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Wow! This is really a perfect dream! The little dream fairy canhelp this beautiful girl realize her dream to dress up withdifferent styles of outfits. She can be a career talent, fashionstar, gorgeous bride, noble princess and super model as she likes.You will have the opportunity to help the cute girl make up withdifferent styles to suit her outfits and give her some suggestionsfor dressing up. Come to show us your excellent make up skills anddress up talent. Show us this girl as beautiful as you can.Features: 1. Help the girl to dress up to a career talent like hermother 2. Change the girl to like a TV fashion star 3. Let the girlbecome a noble bride 4. Realize the girl’s dream to become agorgeous princess 5. Change the girl’s style to be like aworld-class super model

App Information My Fashion Dress Dream - Top Dressup

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    My Fashion Dress Dream - Top Dressup
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    September 18, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Gina Star
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Oh my god!After giving birth to a girl baby, this beautiful motherhas become more and more fat. Today when she weigh herself, whenfind that her weight has already been 80kgs. This has shocked herdeeply. Because you should know that when she is young, she lovesbeauty and fashion very much. She can not accept her weight anddecide to lose weight as soon as possible. Take her to use variouskinds of training devices and let us see after her strive, how slimand beautiful she can be. Features:1. Different types of trainingdevices for mother to lose weight 2. Careful facial makeoverprocess. 3. DIY face make up for the mother 4. Dress up her withnice clothes and accessories 5. Dress up the little baby girl withcute and fashion clothes 6. Show us this nice mother and daughter
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The once-a-year princess skating competition started again. Afteralot of competitions, three princesses entered the finals. Theyareall beautiful and skilled, and every princess deserves the gloryofthe champion. But there is only one champion, they must makethefinal pk. The girl who won the championship will becomethespokesperson of the international ice skatingcompetition.Girls,which princess do you want to win thechampionship? Choose yourfavorite princess and help her completethe skating competition. 1.Help the princess pick great dance movesand keep up with therhythm. This was her last practice before theskating competition.2. When the princess practiced the dance, thefoot was injured. Nowher feet are so painful, she burst into tears.Help the princess toheal. 3. Help the princess to sew a pair ofsuitable and beautifulskates and give it to her before the game.She will be verygrateful to you. 4. Now help the princess make up,she is verybeautiful and temperament is outstanding. Simple makeupcan makeher the most dazzling star tonight. Wow, there really is nomorebeautiful and confident player than her. Hurry and help herdressup. She can control any style. 5. Under the bright lights,theprincess is more dazzling. She got her wish to winthechampionship. Let us take a photo of her to