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What would be your child’s reaction if he was told that there is aFriend... in his mom’s or dad’s phone? Can’t guess? Then do notpass by! Pet care simulator with educational game elements. 8characters are available and more than 500 customization optionsfor each of them. Mini-games included. 😸 My Cute Pets - is eightcharming pet friends - from a charming puppy and a tender hare to arestless little squirrel and a smiling raccoon. All of them areinfinitely loyal to their owner and always happy to see him.Animals temper is fine too, the only thing they do not like isboredom. Everything else - music, sport, hygiene – will do, theysay, with a bang. Just manage to invent games for them! .. So, ifyou have been dreaming for a long time to see how a cat does a“wave” with the paws, how a panda brushes teeth and how achanterelle-fenech plays the saxophone, then My Cute Pets is foryou. So, what is there in the game? ❤️ An alternative to toys. MyCute Pets is an application that can easily replace most of thetoys for your child. And this is not surprising - after all, unliketheir plush counterparts, the painted animals will not wear out andfade over time, nor do they have to stay at home while their littleowner visits a clinic, a hairdresser or a group. ❤️ An educationalmoment. With all its advantages over traditional children's games,My Cute Pets is even better fits for giving a sense ofresponsibility to a child. Caring for virtual pets, kids come tounderstand how important it is to treat others properly. A childwho loves pet care simulators can safely be trusted with both a catand a dog. ❤️ A game in the game. Spending time learning mini-gamesavailable in My Cute Pets, your baby will not only be entertained,but also develop. Simple, but addictive fun will help the child toconsolidate their knowledge of numbers and colors, and even todiscover the wonderful world of music. Well, thanks to the BabyPhone game, the baby will learn the rules and norms ofcommunication with friends. Customization. As in most of the bestkids games with virtual pets, customization is provided in My CutePets. Tired of searching for an application where you can care forsomeone other than puppies and kittens? Install My Cute Pets - asquirrel and a bear you are already waiting for there! And as if itis not enough, there are more than 60 variants of appearance areprovided for each of these and other characters. ❤️ Affordability.Unlike many other games for Android smartphones, you can downloadand install the My Cute Pets to your gadget for free. As for theuse, this application can even be launched in offline mode - inother words, it’s not necessary to have access to the Internet forit to work.

App Information My Cute Pets: Kids Phone: Baby Phone

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    My Cute Pets: Kids Phone: Baby Phone
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    October 9, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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In the sport the differences game "Find the Differences", as inother logical puzzle games, you need to compare pictures and finddifferences on similar pictures. The picture find difference gameis based on the principle of finding a difference – which isentertaining & amusing for both adults and children alike. Doyou have it all to win in this logical brain teaser game? 👆PLAYOFFLINE! We tried to make it as interesting for you to look fordifferences without time limits, without advertising and withoutthe Internet. Downloading the application, you get a game with aconvenient and simple interface, clear rules and exciting tasks.Unlike other find differencies free games that require online toplay and run intrusive ads that bag you, we make the spot thedifference free game available offline so you can play it anywhereand at any time. The find the difference game does not require anInternet connection, so your traffic will not be used in thebackground. In addition, our game "Spot the Difference" is free.🖼️THE MOST FUN & CHALLENGING FIND DIFFERENCIES GAME The levelsin the free spot the difference game are arranged in complexity.Each one is complicated than the previous one. In this game "Find 5differences" comes with tips. So the most impatient too, you candownload the brain teaser game. Picture difference & find thedifference puzzles that you can’t find elsewhere, be amazedamazingly! 💡RELEASE YOUR MIND & INCREASE FOCUS Needless to say,this is a brain teaser game that develops mindfulness, focus. Sowhile being a great logical & focus brain teaser game, find thedifferences is also a great fun time to spend your free time on. Ifyou want to pass the time on the road or on a boring event ✅ allyou need is to download the game Find the difference and enjoy thebrain teaser puzzle. ⭐️STARTS EASY, BUT GETS EXTREMELY HARD Findingdifferences is not always easy, as it seems at first glance. If youdo not use the prompts, you can spend more than 40 minutes on onelevel! Will you set a record? For how long will you find thedifferences in the pictures in our 50th level? 💟WHY YOU’LL ADOREFIND THE DIFFERENCE GAME? ✅ Free brain teaser puzzle game for thewhole family; ✅ New tasks that are not in other similar games; ✅There are no time limits; ✅ You can enlarge the picture, if youneed to consider in more detail; ✅ Prompts; ✅ Beautiful pictures; ✅Simple and convenient interface. HOW TO PLAY: Seeing thedifferences in the two pictures you need to tap on them, find thespots (spots) where the pictures are different. Discovering all thedifferences, you will move to a new, even more exciting level. Inour game, we do not need to find 10 differences, which can be verytiring, is not it, right? We just need to understand the differencein the two pictures. Differences in the photo are barelynoticeable, but you can still find differences. Can you find thedifference? Find 5 differences in the game without using hints andshow what you are capable of! In the furnace of ten differences,find at least 5! PERFECT FOR EVERY BRAIN PUZZLE LOVER If you areattentive and like puzzles like find differences in pictures, youneed this game! More beautiful, comfortable and unobtrusive gameyou have not seen. Spot the difference will endlessly tickle yourbrain imagination and demand extreme dedication and focus to solvethe find differences & picture difference puzzles! Stop wastingyour time on games that are not beneficial for your mind! With FindThe Difference: Spot Difference Game Picture you are doing both:having fun and training your brain to focus better & thinkthoroughly. Download now for free & start the brain teasingjourney in this amazing spot the difference puzzles & picturedifference game!
4 Fotos 1 Palabra. Cuatro imágenes, una palabra 1.0.9 APK
Te presentamos un entretenido juego para los amantes de losacertijos, crucigramas, juegos de palabras, juegos de lógica yjuegos de asociación. Con el juego "4 fotos 1 palabra", se estimulala actividad cerebral con la ayuda de un pasatiempo interesante. 👆LA IDEA DETRÁS DEL JUEGO "4 IMÁGENES 1 PALABRA: Vamos aentretenernos mientras jugamos un juego de lógica, donde en cadanivel se te mostrarán 4 imágenes. Las asociaciones entre ellas tedirán la palabra mágica, que debe ser adivinada a partir de lasletras que se muestran debajo de las imágenes. Usa tu imaginación,piensa en lo que se muestra en las fotos y qué asociacionesobtienes de ellas. ¿Será suficiente tu conocimiento general pararevelar la palabra escondida en estas 4 fotos? ¡Adelante, júntalastodas con las letras proporcionadas! CARACTERÍSTICAS PRINCIPALESDEL JUEGO "4 FOTOS 1 PALABRA": ✅ Un juego para poner a prueba losconocimientos generales de adultos y niños; ✅ Cientos de nivelesemocionantes; ✅ Sin límite de tiempo; ✅ Interfaz simple y bonita; ✅Ayuda en forma de consejos; ✅ La posibilidad de jugar sin conexióna Internet; ✅ Niveles interesantes de diferente complejidad. Únetea millones de fans de los juegos de palabras. Juega con nosotros ydesarrolla tu pensamiento lógico! We present an entertaining gamefor fans of puzzles, crossword puzzles, word games, puzzles andmatching games. With the game " 4 pictures 1 word " brain activityis stimulated with the help of an interesting hobby. 👆 THE IDEABEHIND THE GAME "4 images 1 The word: Let us entertain ourselveswhile playing a logic game where each level will show 4 images.Partnerships between them will say the magic word, which must bedivined from the letters that are shown below the images. Use yourimagination, think about what is shown in the pictures and whatassociations you get from them. Enough will be your generalknowledge to reveal the hidden word in these 4 photos? Go ahead,put them together all the letters provided! GAME FEATURES " 4pictures 1 The word ": ✅ A game to test the general knowledge ofadults and children; ✅ Hundreds of exciting levels; ✅ No timelimit; ✅ simple and beautiful interface; ✅ Aid in the form ofadvice; ✅ The possibility of playing without an Internetconnection; ✅ interesting levels of different complexity. Joinmillions of fans of puns. Play with us and develop your logicalthinking!
4 Pics 1 Word. Four Pictures, One Word. Words Game 1.0.5 APK
An exciting game of logical association: "4 Pics 1 Word". Wepresent for your attention an entertaining game for lovers ofriddles, crosswords, word games, logical games, and associationgames. Your brain activity is boosted through the help of aninteresting pastime with the game “4 Photos 1 Word”. 👆THE IDEABEHIND THE "4 PICTURES 1 WORD” GAME: Let’s get entertained whileplaying a game of logic, where at each level you will be shown 4pictures. The associations between them will tell you the magicword, which must be guessed from the letters shown under thepictures. Get your imagination going, think about what is shown inthe photos and what associations you get from it. Will yourerudition be enough to reveal the word hidden in these 4 photos? Goahead, piece it all together from the provided letters! MAINFEATURES OF THE "4 PHOTOS 1 WORD” GAME: ✅ A game for testinggeneral knowledge for adults and children; ✅ Hundreds of excitinglevels; ✅ No time limit; ✅ Simple and beautiful interface; ✅ Helpin the form of hints; ✅ The ability to play the game without anInternet connection; ✅ Interesting levels of different complexity.You'll be delighted by the challenging and fun guess the word game.Join millions of picture word game one word 4 pic fans. Play withus and develop your logical thinking!
4 Фото 1 Слово. Четыре картинки одно слово. 1.2.0 APK
Увлекательная логическая игра на ассоциации «Четыре Фото ОдноСлово». Представляем Вашему вниманию занимательную игру дляценителей загадок, ребусов, игр в слова, логических игр, игр наассоциации. Штурмуем мозговую активность с помощью интересноговремяпрепровождения в игре «4 Фото 1 Слово». 👆ПРИНЦИП ИГРЫ «4КАРТИНКИ 1 СЛОВО»: Развлекаемся, играя в игру на логику, в каждомуровне которой Вам будут представлены 4 картинки, ассоциативный рядкоторых подскажет Вам заветное слово, которое надо собрать изпредставленных под картинками букв. Включите воображение, подумайтенад тем, что изображено на фотографиях, какие ассоциации они у Васвызывают. Ваша эрудиция подсказывает слово, спрятанное в этих 4фотографиях? Смело собирайте его из представленных букв! ОСНОВНЫЕПРЕИМУЩЕСТВА ИГРЫ «4 ФОТО 1 СЛОВО»: ✅ Игра на проверку эрудиции длявзрослых и детей; ✅ Сотни увлекательных уровней; ✅ Отсутствиеограничения по времени; ✅ Простой и красивый интерфейс; ✅ Помощь ввиде подсказок; ✅ Возможность играть в игру при отсутствииинтернета; ✅ Интересные уровни разной сложности. Присоединяйтесь кмиллионам любителей игр в слова. Играйте с нами и развивайтелогическое мышление! An exciting puzzle game on the association «Four Photo One Word ». We present to your attention an entertaininggame for fans of puzzles, puzzles, word games, puzzle games, gameson the association. Storm the brain activity using an interestingpastime in the game "4 Photos 1 Word". 👆 principle of the game "4pictures 1 WORD»: Have fun playing the game of logic, in which eachlevel you will be presented with 4 images, associative series whichwill tell you the magic word, which is necessary to collect apicture of the presented letters. Use your imagination, think aboutwhat is depicted in the photographs, what associations they causeyou. Your knowledge suggests a word hidden in these 4 photos? Feelfree to gather it from the provided letters! KEY BENEFITS OF THEGAME "4 PHOTO 1 word»: ✅ game erudition test for adults andchildren; ✅ Hundreds of exciting levels; ✅ absence of a time limit;✅ Simple and beautiful interface; ✅ Help in the form of tips; ✅ toplay the game in the absence of the Internet; ✅ Interesting levelsof different complexity. Join the millions of fans of word games.Play with us and develop logical thinking!
Spot The Difference: Compare and Find Differences 1.7.0 APK
Compare the two given images and spot differences between them.It’s what Spot The Difference is all about and it happens to beaddictive, fun, and entertaining. This free logical puzzle gamedelivers everything you should expect from such brain-training appsand it even sets the bar to a higher level by offering wonderfulgraphics, high-quality images, constant updates, zooming option,and a lot more. So, if you are looking for a free difference gameto find and spot the difference between two pictures, download SpotThe Difference for free and enjoy comparing picture and spottingthe difference. What to expect from Spot The Difference?This freelogical puzzle game comes with a clean and neat design and theinterface is so user-friendly and the gameplay is so easy to learnthat you’ll get the whole idea after entering the first level andfinding the first difference. Speaking of the easy to learngameplay, you just need to take a close look at the given picturesand try to find the differences. Since there is no time limit, youcan take your time and focus on the pictures. The moment you seethe first difference, simply tap on it and mark it as a difference.The level will be completed as soon as you manage to find all the 5differences, and you can always use the Hint option in case you areclueless and stuck in a level.Why should I install this freelogical puzzle game?While there are so many other free puzzle gamesto train your brain and improve your concentration skills, whyshould I install this free find the differences game? Well, this isa fair question to ask and here are just a few reasons to installSpot The Difference and play it for hours without noticing thetime:• All the pictures are in high quality and the wide range ofpictures with different subjects make sure you never feel tired orbored.• The constant updates make sure there is always some freshcontent for you.• Available Hints make sure there is always a wayout when you cannot find the differences. • There is no time limitand there is no limitation to solve the puzzles and find thedifferences.And since all the features of Spot The Difference areavailable for free, there is no harm giving it a try.Spot TheDifference main features at a glance:• Clean and neat design withfresh and intuitive interface• High-quality pictures• A wide rangeof levels with different levels of difficulties• 1000 unique levels(And more to come soon)• Optimized for both tablets and phones• Funfor both adults and children• Fee to playSo, download Spot TheDifference for free, start comparing and spotting the differences,and unlock the levels one by one. Stay tuned and let us know aboutany bugs, questions, feature requests or any other bugs. What’s thedifference? Get your magnifier and let’s find the answer together.
Spot The Difference: Rooms 1.2.3 APK
Hello lovers of logical games! Looking for differences in therooms? "Spot the difference: Rooms" - a game to kill time andengage the brain. It isn’t always easy to find differences. Manyhave already had to surrender on initial levels. Perhaps you willbecome one of them?The game is simple and fun. The only rule is tofind all the differences between the two pictures. In the playingfield before you will be photos of the room. Your task is to lookclosely and find 5 differences.The reasons you should download ourgame:- High-quality graphics;- 100 levels of find the differences;-Pictures that you have not come across before;- The possibility ofenlarging photos;- Find the differences games with no time limit;-Games with tips;- Free game for adults and children;- Simple andintuitive interface.Spot the Difference game offline. You will notneed to be online and spend time waiting for new pictures to beuploaded. You can use the game at any time: on the road, at alecture, during leisure, at work, whenever there is a need for adistraction.Room difference game for the whole family. The game canbe played by anyone who wants to practice mindfulness, regardlessof age. The game suits both adults and children and is extremelyuseful for everybody.What differences can be in the pictures?Totally different. On each of them there are 5 differences. If youcannot see yourself, you can take a hint and go through a complexlevel faster. For each level you will be awarded balls. And you cantrain with friends and relatives who also play this game.Spot thedifferences game free. You can go through all levels for free andenjoy the quality of the application.We already have a game inwhich to search for differences in any places "Spot thedifference". Now we are offering you the chance to find differenceson the interior.Our game is not a cheap toy, which you can find inlots of stores. We have invested a lot of time and effort intodeveloping the application. Therefore, we would love to know howyou found our product. Leave feedback and rate. It is important forus to find out what you liked and what you feel we need to workon.When you find the differences on all 100 levels - download oursecond game and start a new and interesting journey into the worldof differences.Good luck and happy searching!
Find The Difference. What's the Difference Spot it 1.1.0 APK
Find The Difference : Spot the Difference Free Game! The marvelouspicture difference game that is best among all brain teasers.What’s the difference? Do you love to find the difference betweentwo pictures? Then these logic puzzles will be amusing to you. Donot simply waste your time playing useless games, spot thedifference between pictures to sharpen your mind. 💡 The SurprisesAre Waiting For You!!!!!!! ✅ No Time Limitation ✅ Numerous Levels& Pretty Pictures ✅ Simple and Seamless User-interference ✅Only 5 differences to Spot ✅ Watch Videos to Earn Gems ✅ HintsAvailable If You Get Stuck ✅ Play Offline Whenever You Want ✅Enhance Imagination plus Concentration ✅ Zoom & Slide ThePicture For Better Visibility 💡 Play With Dedication To AchieveSomething Great Puzzle games or brain games for adults are helpfulfor building up a healthy mind. That’s why we have come with thismindblowing game where you have to spot the difference in thepicture. No need for a rush, the game offers you endless time. Youcan use your brain as much as you can to solve the task. It’s agame for super smart people who enjoy brain teasers and riddlegames. It is not a game for the young, the game is full of pictureriddles for adults. 💡 Challenge Yourself & Unlock New Levels Inthis find the difference app, you have to spot the differencebetween two pictures. Start with comparatively easy and simplepuzzle games. However, this starts becoming harder as you proceedfurther in the game. You have to complete your current level tounlock the next one. All you need is to focus and focus. After all,it’s a challenging task in order to strengthen your brain. 💡Extremely User-friendly App With Amazing Features This game is fullof eye-catchy pictures that are sure to please your eyes and calmyour mind. You can also zoom in and out the photos to check thedissimilarities properly then slide them to look every corner ofit. Our game is not boring like other find the difference games.You have to determine only 5 dissimilarities to finish a level,that’s all. 💡 Got Stuck, What Can I Do?? It is true that you willbe given only 5 differences in the pictures yet that does not meanit’s simple as a kids play. You have to put all your focus on thepictures yet sometimes even with that, you won't be successful.Now, if that’s the case, what will you do? Don't worry since weoffer you hints which you can receive from spending gems. You canbuy gems or watch unlimited videos to earn them. Use the hints toovercome any sticky situation. 💡 Play Offline No Need Of A InternetConnection It’s a free game, just install it then you won't need aninternet connection. Play offline whenever you want wherever youwant. We have designed this game with a few hard tasks to onlyincrease the excitement level. Without any difficulty, it willbecome dull. If you won't find a chance to use your head then whatis the point of playing a brain game? Now utilize your time to getsmarter while having a fun experience.
Spot the Difference: Christmas. Xmas Puzzle Game. 1.0.2 APK
Do you like Christmas the way we like it? We even created a gamededicated to this wonderful holiday. Let’s play!If your hobby isfinding differences, then we will help you to diversify it. Thanksto the new festive theme, you will take in the Christmas and NewYear spirit. What else to do during the Christmas holidays, if notto look for differences?“Spot the difference: Christmas” is awonderful way of spending your leisure time with fun and advantage.We have tried to make this game such interesting so as to enableyou to play it as long as you wish. Downloading the application,you will have got a game with a convenient and simple interface,clear rules and fascinating tasks.Christmas game “Find thedifference” develops mindfulness, concentration and logic. If youwant to spend quality time and have fun, download the game and finddifferences in the picture.Features of the game "FindDifferences":- free game for the whole family;- new tasks that noother similar games have;- there is no time limit;- уou can enlargethe picture, if you need to consider in more detail;- finddifferences with tips;- beautiful pictures;- simple and convenientinterface.How to play Christmas spot the difference game?First youneed to look carefully at the pictures. Seeing the differences inthe two pictures, you need to tap one of them in the place wherethey differ. Discovering all the differences, you will move to anew more exciting level. Our game “Spot the difference: Christmas”has a convenient and intuitive interface, so you will not haveproblems with passing the game. Find the differenceseasily!Download the game and be sure that is what you want! And ifyou will need a break from the Christmas game “Find thedifferences”, we recommend you to download our other free logicalgames in the theme "look for differences": the classic game and“Find the differences in the room”.Leave feedback and rate theassessment, if you like the game, and write to us what you wouldlike to improve in it.Have Xmas fun and good luck in the game!