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"Incline press Decline press Cable machinepecflyes No more than 2 minutes rest between sets You could alsoworkthe triceps (which already are assisting the chest in theselifts),to blow those out and reduce your overall sessions per week.(Inthat case, you’d do biceps with Back Day, and voila, no ArmsDayneeded.) Should you exercise when you're sick? How to LiftWeightsto Get Strong For big muscles, your focus isn’t to move maxweight.That’s where strong muscles come in. “The best way toencourageyour body to get stronger is to show it that it needs todo so,”Adam says. “Ergo, lift really heavy stuff to failure, rest,andrepeat.” Successful strength routines will have heavy weightforfewer reps with longer rest periods, all to tax the musclesbutalso to overload the neuromuscular system, or thebrain-muscleconnection. “With strength training, it’s nervoussystem fatigue,not muscular fatigue—you just can't lift it again,”Gochnourexplains. Typically, this puts rep ranges of just 3 to 6,with aweight you physically cannot move for even one more rep. Torecoverfrom that much work, your rest period is longer, too: 3 to5minutes between sets to allow your muscles and your braintorecover for the next one, for 3 to 5 sets. “So while in asizeworkout you’re doing 50 reps overall for a squat, in astrengthprogram, you’re looking at just 20-25 reps,” says personaltrainerChris Cooper, co-owner of Active Movement and Performance(AMP) onLong Island, NY."

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The Weather 1.0 APK
" Study a weather map. Watch out for one ontheTV news, online, or in your local newspaper. (Other sourcesmayinclude magazines and books, but they may not becurrent.)Newspapers are a convenient method to find a weather mapas theyare cheap, reliable, and can be cut apart so you can carrythemwith you while learning to interpret the symbols.[2] ImagetitledRead a Weather Map Step 4 4 Analyze a small portion of yourweathermap. If possible, find a map covering a smaller area – thesecan beeasier to interpret. Focusing on a larger scale may bedifficultfor a beginner. On the map, notice the location, lines,arrows,patterns, colors, and numbers. Every sign counts and allaredifferent. "
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" Understand what air pressure measures.Thisis the weight or pressure the air exerts on the ground andismeasured in millibars. It is important to be able to readairpressure because pressure systems are associated withcertainweather patterns. The average air pressure system measures1013 mb(29.92 inches of mercury).[3] A typical strong high pressuresystemmeasures around 1030 mb (30.42 inches of mercury). A typicallowpressure system measures around 1000 mb (29.54 inches ofmercury.Image titled Read a Weather Map Step 6 2 Learn the airpressuresymbols. To read air pressure on a surface analysis weathermap,check for isobars (iso = equal, bar = pressure) – plain,curvedlines that indicate areas of equal air pressure. Isobars playamajor role in determining the speed and direction of wind.[4]Whenthe isobars form concentric closed (but not always round)circles,the smallest circle in the center indicates a pressurecenter. Thiscan be either a high-pressure system (depicted by an""H"" inEnglish, ""A"" in Spanish) or a low pressure system(depicted by an""L"" in English, ""B"" in Spanish).[5] Air does notflow ""down""pressure gradients; it flows ""around"" them due tothe Corioliseffect (Earth spinning). Hence, wind direction isindicated by theisobars, counterclockwise around lows (cyclonicflow) and clockwisearound highs (anticyclonic) in the northernhemisphere, thuscreating wind. The closer the isobars are to oneanother, thestronger the winds. "
Diesel Engine 1.0 APK
"When the exhaust from conventional dieselfuelwas found to cause cancer, clean diesel engines weredeveloped.Although thousands of conventional diesel fuel-burningvehicles arestill on the road, public pressure and environmentalorganizationshave prodded individual states and the federalgovernment to enactlegislation and fund replacement programs totake them out of use asquickly as possible. Standard diesel fuelStandard diesel fuel(sometimes called diesel oil) comes in twogrades: Diesel #1 (or1-D) and Diesel #2 (or 2-D). The higher thecetane number, the morevolatile the fuel. Most diesel vehicles usefuel with a rating of 40to 55. You won’t have to worry about whichtype to use because alldiesel automakers specify Diesel #2 fornormal driving conditions.Truckers use Diesel #2 to carry heavyloads for long distances atsustained speeds because it’s lessvolatile than Diesel #1 andprovides greater fuel economy. Dieselfuel also is measured by itsviscosity. Like any oil, diesel fuelgets thicker and cloudier atlower temperatures. Under extremeconditions, it can become a geland refuse to flow at all. Diesel#1 flows more easily than Diesel#2, so it’s more efficient atlower temperatures. The two types ofoil can be blended, and mostservice stations offer diesel fuelblended for local weatherconditions."
Learn Aikido 1.0 APK
"Most schools have hour long classes,thoughsome have longer formats. Some may offer multiple classes atatime. Your teacher may also have restrictions on what classesyoumay attend (e.g. Tuesday nights are reserved for black belts).Allof these factors needs to be considered when deciding whentopratice. You may also find that you want to practice more asyouget comfortable with the material. Many students will put inextratime to practice and prepare for a test. Remember that Aikidois apart of your life. In time, you may feel more dedicated toAikidoand that you want to put more time into it. That's fine, butatfirst, try to find a balance between this activity and others.Whatto Wear Most Aikido students practice in a uniform called adogi(or gi for short). It consists of a jacket, trousers, and abelt(obi). gis come in different sizes and weights. If you areunsureof your commitment to Aikido, you may want to start withalightweight karate-style uniform. Later, as you getmoreexperienced, you might find that a heavier Judo gi will lastlongerand stand up to some of the stress that practice can haveonclothing. Most uniforms will come with a white belt. Wearthatunless otherwise directed by your teacher. See Tying the Obi.Youwill notice that some students wear a long divided skirt calledahakama. Traditions vary from school to school, but generallythehakama is worn after reaching black belt. Some schools permitwomento wear them sooner (a holdover from Japanese modesty). Askafellow student if you should wear one or just attend classesandsee if anyone mentions it. A hakama can be an expensiveinvestment.Most run well over USD 100. Uniforms range from USD 25to 75depending on size and weight. Male students may find thatbriefs ora jock strap will give them support and comfort duringclass. Womenoften wear a sports bra with a t-shirt over it. Feetshould bebare. Take off any jewelry you might be wearing. It'ssurprisinghow bruised you can get from something as simple as aring. Do notwear anything around your neck - it can get caught andstrangleyou. Earrings get caught and might tear the lobes."
English Lessons 1.0 APK
"Get More out of Listening When moststudentslisten to a native English-speaker, they focus onunderstandingwhat all the words mean. This is definitely important,but there isa lot more you can learn from listening. Try listeningnot just towhat the words mean, but to how the person says them.Notice whichwords the person links together in a sentence, or whenthey say“ya” instead of “you.” Try to remember these details thenext timeyou speak and your English will begin to sound morenatural. Easiersaid than done, right? When you listen to nativeEnglish speakers,it can be hard to understand every single wordthat is spoken. Theymight use many words you don’t know, talk toofast or have a strongaccent. A fantastic way to practice careful,active listening is tostart using FluentU. FluentU has a hugecollection of real worldEnglish videos, so you can hear the Englishthat people speak everyday. Once you’re there, how you learn isentirely up to you. Whilebrowsing our hundreds of awesome videos,you’ll have the freedom tochoose which ones are most relevant toyour personal learningexperience."
Home security Systems 1.0 APK
"Surveillance cameras can be accessedremotelyon computers, smartphones, and tablets. They are often usedin thismethod when homeowners are out of town, to watch fordeliveries andother service personnel like caregivers andlandscapers, and tomonitor the arrival of children after school.They can also be usedto record any security breaches, which couldresult in havingfootage of a home invasion, including a good lookat the burglarsand perhaps even the vehicle they drove.High-decibel Alarm: Loudenough for neighbors to hear, home securityalarms serve a fewdifferent purposes. First, they alert the peopleinside the housethat a problem occurred. They're also shrill enoughto send aburglar running while also notifying nearby neighbors tothesituation. Yard Sign and Window Stickers: On the surface,theseitems might seem like nothing more than marketing tools foralarmcompanies, but they play important roles in home security.When youplace a security company's sticker in a front window andplanttheir sign in your front yard, you are telling burglars youhome isprofessionally protected and not a wise choice for anattemptedburglary. They are effective at conveying this message andshouldbe used as recommended by the security company."
Krav Maga 1.0 APK
"To fully appreciate Krav Maga, David says,youneed to know its history. The origins of Krav Maga can betraced topre-World War II Czechoslovakia (present-day Slovakia)and a youngJewish athlete named Imi Lichtenfeld. Imi was anationally andinternationally renowned boxer, wrestler, andgymnast. Beginning inthe mid-1930s, fascist and anti-Semiticgroups rose to power inCzechoslovakia and began inflictingviolence on Jewish communities.Feeling duty-bound to protect hisneighbors, Lichtenfeld organized agroup of young men to patrol hiscommunity and defend againstwould-be attackers. He quicklylearned, however, that his trainingin sport martial arts was nomatch for the anti-Semitic thugs heencountered. Fighting forpoints in a match and fighting for yourlife in a street fightrequire a different mindset and differenttechniques. Toeffectively defend himself and his community, Imibegansynthesizing his martial art knowledge and started placinganemphasis on attacks that quickly disabled and neutralized athreat.Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga, practicing martialarts By1940, Imi found himself living under a Nazi-allied puppetregimeand decided to head for Palestine to join the ZionistMovement andfight for a Jewish state of Israel. When he moved toPalestine in1942, he joined the Haganah, a pre-Israel Jewishparamilitaryorganization with a mission to protect Jewish settlersfrom localswho did not welcome the new arrivals. Israeli militaryleadersquickly noticed Imi’s fighting skills and his ability toteachthose skills to others. They put him in charge of trainingthemilitary’s elite fighting forces, including the Palmach(elitestrike force), the Palyam (marine commandos), andtheHaganah."
Electrical engineering 1.0 APK
" Both electrical engineers andcomputerengineers are involved in developing and enhancing nearlyeveryaspect of our lives, and are in demand by a wide rangeofindustries. Electrical and computer engineering are very close,andare built around the same core subjects. Each major representsanarea of study, and these areas overlap - there is no finite endofelectrical engineering and start of computer engineering,orvice-versa. Electrical engineering students have requiredcourses,such as power systems and energy conversion, semiconductordevicesand circuits, and electromagnetic fields and waves.Computerengineering students have required courses in softwaresystems andsoftware engineering, digital system design, andmicroprocessorinterfacing. Where can an electrical engineer work?An electricalengineer can work in a variety of engineeringindustries:Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Construction,Defence,Electronics, Consumer Goods, Marine, Materials &Metals, Oil& Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Power Generation, Rail,Telecoms, andUtilities. Electrical engineers can work forcorporations,non-profit organizations, or government agencies. Theycan alsobecome managers, patent attorneys, professors, or work inthefinancial sector. "