed game, top notch combo ofprison games and superhero games & best of kids games. Show offyour incroyable shooting monster hero escape skills to be the champof prison escape 2018 prison break and deep sea escape games.

App Information Monster Superhero Sea Survival: Prison Escape Game

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    Monster Superhero Sea Survival: Prison Escape Game
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    May 28, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    2nd Floor 153-B Central Commercial Sector C Bahria Town Lahore
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Do you want to safe people from dilemma and to be a rescue deft?Then this flying simulator is an excellent choice for you. Getready to rescue people with flying drone simulator where it isdifficult to reach people through road when they need immediaterelief. It is an astonishing summation of flying drone games andflying ambulance games. This is an ultimate rescue game where youneed to safe people from trouble by driving a futuristic flyingambulance. So get ready for this thrilling FLYING DRONE AMBULANCE,the king of drone ambulance driving games.Game play of this rescuesimulator is fascinating. You need to safe people from trouble byproviding them quick relief through your speedy driving and flightskills where it is not possible to drive on roads because of roadblockages or heavy traffic. Now you can probe the world with flyingrescue helicopter car. This is multilevel flying simulation, whereyou can control air ambulance above the road blockages and trafficareas and pick injured citizens. In this ambulance rescuesimulator, you have to be best pilot to pick the injured people andtake them to the hospitals. You have to be a smart driver of thisfuturistic flying car to run it on the roads or fly it on the air,the ultimate goal is to reach the victimized place at the earliestto rescue people and take them to the hospital to safe preciouslives. You might have played many flying games to achieve differenttargets and goals, but you would have never experienced thisalluring game play in any other drone simulator games and ambulancedoctor games.Flying Drone Ambulance Features:• Adventurous on roaddriving and flight experience• Tremendous real flying ambulanceexperience• Idealistic 3d city environment• Ten thrilling levelswith breath-taking goals• Realistic sound effectsShow off yourrescue ambulance and helicopter driving skills to safe peoplecaught in disasters in this ambulance driving game. Fasten yourseat belt on this flying rescue helicopter car and ready to facechallenging levels, which will definitely astound you. Certainly,you would have never played such exotic game before in the categoryof drone ambulance rescue games. Speed up and hold the control ofthis futuristic flying car and reach all those areas where it isimpossible to rescue. We assure you that you will have a greatexperience with this flying car game. So download this FLYING DRONEAMBULANCE, supreme of futuristic games.
Incredible Monster Superheroes Ring Battle 3.0 APK
Would you dare to step into the robot ring for hero monster clashand face the skilled superhero fighters in best of action games?Then, let’s enter into the world of action games heroes wrestlingring to show your champion power and defeat your rivals. If you’reexpert enough to control a giant robot in top free monster wargames then, you are absolutely on the right track to get your dailyventure doze with this futuristic battle. This incredible monstercity hero war will give you the real machine fighting experience,best of kids games. You can test your fighting and controllingskills in this stunning and real robot fight game. This is a newgenerous of top free superhero games for kids with patch up ofsuper spider games with a new combat style. Be ready for actionpacked game, designed for kids to play with different and marvelousarena, including martial arts, technical knockouts and kick box aswell. Don’t ever miss a chance for kids to play this fightingsimulator because multi heroes’ combat is here. This brilliantboxing game will definitely give you the chance to relish your moodwith robot fighting in best games for kids. Show off your rapidityand win the war in INCREDIBLE MONSTER SUPERHEROES RING BATTLE,amalgam of all ring fighting games and monster battle games.Selectyour favorite monster superhero to put him on the ground and letthe fun begin in this monster game, best of kids games. You havethe super power steel boxing armor hands. Every monster hero hasexclusive potential of punch, kick and jump. Take control on yourreal super hero and defeat your rivals badly in this clash ofmonsters, supreme of action games. You will have to defenseyourself from enemy attacks and keep fighting till your lastbreath. There are 12 incredible superhero monsters ready to comeinto the battlefield to fight. You will need to fight for yourrespect and glory. Two different game modes one on one andchallenging modes are designed for you. In one-to-one mode, you canselect a player of your choice as well as your opponent to fightwith but in challenging mode, you can only select your player ofyour choice, opponent will be selected by its own. You can becomethe strongest fighter on the earth by playing this wrestlingsimulation. Fight to save your city, knockout your all foes withyour punching hands and showoff your brilliant super powerslikehero games for kids. This monster war combines with actionfights and real experience of boxing simulation.Incredible MonsterSuperheroes Ring Battle Features:
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F18 Fighter Pilot 3D 1.0 APK
Enter the battleground of this advanced f18army fighter jet attack with our best fighter pilot simulator. Takeoff and fly in the skies as a well-trained f18 air fighter. Play asan ace jet pilot in this challenging f18 jet fight air strike 3dgame. Destroy the competitive enemy jets in f18 army fighter jetattack along with flying in the sky to target enemy army aircraft'sand jets. Go for ground attack and naval ocean battles with ouramazing fighter pilot simulator to show royal pilot skills. Be thebest f18 air fighter and blast the enemies in this stunning F18FIGHTER PILOT 3D, the top f18 jet fight air strike 3d game!The basic mission in this game is to destroy different enemy assetssuch as jets, military base, warships and helicopters by using ourF18 fighter jet. There are total 5 levels in this game and aspecific time limit will be given in each level. If our jet’shealth bar decreases down to zero, the game will get over. Fightagainst the foes; defend enemy droves assaulting your countryairspace and waters with warships and oceanic navies. Use guidedmissiles and bullets to destroy the rival army base in assaultmissions.Make use of the best fighter pilot simulator and enter the world ofwar and anarchy with thrilling flying and shooting skills as prof18 air fighter in this striking f18 army fighter jet attack. Takedown the enemy’s military and be the king in F18 FIGHTER PILOT 3Dgame, the newest f18 jet fight air strike 3d game in playstore!
Clan of Heroes 1.0 APK
Journey through an exciting clanmasterstoryline as you explore the ultimate combination offightingsimulator games and army commander games with thrillingcommandoadventure shooting. It's time for our superhero simulatorto engagein healthy dose of action-packed fighting with arrowambush.Experience this intense ninja warrior assassin 3d and enjoytheexhilarating thrill of combat in one of the mostfast-pacedfighting simulator games. It’s your job to stay alert asa perfectsuperhero simulator and brutally attack the enemies witharrowambush in one of the finest army commander games. We will alsogivea chance play as period Japanese ninja warrior assassin 3dandstart slashing enemies with your samurai sword in thisfabulouscommando adventure shooting game. Download CLAN OF HEROESandcreate a new story with fearless champions!Features:• Choose hero according to your choice from multiple heroes atthebeginning of each level.• 2 commando characters with different features and a numberofdifferent guns• 2 ninja characters with unique attack animations• 2 arrow men with extreme archery skills• 1 woman commando character with different attack animationsandoption to use multiple heavy-duty shooting weapons• Unlock the locked heroes by paying specific amount ofearnedcoins• 5 intense target killing game play missions• Earn BONUSES for head targets, body targets and leg targets• Challenging one-on-one action counter shooting battle• Protect the hero's health bar from the enemy targets• Interactive 3d city-night environment• Earn COINS for killing each enemy target• UNLOCK ALL THE LEVELS in the game by giving specific numberofcoins• REMOVE ADS in the game by giving specific number ofdiamonds• Full of challenges to beat• Awesome HD sound effects• Option to BUY COINS!Step into the action as the fastest superhero simulator andninjawarrior assassin 3d in one of the best series of fightingsimulatorgames. It's time for our clan master to raise the bar forcommandoadventure shooting once more! Hold your weapons and getready forarrow ambush in one of the most popular army commandergames. So,win the battle against the enemy in CLAN OF HEROES andbecome thegreatest HERO of the city!
Ninja Kill Shot 1.1 APK
Ninja shooting games originated to eliminateall enemies in one of the latest ninja fighting games 3d. We bringyou the modern action packed ninja warrior assassin 3d with therealistic blend of ninja killing games. If you are addicted toplaying ninja killing games, then this modern drastic battlerefrained ninja shooting games will definitely make you anexcellent dark night ninja. Experience the ninja warrior assassin3d, the exhilarating thrill of combat in this fast-paced ninjafighting games 3d. Now challenge enemies for combat fight and killthem all in this violent action packed NINJA KILL SHOT game.Fight against the enemies as a trained ninja and survive in thiswar. Kill or be killed! Enemies are waiting to attack, you have tobe a real ninja and destroy them. Ambush and kill the enemiesbefore they kill you. The ninja will also earn money up to 30$ bytaking a head shot. Different challenging missions, realistic day& night environment, smooth weapon controls, angry enemies andgreat sound effects are waiting for you. You have to complete alllevels within the given time.Play as period Japanese ninja warrior assassin 3d and infiltrateenemy territory, start slashing enemies with your samurai sword inthis fabulous ninja fighting games 3d. Our finest assassin ninja isout alone and he has to complete the most challenging missions inthe history of ninja killing games. Crush your enemies with yourangry ninja agility attacks in one of the newest ninja shootinggames. Be fast, stealthy, and deadly to sneak up on enemy warriorsand kill them all with your strong hits in this cinematic actiongame NINJA KILL SHOT.
AirFighters: Crazy Stunts 1.0 APK
Experience one of the most outstanding fusionof air fighter games 3d and air stunts flying games. Thiscombination will definitely beat all other kinds of air force jetfighter free games and air strike games. Our aim is to bond thetheory of both air stunts flying games and air strike games in oneof the most tremendous air fighter games 3d. You might have neverseen this kind of air war jet battle before. We’ve added some twistin this air war jet battle by introducing the concept of incrediblecrazy stunts. Fly your stunts plane through the most dangerousobstacles in this ultimate AIRFIGHTERS: CRAZY STUNTS game, one ofthe best air force jet fighter free games on play store!This excellent pilot flight simulator game offers you endless hoursof exciting gaming because of smooth controls, interactiveenvironment and HD graphics with challenging levels. It is a combatflight simulator in which you will have to avoid obstacles and showsome crazy stunts while passing ring loops. There are total 5levels and a specific time limit will be provided in each level. Ifyour jet’s health bar decreases down to zero, the game will getover. So, put yourself on the pilot’s seat and experience thethrill of catching the rings defeating the foes!The most superlative blend of air strike games and air stuntsflying games will test your accurate flying skills in one of themost brand new air fighter games 3d. Buckle your seat belt andexperience air war jet battle with your amazing airplane. Go skyhigh and perform stunts in AIRFIGHTERS: CRAZY STUNTS to become thebest airplane stunt fighter pilot in air force jet fighter freegames.