1.3 / September 5, 2014
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A new and unique approach to classic game-MovX!

Move bricks to get rid of the open space under the blocksandform new rows. Get points for each cleared line. The speedgetshigher as you progress.
This approach will greatly increase your chances of raisingyourfinal score to new heights. Share your score with friends andgetmultiplication bonuses.
If you are a big fan of moving blocks, but you are tired oftheclassical way of playing, get new user experience withMovX!Download it now.

• New unique gameplay
• Intuitive touch controls
• Bonuses for clearing lines of one color
• Sharing your results with friends

App Information MovX Gold Edition

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MovX: A Brick Game 1.35 APK
Experience a fresh take on the classicfallingbrick game! This fascinating puzzle game changes the rules,andinstead of rotating the falling blocks, you can only move therows.Change your perspective and change up your game with MovX!● Play by New Rules: Your task is still to assemble ahorizontalline of blocks without any gaps. Blocks fall verticallyfrom themiddle-top of the screen, but you can’t rotate them. Youcan onlymove the block lines in the base to find the fallingblock’sperfect fit!● Responsive Touch Controls: Like the classic game, useyourgestures to control the game. Swipe left to right to movethehorizontal lines, and tap the screen to accelerate thefallingblock.● Your New Gaming Addiction: This must-have brain puzzlerisguaranteed to have your mind buzzing. This unique take on aclassicgame is perfect for killing time or honing yourmentalabilities.● Higher Levels = Higher Difficulty: The further you progressintothe game, the faster it gets! The falling blocks gainaccelerationwith every level you pass, so you will have to hurry ifyou want towin.● Interactive Leaderboard: Quantify and compare your resultsagainstyour friends, and share your MovX stats online inreal-time.Are you getting bored playing your classic falling brickgames?Try MovX and experience something new today!
MovX Gold Edition 1.3 APK
A new and unique approach to classic game-MovX!Move bricks to get rid of the open space under the blocksandform new rows. Get points for each cleared line. The speedgetshigher as you progress.This approach will greatly increase your chances of raisingyourfinal score to new heights. Share your score with friends andgetmultiplication bonuses.If you are a big fan of moving blocks, but you are tired oftheclassical way of playing, get new user experience withMovX!Download it now.• New unique gameplay• Intuitive touch controls• Bonuses for clearing lines of one color• Sharing your results with friends
Recruitment Agency Expo Game 1.0.2 APK
The application is built to helpRecruitmentAgency Expo 2015 attendees learn about exhibitors’products in anew enjoyable way.Relationship building is a key component to attendingRecruitmentAgency Expo, playing the Recruitment Agency Expo QuizGame willlead you to other attendees with areas of interest likeyour own.People buy from people they know; let Gamification maketheintroductions, start playing now!We help attendees find solutions to their problems byintroducingproducts exhibited at Recruitment Agency Expo!We help exhibitors build awareness of their products andgeneratetraffic to their stands.Game OverviewThis is a Quiz game, at an announced time we will show aquestionfrom one of five predefined question types and provide aset ofavailable answers. On a web site or on your mobile phone,youchoose all that are correct and submit to the Gamificationserver.Players who answered correctly get points. The firstcorrectanswers are rewarded by additional points. Questions areasked byblocks several times each day. Questions are generatedrandomlybased on the data about exhibitors and their products.