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Bamboo is a plant that is almost always present in every country inthe world. In Indonesia, this plant is very easy to find, becauseof the thousands of species of bamboo in the world, 60 species ofthem grown in soil Indonesia.Because it is easily shaped,lightweight, and durable, so no wonder bamboo is widely used forvarious purposes. Starting from weapons (stakes), buildingmaterials, craft materials, and a number are used as a musicalinstrument.Many areas in Indonesia which has the typical musicalinstrument made from bamboo. But unfortunately, due to thedevelopment of modern musical instruments Musical Instruments OfBamboo is less well known by the people of the area.Angklung is anicon and a traditional musical instrument of West Java Province.Musical instruments that are played by shaken this already famousin Indonesia and even the United Nations through UNESCO hasestablished a musical instrument Angklung as a musical instrumentbelongs to Indonesia.This musical instrument made of bamboo is cutin each section ends, much like pipes in an organ, and tiedtogether in a frame, and then shaken to produce vibrations. Wellthis vibration that produces sound.This is a typical musicalinstrument Minangkabau, West Sumatra. This musical instrument madeof bamboo Talang, namely bamboo which is usually used for aclothesline or bamboo are found drifting in the river.According tothe Minangkabau, the two types of bamboo these have happened tobelieve as a good material for musical instruments Saluang.Generally Saluang approximately 40 to 60 cm with a diameter of 3 or4 cm.Gamolan a Musical Instrument From Bamboo is typical ofLampung. Gamelan music instrument is similar but made of bamboowhich is played by being hit. It is estimated that this instrumenthas been played by the people of Lampung since the 4th century, butuntil now many Lampung people who do not know this traditionalmusical instruments.

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Aquaponics is probably still unfamiliar to most people. We oftenhear of aquaculture and hydroponics because the two systems havebeen widely used by the people of Indonesia. Whereas Aquaponicssystem is an excellent solution for my friend who wanted to produceplants and fish at the same time in a confined area. How can?Here's a little explanation.Aquaponics is a system that combinesaquaculture farming (aquaculture) with hydroponics in anenvironment that is symbiotic, sustainable. In normal fish farming,fish excretion and the rest of the feed will be accumulated in thewater pond and become the source of an ammonia pond, this willincrease the toxicity of the pond water if not disposed of.InAquaponics system, existing ammonia through the process ofmineralization and nitrification by bacteria decomposing actuallyused as a source of nutrients for the plants, then water that isfree from ammonia is returned into the pool as the water clean andhealthy for fish. Circulation process is what causes the Aquaponicssystem is said to be a sustainable agricultural systems andsaving.System / Merode used in aquacultureand a hydroponic farmthere are many kinds and variety, so that agriculture Aquaponicsbecame many variations, ranging from the very simple to thecomplex, as well as the size, the type of fish and vegetables grown
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The blankets are part of the sleeping equipment to provide a senseof warmth, especially while sleeping. Besides blanket made fromfabric, there is also an electric blanket, the blanket providedelectricity to be converted into heat energy that gives a sense ofwarmth to the wearer. Blankets were traditionally made of wool forwarmth and fire resistant properties.During its development, nowalso known as bed cover actual term has the same meaning with ablanket, but has the function of artistic and design more to thebeauty of the bed. Usually the bed cover is made of the same fabricwith linen cloth filled with soft material that serves for heatinsulation. Other bed cover functions is to maintain thecleanliness of the bed.Various types of blanket material appearedto have different warmth, as well as how to care that is definitelynot the same. Which type of quilt is most suitable for you and yourfamily? Let's look at quilt maker reviews the material surroundingthe following:• WoolWool has been used as a blanket began hundredsof years ago. The main reason people choose to use blankets madefrom this is the ability to maintain body heat, especially when thecold hit. In addition, the wool blanket is also veryenvironmentally friendly because it is made from 100% naturalingredients. The weakness of this type of quilt is a tendency toshrink when washed. To work around this, use cold water and washgently rev the engine when you wash.• Synthetic fabricsThere aremany kinds of synthetic fabrics used to make quilts, such aspolyester, acrylic and nylon. Synthetic fabrics are often used inthe manufacture of blankets due to its affordability, as well asoffering easy maintenance and durable. However, too often wash theblankets made from synthetic materials will result in the colorfades and a lot of threads sticking out. To fix this, do not be toofrequent washing and drying synthetic blanket was in place that wasnot too hot.• FlannelThis type is made of 100% poly so warm nature.Very suitable place cool place, maintenance is easier because wecan own without having to wash laundry. Only blankets have thedisadvantage that asymmetrical shape after washing, so make sureyou get a quality product.• FurFor this type of blanket no delicatefeathers like feathers on a gosling, so it's really soft. But thereare some types of fur bristles easily separated so feared could beinhaled into the respiratory. Make sure that you select the softblanket of the best quality so as not to endanger.• TowelThisblanket is made of towels so little rough but for some customersfanatics, these blankets are highly sought after because it absorbswater and suitable to take traveling.• CottonThis species is also apopular ingredient used to quilt because it is smooth, durable, andhas the look interesting. Often, this material is also used to makedecorative ornaments and also used linen fabric. Unfortunately,cotton blankets easily shrink if washed frequently so you'll wantto wear the blanket is only at certain times only so that no dirtyquickly. One more thing, do not forget to dry them in the shade,yes.
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Glasses are a tool that can help a person to be able to read andsee, besides the glasses also have the function of avoiding directeye contact from exposure to sunlight, and dust while driving.Glasses mean of benefits for those who need it, especially forthose who have a history of eye min or for parents whose eyes arealready a plus. Glasses very helpful for vision. Besides theglasses also can be made in the present trend. The continueddevelopment of the times over the years, getting ahead anyway lensmanufacturing.Model eyewear assortment, model reading glasses,sports glasses, sunglasses women. For the record, in choosingsunglasses should choose glasses that fit your face shape for yourface shape and glasses in stark contrast.Glasses also one of theaccessories that can make the appearance of being more cool andfashionable. Types and models of sunglasses are also quite a lot soyou can wear it in many different occasions, such as holidays tothe beach, hanging out with friends, or to any other event.Aviatorglasses are the kind of glasses are most often used by pilots.Aviator itself is a name derived from aviation word meaning 'low'and the first made in 1930. The pilots often use this type becausethe glasses lens aviator sunglasses designed wide and capable ofprotecting the eyes from the reflection of sunlight from variousangles.These glasses classic frames made of metal with a reflectionor smokey lens. These glasses became popular since the musiciansand actors wearing sunglasses aviator world.
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Bamboo houses, is synonymous with traditional houses sometimes lookold and unattractive to be made in the dream house.In fact, if wewere able to able to design it with a design that is as unique andinteresting as possible, bamboo house that is identical to atraditional home would be a dream modern home that makes peopleenvious and stay at home to have it. Such homes are often referredto as elements of bamboo as a decorative element but also as themain material in the building structure. Bamboo has a high strengthand elasticity so that it can be used as a substitute for woodenbuilding materials and steel.The uniqueness of this bamboo housewill be more visible when you choose a design with a modern conceptwith a coloring which was already adjusted to the concept.1.Traditional Bamboo HouseTraditional style not only looks outdatedand does not follow the trend. It is precisely this traditionaldesign can be unique things that can make your home look attractiveand different from the other house.2. Minimalist Modern BambooHousebamboo house with modern minimalist style is probably going tobe a very good reference for you to make a clone on your dreamhome. Modern impression given by some of the furniture in thehouse, making this bamboo house looks very unique andinteresting.3. Home Bamboo MiniMini house always shows its ownuniqueness to anyone who saw it. How about a miniature house madeof bamboo? it will be more looks unique and interesting to have.4.House Bamboo VintageVintage always gives another impression in thehearts of the hunters of ancient things. So even with a house,vintage home is not only made of iron that has been widely known tothe public about this vintage style.5. Bamboo House Simple
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Maybe you've never listened to the shape and type of the main doorto your residence. Although it does not have to turn out Model MainGate matching shapes and models can create the more interestingsights. Then how kind suitable for Main Door ModelModel Main DoorGlassMain Door models this one is currently a trend in society. Theimpression of a glass door in the house will show the impression ofa more attractive and simple. There are advantages of this glassdoors that during the day you do not have to again adding light toilluminate the inside of the room. Model Main Door glass cansupport you to save energy.Main Door Model SlideThe shape of themain door can be done by means of sliding doors. Main Door Modelsof this type are usually more conventional and traditional look.The hallmark of this door is the motif and pattern on the wood orstainlessnya that is used to design modern and simple.Model MainGate of WoodThe shape of the door which the last is a wooden doorwhere Model Main Gate this species has been widely used fordifferent types of homes. The impression one gets on a wooden dooris sturdy and majestic. You can provide additional natural paint onthe door so that it felt would be stronger. You can also order avariety of wooden doors with carved motifs which will furtherenhance performance. But for the door minimalist usually verysimple motive.Tips for Choosing Materials For Wood Doors1. Type ofWood2. Use Anti Termite3. Selection In texture4. Avoid Belang OnWood
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In general, people more familiar with the figure of a cute anentertainer who plays clever face with a certain expression likesad, annoyed, cheerful, happy sometimes sinister.Because actingstrange and funny it is always associated with entertainment.Pretty easy actually to give a general picture of a clown• face(face) always use a thick powder (make-up) at the mouth decoratedwith bright red lipstick-shaped mouth widened• In the eyes ofalways using black paint (mascara)• Wig colors are used to coverthe hair on the head• The clothes (costumes) typical baggysometimes in the abdomen deliberately somewhat dibuncitkan withunique colorsClown refers to a person with a cute makeup thatsometimes mimic a comic character, the makeup menor, unique andcolorful costumes, have the ability to demonstrate a funnyexpression and movements without even removing the silly words.This is what distinguishes a clown with a conventional comedian.Well now many emerging clothes clown, clown costume with variousclown costume design.clothing clown as known today is the result ofdevelopments in the ever popular costume Germany and the UK, aroundthe 18th century AD. At that time, makeup and style pantomimePickellherring so famous. The characteristics of makeup, clothesand shoes baggy (oversized), colorful headgear, as well as a largecircular lace around the neck of the clown.