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Want to become the magic horse caretaker? This pony beautysalongame gives you a chance to take care of your pony princessanddress up your magic horse in the best way. This game is thebestunicorn dress up girls game in which you can learn to makeyourbaby pony the beautiful rainbow horse. Make your princess ponylookmagically beautiful in our beauty salon and dress her up andmakeher hair in hair salon. You can experience the best beautysalongames and hair salon games by making my baby pony look prettyinunicorn dress up games.Pony beauty salon games offer you tomakeyour baby pony look beautiful by easy steps. The ponyprincesslives in a small stable. Your task is to clean the stablein magichorse games. Throw the dirt and broken things into thedustbin.Clean the horseshit by shovel and broom the floor and cleanthewebs on the walls of stable. Make the stable all clean for mybabypony in pony games. Your princess pony will look good evenmorewhen her stable is clean. The rainbow horse is dirty inrainbowhorse beauty salon games. To clean the magic horse, removeall thedirt from it and give it a clean shower. After shower, drythe ponywith the dryer. My baby pony games are the best fordressing up andgiving makeover to pony princess. After drying thehair of rainbowhorse in hair salon, apply deodorant on baby pony tomake it smellgood. Look for germs on its body and kill them withthedisinfectant spray in pony beauty salon games. The beautysalonmakeover games are for girls of all age and you will enjoy Mybabypony hair salon and dress up games after installing it. Inthehorseshoe clinic, you can repair and change the horseshoe ofmybaby pony in pony dress up games. Do makeover on baby ponyrainbowhorse in magic horse dress up games in makeover salon. Loosethescrews of the horseshoe of princess pony. Remove all the dustfromit and make it smooth with the help of blade. Remove all thedirtfrom under the horseshoe in unicorn dress up girls games andplacea new horseshoe on the rainbow horse. The rainbow ponymakeovergames help you to decorate your baby pony in a beautifulponyprincess. Place anklets in the horseshoe of the magichorse.Decorate the back of rainbow horse with beautiful layer. Youcanalso put a necklace, ribbon and more stuff to decorate my babyponyin makeover salon. Design the horn of your magic horse inunicorndress up girls game. So don’t waste time and install the newmybaby pony hair salon and dress up game now and enjoy withyourlittle friends. Features:- Dress up pony princess in my babyponygames and enjoy.- Clean and shower the magic horse and removeallthe dirt in rainbow pony makeover games.- Clean the stable inponybeauty salon games and make your princess pony lookbeautiful.-Repair the horseshoe of rainbow horse and make it new inponybeauty salon games.- Decorate the baby pony with necklaceandribbons and design the unicorn horn of my baby pony inunicorndress up girls games.

App Information My Baby Pony Beauty Salon Makeover Game

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    My Baby Pony Beauty Salon Makeover Game
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    July 1, 2018
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    Android 3.0 and up
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Whenever there is a health Emergency, you rush to the EmergencyDoctor to get it checked. This Hospital Game is about EyeEmergency. Be an Eye Doctor and perform the Eye Test, Eye Surgeryand Eye Checkup in Eye Clinic. You can perform Virtual Surgery bybecoming Eye Specialist and doing Eye Treatment. Own the KidsClinic and be the Surgery Simulator in the Eye Hospital.When thepatient comes in hospital Emergency, firstly perform the generalhealth checkup. The patient comes to your Eye Hospital; check bloodpressure, heartbeat, respiration and any abnormalities andfunctional disorders in this Hospital Game. Ask the patient aboutEye Emergency and deal like an Eye Specialist. You are a DoctorSimulator in Kids Clinic. This game is about performing the bestEye Surgery in case of emergency and becoming the Eye Doctor. Dothe Eye Checkup and find out the cause of Emergency. Bring thepatient to Eye Clinic and do surgical cleaning of the eye. Carryout the Eye Treatment by removing all the dust particles and eyelash hair trapped in the eye. Prepare the patient for Eye Surgeryin Hospital Game. Become the Surgery Simulator by performingVirtual Surgery of patient in Eye Hospital. During surgery, youremove the blisters in the eye. Check for redness, swelling, pupilmarks and any signs that cause Eye Emergency and bring the patientto Eye Specialist. Kill of the germs with laser and disinfect theeye. Remove these and be the best Eye Doctor in Kids Clinic. Tomake sure that the patient sees well and does not have anydifficulty in sight, perform the lens surgery in Eye Hospital. Fromour advanced tools, you can be the Doctor Simulator and carry outEye Surgery easily. This Hospital Game is not only for fun but itseducational too. It teaches how to be the Emergency Doctor in caseof Emergency of some kind. It helps you to do Eye Treatment ofpatients with eye disease. Use the eye forceps to remove the faultyretina and lens of the patient in Eye Hospital. You can choose fromvariety of colored lenses and suit the best for your patient in EyeClinic. The Eye Surgery Simulator ER Doctor: Eye Clinic game offersyou to become the best doctor of Kids’ Clinic in Hospital Game.Carry out the Eye Checkup and Eye Tests of the patient. The gameoffers you to perform different Eye Tests for your patient in EyeClinic. These tests are the number test, picture test, manual test,and visual test, laser test. The patient has to identify thenumbers or objects or pictures shown to him and the doctor assessesthe level of patient’s vision. If there is an issue with sight, youcan give the patient the glasses suiting the number of hiseyesight. Become the Doctor Simulator by prescribing the patientpainkillers and medications for his Eye Treatment. You can be thebest Eye Doctor of Eye Clinic Hospital Game by performing all thesesteps of Eye Surgery. Eye Tests are important for everyoneregularly. Keep the patient for follow up and do the Eye Checkupfor prognosis. These steps of Virtual Surgery are easy to performby very easy commands and game play of Eye Surgery Simulator ERDoctor: Eye Clinic Game. Install it now and play with your friends.You will surely enjoy being the Doctor Simulator and will get tolearn a lot becoming Emergency Doctor Surgery Simulator. Features:-Treat the patient in Emergency by becoming Emergency Doctor.-Perform Eye Surgery with special tools in Eye Hospital.- Become theSurgery Simulator by performing Eye Treatment.- Change the lens ofthe eye in Eye Clinic.- Perform Eye Tests and Eye Checkup and seefor any eyesight problems.- Give medicines and eye cream forbetterment of Eye Treatment preformed. - Be an Eye Doctor and doEye Surgery treatment in ER Emergency Eye Hospital Game.- Do thecleaning, remove the redness, dust particles, blisters and killsthe germs from the eye with laser.
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The wait is over, now Indian bride fashion wedding makeup andmakeover is available on play store. Anyone can download IndianFashion Salon for Wedding and prepare the groom like a princess asyou will see in Indian Fashion Salon for Wedding . All the latesttechniques of makeover and makeup you can adopt by playing IndianBride Fashion Wedding Makeup Salon. Now you have no need to goparlor and pay a lot money to beautician for makeup and makeover.You will also learn the stylish techniques for dress up from IndianDesigner Dresses and Makeup Fashion. Game play of Indian FashionSalon for Wedding is so simple, everyone can pick the ideas andbecome the super model at home. Indian Bride Fashion Wedding Makeupand Makeover give you as much confidence that you can easilyprepare the bridal according to your desirable choice. The controlof Indian Fashion Salon for Wedding is very smooth, user-friendly.Indian Bride Makeup and Dressing Fashion will teach you how toapply spa face treatment in initial levels of Indian Bride FashionWedding Makeup and Makeover. Then you will apply massage and facialon bride face to make the skin more softer and nourishing. At theend you have apply base to give the final princess look. You willalso enjoy the melodious and charming back ground music while thegroom busy in makeup. Let's install Indian Fashion Salon forWedding without missing a single day. And you will definitely enjoythe game. Main features: Skin polishing Massage the rough skinLatest makeup accessories Royal girl dresses up techniquesFurnished salon environment Hair cutting and design salon Girlsmakeup and spa Indian henna Indian fashion Pure IndiancultureManicure and pedicure technique Nail cutting and nail polishspa Latest Indian saree fashion Top beauty salon Indian girlwedding Free girl games Indian doll games Best Indian wedding girlgames Indian fashion wedding spa
Truck Wash & Workshop Gas Station - Kids Game 1.0.3 APK
If you have your own car or truck, you must be wondering how tokeep it clean. We bring you the most interesting Kid’s Game for CarWash and Truck Wash which includes service station games, gasstation games, parking simulator games & car driving games. Youmust have played many Car Washing games but this Car Wash and TruckWash and Car Mechanic game will take to you to an amazing ride suchas typical car wash games & truck wash games. This gameprovides thrilling Car Wash and Truck Repair for kids and cleaninggames for girls. Bring your Big Truck, Smart Car, Luxury Car,Muscle Car, and Sports Car to our Car Wash and Truck Wash salon andget your car cleaned in these service station games, gas stationgames , car driving games & parking simulator games. Wash thedust off from the Monster Truck. Apply cleaners and detergents onyour big truck to make it all clean and shine this Truck Wash Gamesor Car Wash Games. Remove the remaining dust and wash the car withwater in our Car Wash Salon. Get the car welded at the ServiceStation. If you have some problem in the engine of your car, bringit to Car Mechanic and get it fixed at Mechanic Workshop. Fill theengine with gas and oil at the Gas Station and Oil Station. Getyour Big Truck, Luxury Car, Sports Car serviced at the servicestation. Put the oil in the Oil Truck at the Oil Station and makeit work. Remove all the mud from the Monster truck and make it looklike new. All the flaw and dents in the parts of truck and car canbe welded at Mechanic Workshop. Use shampoos and showers to cleanyour cars and give it a new look. Remove the water from the screensby windshield. Dry the wet cars after car wash at Mechanic Shop.Weprovide all the Services at the Service Station. Car Repair is doneat Mechanic Shop. Welding of damaged parts and broken units aredone in Mechanic Workshop. Have the best Car Washing experience andenjoy in your clean Big Trucks and Luxury Cars, Sports Car afterCar Wash and Truck Wash. Give life to the engine of your MonsterTruck at the Fuel Station, Gas Station, Oil Station and enjoy theride. You might have played many service station games, gas stationgames, car driving games & parking simulator games. But thistruck wash games or car wash games is are fun to play for all agegroups. So, Don’t waste time and install the Big Truck Wash and CarWash game for free and make your journey better.Features:Car Washand Truck Wash in car wash shops. Repair of cars and Big Trucks atthe Mechanic Workshop.Clean the Luxury Car and Sports Car withshampoo and detergents.Wash the dust off from the truck withwater.Dry the windscreen and car at the shop.Do welding of parts atthe Mechanic Shop.Fill the engine with Oil at Oil Station.Fill gasin cars at the Gas Station.
Virtual Tattoo Artist Salon & Tattoo Maker Game 1.0.1 APK
Tattoos are a cool and chic trend of today’s era. They lookclassyand everyone wants to have one. Tattoo design games make itfun foryou to be tattoo artist at the tattoo salon and make tattoosforpeople. You can be the best tattoo maker in tattoo salon gamesbylearning simple techniques in tattoo maker games. Make peoplehappyby making cool tattoo designs in artist salon. Tattoo artistgamesare fun for you and your friends.Play tattoo surgery simulatorintattoo games and perform tattoo surgery. For virtual surgery,firstER doctor will have to perform the general checkup oftattoosimulator and then do the tattoo surgery. The person comes inERemergency and the doctor simulator checks heart rate,temperatureand blood pressure of the man. This is important forsurgerysimulator of tattoo design because if there is anyabnormality,doctor simulator will not do tattoo surgery in surgerygames. Sohelp the tattoo simulator in tattoo games and do virtualsurgery intattoo salon. Take the man in the artist salon maketattoo designin tattoo surgery games. Before the surgery simulator,clean thearea with cotton swab and give injection in surgerysimulationgames. You can now take the man to tattoo maker in funtattoogames, who will make beautiful tattoo on desired area. Theman willselect where he wants to get the tattoo design. Arm, backand chestare the options in salon games. For the arm, the man willselecthis favorite design and tell the tattoo artist to personvirtualsurgery of tattoo simulator. If the man wants the tattoo onhisback, the tattoo design game will unlock that for him and makehimchoose from designs given in tattoo artist games. The samewillhappen for the chest in tattoo salon. Become the tattoo makeranddoctor simulator to perform tattoo surgery in surgerysimulationgames. Tattoo artist in tattoo salon will give theinstructions tothe tattoo machine and doctor simulator will guideto make thetattoo on the desired area of man. Tattoos have a lot ofmeaning inpeople’s life and they come to artist salon for it insalon games.By becoming doctor simulator and tattoo simulator, youmake peoplehappy by surgery simulator of tattoos. The surgerysimulator in ERemergency guides the people and helps them choosethe area oftattoo design. You can easily be the ER doctor of tattoosurgerygames and have fun. Clean the blood clots of man aftertattoosurgery with clean cotton from every area in ER emergency.Instructthe man to take care of the area and keep it clean bybecomingdoctor simulator. Following these simple steps on tattoomakergames will make you a perfect tattoo artist. Install nowthevirtual tattoo artist salon and tattoo maker game and have funwithyour friends. Features:Become the tattoo maker in tattoosalongames and make tattoo design. Be the ER doctor in ER emergencyanddo the general checkup in surgery games. Make classy andcooltattoos in tattoo salon by becoming tattoo artist on arms,chestand back. You can clean the blood from tattoo areas by beingdoctorsimulator and instruct the man. Enjoy with simple steps andlearnhow to make chic tattoos.
Burger Master Fast Food Maker Cooking Games 1.0.1 APK
Feeling hungry? Become the Restaurant Chef in our Cooking Game.Come to our Burger Shop and make the most delicious Burgers. ThisRestaurant Game brings out your inner Burger Maker and you can makethe most juicy Cheeseburger, Hamburger, and Chicken Burger, BeefBurger. You can also make Steak Burger and Veggie Burger in thisBurger Game. Everybody loves Fast Food. And when we serve it withFrench Fries and Ice Cream, it makes the taste yummier. Try theBurger Master Fast Food Maker Cooking Game and make the bestburgers in town. You can be amazing Food Maker and learn all thetips from this Restaurant Game. Choose from the variety of burgerslike Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Chicken Burger, Beef Burger, SteakBurger and Veggie Burger for the one who don’t like meat. Choosefrom cold tasty Milkshakes and serve.You just have to drive in ourBurger Shop and order from the Cooking Game menu. Choose yourdesired kind of burger. We have the best Pattie burger be itChicken Burger, Beef Burger or Fish Burger. Become the Cooking Chefand heat the pan. Cook the Pattie. Select the buns and fill themwith our spicy sauces and lettuce In Restaurant Game. Cook FrenchFries and prepare your Fast Food meal in this Cooking AdventureCooking Game. Develop the best taste and make burgers for everyonein this Cooking Game. Become the Burger Master by serving your bestburgers with French Fries. You can also add Milkshakes and Icecream to it. Choose for your day and be the Restaurant Chef in thisRestaurant Game. Very easy and basic steps to make you learn how tomake the best burgers. Play with your friends and become theultimate Food Maker by cooking Fast Food in our Burger Shop.Own aBurger Shop Fast Food joint and become the best Burger MasterCooking Chef of Restaurant Game. You can be amazing Fast Food Makerin this Cooking Game. You must have played many Cooking Games butthis will urge you to play more and more. So what are you waitingfor? Install this Cooking Game for free now and become the bestRestaurant Chef. Features:Choose from Hamburger, Cheeseburger,Chicken Burger, Beef Burger, Steak Burger, and Veggie BurgerPreparePattie and fill with spices and sauces.Prepare the burger andbecome Burger MasterServe with French fries.Select from Milkshakeand Ice Cream and increase the fun.
Virtual Mom Pregnant Surgery Newborn Baby Care 2D 1.0.1 APK
Virtual Mom Pregnant Surgery Newborn Baby Care 2D is a story of aVirtual Mom who is about to give birth to Newborn Baby and makeVirtual Happy Family. This Happy Family Game of Pregnant Surgeryand Baby Care gives you the ultimate experience of Virtual Doctorin ER Emergency. By helping the Pregnant Women you can be SurgerySimulator in Pregnant Surgery Simulator Games. This kind SurgeryGames are not only fun but also help you to learn about PregnantMommy Surgery. After Baby Birth, you can do Baby Care of the BabyBoy or Baby Girl. You also take Mom Care in this Virtual MomGames.The Pregnant Lady comes to you in ER Emergency for PregnantSurgery and to give Baby Birth. First you perform the generalcheckup of Virtual Mom in Pregnancy Games. Check her bloodpressure, pulse, temperature, and heartbeat. You can also carry outan ultrasound in the Pregnant Surgery Simulator Games. This is forBaby Care and also to find out if it’s a Baby Girl or Baby Boy inNew Born Baby Games. Give the oxygen masks to Pregnant Women inPregnant Mom Games for Mom Care. Become Virtual Doctor byperforming Pregnant Mommy Surgery.In this Virtual Family Games, bethe Virtual Mom Simulator and be prepared for Pregnant Surgery inPregnant Surgery Games. You can make the Virtual Happy Family bybecoming Family Simulator in Family Games. For Pregnant MommySurgery, give anesthesia through injection to Pregnant MomSimulator so the Pregnant Mommy doesn’t feel pain. Mark the pointsto provide incision to Pregnant Lady in Pregnancy Games. Cut theskin carefully of Mommy Simulator and take the Newborn Baby outwith the help of a pump device in Newborn Baby Games. Perform theVirtual Pregnant Surgery in Pregnant Mom Games.Now that the NewbornBaby Birth is done, perform the Baby Care of the Baby Girl or BabyBoy in Virtual Family Games. Close the incision of Pregnant Momwith stiches and give painkillers through injection to the VirtualMom Simulator. You have completed the Virtual Family and made MommySimulator and Dad Simulator into a Virtual Happy Family in VirtualFamily Games. You are the Virtual Doctor of Pregnant Surgery afterperforming Pregnant Mommy Surgery in Pregnancy Games. Provide theMommy Care by taking good care of Newborn Baby and the VirtualMom.Baby Care is very important after Baby Birth in FamilySimulator Games. So be the Virtual Doctor and separate theumbilical cord by cutting it. Put bandage over it to protectNewborn Baby from germs and dirt. Bathe the baby nicely and wrapthe Baby Girl or Baby Boy in a clean towel in Newborn Baby Games.The mother of the baby is Housewife so Dad Simulator and MommySimulator both will take care of the baby after going back from EREmergency in Happy Family Games.Mommy Care is also very importantso the Surgery Simulator gives medication to the past Pregnant Ladywho has just gone through Pregnant Surgery in Pregnant SurgerySimulator Games. Build your Virtual Family and do Newborn Baby Carein Pregnant Mommy Game. Everyone creates a Virtual Family includingDad Simulator, Mommy Simulator and Newborn Baby whether it’s a BabyGirl or Baby Boy. Most Pregnant Women are Housewife in Happy FamilyGames.This is a Happy Family Game and everyone can enjoy it inFamily Simulator. This Virtual Mom Game gives the opportunity tolearn from the steps of Pregnant Surgery in ER Emergency ofPregnancy Games. Install now and learn and enjoy with your friendsthe Virtual Mom Pregnant Surgery Newborn Baby Care 2DGame.Features:Bring the Housewife Pregnant Mommy in ER Emergencyand perform Pregnant Surgery.Be the Virtual Doctor and do generalcheckup of Pregnant Lady and check ultrasound in PregnantGames.Become Surgery Simulator of Pregnant Women. Do PregnantSurgery in Pregnancy Games and give Baby Birth in Virtual FamilyGames.Take Mom Care and Baby Care by providing health care facilityin Newborn Baby Games.Make the Virtual Happy Family in FamilySimulator Games and Happy Family Games.