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Motivational stories contain many stories that could inspire youtoface life.

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Norse Mythology & gods 1.0 APK
Terjemahkan deskripsi ke Indonesia menggunakan Google Terjemahan?TerjemahkanNorse mythology is the body of mythology of the NorthGermanic people stemming from Norse paganism and continuing afterthe Christianization of Scandinavia and into the Scandinavianfolklore of the modern period. The northernmost extension ofGermanic mythology, Norse mythology consists of tales of variousdeities, beings, and heroes derived from numerous sources from bothbefore and after the pagan period, including medieval manuscripts,archaeological representations, and folk tradition.Numerous godsare mentioned in the source texts such as the hammer-wielding,humanity-protecting god Thor, who relentlessly fights his foes; theone-eyed, raven-flanked god Odin, who craftily pursues knowledgethroughout the worlds and bestowed among humanity the runicalphabet; the beautiful, seiðr-working, feathered cloak-cladgoddess Freyja who rides to battle to choose among the slain; thevengeful, skiing goddess Skaði, who prefers the wolf howls of thewinter mountains to the seashore; the powerful god Njörðr, who maycalm both sea and fire and grant wealth and land; the god Freyr,whose weather and farming associations bring peace and pleasure tohumanity; the goddess Iðunn, who keeps apples that grant eternalyouthfulness; the mysterious god Heimdallr, who is born of ninemothers, can hear grass grow, has gold teeth, and possesses aresounding horn; the jötunn Loki, who brings tragedy to the gods byengineering the death of the goddess Frigg's beautiful son Baldr;and numerous other deities.And also This app will serves you withthe story of Ragnarok, the end of the world!*****Disclaimer/LegalNotice*****We do not own any of these materials in this app. Wemade this app to help people reading Norse Mythology easier, ifthere is any trademark or copyright violation that does not followwithin the Fair Use, please contact us and we will take actionimmediately.
Egypt gods & Mythology 1.0 APK
Egyptian mythology is the collection of myths from ancient Egypt,which describe the actions of the Egyptian gods as a means ofunderstanding the world. The beliefs that these myths express arean important part of ancient Egyptian religion. Myths appearfrequently in Egyptian writings and art, particularly in shortstories and in religious material such as hymns, ritual texts,funerary texts, and temple decoration. These sources rarely containa complete account of a myth and often describe only brieffragments.Inspired by the cycles of nature, the Egyptians saw timein the present as a series of recurring patterns, whereas theearliest periods of time were linear. Myths are set in theseearliest times, and myth sets the pattern for the cycles of thepresent. Present events repeat the events of myth, and in doing sorenew maat, the fundamental order of the universe. Amongst the mostimportant episodes from the mythic past are the creation myths, inwhich the gods form the universe out of primordial chaos; thestories of the reign of the sun god Ra upon the earth; and theOsiris myth, concerning the struggles of the gods Osiris, Isis, andHorus against the disruptive god Set. Events from the present thatmight be regarded as myths include Ra's daily journey through theworld and its otherworldly counterpart, the Duat. Recurring themesin these mythic episodes include the conflict between the upholdersof maat and the forces of disorder, the importance of the pharaohin maintaining maat, and the continual death and regeneration ofthe gods.The details of these sacred events differ greatly from onetext to another and often seem contradictory. Egyptian myths areprimarily metaphorical, translating the essence and behavior ofdeities into terms that humans can understand. Each variant of amyth represents a different symbolic perspective, enriching theEgyptians' understanding of the gods and the world.Mythologyprofoundly influenced Egyptian culture. It inspired or influencedmany religious rituals and provided the ideological basis forkingship. Scenes and symbols from myth appeared in art in tombs,temples, and amulets. In literature, myths or elements of them wereused in stories that range from humor to allegory, demonstratingthat the Egyptians adapted mythology to serve a wide variety ofpurposes.*****Disclaimer/Legal Notice*****We do not own any ofthese materials in this app. We made this app to help peoplereading Egypt Mythology easier, if there is any trademark orcopyright violation that does not follow within the Fair Use,please contact us and we will take action immediately.
Noodle Recipes 1.0 APK
Everyone loves noodle, and there are so many variant noodle in thisworld.You can easily eat most of them if you make noodle on yourown!Download Noodle Recipes to make your own noodle taste!
Jump Ahok! 1.1 APK
Basuki Tjahaja Purnama atau lebih dikenal sebagai Ahok merupakangubernur Jakarta sejak tahun 2014.Kinerja beliau sebagai gubernurJakarta tidak bisa diragukan, beliau dianggap sukses dalammembenahi kota Jakarta.Pada tahun 2017 nanti akan ada pemilihangubernur Jakarta, Ahok kembali mencalonkan diri sebagai gubernurdengan jalur independen. Relawan dari berbagai anggota masyarakatberkumpul dan menamai diri mereka "Teman Ahok" sebagai bentukdukungan mereka kepada Ahok dan membantu mengumpulkan KTP wargaJakarta yang mendukung Ahok.Dalam Jump Ahok! kamu akan diajak untukmembantu pak ahok lompat setinggi-tingginya demi meraih kembaliposisinya sebagai gubernur jakarta.Raih skor tertinggimu bersamaJump Ahok! dan pamerkan kepada teman-temanmu.Ayo buktikan siapayang bisa meraih skor tertinggi bersama Ahok dalam game JumpAhok!Dan jangan lupa game Jump Ahok! ini GRATIS untuk dimainkanGameJump Ahok! dipersembahkan oleh Eternal Dream Studio dalam rangkamenyambut pemilihan gubernur Jakarta 2017 mendatang.English BasukiTjahaja Purnama or better known as Ahok is Jakarta governor since2014.His performance as governor of Jakarta can not be doubted, heis considered a success on improving the city.In 2017 there will begovernor election of Jakarta, Ahok once again propose himself ascandidate via independent path.Volunteers from various communitymembers got themself together and named themselves "Ahok's Friends"as a form of support for Ahok and help collect KTP(Identity Card)of Jakarta's residents who support Ahok.In Jump Ahok! you will helpAhok jumps as high as you can in order to regain his position asgovernor of Jakarta.Reach your highest score with Jump Ahok! andshow it to your friends.Prove yourself that you can achieve thehighest score in this "Jump Ahok! together with AhokAnd do notforget this Jump Ahok! game is FREE to playJump Ahok! game iscreated by Eternal Dream Studio in order to hail the 2017 Jakarta'sgovernor election.Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok is better known asJakarta governor since 2014.His performance as governor of Jakartacan not be doubted, he is considered a success in improving thecity.In the year 2017 there will be elections governor of Jakarta,Ahok again running for governor with independent paths.Volunteersfrom various community members got together and named themselves"Friends Ahok" as a form of support for Ahok and help collect KTPJakarta residents who support Ahok.In Ahok Jump! you will beinvited to help pack Ahok jump as high in order to regain hisposition as governor of Jakarta.Reach your highest score togetherJump Ahok! and show your friends.Come see for anyone who canachieve the highest score in a game together Ahok Ahok Jump!And donot forget the game Jump Ahok! This FREE to playGame Jump Ahok!presented by Eternal Dream Studio in order to welcome the 2017Jakarta gubernatorial election.EnglishBasuki Tjahaja Purnama orAhok is better known as Jakarta governor since 2014.His performanceas governor of Jakarta can not be doubted, he is Considered asuccess on improving the city.In 2017 there will be election ofJakarta governor, Ahok once again propose himself as a candidatevia independent path.Volunteers from various community members gottogether and named themself Themselves "Ahok's Friends" as a formof support for Ahok and help collect ID (Identity Card) ofJakarta's residents who support Ahok.Ahok Jump In! you will helpAhok jumps as high as you can in order to regain his position asgovernor of Jakarta.Reach your highest score with Jump Ahok! andshow it to your friends.Prove yourself that you can Achieve thehighest score in this "Jump Ahok! Together with AhokAnd do notforget this Jump Ahok! This game is FREE to playJump Ahok! Thisgame is created by Eternal Dream Studio in order to hail the 2017Jakarta's governor election.
Homemade Muffin Recipes 1.0 APK
Learn how to make easy and delicious muffin with this application!
Fried Rice Recipes 1.0 APK
Are you bored with the same fried rice recipe everyday? Now it'stime to change it!Download this application and learn many friedrice recipes!
The Buddha's Teaching 1.0 APK
This app contains The Buddha's Teaching for Buddhism or even otherreligion. Buddha's Teaching is universal and everyone is able tolearn it. Download Buddha's Teaching now!
Scary Ghost Stories 1.0 APK
Some of us don't believe in ghost, but your mindset would changeafter you read this!this application contains ghost stories basedon real experiences of people.Download this application now!