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"Recover. Your muscles need to recover from your workouts togrowstronger and bigger. They can’t recover if you work them hardeveryday. Even your mind needs a break. Take three to four restdays aweek. Help your muscles recover by getting plenty of food,waterand sleep. Eat More. Your body uses food to fuel workouts,andrecover muscles. Your muscles can’t recover and grow if there’sashortage of food. Most guys need at least 3000kcal/day tobuildmuscle. Skinny guys with high metabolisms need even more togainweight. Eat Protein. Your body uses protein to build newmuscle,and recover damaged muscle tissue post-workout. You need2.2gprotein per kilogram of body-weight (1g/lb) to maximizemusclerecovery and build muscle. For an 80kg/175lb guy, that’sabout 175gof protein per day. Get Real. You can’t get steroid-likeresultswithout using steroids. You can’t turn into Arnold in threemonthsbecause building muscle takes time. Celebrities setunrealisticexpectations. Stop trying to look like them. Focus onimprovingyourself. It will save you frustration. Be Consistent.Most guysgain 0.25kg/0.5lb of lean muscle per week if they do aneffectivetraining program and eat well. You can’t gain musclefaster thanthis. It takes a year to gain 12kg/24lb of lean muscleand seedramatic change. Consistency is therefore key. Readmorehttps://stronglifts.com/build-muscle/ "

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Human Anatomy 2.5 APK
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"Organs See also: List of organs of the human bodyOrgans,structured collections of cells with a specificfunction,[12] sitwithin the body. Examples include the heart, lungsand liver. Manyorgans reside within cavities within the body. Thesecavitiesinclude the abdomen and pleura. Systems See also: List ofsystemsof the human body Diagram of the human heart(cropped).svgCirculatory system Main article: Circulatory systemThe circulatorysystem comprises the heart and blood vessels(arteries, veins andcapillaries). The heart propels the circulationof the blood, whichserves as a ""transportation system"" totransfer oxygen, fuel,nutrients, waste products, immune cells andsignalling molecules(i.e., hormones) from one part of the body toanother. The bloodconsists of fluid that carries cells in thecirculation, includingsome that move from tissue to blood vesselsand back, as well asthe spleen and bone marrow.[13][14][15] Stomachcolon rectumdiagram-en.svg Digestive system Main article: Digestivesystem Thedigestive system consists of the mouth including thetongue andteeth, esophagus, stomach, (gastrointestinal tract, smalland largeintestines, and rectum), as well as the liver,pancreas,gallbladder, and salivary glands. It converts food intosmall,nutritional, non-toxic molecules for distribution andabsorptioninto the body.[16] Illu endocrine system.png Endocrinesystem Mainarticle: Endocrine system The endocrine system consistsof theprincipal endocrine glands: the pituitary, thyroid,adrenals,pancreas, parathyroids, and gonads, but nearly all organsandtissues produce specific endocrine hormones as well. Theendocrinehormones serve as signals from one body system to anotherregardingan enormous array of conditions, and resulting in varietyofchanges of function.[17]"
Survival Manual Guide 2.5 APK
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"Communication is KeySometimes we forget how easy we have it.Amidour crazy life schedules we tend to take for granted thatpurifiedbottle of water when thirsty, or the push of a button tolight afire. But it’s important to remember that in the blink of aneye,it can all be gone. The unexpected happens, you get in anaccidentor lose your way; now, it’s just you and the wildernesswith noties to civilization. Here are ten basic survival tips toget youprepared- just in case. Communication is Key Please pleasepleasetell someone where you are going before you set off for atrip. Nomatter where you go, even if you end up strandedunexpectedly, youstarted from somewhere in civilization. Tell closefriends andfamily where you are going and if you have a specificroute oramount of time you will be gone. Keep Your Head On Now isthe timeto be calm and think positive. It doesn’t sound like much,butoptimism goes a long way, and in a survival situation, itstartswith you, your attitude and your will no matter how scaredandalone you may feel. First, keep a realistic outlook anddiligentlyplan to keep yourself in the best possible physical andmentalstate. If something isn’t working out, like building a fireorshelter, don’t rush, because that can lead to panic. Stop,breatheand think about what you need, observe your surroundingsandorganize a new plan."
Shotokan Karate 2.5 APK
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"""Shotokan (松濤館 Shōtōkan) is a style of karate, createdfromdifferent combative techniques by Gichin Funakoshi (1868– 1957)andhis child Gigo (Yoshitaka) Funakoshi (1906– 1945). Gichinwasconceived in Okinawa[1] and is generally credited withadvancing""""karate do"""" through a progression of open exhibits,and byadvancing the improvement of college karate clubs, includingthoseat Keio, Waseda, Hitotsubashi (Shodai), Takushoku, Chuo,Gakushuin,and Hosei.[2] Funakoshi had numerous understudies at thecollegeclubs and outside dojos, who kept on showing karate afterhisdemise in 1957. Nonetheless, inside differences (specificallytheidea that opposition is in opposition to the embodiment ofkarate)prompted the production of various associations—includinganunderlying split between the Japan Karate Association (headedbyMasatoshi Nakayama) and the Shotokai (headed by MotonobuHironishiand Shigeru Egami), trailed by numerous others—with thegoal thattoday there is no single """"Shotokan school"""", in spiteof thefact that they all bear Funakoshi's impact. As the mostbroadlyhoned style, Shotokan is viewed as a conventional andcompellingtype of karate do."""
Audio Books 2.5 APK
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"According to the simple model of reading, then, you reallycan’tconsider listening to a book to be easier than reading it.Butthere are other differences here, of course, one being thatit’sreally easy for your mind to begin to wander when you’relisteningto an audiobook. But is that more or less likely to happenasskimming the less interesting parts when you’re reading?There’snot exactly an easy way to test that question empirically,butthere are some comparable things about the way people circlebackto catch the stuff they missed, whether they’re readingorlistening. “About 10 to 20 percent of the eye movements youmakeare actually regressions, where your eyes are movingbackwards,”Willingham explained. Many of those regressions happenwhen youthought you had the word, but — whoops, no, you didn’tquite getit; others happen when you might be trying to work outsyntax. Andsomething similar happens with the brain’s auditorysystem,specifically a phenomenon called echoic memory. “I’m sureyou’vehad the experience where someone says something, and you’renotreally listening, and then you can tell from their intonationthatthey’ve stopped talking and that they’ve asked you aquestion,”Willingham said. “And you’re like, I totally was notlistening tothis person.’ "
Electrical engineering 2.5 APK
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"""Electrical architects ordinarily hold a degree inelectricaldesigning or electronic building. Honing designers mayhaveproficient confirmation and be individuals from an expertbody.Such bodies incorporate the Institute of Electrical andElectronicsEngineers (IEEE) and the Institution of Engineering andTechnology(IET) (earlier the IEE). Electrical architects work in anextensivevariety of enterprises and the abilities required aresimilarlyfactor. These range from essential circuit hypothesis totheadministration abilities expected of an undertaking supervisor.Theapparatuses and gear that an individual architect may requirearecorrespondingly factor, going from a basic voltmeter to a bestendanalyzer to modern outline and assembling programming."""
Pottery Creation 2.5 APK
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"Pottery is one of the oldest art forms on Earth, but itdidn'tstart out being considered art. For years, p­ottery wascreated bycraftspeople strictly for utilitarian p­urposes withlittleconsideration for how they looked. These pots werehand-built,fired in bonfires and served the purpose of carryinggrains, waterand other liquids, as well as storing seeds. Shortlythereafterthey began to use pots for cooking. Pottery is brokendown intothree wares -- earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. Theseare allconsidered ceramics, which explains why potters are oftenreferredto as ceramic artists. It's a tactile, often meditativeform ofmaking art with a scientific bent. A good ceramicartistunderstands the tricky relationship between human and clay.Claycan be temperamental ­and the act of shaping, heating,hardening,cooling and glazing all take a lot of practice to getjust right.There are many steps involved in creating a ceramicpiece andentire volumes of books have been written about theintricacies ofthe craft."
Weather App 2.5 APK
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" A major aspect of weather interpretation involves being abletounderstand the actions caused by differences in air pressure.Highpressure implies dry weather and low pressure is usuallyassociatedwith humid air-perhaps precipitating.[1] A high pressuresystem isan air mass that contains denser air because its air iscoolerand/or dryer than the surrounding air. Thus, its heavier airfallsdownward and away from the pressure system's center -likewaterbeing poured onto the ground. With high pressure systems,theweather will tend to become clear or clearing. A lowpressuresystem is an air mass that has less dense air because itsair ismoister and/or warmer. Surrounding air draws inward towardthe lowsystem's center as the lighter air balloons upward, oftencausingclouds or precipitation because that moist air cools as itrises.You see this effect when air's invisible water vapor isforced tocondense into droplets when it contacts the outside of acoldglass). But droplets won't form if the glass is only slightlycool...thus, rising low pressure air will only produce rain if itgetsup where the air is cool enough to condense the water vaporintodroplets too heavy to be kept aloft by the rising air. (Cloudsaresimply water droplets that are small enough to be kept aloft).Withvery low pressure systems, storms are on the way (if theyaren'tthere already) Clouds begin to form and move across thesky-thunderhead clouds forming when moist air is thrust veryhigh.Sometimes tornadoes form when very high pressure air collideswithvery warm, moist low pressure air. "