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MX 2018 motorcycle game is the best free racing game thatwilldelight the fans of 3D simulators, performs incrediblejumps,impossible tricks, skidding, climbing and feel the full stemof thehandlebars on your fingers. If you like the speed andmakeincredible maneuvers with your dirt bike makebackflips,helicopters, rulez, scorpions and a series of tricks thatyou cannot miss in this incredible free motocross game feel all thepowerof motocross and get the first one to the finish line, youwillhave to collect gold helmets to earn better rewards. Get onyourbike and show that you are the best rider in this drivingsimulatorwhere you really depend on yourself, accelerate at fullthrottle,do incredible tricks and defeat all your rivals, chooseyour bikeand give gas to your dirk bike. Perform incredible trickslikeSuperman, Cordova or the most spectacular backflip and becomethehero of the fans, get the favor of the jury and win the races,morethan 16 different circuits where you can ride your bike andreachthe glory. Features of the game: - 3d Simulator. -Impressivegraphics. - More than 16 different circuits. - Performacrobaticmaneuvers. - Incredible race and championship mode. -Rider andmotorcycle customization. - Improvements to the bikes. - Iplay forfree. Perform incredible motocross tricks, change themeaning ofthe word impossible, feel all the adrenaline in each jumpand getthe golden helmets to finish the races with more points...Become areal pilot in this driving simulator and reach the final bydoingall the freestyle maneuvers, we propose you in this funfreemotorcycle game. Extreme Moto Racing MX 2018 is a freemotorcyclegame with incredible gameplay and the possibilities forthe userare totally free, ads funded by our partners inside.Contact us:altivasoft@gmail.com

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    Moto Racing MX 2018
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    September 8, 2021
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    C/Marie Curie nº3 Edificio Premier 2 PTA (Málaga) 29590
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