1.2 / January 30, 2019
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Shows the Moon Phase with Illuminated Fraction(Percent) for thecurrent date and time. User can also see the Moon Phase withIlluminated Fraction(Percent) for any given date and time. Theaccuracy is pretty good for most of the purposes. The results arein good agreement with those from NASA website and Wolfram Alpha.

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    Moon Phase Calculator
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    January 30, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Manas Sharma
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Maps of Indian States 1.5 APK
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Already a HIT on Windows, it's now on Google Play Store.A great andone of a kind app that provides you High Resolution Maps of all thestates and union territories. Not only that the app also containsvarious Maps of India, like Annual Rainfall,Climate, PopulationDensity and what not.The state Maps are extremely detailed and veryhigh quality.
BragitOff Beta 1.0 APK
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****************REQUIRES INTERNET CONNECTION TOWORK*******************The Beta version of the web app is finallyhere!The app serves to provide the users a quick and easy waytokeep track of new posts on www.Bragitoff.comBragitOff.com- is awebsite created by a Physics student of Delhi University.You canfind some amazing articles and posts on topics ranging fromPhysics, Computer Programming, Developing your Vocabulary, Gamingand much more.The website is mainly known to be of great help toDelhi University students. Features:• New content added regularly.•Visual Dictionary-to improve your vocabulary in a fun and easyway.• Programming Tutorials• Physics TutorialsHow to use the WebApp:The web app basically is a mobile compact version of the sitewww.bragitoff.comIt looks just like the site that you open throughyour browser.This is the beta version and I am working to build abetter app.The app has menus to help you guide yourself to thecontent you want to read, easily.In case you cant find somethingthrough the menus, you can just enter you search term in the searchbar, which can be activated by tapping on the search icon, in theupper-left corner of the display.__________________________________________________________________________***Note***Itlooks just like the site that you open through your browser.This isthe beta version and I am working to build a betterapp._____________________________________Content PolicyThis is apersonal blog written and edited by me, Manas Sharma. The views andopinions expressed on this blog are solely those of me, and they donot represent in any way those of my affiliations orsponsors.---------------------------------------------------------ImageCreditsSome images that I have posted are mine while some are not.In the latter case I always try to provide credits.(In 99.9% of thecases the images used throughout the website as well as the visualdictionary, the images have been taken from pixabay.com, whichprovides copyright free images.)If you come across an image thathas not been properly credited, please let me know so that I canmake the necessary adjustments.(And if you are the owner of animage/photo that was improperly credited by me, I apologize!)If youwould like to use an image or a photo of my creation, pleasecontact me about it first, especially if it contains people orsubjects of personalnature.-----------------------------------------------------------PrivacyPolicy(www.bragitoff.com)We collect information from you when yourespond to a survey or comment on a post.When interacting on oursite, you may be asked to enter your name or e-mail address. Youmay, however, visit our site anonymously.We do not sell, trade, orotherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiableinformation. This does not include trusted third parties who assistus in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicingyou, so long as those parties agree to keep this informationconfidential. We may also release your information when we believerelease is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our sitepolicies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety.However, non-personally identifiable visitor information may beprovided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or otheruses.Occasionally, at our discretion, we may include or offer thirdparty products or services on our website. These third party siteshave separate and independent privacy policies. We therefore haveno responsibility or liability for the content and activities ofthese linked sites. Nonetheless, we seek to protect the integrityof our site and welcome any feedback about these sites.By using oursite, you consent to our online privacy policy.If we decide tochange our privacy policy, we will post those changes on thispage.This policy was last modified on 7th November 2014.
Polynomial Root Finder 1.1 APK
Manas Sharma
Polynomial Root Finder - helps you find all the roots of apolynomial, real and complex.The polynomial can be of arbitrarydegree(maximum=300 for all practical uses).It is a significantimprovement over the existing apps in the Play Store, as it cancalculate the roots of any degree(order) polynomial.It is a handytool for students, scientists and engineers.I developed it to helpme in my Physics related course work.The app gives extremelyreliable results which were cross-checked with available softwares.
Curve Fit - Tools 1.6 APK
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Curve Fit - Tools helps you find out the best fit to a curve usingthe Least Squares Approximation Method.You can find an exponential,linear or a polynomial fit for any curve.Curve Fit- Tools is betterthan most of the apps in the Play Store that let you do the samethings for a variety of reasons.1. With Curve Fit you can virtuallyinput unlimited amount of data.2. You can use potentially anydegree polynomial you want.3. You can save your data to a csv filewhich can later on be opened by MS Excel or any other software ofyour choice.4. You can read data from a CSV file and analyze it.5.The graphs are very neat and zoomable.6. The algorithms are fastand ensure quick processing.More features will be addedeven though it already out performs most other apps.Theresults of the app were cross checked with a lot of existingsoftwares for a variety of data sets and the results were uniform.
Periodic Table 1.1 APK
Manas Sharma
Period Table is an app created for Science students to serve as ahandy tool to look up properties of the elements of the periodictable.The app shows elements in two layouts; Periodic Table(Grid)and as List.Clicking on an element takes you to the properties ofthat particular element.The app also shows the electronicconfiguration of shells, and a lot of properties.New features,properties and charts will be added soon.The following are theproperties currently being shown:Atomic Number Symbol Name AtomicMass Electronic Configuration Discovery Date Discoverer group blockStandard State Oxidation State Bonding Type Atomic Radius (A) IonicRadius (A) Covalent Radius (A) Van-der-Walls Radius (A) CrystalRadius (A) Ionization Energy Known Isotopes Decay Modes Color BlockElectron Affinity Electro negativity Group Period Melting PointBoiling Point Absolute Melting Point Absolute Boiling Point DensityDescription Electrons per shell Electronic Shell Diagram Origin ofName
Numerical Methods Calculators 1.2 APK
Manas Sharma
It is extremely useful for the students taking a course onNumerical Analysis, as it will help them to compare and analyse thedata given in their text-books.It will also serve as an helpinghand for classroom lectures, as students and instructors can verifytheir results right away, without needing to write their ownalgorithms, or buying expensive softwares like MATLAB.I have takenutmost care to make sure that the algorithms used are stable, andconsistent. A lot of equations and data was used to test the appand the results were compared with all the leading softwaresavailable. The results were in very satisfactory.However, I stillencourage users to report any bug or strange crash.NumericalMethods Calculators- contains the following tools andcalculators:Matrix Operations:->Addition/Subtraction ofMatrices-> Multiplication of Matrices-> (P)LUDecomposition-> Rank-> Row Echelon Form-> Trace->Determinant-> TransposeNumerical Integration:-> TrapezoidalMethod-> Simpson’s 1/3 Rule-> Simpson’s 3/8 RuleCurveFitting(using least squares)-> Linear Fitting-> ExponentialFitting-> Polynomial FittingRoot Finding:-> BisectionMethod-> Secant Method-> Newton-Raphson MethodUpcomingfeatures:I will keep on adding new tools and calculators regularly.So users can expect it to be a vary powerful tool in some time.Hereis the list of features that I am working on:Linear SystemSolverPolynomial Root Finder(All the roots)QR FactorizationCholeskyDecompositionEigenvalue and EigenvectorGauss Seidel MethodForwardand Backward Difference Tables
Matrix Calculator 1.1 APK
Manas Sharma
Matrix Operations:->Addition/Subtraction of Matrices->Multiplication of Matrices-> (P)LU Decomposition-> Rank->Row Echelon Form-> Trace-> Determinant-> TransposeMatrixOperations:->Addition/Subtraction:As the name suggests, thistool let’s the user add and subtract matrices. User needs to givethe size(dimension/order) of the matrices first, then enter theelements of the matrices in the fields provided.User can choose toclick on ‘Add’ or ‘Subtract’ to perform the respectiveoperation.->Multiplication:As the name suggests, this tool let’sthe user multiply matrices. User needs to give thesize(dimension/order) of the matrices first, then enter theelements of the matrices in the fields provided.User can choose toclick on ‘Multiply’ to perform the respectiveoperation.->Rank:This tool let’s the user find out the rank ofany given matrix. Rank of a matrix is equal to the number oflinearly independent rows in a matrix. This feature has beenimplemented using the Gaussian Elimination technique with PartialPivoting. I have tried to write the algorithm in a way thatguarantees numerical stability.This tool can also be used to findout if a given set of vectors is Linearly Independent or not.Rankis equal to the number of vectors, if all the vectors are linearlyindependent.->Row Echelon Form:This tool gives the Row Echelonform of any given matrix. This has been implemented using GaussianElimination with Partial Pivoting.->Transpose:This toolsevaluates the transpose of a given matrix.->Trace:This toolsevaluates the trace of a given matrix. Trace is the sum of thediagonal elements of a matrix. Therefore, the matrix needs to besquare.->Determinant:This tool calculates the determinant of asquare matrix. This has been implemented using Gaussian Eliminationwith Partial Pivoting.->LU Decomposition:This tool gives the PLUfactorization of a given matrix.Although, generally, LUdecomposition(factorization) is discussed for square matrices, Inoticed that many popular applications like MATLAB, SCILAB, MAPLE,etc. have extended the definition to rectangularmatrices.Therefore, I have also provided the support forrectangular matrices. Although the result may be different thanMATLAB or other applications. But the factorization is correct asmultiplying PLU gives back the original matrix.
Linear System Equations Solver 1.0 APK
Manas Sharma
Linear System Equation Solver - helps you find the solution to aset of linear equations. It is a handy tool for students,scientists and engineers. I developed it to help me in my Physicsrelated course work. The app gives extremely reliable results whichwere cross-checked with available softwares. Hope you find ituseful.