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Mountain Sniper : Special Ops Frontline Shooter 3D is thebestsniper game of this year. Locate terrorists and strike themwithyour sniper gun and complete deadly special ops of sniperfpsshooting. In this game user will become a part Special Forcestoperform operation for his/her enemy. This modern Sniper 3dshootingis an action adventure, first person shooter that hasbeendeveloped for the fans. The user is the best sniper soldier intheenemy ranks so the user must the lead the force intobattlefield.The main task of user is to hit targets from distanceand takeprecise shot at target. The player can enjoy differentmissions inthe multiple tricky terrains with some impressiveweaponry in thisFPS sniper shooter 3d game. The user will have tomake sure thatoffensive campaign remains successful, the user hasto eliminatethe guards deployed at the bases. This shooting gamehas mountainsdangerous environment. Get ready yourself to fight awar withenemies in this sniper game. The user will hit those guardswhichwill allow his force to enter into the enemy militaryestablishmentand take charge of their military base. Take charge toprotect yourbase and rescue the civilian lands. Ride in your SkyCopter and hittargets to finish this reign of terror. The user isalso supposedto destroy enemy’s military settlements and captureall ammunition.Once you start shooting, the enemy will know yourpresence, theywill start the search for you everywhere and willattack you. Thisis a fight for survival so don’t let yourcountrymen down and fightlike a real assassin solider. You can usethe sniper rifle zoomlens, adjust the amplification factor by theright side of theslider. Disguise as camouflage and get into theenemy defense linesand breach the base to take charge of theirterritory. Hold yourbreath & Pull the sniper trigger in thisreal-life 3D graphicsand sounds environment, the game gives anexhilarating experience.Use long range sniper rifle in the processand make sure you hitthe target with absolute precision. As acovert special opssoldier, you need to carefully scout eachlocation, unravel theintricately woven level design, and thenstrike with impeccabletiming. The user will have to travel todesert for a shooting rangeas the user will become the real desertsniper to hunt the enemiesdown. Hold your breath, lock the enemy,aim, pull the trigger, andkill insane enemies at Snow Mountain,Desert, Forest and Ruralareas.

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    Mountain Sniper : Special Ops Frontline Shooter 3D
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    May 10, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Fun Free Games 3D
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Sniper Hunter : Elite War FPS Shooting Assassin 3D is anexclusively designed first person shooting game where user skill ofshooting will be tested to the extreme as the user will join thearmy force as a Frontline Elite Commando. The user will indulged invarious invasion missions as the user will attack the enemymilitary bases all over the map. The game features various missionswhich user is supposed to perform in this game, the user will haveadvanced weapons in this game. The user will join Special Forcesand perform Sniper Assassin and Contract Killer Mission toassassinate important figures in enemy country to create chaos inenemy lines and lower down their morale. Take higher position onthe buildings of the city like a City Sniper. The user will explorevarious scenarios in this shooting spree. The user will travel tothe bases in Mountains as the user takes the role of MountainSniper and tries to eliminate the guards so his force gets in thebase and exploit the enemy by taking control over their logistics.The user also have to travel to the deserts of Middle East whereuser will become Desert Sniper and perform various mission. Becomethe Frontier Sniper and defend the borders and let no one enteryour land. Trained as a Special Forces soldier you will navigatesecret missions across the globe, eliminating hostile forces thatstand in the way of a peaceful world. Arm yourself with deadlysniper weapons, machine guns and the latest military gear tocomplete covert missions deep inside enemy territory. As an elitekiller frontline Military Commando trained with both Sniping andcombat skills, eliminate enemies and finish the job. Completebreach missions to enter occupied buildings and clear them of anythreat. Survive a full on enemy attack in multiplayer assaultmissions and outshoot your opponent. Precise shooting will makethis sniper game in city a thrilling. Create your own legacy as thebest sniper shooter in the FPS army shooter game. Take your extremesniper expert shooting and be the part of this city armysharpshooter operation mission.Let us explore features of thegame:• Full HD display.• Intuitive design.• Easy to play, easy tocontrol.• Smooth and authentic controls.• Dynamic Camera angles.•1st and 3rd person camera mode.• Intense battles with greatfirearms.• Ambush and assassination mission.• World famousbattlefields maps.• Artificially intelligent bots to create amazinguser experience.• Reality based storylines and cut scenes.• 3Dcamera view.• Responsive weather engine to create climatecondition.• Accurate physics engine.• Detailed Controls.• RealisticSound effects (SFX).• Multiple Visual effects (VFX).
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BMX Water Bicycle : Beach Rider Simulator Game 3D is thebestbicycle stunts game. The user gets the most realisticexperience ofbicycle stunt riding in water. This bicycle drivingadventure oncity town beach where you transform your bi-cycle intofloating jetsky boats. The game is exclusively designed forthe user tohave both beach and water bicycle riding experience.This ultimatebeach surfing game is best for real water boat loverswho got someamazing boat driving stunts on water simulation. Inwater race userhas to pass through multiple checkpoints. If theuser misses any ofthe checkpoint the race would not be consideredas complete. Underwater 3d games give you the desiredsensation of ridingthe amazing and modern BMX underwater bicyclelike real lifeexperience. Jump of the raised platforms andstunts ramps asthe user takes the risk of take daredevil jumps ofthese platforms.The game has multiple levels and have the smoothride, the game hasadvanced features of various camera angles withmultiple cameraviews. Learn the tricks, enjoy and complete allchallenges. This isnot it; the best thing is yet to come. Usemountain bicycle MTB andmodify the bicycle into water bicycle, usethe gyroscopic controlsand advanced handlebars to have amazing quadstunts experience.Enjoy this powerboat bicycle game and this gamewill give youbetter enjoyments in all cycling games and boat games.Haveyourself various bicycles like trail bicycle, BMX bicycle,QuadBicycle, Off road Bicycle and Mountain Bicycle. Ridecarefully on mega ramp because angry huge shark mightattack you onbicycle racing tracks. Drive around the beaches of thefamouscoastal cities all over the world and experience whitesandbeaches. Enjoy the extreme water slide by making it a trackforyour bicycle riding which is specially set for thissummerseason. The user can explore famous coastal cities andbeachenvironments as the user will explore ride the mountainbicycle.BMX cycling adventure is best racing game of a waterbicycle isbased on the underwater BMX racing but the concept ofthis game isbased on underwater driving.  Do the midair flips,jumps,tricks and maneuvers, with super-fast speed. Enjoy theefficientprocessing of the game without any lag in the gameplay.Drive yourwater surfer bike through the sea water as well as sandybeachtrack and also enjoy the beach water surfer bicycleracingadventure.
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Police Car 3D : Crime Chase Cop Driving Simulator is the bestcardriving game. The user will become a police officer anddrivehis/her car in the city and look for any criminal activity.Theuser will drive the police vehicle and perform the duty ofthepoliceman who will chase the escaping criminal. The user willdrivethe car and try to arrest the bank robbers, criminals andgangster.Make your city crime free and make it a peaceful city. Theuserwill have the best police cars and SUVs in the city. The gamehasadvanced levels and multiple environments as the user willdrivethis car in highway, streets and roads. Enjoy the free ride inthecity, and experience the fast driving. The user will have thebestcars and in car controls, realistic dash and instrumentcluster.The criminals are smart creatures and they try maneuverthrough thestreets and go through narrow streets. The user has toset a trapand make sure that never able to get out of the premises.Turn onthe police lights and siren, patrol all over the city andmake thisa crime fee.Become a police driver, drive with traffic andget thehelicopter backup to help you chase your enemies. It ispossible tostrictly penalize offenders who fail to comply withtraffic rules,so at the next inspection your work will be evaluatedby theauthorities and your status will be improved. Makeup yourmind tobust down the criminal scene, face it as a city hero andscold theescaping crime hot thrash car. Show the gangsters,bandits, mafiamembers and other outlaws that the punishing handknows no mercy.Have a furious drive on Andrea’s city streets withchasing,smashing and car stunts. Relive the rivalry between copsandrobbers. Drive, boost, drift, roll, jump, and crash your policecarin our all new extreme police driver's paradise. Police copsofpolice car racing are waiting for you to join hand to handandbecome a functional officer of police officer games. Followingaresome amazing features of the game:• High Quality graphicsandgameplay.• Smooth and Easy Controls.• Realistic Cop CarDrivingExperience with amazing physics.• Looks and Performancebasedmodifications.• Dynamic Camera Angles in the game withmultiplecamera views.• Advanced Visual Effects with true to lifesoundeffects.• Realistic city with complete infrastructure of amoderncity.• High level intensity criminal chase with cop smashmode.•Drift all over the city and make sure nothing comes in yourway.•Chase criminal Cars in narrow streets and roads.• Enjoy thequalityof game with high rate of frames per second.• Highlyoptimizedgameplay without any lagging.
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Monster Truck 3D : City Highway Drift Racing Game is the bestracinggame. The user will compete most famous and fastest cars asthe userwill compete with other famous drivers. The Racing fun isabout tobegin. Be a King of race and feel the spirit of realracing in thisracing monster game. You will love this MonsterTruck simulationgame. The user will be provided with apowerful 4x4 MMX MonsterTruck to compete with fastest cars allover the world.  You canclimb the hill by going off road andtake shortcuts through thehighway hidden track to reach thedestiny. The user has variousoptions to drive the monstertruck. You may have already played thedifferent racing monstertruck games, but this time you areexploiting for the realistic offroad racing simulation. This is aworld car rally race which meansthe competitors would be drivingthe car in multiple continents. In this racing game, drive bigfoot monster truck on mudterrain tracks and overtake opponent’struckers in real high speedadventurous spirit. Drive themonster truck on world famoustracks, pick nitro boosters and turboboosters in the drive way andunleash the speed to extreme. Exploreuncharted territory withrugged terrain and bumpy paths. Drive 4x4trucks reckless to blankout your opponents and focus on the finishline. The user mighthave the real challenge when other cars wouldtry to surpass themonster so be ready for this challenge and slidethese cars of thetracks. Perform street racing missions inhigh-quality backgroundenvironment and fool the police cars afterbreaking signals on cityhighways.  The user has the option tomodify the truck orchange it if user wishes to do it. Try thedriving across offroadterrain and enjoy the atmosphere. Drive fast,don't lose thecontrol of your truck during the rally. Competewith fast carracers in variety of races like drift race, drag race,stunt race,lap race, track race and underground illegal streetrace.Experience your freak driving skills with advanced 4x4monstertruck controls to enjoy the best of this solo trucksimulator game.Drive the hot wheels and race off opponents in thisultimatechallenge. This extreme car destruction stunts game issimulationpacked deadly racing 3d roadway truck game. The game hasvariouscamera angles and multiple camera views with efficientprocessingwithout any lag in the gameplay.
Police Car 3D : City Crime Chase Driving Simulator 1.1 APK
Police Car 3D : City Crime Chase Driving Simulator is the bestpolice car driving game. The user will join the force as a dutydriver, the prime responsibility of the user is to patrol the cityand look over the premises of the city. The user will have to chasecriminals all over the city if they are escaping, make sure thatthey don’t get of your sight. The game has variety of levels andeach level brings a new challenge so get ready for cop car drivingadventure. The user will have to be always ready with his/her caras anytime duty may call and you have to start the engine. Thegangster and mafia bosses are trying to take over the city so makesure that they don’t get the control of the city. The game hasadvanced squad cars so enjoy the in car controls and amazing cardriving simulation. Apply modifications to your car and enhance theperformance of your car. The user will have free ride and levelbased challenges, the user can collect various items throughout thecity and look if anything is going wrong within the city.Become apolice driver, drive with traffic and get the helicopter backup tohelp you chase your enemies. Your duty is to bring the peace backand crack down and enforce the law. Police cops of police carracing are waiting for you to join hand to hand and become afunctional officer of police officer games. Your duty as a policeofficer is to stop this bank robbery. Show the criminals that thereis a brave officer to stop this grand robbery mission at any cost.Experience realistic ny police car chase and police drivingsimulation game, turn on police car chase sirens and lights justlike in the real world. Show the gangsters, bandits, mafia membersand other outlaws that the punishing hand knows no mercy. Duringchasing mission, drive a police car at high speed and make sharpturns on city roads.Let us explore some amazing features of thegame:• High Quality Graphics.• Optimized gameplay without anylagging.• Multiple Camera Angle and Variety of Camera Views. • Thegame has multiple control schemes which makes it easier for theuser to play this game.• Enjoy the best car controls with realisticin car controls.• Huge open world crime city. • Various visualeffects (VFX).• Realistic Sound Effects (SFX).• Criminal Pursuitand cop smash mode.• Realistic Cop Car Sirens and Lights.• MultipleItems to unlock.• Variety of Cop Cars like Racing Car, Squad Carand SUV.• Multiple Gang fights and mob fights.• Explore varioustracks and unlock new city.