1.20 / September 15, 2016
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This is an exclusive moto racing game for Google Cardboard. Youwant to get the feel of motorbike ride? Here we present VR versionof Moto Rider.Enjoy the bike racing in Virtual Reality using GoogleCardboard glasses. Free your hands now, just wear the Googleglasses and play game.This is a fast paced bike racing game in 3D.Be careful with your driving skills, crashing into cars will hurtyou!How to Play- Hit the play, follow the instructions - Set yourphone in Google Cardboard- Tilt head to Steer your Motorcycle leftor rightWe are working on more cardboard VR apps & VR BikeRacer apps, stay tuned for more.

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  • 1.20 (20) - Latest Version
  • 1.18 (18)
  • Moto Racer VR 1.20 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /6/23
    Requires Android: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Size: 23.2 MB
    Tested on: Android 5.1 (Lollipop, API: 22)
    File Sha1: b9c0d4f8e4cc0f70ddd7f88ff163bd15299994d7
    APK Signature: 9761001219d1b012e66823216d6b0ec1232a673c
  • Moto Racer VR 1.18 APK File

    Publish Date: 2016 /1/17
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 17.3 MB
    Tested on: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API: 21)
    File Sha1: 02f0b1247b63406fee474570a46944126939c3f6
    APK Signature: 9761001219d1b012e66823216d6b0ec1232a673c

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Marathi Crossword शब्द कोडे : WordMama 6.23 APK
Zabuza Labs
WORD MAMA IS A DESI WORD GAME THAT SUPPORTS THREE LANGUAGES MARATHIHINDI ENGLISH AND 4 WORD GAMES NAMELY a. crossword b. word search3. sentence master 4. Two pic one word. एकाच खेळात 4 खेळ. प्रत्येकखेळाच्या शेकडो लेव्हल्स. प्रत्येक खेळ दोन भाषेत. (मराठी, इंग्रजी)शब्द कोडे, शब्द शोध, वाक्य जोड,२ चित्र १ शब्द मराठी बंधूंसाठीभाषेच्या खेळाचा खजिना. *** Added new game - TWO PIC ONE WORD inEnglish language (Marathi soon) (Sept 2018) *** Added new game -Sentence Master वाक्य जोड in Marathi Hindi English (July 2018) ***Added new game - Marathi Word Search, English Word Search (July2018) *** *** Added English Crossword now (June 2018) *** मराठीभाषेचा मोबाईलसाठी पहिला शब्दकोडे खेळ! ## नविन फिचर - रोज एक नवीलेव्हल, बरोबर सकाळी ९ वाजता ## फीचर्स - १. 1170 लेव्हल्स २. तुमचेकोणते मित्र कोणती लेव्हल खेळत आहे हे पाहू शकतात ३. हिंट सिस्टीममराठी सुधारा, सोबत इंग्लिश व हिन्दी सुद्धा. तुम्हाला हा गेम आवडेलहा दावाच नाही तर वादा! Now with a brand new feature - DAILY NEWLEVEL EXACTLY AT 9 AM. This is the world's first ever MarathiCrossword game for android devices. WordMama is the working titlefor the game. *** Over 200,000 Marathi users *** Gameplay:- You aregiven different letters/parts of Marathi words scattered around.Drag them & join them in such a manner that they form theintended word. Hints are provided so that you know what word it is.There is more. The game is social. You can find out which of yourfacebook friend is playing which level. All you have to do isconnect the game to facebook. After completing each level, you getcertain coins. Trade them to unlock hints. If you don't know anymarathi word, you can use hint. You can also share the marathicrossword to your friends on whatsapp or email and ask them forhelp. Each person gets one referral code. Share your code withothers, ask them to use your code in their games and both the userswill receive 100 coins. Features:- - 1000 challenging MarathiShabda Kodi - Hints given for all words on one click - Zoom in/zoom out effects - Various attractive backgrounds for levels - Coolanimation effects - Daily new level exactly at 9am. - Timer allowsyou to check how much time it took you to solve each level If youlike to solve Marathi Shabd Kode, you'll like this game. If you cancreate any levels and wish them to be added in the game, you canmail us at manas.gajare@zabuzalabs.com
Balloon Bow & Arrow 8.0.4 APK
Zabuza Labs
Pop Balloons with bow & arrow. Be an archer. Shoot through theballoons. Earn superpowers. Hit more balloons. Pull back the arrowfrom the bow and pierce the balloon with a pop in this incrediblyexciting and unbelievably addictive game that has caught the fancyof over 5 million players!Balloon Bow Arrow is an archery gamewhere you pop balloons using the bow & arrow a.k.a.archery.Balloon Bow Arrow is a perfect game for kids of all agegroup & toddlers. It's a no brainer no non-sense game made forpeople from all walks of life!THE GAME: - Balloons of differentsizes and colors rise from the ground and fly into the sky. - Shootthem with your arrows (you get 25 arrows to start off with). - Useawesome ARROW POWERS and pop a lot of balloons in single shoot. -When you shoot 3 balloons in a row, you get a bonus of 2 freearrows. - Unlock super powers and beautiful themes by trading thecoins you have collected. COOL FEATURES: - Realistic sound effects- Cutting Edge Graphics - Excellent animation, - Accurate physicseffects - Challenging objectives to achieve - Awesome ARROW POWERS- Beautiful themes - Classy balloons - MULTIPLAYER SUPPORTNow youcan compete with other players on player vs player basis! BalloonBow Arrow is downloaded over 4 million times and is one of the bestballoon game out there!Like our facebook page to stay tuned.http://www.facebook.com/BalloonBowArrowDownload Balloon Bow &Arrow for free and be super entertained.Kids love balloon games,and this game is specifically made for kids. Toddlers enjoysBalloons too, and so this balloon pop game makes a perfect game fortoddlers as well!Play endlessly!
Balloon Smasher Kids Game 5.1.6 APK
Zabuza Labs
Balloon Smasher Kids is specially designed balloon game for kids,babies & toddlers. Do you like balloons? If yes, this is aperfect game for you!Immerse yourself in the world of balloonpopping!Balloons fly from the ground up in the sky, tap them to popthem. Every now and then you'll see butterflies flying over. If youtap a butterfly, the game is over. Make sure you avoid them. Scoreas much as you can. Features:Classic Mode - There are some naughtyballoons that may skip your touch.Some are really fast while someare lazy ones.And yes there are bees & butterflies too,wandering here & there, a few protecting the balloons.But youmust not kill them. (You just cannot kill something sobeautiful.)Challenge Mode - You can't miss a single balloon. Don'ttap the black balloon. Your reflexes might give in. Don't. CameraAR Mode - With Augmented reality becoming the next big thing, thisgame now supports AR. Pop balloons in your very room, in real, withthis game. Amazing engagement for kids. Perfect Balloon game forkids toddlers & babies. Features:- various colored and sizedballoons.- balloons have different amazing path patterns.- threemodes.- challenging. Tests your reflexes. - very kid friendly kidloving balloons- eye-popping themesSmash / pop as many balloons youcan, they are infinite. Enjoy!Balloon Pop Smash Smasher BugAnt.Balloon Smasher Augmented Reality, one of the first time ARsupport for any game.
Ganpati Ganesh Mini Games 4.2 APK
Zabuza Labs
Lord Ganpati is probably the most worshipped and loved God amongstHindus. The app is our way of worshipping this great LordGanapati!Ganpati Mini Games is collection of 4 games. 1. ModakMunch - Feed Ganpati with the modakas.2. Run Game - Endless runninggame where Lord Ganesh is riding on his vehicle - mouse. 3. ModakCatcher - Catch all the modakas that are falling on the ground. 4.Jigsaw Puzzle - 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 jigsaw puzzles of Lord Ganesh.There is more. Atharvshirsh runs continuously in the backgroundmaking this game nothing but another form of worship. The app alsocontains audio & text of aarti & atharvshirsh. Next update- Ganpati Live Wallpaper. Download Ganapati Game and have endlessfun!Like our facebook page to stay tuned.http://facebook.com/ganpatiminigames/
Marathi Word Search : मराठी शब्द शोध 2.5 APK
Zabuza Labs
Marathi Word Search is the first Word Search game for MarathiLanguage for smartphone. After the immense success of MarathiCrossword (Marathi Shabd Kode), Zabuza Labs brings you a new wordgame with different gameplay. ८ बाय ११ च्या ग्रीड मध्ये मराठी अक्षर/ मूळाक्षर ठेवले आहेत. खाली शब्दांची एक लिस्ट आहे. ह्या लिस्ट मधलेशब्द त्या ग्रीड मध्ये शोधायचे. असा हा एकदम झकास गेम खास मराठीबांधवांसाठी. Now Marathi Shabd Shodh supports local multiplayer aswell. You can play against your friend on the same device. This isone of its kind game for Marathi people. मराठी शब्द शोध.For MarathiWord game lovers, the game is a sheer treat. In each level you willfind Marathi letters (mulakshar or barakhadi) spread across 8 by 11grid. A list of few specific word is given at the bottom of thepage. All you have to do is find those words in the grid. You haveto drag from the first letter till the last letter of that word.Once you find all Marathi Words, you unlock the next level. Simple,right? The game helps add knowledge to your Shabd Kosh ( shabdkosh).As of now, you get to add almost 2500 words to your shabd koshwhich is a lot!Features - 300 Classic Marathi Levels - 50 ThemeBased Marathi Levels (More coming soon) - Daily Level, yes get onenew level daily. - 2 Player mode - Marathi Word Search is has alocal multiplayer feature as well. You can play against a realplayer and the one who searches most number of words wins!This is aMarathi Game for Marathi People. Marathi Word Search is the firstever dedicated word search game for Marathi language. The game is afull on timepass. Marathi people from all age groups can play thegame. Marathi Shabd Shodh also helps you increase your marathiwords vocabulary in a fun way. The gameplay is so simple that it'salmost addictive. There are lot of English Word Search games outthere, but there is none for Marathi people, so we thought to makeMarathi Word Search. Do download Marathi Word Search game &share the joy with your loved ones!
Fill Dots 1.5 APK
Zabuza Labs
Fill Dots is an experience to experience. It is one of the mostfundamental games for mobile devices. Musical, Rhythmic,Minimalist, Challenging & Fun. Test your reflexes &accuracy in this super casual game. Fill Dots is a challenginggame, if you like Ketchapp type games, you'll like Fill Dots. Onetap gameplay makes Fill Dots very easy to play in any situation andcondition. In an recent update, Fill Dots won a gamesbond awardorganized by Mauj Telecom & received a prize of $3000. FIllDots is an insanely rhythmic dots game. If you love two dots or anydots game, you will enjoy this game. The music of fill dots is justso rhythmic that it makes you feel like playing this game for long.Soon we will be adding more dots a.k.a. levels to this game, staytuned. Fill Dots is baked with love. Show some love by playing andsharing it with more people.
Zabuza Magic 1.2 APK
Zabuza Labs
Always wanted to be the magician? Now with ZABUZA MAGIC app you canfulfill your childhood dream! Perform some really mind freakingmagic tricks actually by using your phone. No need to buy anydevice/material/equipment. You can do all the magic tricks fromyour regular android phone. There are hundreds of so called magicapps when you search for magic on app store however, most of themare informative app. ZABUZA MAGIC uses the phones' specialcapabilities and help you perform actual magic trick using yourphone. This is a set of 7 magic tricks!Here are the details of themagic apps that you can use with ZABUZA MAGIC1. Bulb Magic Trick -Ask your spectator which bulb he wants to light out of three.Perform the magic, and bingo, the third bulb actually gets lighted.2. Card Magic Trick - Ask spectator to take any card in mind, dothe trick & bingo! Do I need to say anything more?3. NumberMagic Trick - Guess the number user has in her mind. 4. CandleMagic Trick - Ask spectator which candle she wants to put off. Thenask her to blow into the mic. Magically, that candle would then beput off. 5. Mind Freak Magic - Ask your spectator to choose fromany of these four shapes (square, triangle, circle & star). Dothe trick, put down the phone. When she picks up with phone shewould see that shape drawn on the device. 6. Bubble Burst Trick - 4bubbles. 1 choice. Clap and that bubble would burst. 7. Balloon FlyTrick - Ask user to select any one balloon, then ask her to blowinto the mic, that balloon would fly away. You can check out thedemo & instruction videos in the app. If you want to start offthe conversation with the girl sitting across the table in a cafe,this is the perfect app to initiate the talk. Showing off any ofthese tricks is probably the best opening lines ever. These arealso great party tricks. You can be the party rocker by dazzlingeveryone with showing off these party tricks. If you are a shyperson, this is a must have for you. Show off these tricks, you'llgain confidence to talk with more and more strangers. If yourfriend is sad, cheer her up by showing these magic tricks. Thereare so many incidences where you can use these tricks, the list isendless. Remember, great magicians do their homework before showingoff their tricks. So be sure to practice first. If you have anyissues/questions, we are just a mail away. Write us atmagic@zabuzalabs.com
Learn Maths for Marathi Kids 1.4 APK
Zabuza Labs
हा गेम मुलांना खेळायला दया आणि त्याची गणिताबद्दलची भीती दूर करा.Asthe name says, Learn Maths for Marathi Kids is the first ever gamemade for Marathi Kids that teaches your kids basic Mathematics. Weall know that Mathematics is one of the toughest subjects outthere. Most of the kids literally fear this subject. Yet,Mathematics is the most important subject that we need for ourcareer & entire life. If the very basic concepts, includingaddition subtraction, are not clear, then it becomes very difficultlater to get a grip on mathematics. So, 'Learn Maths Marathi Kids',is an unique attempt by Zabuza Labs, to help students learnmathematics in better and innovative manner. या गेममध्ये आवाजावरविशेष लक्ष देण्यात आले आहे. या app मधून लहान मुले खालील गोष्टी शिकूशकतील अंक मोजणे लहान व मोठे अंक ओळखणे बेरीज वजाबाकी लांबी मोजणेउंची मोजणे कोन ओळखणे रंग ओळखणे आकार ओळखणे अपूर्णांक अंकांची ओळख Theapp teaches following things to your kid1. Introduction tonumbers2. Finding Smaller & larger numbers3. Basic addition4.Basic subtraction5. Length measurement6. Angle measurement7. Heightmeasurement8. Color finding9. Share finding10. Fraction numbers11.Ascending orderIn most of the sections, the app showcases somebasic problems and the kids have to solve them. The app is fullwith voice audio commands which are recorded specifically for thisapp. They make the game more interesting. Features - Completelyfocused on Marathi Kids - Lot of audio speeches / audio questions -Kid friendly user interface & theme - Up to the markcontentThis is the first ever game made in Marathi which focuses onMathematics teaching. Working on lot of important features thatwill make this game truly marvelous. Stay tuned.