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The craziest police chase simulator game!Have you ever dreamed ofjoining the police force and taking law into your hands? Do youwish to feel the thrill of throwing the most wanted gangsters andmafia bosses behind bars in a police crime patrol game? Does thethought of handcuffing dangerous criminals after an intense policeshooting in a highway police chase make your adrenaline rush? We’reassuming, YES! Then this is exactly what we deliver in Most WantedCriminals – Highway Police Chase! – This action packed policeshooting game for all crime city enthusiasts. Get ready, policeofficer! The dangerous criminals are at loose. Your town’s policedepartment has commissioned you for crime patrol duty on the mafiacity highway and put the most wanted criminals under arrest beforethey escape! As a police officer in the local police force in MostWanted Criminals – Highway Police Chase, it is now your duty toprotect the innocent from these dangerous criminals. In this actionpacked police shooting game, speed down the highway express as youmake your way through heavy traffic on a crime patrol mission,target shooting the criminal cars that frequently appear in anintense police chase, while dodging innocent cars to avoidaccidents. Keep a keen eye out for the most wanted gangsters andput them under arrest to prove yourself as the best police officerof the police force!Most Wanted Criminals – Highway Police Chase isan exciting police shooting and crime patrol game that lets youpatrol the highway to bring the most wanted mafia killers underarrest. You are a police officer trusted with this risky duty tolead the police force. Control your cop car in this car chase asyou race towards the mafia bosses and kill them in target shooting.Don’t let them escape!In Most Wanted Criminals – Highway PoliceChase, race your police car down the express highway as you targetand kill the gangsters in an intense target shooting car chase.Drive your cop car carefully in the criminal chase as you try andcatch the most wanted criminals and put them behind bars. INTENSEGRAPHICS: 
- Realistic 3D express highway and traffic to keep youengrossed 
- 3D police shooting car design options for the bestpolice shooting game experience
- Speedy offroad highway traffic tokeep the levels challengingTHRILLING GAMEPLAY: 
- Realistic policecar driving experience to satisfy the police officer inside you!
-Challenging levels and intense police chase to catch the dangerouscriminals
- Collectable bonuses to keep the police chasethrilling!
- Easy controls to help you focus on the mission at hand– getting the gangsters!You wouldn’t want to miss this. The mostwanted criminal mafia has been let loose and are speeding down thepolice highway. So hurry up, download this highway police shootinggame now and join the police force in Most Wanted Criminals –Highway Police Chase Game for a thrilling crime patrol mission!

App Information Most Wanted Criminals- Highway Police Chase

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    Most Wanted Criminals- Highway Police Chase
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    November 15, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Game Byte Studio
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• High Quality 3Dgraphics to keep you engaged
• Hairpin turns to escape the deadlyshark
• Multiple Survival Missions as the deadly shark makes itsway towards you!
• Crazy jetski stunts to keep your survivalstrategy interesting!

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City Public Bus Driving 2018 2.0 APK
"City Public Bus Driving 2018 is a fun bus simulator that willteach you to drive a real public transport vehicle in differentscenarios around the city. Experience bus driving simulator indifferent terrains, cities and changing weather conditions. Pick upthe passengers in your city bus tours from one bus tours stop toanother. Progress through the levels on your transport bus toursand make your way from bus stops to destinations, driving your bussimulator and transporting passengers safely on time. Follow anon-screen radar map to locate passengers. Avoid obstacles andfollow the strict traffic rules to be the best bus driver!Beginyour career in City Public Bus Driving 2018 as a bus driver today!This city bus driving game offers an exciting bus simulatorexperience with a realistic 3D environment, incredible amount oftraffic, strict traffic rules, different driving routes andpassengers eager to get on. Drive different buses while exploringdifferent cities and mountain roads, through rain, hail and someclear days!INTERESTING FEATURES:• Huge 3D virtual cities to explore• Real traffic rules to follow• Amazing busses to choose from•On-screen map radar for navigation• Collect rewards from passengers• Realistic bus coach simulator features• Challenging and excitinggame playGAME PLAY:• Realistic 3D city environment for a life-likecoach bus driving simulator experience• Multiple bus simulationlevels• Increasing difficulty to polish your bus driving skills•Timed levels for dropping off passengers• Smooth city bus drivingsimulator controlsLearn to drive your passenger transport bus coachin a huge urban city environment. Try to stop in time at the rightcoach bus stops and complete your route in the allotted time. Stopat traffic signals and avoid cars and other obstacles as you speedacross the city. Drop school children to school as they missedtheir school bus, corporate workers to their offices before they’relate for work, doctors to hospitals in time for their patients,scientists to their labs before the experiments run wild, and muchmore with City Public Bus Driving 2018.There will be lots ofpassengers, multiple coach bus stops and thrilling tracks waitingfor you. Put the school bus coach out of business with your citybus that reaches every part of the city on time. Play this coachbus simulator game as a bus driver and drive to pick passengersfrom multiple bus stops and drop them to their destinations in thiscity bus driving challenge. So, captain, ready for this city busdriving challenge? Get on your public transport bus now and beginyour first mission as a coach bus driver with this fun bussimulator game!Download now and become the best bus driver in thecity!"
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Do you love dragon hunting games? Do you want to become a dragonhunter and savior of castle in medieval fantasy war? Get yourselfequip with magical gauntlets, cloak armor and pets as your love fordragon fighting games, dragon flying games and archer fightinggames has excited us to make this ultimate dragon simulator inwhich you get a chance to become flying monster slayer.DragonHunter: Fight Predator to Survive Rampage is an action-packedfantasy war addictive game with multiple fire breathing creaturesand different levels. Kill these majestic creatures and protectcastle from getting burn. Play this FPS warrior game to feel theterror and menace of a predator. Dragons fly from rocky nest, aimat target from above with fireballs and sow the path ofdestruction. Highly trained archers shoot fiery arrows to guard thecastle. Embark the epic dragon hunting adventure in the dragonworld and be a predator warrior!Monster predators went crazy andare hunting once again. Hunt or be hunted! Survive predator attackto guard your castle with fiery arrows. Hunt down flying monsterbeasts to develop your dragon shooting skills. Shoot down thesegiant animals quickly as they can emit fire. Focus hard to huntdown dragons in animal hunting game. Play to survive and become askilled animal hunter and dragon slayer. Aim, shoot and kill to enddragon rampage and be a top warrior. Magical species of powerfulfire breathing dragons throw fireballs to establish their owndominance. Be a war hero slayer to hunt dragons down.Dragon Hunter:Fight Predator to Survive Rampage has been designed to give you therealistic experience of bow and arrow fighting games. Be a warriorarcher shooter to enjoy medieval time archery. Precise arrowshooting will make you a bow archer. Take your bow and arrow tobegin adventure in this first person shooting game. Become anarchery master to stop ruthless attack of flying monster creature.Grab bow arrow to become a bow hunter and take down fire breathingcreatures in one of the best bow and arrow hunting games. Protectmedieval age castle in bow arrow master castle war. Use youramazing archery skills to hunt down majestic creature with fieryarrows in amazing bow arrow master game simulation. Stand tall toguard the castle and help escape innocent people in epic bow arrowmaster medieval archery simulator. Play this best bow killinggame having archer standing on castle walls in castle simulator.Engage in fantasy archery combat and prove yourself as ultimate bowhunter and top animal slayer in first person archery adventuregame. Enjoy the dragon hunt through archery. Enjoy huntingdangerous animals with arrow and bow in medieval kingdom.GameFeatures: • 3D Animated Flying Monster • High Quality 3D MedievalScenery • Realistic Fire Breathing Action • Smooth Controls • EpicBattles with Elite Archers • Cutting-edge GraphicsDo you have thebravery, skill and fantasy battle strategy to become a huntinglegend in rampage? Find out with Dragon Hunter: Fight Predator toSurvive Rampage, the best action game that will put you in chargeof the kingdom! Download today to become best fantasy war slayer!
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This is your chance to experience a realistic offroad drivingenvironment with huge monster trucks and amazing graphics, lots nlots of offroad thrill and action.Chose your own RC monster truckor any kind of predefined customized auto vehicle. Best offroadedRC driving, auto vehicles, monster trucks, 4x4 driving with lots ofamazing stunts on mountains, hills climbing through steeps andslopes.Engage with rough roads, dirt, mountain trails, hill climb,performing difficult stunts on uphill and driving to complete allawe-inspiring levels. Each offroad level is legendary and full ofstunts. You and your monster truck will enjoy every moment of it.Monster Truck jam is your way to live offroad dream driving. youwill enjoy monster trucks Driving with stunts around every corner.4x4 offroad vehicles with best Monster Truck simulations.Now youcan drive, perform stunts and feel a offroad driving fun for free.Do not just wait, Download RC Monster Truck jam and play!GamePlay:RC Monster Truck Jam is packed with 3 types of game mode.Levels, Ground freeride, Mountain free ride. Game have amazing 10levels with alot more coming soon. Most of levels containsdifferent type of stunts that your have to perform for thecompletion of level. Game contains different camera views which letyou enjoy more graphic fun.Features: 6 type of different monstertrucks 3 type of game modes (levels, ground free ride, mountainfree ride)10 outstanding levels leaderboard with many achievementsmind blowing graphics Real time vehicle deformationRealisticmonster truck
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Don’t drive if you can’t park.Infinite Car Parking Simulator, aMulti-Level Car Parking game, is putting your driving and parkingskills to the test. Drive and park your speedy sports caraccurately in realistic parking lots in this tough parkingchallenge. This is a virtual driving school to perfect your parkingskills and turn you into an expert driver. Show off your infinitecar parking skills by controlling your car with the steering wheel,gears, brakes and some very necessary driving sense. So hop on andprove yourself as an expert driver ready for this parkingchallenge!Infinite Car Parking Simulator starts off with you as adriving school expert. Drive the amazing sports cars speedilyaround corners, obstacles and parking lot borders. Park your caraccurately within the parking slots to move on to the next round.Clear all parking challenge levels and earn the badge of expertdriver!
Infinite Car Parking Simulator brings you the killer comboof driving and parking games in 1! Take on this extreme parkingchallenge that is sure to test you to your limits. There aremultiple sports cars to choose from, so select your favorite andfollow the on-screen parking indicators to locate your destinationand park there with perfection. Prove your expert driver skills bybeing as precise and accurate with your parking as possible. Enjoythe city roads as you go, speeding down the highways. But becareful to avoid traffic and accidents as this is both a drivingand parking challenge! 
• Realistic driving andparking experience
• Engaging car parking missions
• Simple andintuitive controls (tilt, steer or on-screen buttons)
• Insane 3Dgraphics with a realistic parking lot
• Amazing selection of highquality cars
• Unique physics configuration for each racing car
•Surreal visual and sound effects for the best experience

You thinkyou’ve got driving figured out? Well, not until you complete thisinfinite car parking challenge. Download now to find out and earnthe title of an expert driver!
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Are you ready for 4x4 Dubai Desert Safari Run. In this game youhave to show your jeep driving skills in desert. Drive 4x4 jeepswith racing simulation in desert safari. 4x4 Dubai Safari Run hasvariety of missions and various challenges for you. Play 4x4 DubaiDesert Safari Run like real safari jeep rally adventure withamazing collection of 4x4 jeeps. Face all the challenges and showyour spectacular driving skills, collect coins and win the racewith maximum speed. Driving your own Lexus Land Cruiser, GMC heavy4x4 truck, offroad Prado and Dubai Range Rover for desert driftingfast driving. 4x4 jeep for crazy racing gives you the perfect feelof Dubai desert safari and desert racing king.Drive your ultimatedrift simulation cars in Dubai Desert Safari and experience themost dangerous and thrilling adventure. Enhance your driving skillsin this game by challenging your friends and family. Tell them tobeat your score.If you love to play off road racing and driftinggames stunt driving with amazing Safari effects, real life recordedsounds and crisp HD visuals, then 4x4 Dubai Desert Safari Run isperfect offroad desert racing game for you. Drive as an extreme SUVoff road jeep driver perform drag racing in offroad cruiser 4x4jeep to rule the Dubai Desert Safari. Game Play:4x4 Dubai DesertSafari Run is packed with 2 types of game mode. Free Ride, StartCareer. 4x4 Dubai Desert Safari Run has amazing 10 levels with morecoming soon. Most of levels contain different type of challengesthat your have to perform for the completion of level. Gamecontains different camera views which let you enjoy more graphicfun. Features of 4x4 Dubai Desert Safari Run:6 type of differentmonster trucks 2 type of game modes (Free Ride, Start Career)10outstanding levels Mind blowing graphics Real time vehicledeformationThree type of steering ( normal, tilt, arrows )4x4vehicle