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This application "Move Files To SD Card" is a quick solution totransfer files from the internal memory to the SD card of yourphone. With one click, you free up space in your phone's internalmemory.Transfer your photos, videos, and other downloads from yourdevice to the SD card. This application is useful especially fordevices with a small internal memory and whose configuration of thephone does not allow to save the files directly on the SD card.Thisapplication allows you to quickly free up the internal memory ofyour phone.When you use the device for the first time and aftereach restart, you must set up an SD card access authorization.Moveapplication to the simplest.feature*******************• Move theapplications to the SD card• Move phone applications to internalstorage• Sort by mobile application, name, size and time• The usercan customize [Install time] [Package name] [Apk path] to displayas a list• Display application details: size, installation,package, apk path.• Open the application• Market research• Searchthe site by name apk, package name, applicationname*******************If we have granted root permission, we canpass multi-application with one click, and can move almost allinstalled applications.Moving apps:Are you running out of storagespace for your applications? Do you hate to check if eachapplication supports APP2SD? Want an application that does itautomatically and warns you when an application is moveable? Thisapplication simplifies the movement of applications to external orinternal storage of your device. With this, you will have morecontrol over your ever-growing collection of applications. This isessential for anyone who has memory management problems.Hideapps:You do not need all of your operator's apps added to Android?Now you can get rid of it! This feature allows you to hide systemapps (built-in).

App Information Move Files to SD Card

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    Move Files to SD Card
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    June 25, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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مرحباُ بكم في برنامج الابراج الاول والاقوىالتطبيق يتميز بانه شاملكل شئ عن الابراج و لجميع علماء الفلك وبه العديد من مقالات متنوعهللأبراج والصفات تحليل الشخصية ابراج نتفي هذا البرنامج نعرض لكم:توقعات الفلك لبرجك يوم بيومبرج الحمل - برج الثور - برج الجوزاء -برج السرطان - برج الاسد - برج العذراء - برج الميزان - برج العقرب -برج القوس - برج الجدي - برج الدلو - برج الحوتتوقعات الابراجالاسبوعية والشهريةتوقعات الابراج 2017 - 2018 لعلماء الفلك:ماغي فرح- جاكلين عقيقي - نجلاء قباني - كارمن شماس - ابراهيم حزبون - سميرطنبابراج الرجل - ابراج المرأةتوافق الشريك من حيث التوافق : الماديالمعنوي الشخصية نجاح العلاقة خصائص الابراجمقالات عامة عنالابراجأشعار عند تحديث الابراجحاسبة الابراج لمعرفة ماهو برجك منخلال تاريح ميلادكقارئة الابراج قائة الفنجان والعرافةابراجاليومابراج الحظحساب العمر لعبة قلب الالوانمترجم عربي انكليزيقاموسالمعاني عربي عربيلغز وحل الغاز يوميةتحليل الشخصية واختباراتشخصيةقصص وعبر قصص يومية قصص حب ورعب وقصص اطفالونقدم ايضاُ صور منوعة- صور حب - صور حزن - صور رومنسية - صور hdونقدم لكم نصائح طبية وصحةعامة رجيم وتخسيس وطبخ وتعليم الطبخحالة الطقس اليوم وحالة الطقس غدوحالة الطقس هذا الاسبوعتفسير الاحلام والرقية الشريعةتعلم اللغةالانكليزية للمبتدئين عبارات وجمل وكلمات مترجمةمقالات تعلم اللغةالتركية بالعربيتوافق الابراج في الحبمصمم الصور والكتابة علىالصورالابراج والحب معرفة من هو الشريك ومعرفة اسم الشريككل يوممعلومة طبيةحالات وصور منوعةتعلم اللغة الانكليزيةالكتابة على الصوروالكثير من الميزات جميعها بتطبيق واحد فقط--- كل ما تريد معرفته عنكل الابراج ---اتبع نصائح علماء الفلك من أجل حياة أفضلالتوقعات لعام2017 للابراج الفلكية الشمسي وصفات الابراج الصينية.اعرف برجك العامبتحديث يومي حقيقي واهم الايجابيات والسلبيات في شخصية مواليد برجكوتعرف على الكوكب المؤثر عليك وكثير عن صفاتك وعمرك الحقيقي بالسنينوالى حساب الثواني وكذلك يتم عرض سرد تفصيلي عن شخصيتك واهتماماتكالعامة والتوافقات الفلكية مع امكانية مشاركة توقعات الابراج معالاصدقاء من خلال تطبيقات التواصل الاجتماعي.العديد من الاقسامالجديدة ومنها:- توقعات ٢٠١٧ لاهم الفلكيين العرب- اختبار التوافق بينالابراج حيث يتم عرض تفاصيل دقيقة عن العلاقة بين اي برجين-اختبارالتوافق بين اسمك واسم الشريك-تحليل شخصيتك من اسمك-تحليل شخصيتك منتاريخ ميلادك-حساب برجك الطالع من اسمك واسم الام-حساب عمرك بالتفصيلوتحديد ميلادك حسب التاريخ الهجري وحساب يوم ميلادك -حساب برجكالصيني-تفاصيل شخصيتك من تحليل برجك الصيني-حساب وزنك وكتلة جسمك حسبادق المعادلات الرياضي العالمية- سيتم اضافة اقسام جديدة قريباارجوالانتباه الى ان الغرض من التطبيق هو التسلية واضافة المعلوماتالجديدة التي يوفرها التطبيق ولكن لايجب الاعتماد على التوقعات فيتقرير مسير حياتنا وانما العمل المثابر هو وحده من يوصل الىالاهداف.كل ما نقدمه للتسلية والترفيه، فلا يعلم الغيب الا اللهHelloto the towers first and strongest programApplication that featuresa comprehensive everything for towers and all astronomers and hasmany Maqaalaat towers and personality traits analysisNet TowersInthis program we show you:Astronomy expectations for the horoscopeday by dayAries - 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adventure jump oddboods 1.0 APK
Oddboods jump needs to collect cherries by Running and Jumping.Toprevent hunger, the hopping Bird needs to eat apples in order tosurvive. Please help the cute Oddboods by running and jumpingacross the level. Oddboods like to eat apple but you have toovercome many obstacles like mushroom, rocks and trees that preventOddboods from eating his apple. If you begin to play it, you willbe addicted to it and fully immersed into the game environment.It's more challenging and fun than it seems!Features:- 120different Levels- Clean and colorful graphics- Smooth userinterface- Phone and Tablet support- Music and sound effects- Playfor all ages- Game is free, no purchase required.- This is a veryenjoyable game!!Download this game now, it's free!!Adventure jumpoddboods is a new free game and the most addictive casual gamesdeveloped,if you are interst to play our jumping game you can nowtell adventure jump oddboods.if you are ready to helep my super boyoddboods because he need strang helep for jump and earn moneyoddboods .In this game help oddboods and to collect stars than wehave more 120 level of never ending fun.this game for jumpingoddboods is especially designed for children with super easy touse.Are You Ready ?! I am sure you can and you can also challengeyour member of family (boys, kids, girls...)Enjoy playing theadventure with jack!HOW TO PLAY :You just need to tap in the screenand to jump with skateboard on subwayYou need to collect stars andrun to the end of game to go to the next level.What Are you Waitingfor ?!It's free you need just to download, and don't forget toshare the game with your friends and family in social media.***Have you enjoyed playing. ***
adventure oggy : cartoon games 1.0 APK
Adventure Oggy : cartoon games is anewfree game and the most addictive casual games developed,if you are interst to play our super game you can now telladventureoggy cartoon games .if you are ready to helep my super boy oggy because he needstranghelep for jump and earn money Oggy .In this game you gonna help oggi and jack to collect stars thanwehave more 100 level of never ending fun.this game for crazy Oggy is especially designed for childrenwithsuper easy to use.Are You Ready ?!I am sure you can and you can also challenge your member offamily(boys, kids, girls...)Enjoy playing the adventure with jack!HOW TO PLAY :You just need to tap in the screen and M. oggi gonna to jumpwithskateboard on subwayYou need to collect stars and run to the end of game to go tothenext level.What Are you Waiting for ?!It's free you need just to download, and don't forget to sharethegame with your friends and family in social media.
App Lock File 1.0 APK
Most downloaded app lock in Play Store. Protect privacy withpassword, pattern, fingerprint lock.★ #1 App lock in over 50countries.★ Over 200 Million users, supporting 24 languages.☞AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS,Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose.Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. Ensure security.☞AppLock can hide pictures and videos. Hidden pictures and videosare vanished from Gallery and only visible in the photo and videovault. Protect private memories easily. No pin code, noway.☞AppLock has random keyboard and invisible pattern lock. Nomore worry people may peep the password or pattern. More safe!★With AppLock, you will:Never worry about a friend borrows yourphone to play games with mobile data again!Never worry about aworkmate gets your phone to look the gallery again!Never worryabout someone reads private data in your apps again!Never worryabout kids mess up Settings, send wrong messages, paying gamesagain!-----------FAQ---------1) How to change password?OpenAppLock, Protect, Unlock Settings2) I hide AppLock icon, how toopen AppLock now? There are two ways to open it:1. dial padenter#password in your dial pad, and tap call button.2. Browseropendomobile.com/applock in your browser,3) How to stop other peopleuninstall AppLock?Please enable Advanced Protection in Protect ofAppLock, so nobody can uninstall or kill AppLock without password.You can disable Advanced Protection when you don't want it. 4) Howto uninstall AppLock?After you enable Advanced Protection, nobodycan uninstall AppLock without password. If you want to uninstallit, please disable advanced Protection first.5) I forgot mypassword,How to find it?Update to the latest version first. Andthen tap AppLock icon, click the icon at the up right corner oflock page, tap the 'forgot password'.1. By security answer: enteryour security answer and click 'reset password'.2. By securityemail: click 'send code to security email', input reset code andclick 'reset password'.6) I can not move in/out my photo in thevault.Please check you internal storage space, if only 10% free,system will not let us to move file in to vault.7) AccountTypeThere are three types of account in AppLock. You can choose itin Account Center. It is in the left menu of AppLock.1. Premium:paid, premium features , no ad.2. AD: free , premium features , ad.3. Basic: free, no ad , no premium features.---Features---• Lockapps with password lock, pattern lock, or coming fingerprint lock.•Photo vault, hide pictures• Video vault, hide videos • Welldesigned Themes • Customized background, select a favorite picture•Default profiles: Unlock all, Guest• Customized Profiles: setdifferent locked app groups, change lock quickly• Time Lock:auto-lock/unlock according to time• Location Lock: auto-lock/unlockaccording to location• Hide AppLock icon• Advanced Protection:prevent AppLock being killed by task killer• Random keyboard:prevent people peeping pin code• Fingerprint、Force stopped cover•Lock switch (WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, sync)• AppLock widget:enable/disable AppLock with one tap• Quick lock switch: Lock/unlockin notification bar• Lock incoming calls• Lock system settings toprevent a mess by kids• Lock Google Play to prevent buy games•Allow a brief exit: no need password, pattern, fingerprint againwithin set time• Prevent uninstalling apps• Low memory usage.•Power saving mode to save battery
adventure escape jerry 1.0 APK
adventure escape jerry This game is perfect for who like theadventure game. Help jerry to get through a lot of hoops to getcheese. You should be able to help jerry order to reach thedestination with a lot of cheese.In this game, the speed of yourhands will be tested and the vision you have to really focusbecause the mischievous cat would be ready to catch Jerry.Adventureescape jerry games for all ages! Enjoy the endless running game upto 100 exciting levels! We all love the mouse and cat combat. Withthis game, we can experience the thrill and fun gameplay featuringJerry the innocent mouse.Help Jerry to collect as many cheeses aspossible for the family. Avoid getting obstacles such traps andscary grenades. Run as fast as you can and be alert of yoursurroundings. Tap to jump whenever you see an obstacles a head. Befast and accurate. Collect as many cheeses to beat your friends’high scores today!this game contains : -An open level game - Smoothuser interface with the best graphics. - Phone and Tablet support -Music and sound effects - Play for all ages (especially kids) - thegame is free, no purchase required. - No Violence, crude picturesin the game (Suitable for kids and children) No doubt that this isthe number one best Adventure and action games ever made.Downloadand play Adventure escape jerry, Run Game for the best endlessrunning game!Rate us 5 stars and comment if you like the game!
fidget hand spinner 1.0 APK
Always boring for things about work, learning, life? Come to playthe gyroscope with your fingertips cool and colorful chimera tofree your troubles and pressures!Hand Spinner is a simulated realspinning top, it's really the buzz, the best app you could have!You can reach the speed of sound and even have reverse effects!Nomatter in the bus and underground, in the classroom and the office,in the toilet and the kitchen, you can play all the free time! Notonly the release of pressure and it is possible to feel theirritating visual sensation brought by the cool gyroscope! It isplanned to feel the gyroscope game of the fingertip the coolest in2017! Experience the gyroscope with your fingertip cool andadvanced in the mobile phone!Choose your preferred fixing tool andtwist as fast as possible. The game has worked perfectly thephysics of rotation, perfectly repeats the work of the real die onthe bearing. Amazing Friends, Twist Fidget together spinner!- 4types of cool gyroscopes and chimeric color for you master!- 8types of specialty thematic gyroscopes waiting for your unlocking!-The list of ranks in real time and the contest with the worldplayers!- The unlimited class to bring you experience experiencepleasure!You have seen them on the streets, on your commute and inyour office; Fidget spinners. Now these stress relieving toys cometo your hand on Android. With this simulator game, you no longerneed a real fidget spinner!A fidget spinner is a toy that sits on aperson's finger, with blades that spin around a bearing. Basicallya fidget spinner consists of a two or three pronged design with abearing in its center circular pad. Flick them for fun or fordumping your excess energy now!Game Features:- Realistic simulatorwith authentic spinning physics- Dozens of fidget spinners tochoose from- Glow, laser and neon graphics even more details of thespinners