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Monster Truck Parking

Hello, it seems that for us the danger is exciting and whenitcomes to cars we prefer powerful cars, big and which can reachveryhigh speeds, we like to feel adrenaline when we see in theboard ahigh speed, although we know it is dangerous. If you like todriveand especially if you like big machines then you are at therightplace as our monster truck parking games will satisfy yourdesireto drive such a car. Through this 3D simulator games,especiallydesigned for children who want to simulate driving amonster truck,you can give proof of courage, attention,responsibility, skillsthat can prove only a good driver. If youwant to have such a carwhen you become an adult, this racing gamesis perfect, you willlearn how to hold in a very large and verypowerful car.

How to play

- Control your monster truck with an steering wheel,accelerationand brake pedal or use accelerometer control.
- You have to respect instructions and fit in time and collectallthree stars from each level.
- Do not hit obstacles.

Game Features:

- Different parking situations.
- Customisable control methods (wheel, accelerometercontrol).
- Realistic 3D Game with amazing graphic.
- Game optimisation: runs perfectly on any Android device.

Have fun with the Monster Truck Parking!

App Information Monster Truck Parking 3D

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    Monster Truck Parking 3D
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    November 13, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    100,000 - 500,000
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