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Motiva comes with hundreds of motivational messages. Here aresomeof the ones you'll find: Life isn't about finding Yourself.Life isabout creating yourself. The timing will never be perfectuntil youmake it so. A journey of a thousand miles begins with asingle stepThe purpose of this app is very simple: help you becomemoremotivated. Some features: - Hundreds of motivational messages-Choose whether to play music - Choose whether to playbinauralbeats in the background Make sure to share this app withyourfriends if you enjoy it. Best, BalanceInMe.com Team

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    September 4, 2018
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Chakra Meditation & Healing 1.22 APK
Enjoy the most relaxing chakra healing audios that exist. Thischakra healing app is completely free - there are no ads, no in-apppurchases and no premium version. This is completely free and willremain free forever (and yes, I will continue to update thisapp).Why I am offering so much for free? Because I want everyone tohave access to these audios. I'm currently finishing a MSc. inComputer Science and I did this as a side project. After a few daysof working on this, I realized that I wanted to make it as good asI could - so I did! This app ended up being exactly what I imaginedit to be.Now: Before installing the app, bear in mind that all theaudios need to be downloaded from my server which takes a couple ofseconds (they are all around 9 megabytes each). Nothing is streamed- everything is downloaded automatically to your phone.The app alsocomes with many quotes that I enjoy related to meditation,relaxation, etc. And more importantly, it comes with over a dozenaudios for helping you balance your chakras. As you know, the 7chakras are:1. The Root Chakra. This chakra influences yourconnection to the Earth. When it is open, you feel grounded, stableand secure. If you feel nervous very often, your Root Chakra isprobably weak or closed.2. The Sacral Chakra. This chakrainfluences your emotions and sexuality. When it's open, you see sexas a healthy activity and when it's closed or weak you might feelanxiety or might not even like to think about sex. 3. The SolarPlexus chakra influences your self esteem. If you have self-esteemissues, then it's likely that your Solar Plexus chakra is weak orclosed.4. Your Heart Chakra influences your relationships withothers. When it is open, you are compassionate and friendly. Youform strong relationships with people at home, work and in yourcommunity.Your Heart Chakra is weak or closed when you have troubleconnecting with others and you frequently feel alone.5. Your ThroatChakra influences how you communicate with others. If you oftenfeel like you have nothing worthwhile to say, or if it seems likeothers don't really pay attention to what you say very often, it'svery likely that you Throat Chakra is weak or closed.6. Your ThirdEye Chakra influences your sense of intuition and your clarity ofpurpose. If you often feel confused or lost, then your Third EyeChakra might be weak or closed.7. Your Crown Chakra influences yourconnection to your Higher Self. If you often feel alone and likethere's no purpose to your existence, your Crown Chakra might beweak or closed.Note: This was just a very brief description of thechakras. There is a lot more information available online.Moreabout the AppEach chakra audio lasts anywhere from 10 to 30minutes, with most of the guided audios lasting only ten. Besides 7guided meditations, the app comes with several frequencies forhelping your balance your chakras. I recommend that you listen tothe guided meditations first and then listen to thefrequencies.Note: Don't use this app while driving or operatingheavy machinery. I am not responsible for anything you do whilelistening to these audios. Tips for using the app:1. For the bestexperience, I recommend that you wear high-quality noise-isolationor noise-cancelling headphones. Some of these audios come withbinaural beats which are completely useless if you don't wearheadphones. Yes, you can use earphones but then you won't be havingthe amazing experience that I intended for you.2. Don't try to healall your chakras at once. Heal one every day of the week and repeatthe following week. There are seven chakras just like there areseven days in the week, do one chakra per day followed by yourdaily meditation ritual.3. Some people report feeling nausea afterlistening to the healing frequencies, this is usually normal, butstop using them if the discomfort persists. 4. If you have anysuggestions, feel free to send me an e-mail!
Guided Journey Meditation 1 APK
Enjoy the best guided journey meditations. Currently the app hasfour different guided meditations:- Beach Journey- Star Travel-Inner Self Voyage- Forest JourneyAll of them are created by aprofessional meditation coach and contain relaxing backgroundaudios. These audios are sure to take you on a deep state ofmeditation and help you relax and relieve stress.This app iscompletely free and will always remain free. There are also no adsand there never will be. Enjoy! Please support us by giving thisapp a 5-star rating if you truly enjoy it.Another great feature ofthis app is that it has a built-in timer. You can choose for howlong you wish to meditate. If you want to meditate for longer thanthe duration of the audio (which is approximately 10 minutes), thensimply choose more time and the guided meditation will loop overand over.Enjoy!
Meditation Music & Timer ++ 1.34 APK
Meditation timer with seven different types of meditation: Silentmeditation, meditation music, binaural meditation, guided journeymeditation, chakra meditation, sleep meditation and relaxing soundsfor meditation. Each meditation types has different music andguided meditations. The meditation timer is built-in and can beconfigured with an alarm.The app now has over 30 differentmeditation audios that you can download with the tap of a button.Once you download the meditation music, it remains on your deviceforever and you can listen to it online or offline - all absolutelyfree! The meditation music is very high quality and was developedby a team of audio engineers.Also comes with over 7 differentguided meditations, 3 guided journey meditations and over 10different binaural beat sounds for your enjoyment. The meditationmusic for sleep uses theta waves that are known to induce deeprelaxation and can help you fall asleep faster.Meditator is thelast meditation app you'll ever need. It comes with free meditationmusic, guided meditation and now sleep meditation music aswell!New: Stats, achievements, ability to pause and resume andbattery-saving mode. 3 new meditation tracks plus two guidedmeditations (astral travel guided meditation, dolphin guidedmeditation and beach guided meditation).Now you can turn off yourcellphone while the music still plays (this wasn't possiblebefore!) so you can save battery while the timer and the musicstill runs.Also comes with eight different types of binaural beats(hi/low alpha, hi/low beta, hi/low delta, hi/low theta) that youcan use to induce different effects in your brain while youmeditate plus a new relaxing audio that combines several differentbinaural frequencies.There IS a short-coming here: The binauralbeats audios only last 10 minutes each. I'm looking for ways toloop the audios so you can continue your meditation indefinitely,but this is something that will likely come in a future version ofMeditator.Guided meditations for healing each chakra will bereleased often! This app is the perfect meditation companion tohelp you make the most out of each session. Right now there are twochakra meditation audios, and I'm expecting to release the thirdwithin a few weeks.I recommend that you wear headphones whilelistening to any of the tracks, as many of them contain binauralbeats to help you meditate deeper. I recommend wearing noisecancelling headphones.Meditator is the best meditation timer thatalso comes with plenty of free meditation music. The best part isthat you can download the music to your phone and listen to itoffline! You do need an internet connection to download your music,but once it's on your phone it's yours.New meditation tracks andguided meditations will be released weekly. And the app itself willget better as the weeks pass. This is an amazing free app that willhelp you meditate deeply. Just download it and start experiencingdeep meditation and fulfillment.The best feature of Meditator is,by far, the meditation timer that combines five different types ofmeditations. In Meditator 1.2, the new version that is coming nextweek, you'll also be able to listen to relaxing sounds and sleepmeditation music. This is the last meditation app you'll ever need- and did I mention it's free?Take advantage of this meditationtimer and keep track of how long you're meditating. The statsfeature lets you see at a glance how much time you've meditated andwhat your average meditation time is (plus lots of other usefulmetrics).The fact that I'm working on this meditation timer everyday should be proof that you must install this app right now. Thismeditation app is my life's work and if you want to experience deepmeditation, it has to be on your phone right now.If you have anyquestions or concerns about this app, you can reach me at joaquin(at) joaquin.cc.
Anti Stress Meditation 1 APK
Enjoy 7 different audios that will help you eliminate stress fromyour life.It's 100% free and ad free. You will never see an ad onthis app - ever! And there are no in app purchases or anything.This is free. For you. I want you to enjoy it.Now includes a guidedjourney meditation in a relaxing island! This guided meditation wascreated by an expert coach from BalanceInMe.com. Enjoy!So in totalthe app has 7 sounds:- 1 guided meditation- 3 sounds of nature(very relaxing)- 3 binaural beats- 1 meditation audio (superrelaxing)Plus if there are good ratings I plan to add many more inthe future, so give this app many 5 star ratings, will you:)Remember, this is 100% free and I never expect anything from you.I just want this to be the best meditation app for combating stresson Android!The app also includes a timer. By default, when theaudio finishes (if there's time left) it will just play the audioagain. Most audios are between 10 and 15 minutes, although theguided meditation is a full 20 minutes long! Feel free to send mean e-mail (my e-mail is at the bottom) with suggestions for newaudios.Feel free to send me your own audios or guided meditationsif you wish to have them included in this app.Thank you!Joaquinfrom BalanceInMe.com
The Root Chakra 1 APK
This application is designed to help you heal and balance your RootChakra. It contains a brief description of the Root Chakra, sometechniques on how to heal and balance it, as well as a few audiosto help you.As you know, your root chakra is at the root of yourentire energy ecosystem. If your root chakra is weak or blocked,you might experience some of the following problems:- Financialproblems- Security problems (you might not feel safe)- Survivalproblems (your very survival might feel threatened)- Overall lifeimbalanceAnd more. Making sure that your root chakra is balanced isvery important and this app will help you balance it.
Nature Sounds Meditation 1 APK
Nature Sounds with Meditation is an app that will help you meditatedeeply with 7 different audios. You select the length of yourmeditation session using the built-in timer and select one out ofthe seven audios inside the app and that's it!It's completely free.Here's a list of the audios:- Babbling Brook- Hot Jungle Day- LogCabin Fire- Torrential Rain- Tropical Beach- Tropical Storm-Tropical WavesDepending on the feedback, I might add more audios inthe future. Feel free to write in the reviews what other kind ofnature sounds you would like. Some people suggested the audios witha combination of binaural beats, which is a feature that might becoming in the future. In the mean time, enjoy these 7 audios!Onemore thing, there are no ads in this app and there never will be.It will also always be free. Make sure to also check out my otherapps.Enjoy!Joaquin
Meditation: Classical Music 1 APK
Completely free AND ad free: Enjoy the best classical music formeditation. Relaxing, energizing, inspirational and refreshingaudios that will help you relax and meditate deeply. In total thereare 17 classical pieces by various authors such as Mozart andBeethoven.This app comes with a built-in timer, so you can choosefor how long you wish to meditate. If you enjoy this app, and thefact that it's free, please leave a good rating! This willencourage me to keep creating other meditation apps with differentsounds and add new audios to this one.Enjoy!
Meditation for Abundance 1 APK
Meditaiton for Abundance: This app comes with several guidedmeditations to help you manifest abundance in your life. If youwant to experience wealth, then you should start with ourvisualizations and affirmations.Our app is 100% free. There are noads and there are no in-app purchases. It's free and will always befree.Having said that, if you want to acquire wealth and experienceabundance, it's not enough to just listen to our guided meditations- you have to take action. This requires reading books, learningand more. However, our guided meditations are a great way to startand they will help you tune your mindset into a state of successthat will become like a self-fulfilling prophecy for you.What isMeditation for Abundance? It's a collection of several guidedmeditation. So far, we have four guided meditations. Theyare:Abundance VisualizationAbundance AffirmationsAbundanceAllowingAbundance InsideThey were all recorded by a BalanceInMe.comprofessional meditation coach. They are extremely relaxing and willnot only help you relax, but are very likely to bring wealth,abundance and prosperity into your life.While the app currently hasonly four guided meditations, I'm hoping to add more in the nearfuture. Please write your recommendations when you give this app a5-star rating! This will really help me become motivated it to makeit better and better.Enjoy!