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Although you are seeing a soccer ball and wide green grass groundinthis game, but please note that it is not a soccer game. It istheMonumaze. Monumaze is a simple and challenging maze game. Inthisgame, you must guide the ball over the maze to reach themonument atthe center of the game world. You must do it quickbecause you don’thave much time. This game is not easy. Yes atfirst levels it lookseasy. But on higher levels you must guide theball through a thinfloating road to the target. If the ball falls,you lose.

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    September 11, 2019
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    Gunung Asri Indah blok FF no 26 Kedurus 60234 Surabaya
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Monumaze 4.2.0 APK
Although you are seeing a soccer ball and wide green grass groundinthis game, but please note that it is not a soccer game. It istheMonumaze. Monumaze is a simple and challenging maze game. Inthisgame, you must guide the ball over the maze to reach themonument atthe center of the game world. You must do it quickbecause you don’thave much time. This game is not easy. Yes atfirst levels it lookseasy. But on higher levels you must guide theball through a thinfloating road to the target. If the ball falls,you lose.
Ziyarat14 1.6 APK
You can read ziyarat texts of Ahlul Bayt aima and also listen totherecitation of ziyarat with this app. This app also providesphysicallocations of ziyarat sites in a world map. Please note youneedinternet connection to be able to play ziyarat audios and viewtheziyarat map. We are still developing this app and addingmoreziyarat texts and audios. We will also provide translationtexts inthe near future.
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Your mission in this game is to destroy your enemies on land. Ifyouare running out of missiles, go get new missiles by hittingairballoons on the sky. Destroy your enemies by firing missilesandmachine gun. But remember, this is an endless game whichthoseenemies after being destroyed they will appear again. So, justhavefun! And one more thing: Don’t worry, there is no flying enemy,soyou are the only one flying in this game world 😀
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Dengan aplikasi ini kamu bisa membaca terjemahan kitab hadisSahihBukhari dan Sahih Muslim dari awal hingga akhir. Ribuanhalamankitab Sahih Bukhari dan Sahih Muslim dapat kamu genggam satutangandengan aplikasi ini. Lebih menariknya lagi aplikasi inidilengkapidengan fitur pencarian kata lengkap di seluruh kontenSahih Bukharidan Muslim yang bisa dijalankan di kedua kitab secarabersamaandalam satu waktu.