1.2 / May 7, 2016
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Lets go hunting with Mountain Deer Hunting2016. This is an amazing and addictive action game to take you toan ultimate adventure in the most realistic environment with trees,grass and snowy mountains. Those who love the hunting game willlove this first person shooter sniper game. All you have to do is,grab your sniper rifle and go hunting the Deer's in jungle. So,lets go hunting in the real jungle wilderness environment. The deermight be unaware of your presence so give your best shot and takeas many Deer's home as you can.

You will see the most amazing winter scenes in the game, soundof weapon, mountains and animals.

First Person Shooting
Efficient Gun Control
3d Graphics
Real Time Jungle Environment
8 game play mission with different tasks

Rotate your gun around with screen swipe
Camera zoom to get accurate shots
Mission based game play to complete all missions
Shooting accuracy and skills

App Information Mountain Deer Hunting 2016

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    Mountain Deer Hunting 2016
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  • Updated
    May 7, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    Urban Play
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
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Mountain Deer Hunting 2016 1.2 APK
Urban Play
Lets go hunting with Mountain Deer Hunting2016. This is an amazing and addictive action game to take you toan ultimate adventure in the most realistic environment with trees,grass and snowy mountains. Those who love the hunting game willlove this first person shooter sniper game. All you have to do is,grab your sniper rifle and go hunting the Deer's in jungle. So,lets go hunting in the real jungle wilderness environment. The deermight be unaware of your presence so give your best shot and takeas many Deer's home as you can.You will see the most amazing winter scenes in the game, soundof weapon, mountains and animals.TOP FEATURESFirst Person ShootingEfficient Gun Control3d GraphicsReal Time Jungle Environment8 game play mission with different tasksHOW TO PLAYRotate your gun around with screen swipeCamera zoom to get accurate shotsMission based game play to complete all missionsShooting accuracy and skills
Counter Zombie Attack 1.2 APK
Urban Play
Welcome to Halloween Edition withzombies.Now in store our new First person shooting game based on Halloweennamed Counter Zombie Attack.In Counter Zombie Attack. Your city is overrun by Zombies.Zombiesare rambling in the street to find preys. Most of the people hasbeen evaded from the city.Hundreds of infected citizens are admitted in hospital. You have tosecure the hospital and patients from Zombies.Be brave to help him rescue.Don’t be hesitating. Take up your shotgun and shoot these devils courageously. .Explosive killing mode of Zombies and attractive plot won’t let youdown!Counter Zombie Attack contains multiple levels, you have to killall the zombies in order to clear the level.Now you can walkthrough post apocalyptic world populated by zombies and discoverdifferent locations.New delicious graphics and visual effects.Smooth aiming and moving.Environment made game morerealistic.The best 3d shooting game of Halloween 2016 FREE!..Counter Zombie Attack a first person shooting game,with scaryenvironment.Where users have critical missions to complete.TOP FEATURESScary EnvironmentFirst Person ShootingEfficient Gun ControlAmazing 3D GraphicsHOW TO PLAYRotate your gun around with screen swipeCamera zoom to get accurate shotsMission based game play to complete all missionsShooting accuracy and skills
Commando Sniper Strike 1.0 APK
Urban Play
Commando Sniper Strike seeks hitsattackerscarrying AK47 in a rural environment. Attackers haveinvaded arural area in the suburbs and want to take control of it.InCommando Sniper Strike the shooter kills enemies by shootingthemusing scope equipped rifle. The attackers carry AK47 rifle andfirethe player commando from three different locations.In Level-1 of Commando Sniper Strike the attackers attack fromthreedifferent locations and fire at the player. The commandoshots themdown to go to the 2nd level.In level-2 of Commando Sniper Strike the attackers come inarmedvehicles and come out of it one-by-one shooting at the player.Thevehicles cannot be destroyed which makes the gamemoredifficult.In level-3 Commando Sniper Strike the attackers come inhelicoptersand come down to ground by parachute. It can still befired by thecommando if it is in parachute.Commando Sniper Strike Features:Excellent Rural Environment for shooting.Attackers carry AK47 Rifle.Player has Scope equipped Rifle to kill enemy.Multiple Difficulty Levels.Radar System and Zooming options.Commando Shooting Gaming Experience.How to Commando Sniper Strike:Use swipe controls to aimUse shoot buttons to fire and zoom.
Offroad Animal Truck Sim 2016 1.2 APK
Urban Play
Offroad Animal Truck Sim 2016The most amazing wild animal transporter is here with newesttransporting challenge.In Offroad Animal Truck Sim 2016 your duty is to load the wildanimals in the truck from Snowy Mountains and shift to the city zoowithin the given time. Get ready to become the successfultransporter, Transport more jungle animals to zoo quickly to unlockthe higher game levels. We have 8 Game levels in this initialversion, all are challenging game plays.Jungle Animals are searching for food & walking towards thecage of the truck and you are ready to capture the animals in thetruck cage. Complete your mission when animals are captured andloaded in the cage you can start driving toward the zoo and animalsare trying to free him from the transporter truck cage. Speed upthe truck and driver truck as an expert driver and shift the animalin minimum time to zoo and unlock the higher levels. Each Gamelevel has time limits to shift the animal try to complete thelevels within the time limit otherwise game will be timed out andyou need to restart the level again.while moving the animals , you must do it in a way that won't causethem any injury or harm. Your duty is to ensure their safe andsound delivery to the city zoo within the given time.You have definitely not played a simulator such as this before.It's your time to display some courage, bravery and responsibilityrequired to operate this heavy trailer loaded with a wild cargo. Ifyou are ready to take on this adventurous job, download thissimulator instantly and enjoy the life of a wild animaltransporter.Offroad Animal Truck Sim 2016 features♥Drive with extreme safety♥Awesome truck driving challenge missions♥Attractive 3D environment♥Realistic animations♥Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting♥Transporting Lion, Elephant, Deer, Bear, Gorilla, Snow Bear, Cow,Zebra♥Thrill of transportation Driving on city roads and Steep Paths
Deer Hunting 2017-Sniper 3D 1.1 APK
Urban Play
After the Great Response of MountainDeerAdventure, Here we are with an Addition to Deer hunting2017-Sniper3D Game.2017 hunting season is open!It’s almost the season of hunting games especially the seasonofdeer hunting nowadays. As a sniper shooter aim the largest andmostsevere animals in the Jungle. This is surprising greatlycausingamusing game that take you to a finest risk in themostnaturalistic surroundings including trees, grass, andsnowymountains. As the season is on! So hunt as many deer as youcan tobecome the ultimate deer hunter. It’s time to observe yourprey inwild with in jungle hunting. Hound deer and other wildanimals inthis sniper shooting game. Snipe your differenthuntingconvenience. Freight them and move yourself to search thedeer andother wild animals for hunting. In this hunting season youwill beable to shoot out the wild animals.The story of this game is all about a hunter who loves hunting andaborn hunter. Deer Hunting 2017 gives you one of the mostaddictiveand adventurous game play experience to become an elitehunter ofcarnivores like lion, crocodile etc. In this huntchallenge we alsooffer deer, Sheep, Hippos, Rhinos, zebra andother wild animals tobe the prey of the shooter. In this adventureyou will experienceCampaign and Hunting Challenges mode.Become a ProHunting of predators like Tigers, wolves and lions are also addedinthis game. The predators will attack back so hunt before gethunted.Aim the head shot to become pro in this game. If you wantto knowthe hunting thrill in jungle then you must play thisgame.Keep your eyes open to find wild animals. Do not waste yourtime;Just Do It. And get your best shot. The beast will run awayafterhearing the fire so be careful and aim the head and don'tallowthem to run into the woods. Try to complete the levels andunlockthe sniper weapons to shoot with ease. Difficulty increaseswiththe increasing levels. Test your sniping skills and havefun.The no1 Deer Hunting game of 2017 is totally freeandcontains No In app purchases. Download it now and becomeasniper hunting legend.Features:-Tough and Challenging Missions, to become a real sniper hunterheroin this 2017 hunting game.- Multiple weapons-Mesmerizing 3D graphics and sound effects-Deer hunting game in snow and desert-Vicious roaring angry lion jumping attacks-Amazing moose running and attacking animations in groups-Watch for the crocs, the sea monsters-Option of taking aim through sniper lens for smart hunting-Intuitive controls-Great Deer Hunting Experience-Special game play for Master hunters.Follow us onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/fiveriversolutions/Disclaimer:This game is just for fun. This game is made for those wholikeanimal hunting but don't want to kill jungle animals. We allshouldcare about rare species of wildlife. We have brought to youthereal forest hunting.
Dinosaur Hunting 2017-Dino 3D 1.0 APK
Urban Play
Try Dinosaur Hunting 2017- T-RexJurassicHunt game of 2017!The most exciting hunting journey starts in Jurassic Era!Survive in an attempt to kill Dinosaurs! Use different guns tohuntthem down one by one. Upgrade and customize your weapons thewayyou want it and become the ultimate Dino hunter inthisadventure!It's a Journey of survival from deadly Dinosaurs inJurassicLandEnjoy the biggest new shooting and hunting Dinosaur Hunt 3Dgame2017. Become a deadly sharp shooter; enter to the dark foresttohunt or kill the huge dinosaurs with test your best sniperskillsand show your real assassination experience. In this modernsnipercompetition you are walking alone in the forest, equippingwithunique killing rifles, aiming at the powerful dinosaur isaroundthe green fresh jungle areas. The deadly dinosaur killersimulationis full gunfire base addicting game and it’s absolutelyfree. ThisWild Dinosaur Shoot Hunter wonderful simulator is herefor yourgreat enjoyment time with Lots of astounding and actionlevels withstylized stunning graphics and realistic thrillingenvironments;you can also feel marvellous affective sound of weaponshooting anddinosaur violent in this Jungle Dino Sniper Waraddictivesimulation.10 high powered weapons of different types are available:pistol,machine guns, sniper rifles, sub machine guns, light machineguns,carbine, shotguns and many more in Store. 4 different typesofhunting series Sniper series, Bonus Series, Rifle SeriesandShotgun Series available in this animal hunting game. Havingachoice of weapons arsenal, your chances of survivalincrease.Keep in the mind dinosaurs are dangerous and attack you and youhaveto kill them as soon as possible may be they will not bekilled withone bullet because of their big size. Eliminate themone by onequietly. You need to complete the task in the givenspecific limitedtime. Kill dinosaur and collect cash to easilyunlock the moremissions and powerful sniper weapons. There aremore than 10dinosaur models and more than 20 hunting challenges inthis actiongame. Multiple weapons to use, multiple dinosaurs toshoot in lotsof hunting challenges. There are a lot of dinosaurmodels likevelociraptor, tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus,Spinosaurus, pterosaursand much more. If you are a real hunterthen go and pick assaultrifle of you choice and starthunting.Features:- Four different Series (Sniper, Rifle, Shotgun, Bonus)- 22 Challenging Missions- Amazing Loading Screen- Store available to equipped recommended guns.- Actual thrill of Dino chases and deadly Dino attack- Amazing graphics and prehistoric environments- Many thrilling levels with different number of dinosaurs.- Cool game play- Attacking Dino missionsNOTE: You can play this game for free and alsoWITHOUTInternet!
Off-road Car Transporter Truck 1.1 APK
Urban Play
Let’s start with the amazing experienceofloading and parking of different cars with heavy duty truckinsidethe Off-road areas. This multi trailer truck car transportgamewill provide you an opportunity to drive dual vehicles and youwillbecome all-rounder in driving the small and largeautomobilesefficiently.It’s time to drive a Multi Truck transporter. This is one ofthebest car transporter game, the Game of all time which beatsallother truck games, Heavy cargo Truck games and BigCargotransporter truck games. In this newest Off-road MultitruckParking simulator you get to drive around with a Moderncartransporter such as a Heavy freight Truck Trailer, a BigOffroadCargo Truck driver also known as Multi Storey carTransporter . Youwill drive this car transport cargo trailer aroundthe city and aHeavy offroad uphill climb track in a 18 wheelergrand truck whichwould be fun to play with.You can drive off-road cargo drive to explore the hillyenvironmentand test your mountain driving skills. You can operatetrailertruck to transport cargo like heavy sports car andbecomeMultistorey transporter truck driver . Your transporter truckmightbe carrying dangerous cargo so you can handle this job withperfectdriving skills. Load up the cars on the transporter trailerandthen drive the truck. One you have arrived at yourdestination,unload the cars, maneuver them and park themproperly.In this Extreme Transporter Delivery truck 2017 simulation gameyouwill test your driving and parking skills. The truckdrivingsimulation is real and addictive and is a lot of fun toplay. Youhave to really careful while parking and maneuvering thehigh valuesports cars in the trailer truck and make sure you loadand unloadthem without a scratch. Happy transporting!18 wheeler or 22 wheeler long trailer truck and lorry ondangerousOff-road roads is not so easy like SUV jeep driving. Truckdriverneed special skills. This is a very challenging truck drivinggame.As you reach on your destination you have to park you truckbyusing your truck driving and parking skills.The game play is very simple and so exciting. To transport thecarsyou have a limited time to drive. So Drive with high speedalongfast moving Sports Car on high and in streets of grandoff-road toreach a destination with a limited time table. Drive thevehiclesfrom the truck parking lot to the other points in the mapand earnsome cash.Features:Drive Cars and Load them into the Heavy Trailer TruckExplore the City & Off-Road EnvironmentModern concepts of transportation and loadingMultiple changing climate and wonderful structureRealistic animation of different automobilesDifferent screen views and thrilling vehicles soundA nice way to explore driving expertiseStunning simulation related to large trucker drive