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Download Now For Free Mountain Sniper : Killer Gun FPS ShootingGame 3D is the best shooting where the user needs to take part inMilitary Combats and Warfare. Trap the army in an Ambush, pick themas a hostage and try to get useful information from them. The userhas to perform as a professional City Sniper Shooter or ContractKiller, these mission need extra care and delicacy as most of thesemission feature war against terrorist and mobsters. The game offersthe most challenging missions where user skill will be tested tothe extreme. Protect the country from invaders and use the bestshooting skills as a Frontier Sniper. The user needs to serve thearmy as a Sniper Assassin Commando so user must have advance sniperrifles. Serve the secret intelligence agency and become aprofessional Hitman. Some missions also involves extreme weatherconditions where user needs to invade military bases and hit thetarget from Mountain like a Mountain Sniper.Hit the military convoyTake down military logistics and settlements like: 🔫 Gunships.🔫Trucks.🔫 Military Van.🔫 Naval Carrier.🔫 Ships.🔫 Jeeps.🔫 Aircrafts.🔫Helicopters and various other military settlements.Become theleading Frontline Sniper and lead the army in intense Battlefield.Assist the Police Force in the secret Surveillance Mission anddon’t let any Criminal, Mobster & Gangster Escape. The HostageRescue Mission features the invasion of military bases as the userneeds to invade military bases in dessert and hit the guards like aDessert Sniper. Take part in Desert Strike as a Desert Sniper andremove the guards of the base. The missions of the game aredesigned according to World War 1 and World War 2 as the gameproceeds the mission become more extreme and intense. Keep yourbreath, lock the enemy, aim, shoot, kill the crazy enemies. In alimited time, the rational use of your limited ammunition, aimed atdistant enemies, kill them.The user will be provided with advanceweapons like: 🔫 Sniper Rifles.🔫 Guns.🔫 Pistols.🔫 Armor.🔫Machineguns.🔫 Missile Launcher.🔫 Rocket Launcher.🔫 Ammo Bag.🔫Medical Kit.🔫 Bombs.🔫 Detonators.🔫 Grenade.🔫 Flame Thrower.🔫 PoisonGas.Here are few amazing features:⚔️Ultra RealisticGameplay.⚔️War Based Sound Effects.⚔️Military CombatVisual Effects.⚔️Various Animations like bulletanimations.⚔️Commands Warfare and Modern GuerillaWarfare.⚔️Gain the points to become a known contactkiller.⚔️Highly efficient and intelligent gamebots.⚔️Realistic gameplay.⚔️World War 1 and World War 2Story Lines.⚔️Join the military companies like Alpha, Bravoand Charlie.⚔️Take the control of military basecamps.⚔️Sniper Rifles that have been featured in the gameare:🔫 Dragunov SVU.🔫 Dragunov sniper rifle.🔫 M21 Sniper WeaponSystem.🔫 M14 rifle.🔫 M24 Sniper Weapon System.🔫 M39 EnhancedMarksman Rifle.🔫 M40 rifle.🔫 PSG1. 🔫 AS50. 🔫 Dragunov SVD

App Information Mountain Sniper : Killer Gun FPS Shooting Game 3D

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    Mountain Sniper : Killer Gun FPS Shooting Game 3D
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    May 28, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    MilkyWay Games Studio
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Moto Speed : Traffic Racer Highway Bike Riding 3D is an exclusivebike racing game as the user will ride the bike on multiple famousroads of the city. The bikes that have been featured in the gameare from world famous brands as the user would explore these bikesas soon as user will earn cash and buy these bike. The gamefeatures multiple races where user can show his/her skills usingbike maneuvers and multiple drag racing and drift racing techniquesto gain the ultimate chance of winning these races. The race thatuser would be competing are illegal street race, track race,underground race, stunt race, track race and lap race. The userneeds to avoid crashing with vehicles like Trucks, Vans, Buses, Carand Bikes the roads are both one way and two way traffic roads. Thegame features best ever instrument cluster with detailed, thehandlebars of the bike really help the user to have the best bikecontrols. The game provides best racing experience and amazingphysics. Unlock new tracks, buy new bikes or modify bikes byearning in game cash and scoring more.The game gives the pleasureof passing cars closely, and making stunts with your motorcycle byincreasing speed for getting scores. Be careful with yourmaneuvering though, crashing into cars will hurt. Race throughtraffic and achieve the best score possible. Become a furious mototraffic rider and start racing now. Drive past cars and trucks atblazingly fast speeds on your motorcycle. Dodge traffic, increaseyour speed and score in this fast, real racing challenge. Test yourbike race skills and prove that you are the most fast, intense andcompetitive traffic rider. Amazing control of a variety real roadtrack and rival competition, while enjoying the realisticmotorcycle physics. Fill up your nitro power by speeding andovertaking other heavy cars and then use it to reach maximum highspeed. Be the best driver, use best racing tactics, weapons andultimate motorcycle racing adventure. Jump into a sports car, sportbike games, Motorcycle stunts and speeding on a highway. Followingare some amazing features of the game:🏍️ High Definition (HD)Display.🏍️ Realistic HD graphics.🏍️ Vast range of racingMotorbike.🏍️ Garage to maintain Motorbike.🏍️ Three controlschemes.🏍️ Turbo Boost and nitro boost.🏍️ Nitrous tank to reachsupersonic speed.🏍️ Specialized London and Tokyo Drag race.🏍️ Maddrift racing.🏍️ Multiplayer option.🏍️ Cinematic cut scenes.🏍️Variety of high definition animation.🏍️ More than super-fastvintage bike and modern bikes.🏍️ Motorbike upgrade and engineupgrade.🏍️ Reach levels and unlock multiple items with in thegame.🏍️ Highly simulated physics engine.🏍️ Weather engine to createspecialized weather effects.🏍️ Buy new Bikes and upgrade Bikes withmodifications.🏍️ Customization option where user can apply variousmodifications
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Download Now For FreeMountain Bike MTB Rider BMX Uphill Stunts Race3D is amazing quad stunts bicycle racing game as the user will getthe chance to ride bicycle on challenging mountain tracks withbumpy roads. The bicycle ride on bumpy roads become very difficultwhen the user has to go downhill because bicycle may get too muchmomentum and it will be very difficult for the rider to control thebicycle. The user can perform daredevil stunts on these tracks andhave the best bicycle riding simulation controls to explore thelimits. The user can ride various bicycle that are dedicated toride on the uphill tracks, impossible tracks and offroad tracks.The user has to race on the city roads as well where user canreally touch the speed limits. User can become the part of worldtour de racing where bicycle rider will compete with other bicycleriders in the world tour where user will travel through continentsand supposed to get lead day by day. 🚵 SIT DOWN WHEELIE🚵 STAND UPWHEELIE🚵 REAR PEG WHEELIE.🚵 10 O CLOCK WHEELIE.🚵 12 O CLOCK.🚵 NACNAC 🚵 CAN CAN 🚵 NOSE GRAB.🚵 FENDER GRAB.🚵 ONE HANDED WHEELIE.Rideyour Bike on dangerous hilly roads and treacherous terrains.Offroad Bike Racing is fun, challenging and will test your patiencefor sure. Racing bike in Ups and downs in mountain hills is notless than any danger. BMX sky bicycle highway racing is somehoweasy but in the mountain downhill. Do manuals, slides, flip tricks,grabs, and all the other tricks you can imagine, and line themtogether for insane combos? Boost your skills by riding the offroadbicycle in uphill offroad tracks. Use your offroad riding skillswhich are necessary in cycling game and be the real legend ofuphill bicycle rider game. BMX bicycling is the best point tomaintain your physical fitness. If you love BMX cycling games thenthis extreme stunt game is best for you with unlimited racingadventures.Following are some amazing features:🚵 Realisticgraphics.🚵 Amazing gyroscopic controls to ride.🚵 SpecializedHandlebars.🚵 Various Bicycles to ride.🚵 Amazing sound effects(SFX).🚵 Dynamic racing challenging levels.🚵 Various innovative 3Dcamera view.🚵 Ride on the dirt surface ramp.🚵 Easy to ride and easyto handle.🚵 Smooth control with efficient response.🚵 Efficientprocessing with maximum Frames per second.🚵 Realistic 3D cameraangles.🚵 Various visual effects (VFX).🚵 Big training track toimprove your drifting and racing skills.🚵 Full real HUD includingrevs, gear and speed.
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Download Now For FreeCity Bus Transport: Modern Coach DrivingSimulator is the best passenger transport service, the game iscomplete and most realistic driving simulation. The user will drivethe bus in the city and pick passengers from various locations inthe city, the user will drive the bus all over the town and pickpassengers and drop them to their destination and earn cash. Theuser has to earn a certain amount of cash to unlock other citiesall around the globe. Drive the bus in famous metropolis cities,the user will have the real advantage of driving the city coach inurban environment. In Bus controls provides the most realisticcontrols like steering pedal, Brake Pedal and Gear Transmission.The bus is designed to be not only driven in city but offroadtracks. User can drive this modern buss to hills and mountaintracks where roads are curvy, driver needs to be attentive on sharpturns as the roads are bumpy. The user will have to look for thefuel gauge and if the fuel is about to get finished, refill it fromnearest fuel station and hit the road again.Drive the Bus in bigcity streets 3D environment on asphalt extreme driving transportmetro buses with stunning HD graphics. In this beautiful andawesome environment you will find gas station, petrol pump andservice station. Dust off the furious city highways and whizzthrough the city traffic rush like a pro stunt master. In thiscoach driving game, you have to provide the best pick and dropservice. Travel through the hills with chained cars and dangerouspaths to reach the destination and also show your coach bus drivingand chained bus driving skills. Drive new bus and earn points inOffroad Bus and collect money by pick and drop passengers &unlock other Buses and coaches. Travel through the hills chainedclimb and sharp turns to reach the destination and also show yourasphalt urban public bus driving rivals. In this real bus parkinggame, environment has very outstanding all parking games feature init which has a crazy bus driver needs to have. Now you can expandyour super bus driver experience. Following are some amazingfeatures: 🚍 Multiple Control for easy gameplay.🚍 RealisticAnimation and Guidelines.🚍 Shader Effect to make texture look evenbetter.🚍 Highway and Hill City Environment.🚍 Craziest bus rushthrills of becoming a northern tourist.🚍 Amazing Physics writtenfor bus drive.🚍 Off-Road Bus Simulator Game daredevils.🚍 Dynamic 3Dcamera angles.🚍 360 camera view.🚍 Absolutely free to to download.🚍Realistic Pedestrians, Beach Environment and passengers.🚍 FamousIslands around the globe.🚍 Hill Climber New Off-Road Coach BusSimulator.🚍 Best soundtrack with amazing Sound Effects (SFX).🚍Amazing Visual Effects (VFX).🚍 Weather engine to create multipleclimate conditions.
In Truck Driving : City Highway Cargo Racing Games 1.1 APK
In Truck Driving : City Highway Cargo Racing Games is a city truckracing game where user will drive Big American Cargo Truck withvarious modifications as the user will have to compete with citycars and other trucks as the user will unleash the truck tounlimited speed as the user will take the truck to its ultimatelimits. Drift through streets of the city and be the first to reachthe finish line, if cops try to pull you over destroy their car incop smash mode. Get the realistic environment of the truck frominside as the user will have to get inside truck cockpit withamazing dash. The truck game features various cargo delivery itemsand transport delivery game. The user will drive the truck onoffroad tracks where user will drive the Euro Truck on ruggedterrains, treacherous roads and bump tracks. The game features bothfree ride and levels mode as the user will score more and unlockitems. While driving downhill the truck be careful as the user willhave to keep the balance of truck at sharp turns. The game hasvarious trucks to drive, with amazing engine and brilliantsuspension. The user will drive the truck on mountain tracks as theroads are narrow, the driving of truck on slippery roads and snowcovered tracks is not easy.This fast racing game is a driving testof your rush traffic racing skills. This city traffic racing testsharpen your real truck racing and carx drifting skills. The truckracing game can be played under three unique themes: forest, snow,and on desert. You will find different game levels: you need tounlock the levels by clearing them one after another. Engagingcargo services providing hurdles develops more driving craze whileplaying. If you are fond of driving games and keen to drive heavytrucks on bumpy roads. Become truck driver, hold the steering of acargo truck and enjoy most realistic cockpit driving game. Transferlots of cargo items from one place to the destination. Driving onhills, mountains and steep paths is a real driving challenge inoff-road cargo truck driver simulator.Following are some amazingfeatures:🚚 Realistic Graphics in this Pickup Truck game.🚚 Best eversound track with multiple sound effects (SFX).🚚 Variety of VisualEffects (VFX).🚚 Variety of animations and multiple guidelines.🚚Instrument cluster with speedometer.🚚 High Definition (HD)Display.🚚 Offroad tracks to drive.🚚 Accurate Cargo Truck DrivingSimulation.🚚 Amazing Physics behind Cargo Truck drive.🚚 Best everlighting during the gameplay.🚚 Free to Download.🚚 Multiple TrucksHill Climb Challenges.🚚 Best ever Trucks and Cars to compete with.