2.0 / January 17, 2017
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Imagine yourself as a lonely soldier who has expert and sharpskills in sniping.You have been assigned a mission as a frontierMarine assassin to eliminate enemy camps in valleys of AlaskaRange. You are a trained commando who has been provided specialtraining in jungle and snow-filled mountains. You have been droppedby chopper; get the best place to aim your targets. Be calm, noticeenemy patrolling, hold your breath and start taking head-shots. Getconfirmation through radio signals and begin your mission.Pick yourbest sniper rifle, attach suppressor to avoid letting the enemybase alert by setting on siren. Challenge your staying power, yourstamina, your temperament and your sniper shooting skills. Wish youall the good luck that you would surely need for thisaccomplishment.Sniping Features:▶ Ultra realistic graphics▶ Amazingsound effects▶ Modern sniper rifles with scope adjustment▶ Unlocknew maps and stunning locations▶ Addictive game play▶ Easy andintuitive controls▶ Multiple waves and challenging missions▶ Slowmotion bullet follows effectMountain Valley Sniper is the bestshooting game in advance for next year 2017. Download now thisamazing free game with all new fresh content on regular updates.Thank you for choosing our application. We shall appreciatesuggestions and feedback so feel free to contact us.Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/Logicalbots

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    Mountain Valley Sniper
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    January 17, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Logical Bots
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Choose your best sniper rifle, take your position at mountainpeaks, wait to notify patrolling enemies path, hold your breath,aim perfectly and shoot the hell out of them. You have beenassigned a contract to clear the opponent’s base. You mission is tosilently clear the war zone before they all get alert. Be-aware ofArmy watch towers because they got snipers too. Eliminating allsoldiers from their grounded camps will only exhilarate youreal-life battlefield shooting experience. Try to take a head-shoton insane enemies before they get a chance to aim at you. Proveyourself as a professional military commando that fight for servinghis/her nation and against all illegal dangerous terrorists. Don’tlet them invade your country. Call help for F-16, F-22 Raptor, jetfighter planes, modern air-crafts, tanks and alias. Mountain ModernSniper Splendid Features:◆ Interactive game-play with challengingmissions◆ Intelligent and sharp enemy artificial intelligence◆Excellent realistic shooting range simulation◆ Modern combatexperience◆ Realistic military army base camp environment◆ Fabulousfirst person shooter 3D gameMountain Modern Sniper is the bestshooting game in advance for next year 2017. Download now thisamazing free game with all new fresh content on regular updates.Thank you for choosing our application. We shall appreciatesuggestions and feedback so feel free to contact us.Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/Logicalbots
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If you want to join air force for your nation, join delta air forcesquadron and achieve air supremacy. Protect your base from lethalenemy attack. This is the best action Flight Simulator game topractice your air craft skills! Fly F16 falcon, F15 viper, F18hornet or F22 raptor. Air Force Jet Interceptor is a real-worldwarplane simulation dogfight game. Get yourself ready for ultimategunship battle. Become a combat ace destroyer and achieve airsupremacy. Get used to the modern sky warfare. Take flight andprotect your base from miscreants.Features:★ Air to Air combat★Easy controls and navigation★ Stunning graphics★ Effective soundseffects★ Multiple camera views★ Thunder, clouds and enhancedlightning effects★ Auto locking missile system embedding in eachmode★ Play in multiple modes: Modern, Classic or Invasion modeHowto Play:✓ Tilt your device for controlling air craft✓ Tap on thescreen for shootingDisclaimer:If you have any queries orcomplaints, please feel free to contact us. We shall keep onupdating it with latest maps and air planes. Have fun, play andkeep sharing your best scores with friends & family. Thank youfor choosing our application. We hope you have great experiencewith it.