1.0 / March 3, 2017
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Mountain Sniper:Army Kill is a stimulating FPS sniper actiongameThe game you will be the embodiment of an elite sniper,deployed in different hills and horrific hidden points, you have tocooperate with the favorable terrestrial targeting and precisionshooting in the camp of the enemy, the effective removal of theenemy's expansion forces, After you accurately determine the targetand lock the target, the exact sniper enemy.You can use MP5, P90,SNIPE, AWP, M4 and other weapons to cause greater damage to theenemy, the more enemies, the more gold coins to buy, buy the sniperweapons on the more weapons, you can use the MP5, P90, Thestronger, the more accurate the target of the attack. As an elitesniper, you should always keep a steady state of mind, calmobservation thinking, positioning later, accurate shootingenemy.This is the best mountain sniper shooting game in which youhave to prove that your elite sniper's shooting ability is moreeffective in removing all enemies when all tasks are done and youwill be awarded the best in 2017 Of the elite sniper title. Whenyou enter the game, free of charge M4 and M1911 weapons, choose thelevel to start the task, the sniper enemy can be rewarded, thefirst double head gold coins reward, complete the task reward more,use M4, MP5, P90, SNIPE, AWP, M1911 And other weapons and equipmentinto the enemy enemy positions, in a limited time to effectivelykill all enemies, complete the task, get better and more advancedawards.The enemy ambush in the camp after the obstacles, you haveto find the target positioning shooting, unresponsive words, youwill be hurt, so you have to be more efficient to complete a moreadvanced level task, the correct use of spy weapons, to completeyou The mission of it, and so what, quickly to prove yourself!FPSfirst person shoots sniper game- Reduce and pinpoint targetsaccording to radar- No networking required- exclusive wild sniperwar- High quality 3D graphics screen, challenging difficult snipermissions- simple operation, easy to use- Shocked 3D music and soundeffects

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    Mountain Sniper:Army Kill
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    March 3, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Publish Date: 2017 /3/5
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 27.3 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API: 24)
    File Sha1: 76273422bf98ff7d5db8d85368aeb817fab865fd
    APK Signature: 3daea23010cac2ecbe379cad8381ab1786a38545

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