1.2 / November 17, 2017
(4.4/5) (90)


Do you want to experience, the thrill of angry sharks and motorobot in under waters? This game is blend of transform robot bikegames. Quest all the angry sharks and kill them before they hurtdolphins, and eat divers, swimmers in under water. Play as a MotoRobot Angry Shark games in massive sea and kill angry sharks withultimate powers as robot. Welcome to the one of the most popular,dangerous and thrill Angry Shark attack and Moto Robot transformgame in under water. It is a simple, challenging and veryinteresting game. Under water Moto Robot Angry Shark is anaddictive, adventurous and exciting game with stunning 3D graphics,specially designed for people, looking for some real adventure.Playas Super Hero Robot moto and kill angry wild shark. Take control ofa robot moto that can transform and fight against a very angryshark in this action packed adventure game. Moto Robot transformerfight with dangerous sharks and save the dolphins, scuba divers andswimmers. These sharks can attack and destroy your robot moto.Angry Shark is attacking scuba divers, swimmers and you have torescue them by killing sharks.GameplayPlay this great story toaccomplish the missions. Some girls are swimming in under watersuddenly angry shark comes near to these swimmers, you will fightwith shark and saves from the angry shark. Scuba divers dives tothe sea and quest something special, shark is coming to eat themyou quest the divers and save her life from the hungry angry shark.Dolphins are danger from angry shark; you will shoot these angrysharks in under water and kill them before they hurtdolphins.FeaturesTransform animations of robot moto.Ride bike rideunder water.Fight with shark to save people.Ultimate ShootingExperienceSmooth and Easy adaptive Controls Rescue swimmers andscuba diverFabulous 3D graphics are used. Enjoy Moto Robot AngryShark and grow the real experience of the under water. Get readyfor the battle against angry wild shark. This game is totally freeof cost JUST DOWNLOAD! Ride your bike on under water or transforminto robot and fight with angry sharks.

App Information Moto Robot : Angry Shark

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    Moto Robot : Angry Shark
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    November 17, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Feel the rage of Angry Blue Shark Attack to take revenge as BlueHungry Shark from underwater species predator.Here's exciting newgame for ocean and water lovers.Swim as furious shark wreck theships with this monster fish species.Terrorize the ocean world withyour mighty jaws, sharp teeth and rage attack.This angry blue sharkis on rampage! It will attack and destroy whatever gets in way.Playthe Best of its type 3D Blue Hungry Shark Simulator and become aferocious hungry SHARK to kill ruthlessly and endlessly.Show nomercy, Chase your pray, attack and grab it in the might Jaws tokill instantly.This mighty beast is out to eat bulk of sea animals, fishes and lots of human.Become a Brutal Shark and hunt toSurvive.Experience of sea life at its finest.The new angry blueshark game has new shark attacking features.For the first time,youget to be on the evil side in this hungry shark game simulator,become a vicious blood thirsty and giant blue angry SHARKATTACK.You have to Pay more attention because this Shark attack 3dsimulator is not like other ordinary Angry Sea White Shark games.Show your fighting simulator skills in this angry blue sharkevolution game. Enjoy diving and swimming like realistic fish inwater as Angry Blue Shark Revenge sim.Hunt around the world ofKiller Whale, eat some dolphin and lonely scuba divers to clenchyour hunger.Angry Blue Shark Revenge offers you 10 underwatermissions for brutal hunting like great tiger shark.Scare small fishand make them your tasty meal.Try to complete the objectives beforetime runs out. This shark especially enjoys the taste of humans. Gofishing for people and boats and come back with a fullstomach.Complete all exciting missions and earn points in thisshark world!Clear levels by completing the objectives. Your missionmight be to destroy the ship or to kill the fishermen!May be BlueAngry shark is a hungry Shark too!!Play the most action packed gameAngry Shark simulator 3D. Intruders in the sea trying to attackShark home. Attack and defeat them by playing as an Angry Sharkattack.Angry Blue Shark 2016 features :- Breath taking actionpacked hunter missions- Free mode to swim, attack and diving likereal life shark in sea- Destroy boat, eat humans, small fishesfight with killer orca whale.- Realistic fish animation and physicsfor smooth gameplay- Intuitive controls with amazing backgroundmusic- Open water Map with boats and fishes- Beach Map with partypeople for Shark attack 3d simulator- HD underwater sea life withfish, species, whale, treasure and plantsYou may have played otheranimal attack 3d simulator games but this time its huge Hungry BlueAngry Shark.Take down predators before you become the prey.Humanhunters are boating over surface to kill this sea monster withmodern weapons make them scare with your jump attack without anymercy.Big sea animals, aquatic animals including Shark, Orca ,BlueWhale, Dolphin, octopus and Jellyfish.Play as crazy evil carnivorein Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 3D amazing simulation game in yourandroid phone and tablets.
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** Take Control of a Angry Lion 3d and Real tiger cub simulator andrawr in the Jungle ** .Be the Real lion simulator ruler of all theanimals in the jungle run lion by playing epic great game of War ofJungle King Simulator Realistic lion rage game. Hunt out innocentanimals and make them your food.Beware of the huntsman,army Policemen will stop you from hunting animals But you have to chase themand kill them.Live the life of a jungle Cheetah/Lion Kings! Trexsimulator speed raise with realistic simulator to catch preys indeadly hyenas! Unleash the exceptional hunting skills and catchyour preys off guard! Live and survive in the wild life withwildness!Let go of your most primal intuition and show your wildside! In this game, you take control of a new blood furiousLion,Tiger and other hungry animals that pounces and attacks all inits way! Play as Cecil the Lion simulator and show your angertowards animal slaying. Complete different missions includingprotecting lion cubs from the hunters and hunting down and killingpoachers;Try to survive in the wild for as long as you can.Experience the thrill of being an actual Lion or dominate Tiger ashe is the lion king who rules his large forest and when eaglesstrike hunt for prey they just get it. You'll need to maintain yourhealth, hunger, thirst, and energy and Don't let animals escape andshow your prowess and get buff points if you're going to survive inthe wilderness!Be careful even hills have eyes! Play as an enragedMonster on the looseEPIC FIGHTSEnjoy clash of animals. Wield razorsharp claws and a spine-tingling roar and growl to strike fear intothe heart of your foes!Your hunger must be quenchedDeliver thekilling blow through the air, hitting critical touch-based targets,and pouncing on your enemy!Every lion now has health, stats, andrankings providing significantly more immersive gameplay!Gainexperience by defeating dangerous barbarians enemies, scavengingcarcasses, and completing missions! Level up your lions to increasetheir health and attack damage, earn points to upgrade your lion’sstatistics, and increase the size of your pride!Clamp your jawsaround the carcass of larger prey and drag them into a secludedarea to chow down!Rule over an environment and Track your prey downin the vast grassy explore hills of the Stone Oasis!UNLIMITEDUNIQUE SPECIESHunt down animals like zebra, stag, deer, bear, wolf,fox, rhino, gorilla, elephant, horse,lioness, wildebeest cheetahand of course lion!HD NEXT-GEN GRAPHICSFrom the thick mane andpiercing eyes of your lion to the decaying bones of the ElephantBone yard,stray cats , boars everything looks so real you willforget you’re playing a animal simulator game!Download the UltimateLion simulator free which is besst simulator 3d to experience theexciting life of the most dominant predator in the Animal Kingdom,the fierce Lion!Roar and streak run up through the jungles withmountain Lion Attack Simulator 3D.Stalk and launch yourself at theprey around the carcass at boneyard. Show and prove that you arethe king of the jungle! Streak across the wilderness like a mightylion.Angry crazy Lion Game 3D features include:• Automated PowerAttacks for instant kills.• Cool background music• Difficult preyhunting challenges and thrilling levels with exciting revenge andsurvival missions• Realistic Awesome gameplay and lion/tigerattacking animations• Huge territory to explore• Actual thrill ofchasing down animals and wild safari• Amazing beautiful 3D graphicsand jungle environmentSo download this game now and attack with theskill of mighty Jungle's King war!!
Monster Hero City Battle 1.6 APK
Be a Monster Hero in City Battle to fight as legend hero - whatshould you do if your city had been attacked by most dangerouscriminals and mafia? Get ready for the battle against criminals andmafia. You play as a Monster Hero with amazing power skills whereMonster Hero fights and catch the gangsters, drug dealers, mafiaand criminals.Evil terrorist villains have again attacked your citywith a plan of overtaking it. Try yourself in the role of a CityHero in a dynamic simulator. Your big hunk Hero drives the car tochase the criminals and taken to the police station. Monster Herofights against mutant crime in final battle .Protect your city froma sinister and exponential evil.Would you be able to defeat thesesuper villains?Future fight against Super villains ,your MonsterHero has special powers for destruction.Only you will be able toprotect civilians and save the vice city. Use all your fightingskills with fantastic power and strategy. Become a defender of thelaw and defend the common people .Crush and smash everything in itspath and become a Monster Hero of City Battle.Remember, yourenemies are mortal. It is a new Monster Hero game where Champion isthe cause for justice and your future. Monster Hero saves peopleand city .The strange monster mutant superhero legend is known forits strange supernatural super powers and is ready to hit the roadto take down the bad guys. GameplayFollow the story and accomplishall the missions on your way. The more missions completed, the moreenergy you have to fight against gangsters and criminals. Mafiasells drug to innocent citizens with the power of greed and guns,so you will stop unpleasant activity. Different places of the citytown, you will stop the dealing with mafia and gangsters. Driftyour super fast sports car in this fast paced avenger hero gamewith a twist of smashing everyhting. Being last hope of humanityHunk hero legend has always served this metropolis city in the darknights with its mutant powers.Be the real time hero in this finalbattle!FeaturesIntroduce the new action Hero as a Monster Hero inCity Battle.Super fight with various combination of strokes.YourMonster Hero drives the car and catch criminals.Fight against badguys in this amazing action game.Fun and easy control while you areplaying.Exciting missions is waiting for you.This is new episode ofMonster Hero in final battle game. Ride on your iron bat ride totake on the most dangerous villains and monsters .Be a legendarywarrior, a true super hero against gun shooters in Hunk City Hero.Counter the enemy attacks but do not allow the enemy to counteryours or strike back. Finally you will stop all the crimes in city.Play in single game modes, put yourself to the test and see how faryou can go!Become the most courageous and fearless hero! We’llappreciate for your feedback & rating :)UPDATED:-Long JumpFeature added-Monster Hero fight with animals: Gorilla ,lion andtigers-Monster Superhero fight with Spider hero in City-NewEnvironment Jungle added-Monster Hero in Jungle-More Skins forMonster-Smash Helicopters with Super Attack
Wild Hunters Battle 2017 1.6 APK
Be a Wild Hunter and Battle with wild jungle animals is fun whenhunter in jungle as an amateur will endanger his life in trying tokill furious wildebeests like Lion,tiger,cheetah and bear to saveinnocent animals.Animal Hunter is here. If you're looking for asniper game where you need to hunt for all kinds of animals, fromwolves and deer to bears.This game is a brand new real junglehunting games and best sniper gun shooting experience which youmight not been able to get in your real life. Those who cannot risktheir life hunting wild animals can enjoy real hunting regulationsexperience by playing this big game. With a special sniper gunshoot to kill furious wild Africa animals.Lion Clamps his jaws andclaws around the carcass of larger predators preys but you have toshoot African animal before he chow down!.Feel as their perfectsanctuary in jungle hunting animals games. When someone gets intoit they take it as an invader. So the sniper should hold his breath, set scope and be patient to survive.you may have enjoyed Africahunting games , rhino hunting , shoots deer or bears , counterstrike but this is fantastic hero gamesPlan your hunt as if it is asecret assassin mission and you are lush jason statham FPS becausethis is what real hunters do! Wild Hunters Battle offers you theunique game-play that you can hunt wild animals. Wild Hunter 3dlets you hunt the biggest and most dangerous animals in the world.With access to powerful guns you will rely on your marksman skillsto kill wild animals and save animals including Zebras, Horses,Cheetahs games and Elephants in Forest.Moreover,killing and makingpoachers your targets with slow motion effect is mind blowing. Doyou have what it takes to become a hunting legend?Animal Hunter 3dis here. If you're looking for a sniper game where you need to huntwild animals in sahara. Each level gives you a set of animals toassault. Take your rifle. Hunt! Your goal is to kill all animals inyour range. Use sniper view for better precision.The angry lion isalso among us.It’s wild out there with wild safari hunting seasonof wildlife animal world attacks.Realistic 3D graphics and amazingimmersive gameplay are providing a visceral, dramatic experienceand are helping you to travel into the astonishing jungle worldincluding your phone and tablet! Jungle (Forest): place of yourhorror dreams, magnet of your imaginations, your fantasy place ishere. you can achieve here what you can not in your real life, huntin jungle. You have the best Sniper Shooting gun, Enter the jungleshooting for hunt, you have wished and imagined. Those who love tobe a deadly hunter will love to kill Tiger & the wild lion andRescue other animals. Escape into the heart of the wilderness,climb hills, track down animals with hunting apps along the waywith dangerous hunts adventure.FEATURES- An ultimate huntingaction.- Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom- First Person animalShooter with Sniper Shooting- True to life hunting experience withfree hunting games- High fidelity cool Realistic 3D graphics andawesome sound effects- real world weapons with beretta , ak47 ,rifles , knives and grenades- Animals of Africa- Ultimate controland eye catching exotic environments scenes with slow motion bulletfireSelect the Lion,Tiger,Cheeta to target with sniper gun and saveDeer,rhinoceros, Boar , howl , giraffe , Stag ,hyena, Beer, Dearand panther sim 3d from them.Be careful of these bloody beasts asthey are thirsty for blood , and they will get a good meal withyour flesh.Grab your shooting gears,strike and come out in searchof your prey.It’s hunting time! Wild Hunters Battle 2016 and 2015warfare will let you hunt Tiger & lion in the wild jungle onmountain top. It’s time to be a sniper assassin and deer hunting inthis sniper shooting game. The game is filled with action,dominatehunting jungle animals & shooting.
Know your Partner Name 1.3 APK
Are you in search of true love and want dating perfect partner?Analyze and Predict the name of your future Husband or Wife, findyou lucky Partner on Facebook.Test your relationship,seemethodology if the result will be the name of your Partner youalready have .You can compare the outcome analysis and find andsave the name which suits you. This app will reveal your futureusing your name alphabets, your age , the age you will marry andyour zodiac sign .The results are meant as a guide to help youimprove your Future life.Share names byemail,Facebook,twitter,google plus .This app will blew your mindand quickly take you to the name of the Partner and also helps infinding them on Facebook .You can do future prediction, predictfuture, future teller, know your future and predictions for futurepartners name.This is not some horoscope or PsychicReading.Features:-Predict the future Husband or wife's name-newestchance Find partner on Facebook-attractive predictions madeautomatically -Share result using mobile applications-Connect withtwitter,Facebook or google plus.Get ready to find your futurepartner .It will tell you exactly, who will be the husband or wifefor the rest of your life . To Whom you will be married, this appwill not find future baby name or any prank thing. Go ask "Knowyour Future Partners name" what will happen to you!Remember: Thisapplication is just for fun. Do not take its output seriously. Havefun good luck!
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Get Ready for Flying Police Bike Simulator after flying cars withamazing ultimate bike ride adventure an addition to the flying cargames .After Flying Car Simulator 3d now its flying police bikerider in offroad and city environments .Secure the city fromescaped prisoners ,arrest them and complete missions in freestylemountain.Fly around the world travel beautiful landscapes be a realmotorbike driver.Get Set To Ride Your Flying Motorbike At BlazingFast Speed and take a thrilling ride in modern city and off-roadenvironment. Mount your bike, strap up your gear fly as fast as youcan. If you like flying car games, this game is for you. Blazingfast speed with realistic bike physics makes this game a must playfor every bike game lover.Flying Police Bike Simulator is totallydifferent from other bike games and flying car racing games. Inthis game as a policeman you're driving a flying moto bike ratherthan driving in city and shooting criminals. Lock on target, launchfire, bombard and takedown criminals be the legendary super hero ofthe world.An awesome mixture between stunt games and flyinggames.Flying Stunt Bike Simulator 3D does exactly what it promises.You can fly a police bike, perform epic stunt ,the best mixture of2 worlds! A Bike simulator, Stunt Simulator of Flying SimulatorThis is just what we aimed to imagine with this flying game, a gamethat completely thinks out of the box and does everything for youenjoyments!Flying Stunt Bike Simulator ! The best thing is thatthese flying games and stunt games offers you a variety ofmissions, something that other games simply do not do.Don’t doomyourself, aim to win every mission! Flying Police Bike Simulator 3DGame Features :▶ Latest addition to Flying games ! ▶ Simple andsmooth controls!▶ 2 flying moto bikes for you to play!▶ Exploreuncharted grounds with your flying bike ! ▶ If you like the game,please leave a suggestion or rate us!▶ Vibrant 3D Graphics!▶ Crazyaddictive game-play!▶ Incredible flying bikes models▶ No WiFi? NoProblem.▶ Offline PlayWant to Drive Extreme Bike and Fly PoliceBike simulator! This game is for you new addition to flying carracing games ! You can test your air craft pilot skills and bikedriving and riding ability at the same time. Fly your bike aroundthe world discover new landscapes, Drive your Flying Police Bike 3dsimulator, Be the best Bike rider!this game is for all fans of freecar driving games, Simulation games and Airplane Flightgames.Futuristic Flying bike Driving is best for you!Install nowand feel the best off-road Bike flight experience!
Offroad Car Adventure 3D 1.1 APK
Experience most realistic OffRoad Parkingadventure and driving simulation game for off-road 4x4 driving caradventure lovers.Drive real Off-Road Car on challenging hillylandscape deserts roadless terrains and complete Levels to enjoythe real suspension of vehicle .Physical Damage is also applied on4x4 offroad car so you have to drive carefully like real lifedriving to avoid Damage from hurdles and park the car on theaccurate spot.You can use Orbit camera to check each tyre is onaccurate place in this Parking Adventure.Get ready for riding 4x4off road fast racing cars with driver and use your driving skillsto complete parking challenge in roadless environment to be offroadlegend .Park your Offroad 4x4 car without hitting any obstacles!Avoid crashing into barriers! This is quite the challenge.A realistic driving simulator with smooth controls and 4x4physics packs quite a fun ride! Each game level has its ownchallenges of nonstop fun! Drive carefully and avoid colliding withany hurdle.If you want to became a car driver and this isimpossible for some reason for you you have to try thisgame.Incredible mission and optimized truly detailed graphics forevery device.Play Real Offroads Driver Simulator offroad game toexperience reckless 4x4 car driving on rugged terrain.No need fordriving licence or driving school permission to drive offroad hillmountain car racing vehicle.Fire and kickup engine of gigantic vehicles and start endlessparking adventure. Enjoy free ride in the dirt valley with expertdriving in euro offroad car to show pro hill racer skills withhandling offroad racing 3d simulator autos.Difficulty level willincrease in each level so don't be angry just try again.First 3levels can be played even by kids.No more time trial based levelsin extreme 4x4 off road parking adventure.Best high qualitygraphics with smooth controls better than other offroadinggames.Car Off-road Driving Adventure 2016 Features:• Responsive and Intuitive Car Parking Experience• High Quality OffRoad Car with Driver• 10 Desert type challenging missions• 3 different Camera views• Physical Body Damage in offroad simulator 4x4 free• Realistic driving parking adventure experience• Cool Visual And Sound Effects• Install and Play the best off-road driving now!• Spectacular And Challenging 3D Environment For Offroad Parkingchallenge.You’ve played school bus ,Offroad jeep in mud , suvs andoff-road Truck parking and 4x4 racing games in city streets, now asreal driver show mad car parking skills in 4x4 off-road car parkingadventure. Enjoy the most smashing epic offroad driving adventureof 2016, if you love off road driving derby cars and making somedrift. Then this game will take you next level of off road 3D rampstricks. With your precision and accuracy driving become championadvanced driver. Car Driver parking adventure 3D simulation game isbetter than ordinary quad or atvs off road vehicles.Download Realoffroad drifting Driver Simulator 3D adventurous game to enjoychallenging car driving and parking missions across most dangerousmuddy terrains of Stardew Valley.Are your ready for off roadparking adventure drive in hilly roadless environment .FOLLOW US atTwitter @clansgamestudiofacebook.com/clans.Studio
Real Car Police Escape Driving 1.6 APK
Ever wanted to trying escape from police on sports car ? Here's anaddition in City Car Driving Simulator deathly Race Cars Pro games!Imagine the rush and thrill of smashing all those delinquents thatpose a serious threat to the city!Get ready to select your favoritecar and win the police escape stunt challenges of City Car Escapestunt mania driving 3D. In this crazy driving simulator 2016 youcan feel drive of different cars like a muscle car, super sportscar, city car, speed racer and more It’s COP VS CRIMINAL racinggame 2016!Enjoy a realistic car driving experience while goingthrough various weather conditions! Reach your destination safelyas you maneuver carefully through car city traffic! Mostimportantly, you must finish all the challenges and crazy car chasestunts on time!Are your ready to enjoy a realistic car drivingexperience while going through various weather conditions!Sick ofendless schoolbus driving 3d and car racing games with third personperspective? Pro Racing in Car is the best mobile racing game youhave been looking for.Perform stunts in 8,9 and 10th level. RealTraffic City Escape Driving and Parking is a fun, exciting parkingand driving simulator game, Become a furious driver with a fast andspeedy car,escape from police chase , park your car ,use nitro ifyou are getting late, show your super simon suv simulator drivingskills to park your fast car in a limited time. Enjoy sunny days,as well as the rainy spells at night for race driver. Features ofExtreme Car Simulator Driver 3D: •Realistic police car to burn theasphalt of this open world city•Monster criminal Escape Real Sportstunt car simulator•Vibrant 3D suburb city environment•Smooth andsimple controls•Exciting sportcity street driving catchingmissions•Mini car speed game checkpoint mode.•no rules stuntrider•car sound effectsDownload now extreme car driving simulatorescape challenge with furious speedy ride .Nothing can stopyou.Drive as prison driver and BLAZE through city streets atintense speeds! Illegal street racing is perfectly accepted whereyou’re headed! Just drive car city automobile and enjoy theADRENALINE of racing car escape games from the police. With yourextreme car vehicle and enjoy the wild ride of supercar games!youmay have enjoyed snowblower games, offroad bugatti car racing gamesand car parking games but this car racing will let you know who isreal car driver Nothing can slow you down now, unless you burnoutor crash that is!Download now Extreme city car driving simulatorand perform nfs stunts.Try city cars Racing 2016 in Car now to seehow far the mobile racing experience come nowadays.City Car Drivingfree is the most realistic car simulator in Google Play !