1.0 / February 2, 2016
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Control with click this Giant Hungry WhiteShark attack for revenge, near shoreline in this full of action andadventure game. You will feel yourself a Barbarous Giant Sharkwhich chase to Survive. Eat and smash everything on your way, keepcontinue the bloodbath of going on white shark’s revenge binge inbeautiful underwater ocean environment.

Enjoy! The best of its sort Giant Monster White Shark Revenge 3D,and turn into a savage hungry shark to smash, and kill heartlesslyin an endless manner, even human friendly dolphins. Control thisbeast as she terrorizes the waters, attack boats, eats people, andhunts down some humpback whales. This relentless savage mammoth isout to eat majority of fish and heaps of human, but smooth and easycontrols allow you to play. Jump down to the profundity of the sea,and get start battle with diverse Sharks and Killer Whales who killother fishes, like dolphin, orca, jellyfish etc. etc. withwilderness, eat some sort of dolphin to grasp your sharky appetite.Bounce to the surface to assault or raid on general public withthis predator beast, getting a charge out of on the shoreline forfishing, or swimming or scuba diving in warm waters. Be carefulwith the hunters, they shoot without missing. There are no amnestycoastguards with helicopter to save people.

There are beautiful graphics inside it, with many wonderfulbackgrounds. Awesome 3D sharks and obstacles: fish, sea turtle,seahorse, jellyfish, naval mines and octopus. But, the giant sharkis out of control! It will assault and smash whatever gets in way.Grab in mighty jaws and kill forthwith. Play as an angry shark andshow no benevolence by smashing and killing everything with thisgiant angry white shark for revenge. Pursue what you need, assaultand get it in the might Jaws to slaughter rapidly. Monster WhiteShark Revenge is easy to play, jus avoid fish, sea turtle, seahorseand jellyfish, and beware of naval mines and octopus, beside thisdo not let the sharks come close to the boat of fisherman and allset. Beautifully smooth and simple controls grants you to controlyour monster very easy and start killing public with no effort.Continue gassing and do not fail with eating.

Giant Hungry White Shark of 2016 Features:

• Awesome 3d Sea beside shoreline environment
• Animated monster Great Hungry White Shark
• Animated Aquatic creatures including Shark, Dolphin etc.etc.
• Awesome Hunting missions with smooth and easy controls
• Have Magical environment and impacts.
• Smooth diversion play and simple controls
• Awesome Visuals and sound Effects

App Information Monster White Shark Revenge

  • App Name
    Monster White Shark Revenge
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    February 2, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    APPATRIX - Racing Shooting Simulator War FPS Games
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email [email protected]
    35P, Reading Road, Edisson NJ USA
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It's time to drive various buses withoutrivalry, so Get set for another round of an exciting bus drivingsimulation game, Passenger Bus Driver Simulator is with exquisitefun and action packed gameplay. Passenger Bus Driver Simulator isthe latest simulation game that will offer you the chance to becomea real Bus Driver! To complete all the routes! Next-gen graphicsincluding people animations, articulated, double and buses willmake this bus game the best on the market! Get Passenger Bus DriverSimulator now! Which is a real bus simulator game. The passengersare waiting, so be quick! Be on time and park at the bus stop, pickup the passengers and drop them off at the destination of theirchoice, and say goodbye to passenger, in this bus simulatorgame.This bus simulator game is fast as lightning with the speed likecars and smooth like hoverboard even on the curves. After playingthis game you will not feel like me is despicable and even not anangry bird. You will touch the sky with pleasure and sweetness likeyou are crushing the candy, with ultimate pleasure you will feelyourself as airborne unlimited spiderman above the Asphalty orgravel ramps. It is totally a bus simulator of modern era like agangstar’s bus in the city. You will enjoy this game like real carracing experience withkout the feeling of rivalry, or trouble inthe racing of hill climb. Enjoy! The new metal giant race as Battleof Tanks, and be the heroes of passengers. Grab your adrenalinePassenger Bus Driver Simulator game RIGHT AWAY!Experience the gorgeous graphics and drive these big buses aroundthe city and enjoy this realistic simulator and exciting gameplay.Experience the thrill of sitting behind the steering wheel of a bigtransportation vehicle and be the next best bus driver. These bussimulator controls will test your driving and parking skills andchallenge you to give your best. When you unlock next levels, youwill see amazing environments.- 10 Nerve wrecking Levels.- Steer on screen to rotate bus.- Touch buttons to gas or brake bus.- Click camera to change camera view.- Multiplayer mode will be activated soon.
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Drive and control your Pizza Delivery Truck tomove aside the roads and streets. If you think Pizza Deliveries areeasy to manage, you know well everybody likes to eat hot and spicypizza so be quick to deliver it. Don’t be late so it get cold andtasteless it’s time to test your driving and superior drivingskills. Manage a jumbo truck that can carry lot of pizzas at atime! The exquisitely spectacular jumbo delivery truck drivingexperience, with the extraordinary amount of deliveries. Mostpeople can’t cope with the huge demands of customers who arewaiting for their pizzas. Deliver the pizzas with your deliverytruck across bumpy hilly tracks and gravel roads. Be ready! Performas the fastest and active pizza delivery agent like surfer onhoverboard.Look out! You are a delivery guy, customer has ordered pizza oncall now it’s your duty to get pizza, there could be landslideahead and long lines of cars and trucks are stuck between heaps ofdebris! Be fast to do all that, hungry customers are waiting foryou. City roads are there for you to drive through. Gear up likenever before, be ready to operate a heavy load of pizzaz in extremeconditions, for different destinations. The road is in bad shapeand without pavement, automobiles are struggling to find their waythrough the rubble on gravel road. Pizza Delivery Truck is a highpowered metal vehicle designed to carry out heavy load of pizzazthat require ferocious force, even the deep excavation on the sidesof road, or even dirt and debris from the earth. Sometimes you willbe slow like Walking Dead in on the Road to Survival, but it ispizza delivery truckThe hydraulic heavy loader machine performs spectacularly withgreat power on crafted roads, and even on the tracks having deeptrenches on both sides because of excavation, and even because oflandslide which is dangerous, so landscape is another challenge onyou. Reach the destination, people are waiting for the food. Thesteep hilly area with debris is no easy track to drive on, and whenthe task is to drive pizza delivery truck efficiently through thedebris on gravel road, so drive laboriously on gravel roads andpavements and even in Fallout Shelter. It feels like a dragon storyon the way to Country PicnicFeatures: - Extraordinary exciting gameplay- Blend of joy and amusement- 10 Exciting Levels to reach on.- Stunning graphics with realistic objects- Precision Control via tilt and others