1.3 / February 2, 2016
(4.1/5) (23)


If history repeats itself, I am so gettingadinosaur.
Dinosaurs may be extinct from the face of the planet, but theyarealive and well in our imaginations.
Hunting is better than being hunted.
If you ever dream to hunt or, even, to see a mountain butstilllagging behind your plan, don't get worried "MountainDinoShooting" is here. Dino have great fun to play and preythem.
3rd artwork on Dino make it Real and Natural Environment makeitinteresting.

** 3-D Art work
** Natural environment
** High GUI
** Perfect Sound quality
** 8 Level
Best of Luck for Hunting

App Information Mountain Dino Shooting

  • App Name
    Mountain Dino Shooting
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    February 2, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Beta Games Studio
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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    Email [email protected]
    [email protected]
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Police Chase Hero 1.3 APK
This is driving simulation game for you.Through this game you chase the criminal. This game has amazing 3denvironment. Have good control of cars. Easy to handle car .Features:* 3d graphics.* Easy in controls.* Best sound used.
Wood Cargo Hill Climb Truck 3D 1.0 APK
Driving on hills, mountains, and steep pathsisnot an easy task.Show your skills as the extreme pro trucker to driveheavydutytransporter truck carrying cargo, luggage, logsandcontainers.Be careful on dangerous twists and turns and delivercargosafely.Drive the ultimate off-road hill climber wood cargo hillclimbtrucks 3d.Drive through the mountains and hills with high speed.Land sliding could block your path anytime.Extreme weather conditions with rainfalls and lighting couldmakeyour drive even more difficult.wood cargo hill climb trucks 3d is the ultimate driving duty tasktotransport cargo through the rugged terrains, mountainsandhills.wood cargo hill climb trucks 3d is an awesome concept foreveryoneto play.Your transport truck might be carrying relief cargo sodrivecarefully.Paths are difficult to drive on, but not only planes are usedforcargo transport, you can handle this job with your cargotransporttruck too.Attach the trailer with your heavy truck and drivethroughhills.Make your smooth and careful driving, don’t let your luggagefalldown. It will kill your chance to win.STAY AWAKE;These mountains have very dangerous roads with sharp andnarrowturns.So drive carefully or you can end up in very big trouble.HOW TO PLAY:- Tap throttle to accelerate.- Tap brake to slowdown/stop and go reverse.- Drive with precision and accuracy like a pro- Steering is on the left bottom side of the screenFEATURES• Real Experience of Driving Cargo Truck• Realistic physics and control of trucks• Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting• Amazing 3D Graphics• Transporting Logs, Wooden Boxes, Cars and More• Thrill of Driving on Hills, Mountains and Steep Paths• Effective sound effects• Very smooth and addictive game play• Realistic hilly area view• Excellent Traffic and its AI• 20+ levels.• 9+ different environment.Rate us and make review for our brilliant work.follow us on facebook for more updates and feedback( https://www.facebook.com/Betagamesstudio/?ref=hl )
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Royal Archery Crossbow Master is a best top game in which physicsanimation used this game is very detailed and accurate aboutshooting on the aim or target.The gameplay is to shoot a Targetboard with bow and arrow and make a great high score.Targetshooting champion with a bow and arrow using physics andskills.This bear archery top archery is hard crossbow archery withcrossbow champion and throw toothpick crossbow bloody archerymaster archery alternative king 2018 and like a royal game crossbow3d designed top best extreme archery 2017.This is world champion öcrossbow shooting games top crossbow in archery rage of longbow tohit the target game.Bowling nation game studio arch extreme archerbest king top archery extreme level archery games arco like minitop best clip games archer game like bow games.Everyone can playJust we have to aim and shoot.Variety of tools are available andcreate your own archery equipment and precise control and realisticgraphics will make you feel like you are playing a real game.RoyalArchery Crossbow Master is the best top-level archery game it isthe art or skill of arrows using archer legend crossbow.You willbecome an archer or bowman by practicing archery game.Awesomecontrols and realistic 3d graphics will make you feel like anarcher man.In competitive games skill games as arrow bow huntingbow hunting games bowling top king 5-star games as bow master in ahayden archery master extreme game.Archery master 3d con archerytop archery games extreme arrow game arch amazing shoot arrow andarchery game of hame in a bow and arrow games.Bow shooting yay bowgames archery king actually archer games in archive top targetshooting games top level amazing game hay arrow matrix bow targetshooting challenge bow master archery bow. It is the only source tobecome the king such as old classic tribal tradition clashes whereskill is more powerful than manpower and you will learn the waysthat how archers were responsible for peace.Royal Archery CrossbowMaster in this top game you have to do is to aim the target, take abreath, shoot with an arrow and hit the target. When your arrow hitthe center of the target you get 50 scores and its good shot.Insome levels, targets have moved. Grab the arrow get ready for shotthe challenging game and become the master of this 3d archerygame.Test your skill by playing 3d royal archery shooter andtraining game. Royal archery crossbow master super amazing archergames, archery is hard bow shooting ö actually bloody archeryshooting top level archery game archery range arco tower archeryстрельба из лука игра archery is hard archery games best toptrending amazing super bow and arrow games.Great realistic soundseffects of bow sound, wind sound of an arrow and hitting targetsound.This game is specially designed for those who enjoy huntingsports, archery hunting, and hunting hobbies.This is a bow andarrow game.Royal Archery Crossbow Master is the hottest and mostrealistic archery simulation game for you ree archery game withtournament mode.It is one of best archery games ever now the bow isan archery shooting game that can bring you to the world of thisamazing modern sports games.All you have to do is pull with yourhands, aim and let go the arrow to the aim of the target, this is asimple and addictive game helps increase the concentration. Thereare a variety of levels with different features and shootingchallenges. Multiple Levels of the play matches discover thecompetitive archery secrets like an Fps shooting game hasinnovative and unique features.
Truck Parking Legends 1.1 APK
**game idea**What a nice idea to drive a real truck in the cabin oftruck and enjoying each movement on the highway without any trafficintruding the drive to maximize the fun. Ultimate truck challengedriving/parking now begins with the click on screen. Pak cargo withrealistic truck on highway with load inside to give you realdriving and parking experience. Not bragging about features someare described below.**camera views**Game continues and you canenjoy different camera view of road and drive with ease and get tothe destination and deliver the cargo on its parking palace.Delivery cargo truck maybe is not in the right camera view of yourchoice and you are not able to drive and park properly so you canchange the camera view for your ease and at the end achieve highend results in the game play.**truck**We have tried to provide youwith best truck model available to us and we have given you nicerealistic physics control to make results more feasible andprovided you with different truck in each environment as perrequirement of the season in the scene. you can use this ultimateparking truck. You enjoy the experience off-road big wheel truckparking.**environment**Kid and parent are very sensitive toenvironment some want to play in snow but some not and short to sayevery one want to play truck cargo parking in his or her desiredseason with specific condition but we have provided you threedifferent weather with different vehicle on board. These heavyvehicle have properties of their own and are not like other gamesas you have played before. Every drive has a purpose and this drivehas purpose to amuse you. Truck parking legends help you learningtraffic driving and parking to become old school drivingmaster.**sound**Realistic physics and realistic sound effectprovided inside the game are really entertaining and will keep youbusy and entertained with hand free in your head moving on the roador standing on subway in wait of your real school bus simulator.Truck simulator drive on off-road extreme mountain cargo withhighly steep path with objective drive is ready for you to getduty.**duty**Be a responsible driver and carefully drive on thetwist of road like a pro heavy transport driver in real hill climb.You should carefully drive the truck for parking in its rightpalace and avoid to clash with stones. Rugged terrain may give yousome hard time but you have to be prepared for land sliding androad block without dropping your luggage being transported for therelief of people your job is to reach at required point carefullysteering your smooth drive with brake and be the road king. Eachachievement of goal will open a new exciting level think it likeyour job and drive American version of euro truck on Pak motorwayacross different cities. We guarantee you will not be tired or feelfatigue by driving this amazing game with madness until your mobilebattery die out without getting any damage to truck. Interior viewand sky view both are provided and unlimited fuel make this gameaddictive and you will be an amazing trucker driving bump over roadand avoid accident with hydraulic brakes.**characteristics**• Nicesound effect• Continuous supply of fuel so you can carry on tillthe end of battery• Best cargo simulation truck parking game instore• No need to pay real money it is free for kids and all agesin all over the world• 3 different amazing game play• Every gameplay have 11 Different challenging levels for parking• 22 wheelerand other large trucks• Customize camera view according to yourneed • Game screen adjust to all device types and all resolutiondevices to give extra ordinary result• Hand break used for drifting• Steering wheel to control the truck disclaimer game includes adsfor meeting the expanses of team and we appreciate your positivereviews and rating and value your contribution in making this gamegreat. Write us in the mail
Patient Rescue Ambulance 1.2 APK
Hello Driver!Let’s be real. You never would think driving an ambulance is a gameright?But what if it’s rewarding – in terms of saving lives? Thattooletting you go through traffic like a badass. Call it racing, callitrush games, call it ambulance driving or ambulance racing, PatientRescueAmbulance will give you out of this world 3D depthanimations with excellent controls to make things happen.Achievemissions, pass hospitals, deliver patients, while feeling goodracinglike a speedster.What Game Have !Game is equipped with a beatifull city you will love it.Game is full of beautiful buildings .Game is just perfect for Ambulance simulation.Game having opponenet cars will rock your GameStages !Be a kikass driver and go through multiple stages of lifesavingLevel 1:Nice and Easy Level save the civilians by reaching to hospital intime..keep in Mind that TIME IS LIMITED ...Don't get collided with opponenet cars and other traffic and letyour patient LIVE.Level 2 :Smooth traffic is additional feature of that level.Level 3 :what a level u have reached..Challanging.. Rocking.. Amazing :)NOTE : Find the Hospital by Keeping an Eye on Map..Good Luck