1.0.1 / October 3, 2014
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To add the widget to your Android 4.2 device's lock screen, firstmake sure that "Enable widgets" is turned on in your securitysettings. Then, simply swipe to the left-most page of your lockscreen and touch the "+" icon. Finally, select it to customize andadd the widget.

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    October 3, 2014
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完美鬧鐘 1.0.6 APK
您遇到過關了鬧鐘後又睡著了的問題嗎?使用完美鬧鐘,您就一定會在鬧鐘聲中醒來,避免遇到關了鬧鐘又睡著的情況。這種鬧鐘具有的功能可以防止過多貪睡,幫助您起床。這種高度可定制化的鬧鐘將讓您以一種適合您的方式被鬧鐘叫醒,鬧鐘設置為慢慢提高音量,輕輕將您喚醒。也可以設置為貪睡模式,能夠讓你在早上愉快地起床。Alarmclock and then cross the border you are experiencing sleep problem?Use perfect alarm clock, you'll wake up in alarm sound to avoid thesituation encountered off the alarm clock and sleep. This alarmclock has a snooze feature prevents excessive, to help you get up.This highly customizable alarm clock will let you in a way thatsuits you wake up alarm clock, alarm clock is set to graduallyincrease the volume, gently wake you up. You can also set thesnooze mode, allowing you happily get up in the morning.
不能給女生看的漫畫 1.1.7 APK
善良纯洁的Momo碰上了同样善良纯洁不过喜欢变出不同武器蹂躏男友的Miya,加上比女友矮一公分的高守奇和比男友高一公分的高妹的高人伉俪,还有看似丑陋但洗澡之后很帅的无敌白痴天王猩猩,合力打造轻松白痴喜剧《不能给女生看的漫画》Momogood and pure good and pure, but run into the same conjure updifferent weapons like torn boyfriend Miya, plus one centimetershorter than his girlfriend high and high to keep the odd onecentimeter higher than her boyfriend's sister and his wife expert,but there seems ugly After bathing handsome invincible gorilla kingidiot, idiot easily together to create comedy "Can not read comicsfor girls."
军事百科 1.1.0 APK
此程序为军事的百科全书,里面收录了很多军事方面的信息,包括军队兵种 军事装备 军事战争 军事人物 军事基地 军事战役 兵器制造商军衔制度 军事院校九大板块Thisprocedure for military encyclopedia, which contains a lot ofinformation on military matters, including the military branches ofmilitary equipment military war weapons and military figuresmilitary campaign bases rank system manufacturer military academiesnine plates
一夜N次郎--很另类的别踩白块儿 1.0.1 APK
要安全,就要点套套。从最下面的套套开始,30秒内看你能拆开多少个套套,你就是一夜几次郎!To be safe, we shouldpoint condom. From the beginning of the bottom of the condom, 30seconds to see how many you can open a condom, you're a nightseveral Lang!
我和我的男友们 1.0.6 APK
麻辣鮮妻 1.2.6 APK
老公:“老婆,冰箱裡有雞和魚,你想吃那樣?”老婆:“兩樣都想吃。”(看電視中...)老公:“哦,那魚你想怎麼吃?清燉還是紅燒?”老婆:“兩種味道都想吃”(繼續看電視...)老公:“可是我們只有一條魚啊?”老婆:“嗯...,剁開,魚頭清蒸,魚身紅燒“老公:”算你狠!“(無語中...)更多精彩,盡在麻辣鮮妻.............Husband:"Wife, refrigerator, chicken and fish, you want to eat that?"Wife:"both are to eat." (Watching TV ...)Husband: "Oh, how the fish youwant to eat? Stewed or braised?"Wife: "two kinds of taste to eat"(to continue watching TV ...)Husband: "But we have only one fishah?"Wife: "ah ..., cut open, fish head steamed, braisedfish"Husband: "count you vicious!" (Silent in the ...)Moreexciting, all in spicy fresh wife .............
梦幻西游四格漫画 1.1.1 APK
此软件为漫画阅读类软件,里面的漫画都是网络游戏-梦幻西游的玩家用里面的场景和人物DIY的。里面的人物超级萌,表情超可爱,内容超搞笑.This software is comicreading software category, which the comics are online games -Fantasy Westward Journey players with the inside of the scenes andcharacters of DIY. Inside the characters super adorable, expressionsuper cute, super funny content.
動漫美少女拼圖 1.0.8 APK
好看的動漫美少女,好玩的拼圖遊戲Nice anime girl, fun jigsaw puzzle