2.0 / December 9, 2016
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Mr. Yellow is living in Hell, so much so ithasturned out.
But here he had no rest. It seems that the death of the hunt forhimhere.
This selects the death is very strange and stupid ways to killMr.Yellow.
That from somewhere falling knives, the piano, the Shark - whereitis generally all taken ?!
Help Mr. Yellow survive well even live in hell a littlebitlonger.
Collect pineapples - they give energy and help pass the level.

Be nimble.

Be quick.

Be unpredictable.

Remember - the dangers await everywhere. To cope with them.Orlook how funny Mr. Yellow dies. Him from Hell anyway escapenowhere...

App Information Mr Yellow 1000 Ways to Die

  • App Name
    Mr Yellow 1000 Ways to Die
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    December 9, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Drive ahead game
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Mr Yellow 1000 Ways to Die 2.0 APK
Mr. Yellow is living in Hell, so much so ithasturned out.But here he had no rest. It seems that the death of the hunt forhimhere.This selects the death is very strange and stupid ways to killMr.Yellow.That from somewhere falling knives, the piano, the Shark - whereitis generally all taken ?!Help Mr. Yellow survive well even live in hell a littlebitlonger.Collect pineapples - they give energy and help pass the level.Be nimble.Be quick.Be unpredictable.Remember - the dangers await everywhere. To cope with them.Orlook how funny Mr. Yellow dies. Him from Hell anyway escapenowhere...
Camera gun 3d shooter 2.0 APK
Unbelievably believable simulator machine.Avirtual reality.With the app Shotkam camera gun you will forget what is realandwhat is not.The phone's screen you see the real world of real peoplewhosurround you, bus stops, subway stations. At the same time youhavein the hands of the real machine, and you can only open firewhenyou want.With the application gun - camera you spend fun timewithfriends.Shoot each other with real weapons, and do not cause harmtothe.Did you decide to play a counter-terrorist operation, ormilitaryattack.Perhaps you'll shoot from the mafia or syndicate.Perhaps you decided to shoot a police checkpoint.Appendix Shotkam camera gun you will have inthisirreplaceable.Gun camera 3d - realy cool!Play with friends, play against friends. With simulation gunyoueverything is possible.Load up a full clip and stitch from the machine to the rightandto the left.
Tank.io duelist 1.0 APK
Test your reaction.Lightning attack.Breakneck speed.Adrenalin.Fear.That's it and you shoot enemy tanks. This is the end.False starts, too, faces defeat.This simple but interesting game takes you to watch.Do you have a fraction of a second after the "Fire" command on itto shoot. A slight delay - this defeat.Military M1 Abrams tank fires without fail.You shoot out of his T 90.Tank t 90 - is a tank man - is a tank top of the world.Do not lose this duel.You have one chance in a million.RULES OF THE GAMEClick after the "Fire" command
Spider hero vs lizard 2.0 APK
Your idol - a hero spider in human form? Youare a fan of simple and at the same time exciting games, where thevictory gets only the most stubborn and unbending? You are lucky,this is the game you need to download!The hero of the spider waits, when you start the game, to start thefight with man-lizards, which threaten the whole world.Today, the task of reptiles is to destroy our hero, who has risento defend the planet.Human lizards have superhuman abilities:Have incredible dexterity, a sense of balance, coordination, theability to reach speeds of up to 72.5 km / h (45 mph) and anextremely developed brain.To defeat the reptiles is also difficult because of their abilityto grow lost limbs and high fertility.In this game, our hero spider will not let loose web, in order toovercome long distances. Sly plan to collect all the reptiles inone place, worked!Now the main thing is to react quickly to the appearance of thelizards, dropping bricks on their wriggling bodies. Successfulthrow and reptile crushed!Remember that man-lizards quickly multiply and are capable ofregeneration, so act quickly, ahead of the enemy!As soon as the reptiles realize that their end is near, they willapply speed tactics.Be prepared for the most possible tactical maneuvers and quickresponse.
GTR Mountain race 1.0 APK
A car game - exciting pursuit on trucksandSUVs.Game GTR Mountain race - is a mixture of genres, car simulatorand4x4 off road rally, one of the best driving simulator.FEVERIn the game you have to perform a variety of missions.Openachievements and set records.Compete in speed and success with racing rivals from all overtheworld. Be the best truck driver - become legend ofoff-roadracing.CONTROLSteer your car with the accelerator on your phone - tilt thescreento rotate. Hold on-screen button, the gas and brake toaccelerateor slow down.Slow down on the turns, not to get into thenot-controlledskid.Drift in turns to leave rivals far behind.Crash into opponents to throw them off the track.ACHIEVEMENTSRanked first, second or last place in the race to openachievements.Put speed records to discover achievement -"Bullet".Take the track faster than anyone and be the first in the rankingofplayers in the world.EXTREME CAR DRIVINGThe game - is extreme car driving simulator. Choose your car.Whatwill it be? BMW X6, Gelendvagen, AUDI Q7, Hamer, MAN or Scania-choose the car that you like. And enjoy the ride.TRUCKERS EDGEDriving such as KAMAZ machines or Hamer (like other cars inthegame) itself brings a lot of fun, and a choice of tracks makesthegame incredibly interesting.Choose winter race or races in the summer, in the mountainsorhills. Win the race and discover the endless track to be abletoimprove the record time.In order to download the game Race click to installClick Install to download race car games! Download and getpleasurefrom the game.Music by SF Traxx – http://www.sftraxx.com
Ben vs Ninja aliens 1.1 APK
The protagonist Ben again rose to defendtheplanet.Although he is young, impudent, sometimes irresponsible and abigglutton - but the world is still in good hands. After all,theteenager Ben is brave and brave and always ready to help.Ben will not stop at nothing to protect any person or alienfriend,if the land is in danger, Ben always goes ahead.If necessary, Ben shows a wit, insight, cunning, which morethanonce rescued him from dangerous situations, especially when itisimpossible to activate the Super Clock and turn into one ofthesuperheroes.So it happened this time.Evil ninja - lizards aliens decided to seize the land at themostinopportune moment, when the miracle of Ben's watch due toanotherprank failed.But clever and cunning Ben lured the aliens into the building withasecret laboratory, climbed onto the roof and waited.Silly but deft ninja aliens rushed to the wall. But then Ben usedasecret weapon - alien green stone blocks.One hit of such a lump on the newcomer - and he is defeated.Help Ben to repel the dangerous attack of alien ninjas.Collectalien rocks and throw them on the enemies' heads.Be careful - ninjas are very fast and smart.Download the game and play for your favorite hero.
Spider hero vs lizard 2 1.0 APK
The continuation of the game "Hero SpidermanAgainst the Lizard", which I liked a lot.A new detachment of alien lizards attacked the ground. Humanoidlizards are very strong and numerous.And only Hero Spider can withstand the attacks of the hated aliens.After climbing onto the roof of the building, Spider boldly throwsbuilding debris onto the heads of the alien lizards.Reptiles have a high alien intellect, powerful claws and theability to regenerate.You must be very quick and dexterous to win.Pick up a brick and throw it on the head of a crawling lizard. Oneexact hit and the reptile is defeated.In this game, the Spider will not let cobwebs and run away or chaseenemies by jumping over buildings. Hero Spider will rebuff theenemy face to face.If you do not have time to drop the lizard from the wall - do notdespair. You still have a chance to win.Use a rustic blow to the head, which Hero Spider owns in order tocut down the lizard.As soon as the reptiles understand that they are losing, they willintensify their attack.Be ready!
Spider hero vs Sam. Revenge 1.0 APK
Exciting game, the continuation of the game"Spider hero vs Sam Duel", in which you have to play for a toughSam.Do a duel with the famous hero Spider and win.Whose reaction is better? Man - an insect or a man - acyborg?Sam woke up on the island on the operating table in the laboratorywhere experiments were conducted on people.It turned out he was sewn a chip that improves all his physicalperformance. After defeating the monsters that inhabited the lostisland, Sam found himself in an abandoned city, where Hero Spiderwas also abandoned by unknown villains. Thinking that this issomeone's cunning plan, Hero Spider decided to deal with Sam andreturn to his hometown.Sam naturally does not like such a situation.Fight with the hero Spider, check the reaction and get out alivefrom the lost city.How to play:Click on the screen to start the game.Watch the commands on the screen carefully.The wait command means that you need to be as ready aspossible.The command shoot (fire), means that you need tapnut (click) on thescreen to shoot.Shoot the spider hero before he does.To shoot on the command wait is forbidden - it will instantly leadto a loss.Download for free and enjoy the game.

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