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*You can play this game until the end for free! *Choose yourresponses to see new scenes and grow closer to the characters.*Enjoy an interactive romance visual novel in which your life isturned upside down when three modern-day ninjas devote themselvesto you… Synopsis Your life has always been pretty ordinary. Thatis, until a new girl joins your class and you inadvertently saveher life while trying to help her in a fight. Declaring herself tobe a modern-day ninja, she names you her new Master and vows toserve you to repay the debt she owes. Not only that, but soon herapprentice arrives to do the same. And just when you think you’vegot things under control, their rival decides the best way to proveher superiority is by serving you as well. From holding duels inthe cafeteria to calling you “Master” in front of everyone, thesethree ninjas have thrown your life into chaos. How can you possiblymake them stop? Then again… are you sure that’s what you want?Characters * [Skilled Ninja] Kasumi Kasumi can fight better thananyone you know, but when you save her life, she insists uponrepaying you by using her skills in your service. * [AwkwardOverachiever] Yui Idolizing Kasumi above all other ninjas, Yuiwants to be just like her. Unfortunately, she always seems to bejust a bit out of place. * [Hotheaded Rival] Raina Raina isKasumi’s rival and will do anything to prove herself superior.After meeting you, she opts for less violent methods of showing herdominance. As you get to know Kasumi, Yui, and Raina, will you finda way to return to your normal life? Or will you discover that youprefer life with these three ninjas to life without them?

App Information My Ninja Girlfriend : Sexy Moe Anime Dating Sim

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    My Ninja Girlfriend : Sexy Moe Anime Dating Sim
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    March 13, 2020
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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    東京都千代田区神田佐久間町3−23 スタウトビル4階
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Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo gamefrom Genius Studio Japan! ■Synopsis■ You were living an averagelife as a college student with your mom and dad when suddenly, yourdad makes the shocking confession that he’s actually your stepdad…and that he has three daughters he never told you about! Theirmother has gone missing, so now you’re suddenly forced to live withyour new stepsisters! Your mom is not pleased and you’re definitelyconfused… but you start to adjust to life with them. As you work tohelp them solve their own issues, you begin to realize that theremight be something sinister about the disappearance of theirmother. You also begin to wonder whether it’s okay to fall in lovewith them… What will you do?! ■Characters■ The Responsible Sister -Yuri Yuri is the oldest of the sisters and is very protective ofthe other two! She doesn’t seem to trust your stepdad and byextension, doesn’t trust you at first. She’s very responsible andalways tries to keep her cool, but she seems a little stressed out.Find out more about her in My Sweet Stepsisters! The RebelliousSister - Hinata Second oldest, Hinata has a rebellious spirit andis the least cooperative of the three sisters! She’s thorny on theoutside, but that may just be an act to cover up a much morevulnerable side of herself… The Sweet Sister - Mei Mei is theyoungest of the sisters and is a little less apprehensive than theother two. She’s energetic and is a very capable gymnast, but islacking a little in the self-confidence department. This is NOT ahentai or porn game!
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Relive your high school fantasies in this brand-new interactivestory that’s fun, full of laughter and also a little bit sexy! Stepin the shoes of the protagonist as you make important decisionsthat will dictate your path to romance. Will you end up with thegirl of your dreams? ■Synopsis■ You are an aspiring manga artistwho wants to make it big someday. The problem is, a new school yearhas come! No one looks forward to it—not even you. Things changewhen you get seated next to an energetic classmate, and you meetanother girl who desperately needs your help to get close to yourbest friend. Just when things couldn’t get more complicated, afamiliar face from the past arrives. Will you be able to capturethe attention of these girls in time for the upcoming schoolfestival? ■Characters■ Nina At first, Nina begs you to play Cupidfor her and your best friend Joshua. But once you make a meaningfulconnection with this sweet and caring girl, there is no stoppingthe romance! If you love desserts, she can definitely bake you atray full of love. Will you give in? Isabella Beautiful andintelligent, Isabella is well-known for her charming spunk. She hassomething to say about anything under the sun. Sure, she can be ahandful sometimes, but what secrets lay beneath her impenetrableattitude? Are you able to keep up with her one-of-a-kind energy?Rachel Rachel is a childhood friend who has just arrived fromanother country. Enigmatic. Serious, at times. But when it comes toyou, she is more than willing to open up. Will you allow her toreturn to the university abroad, or do you have what it takes toconvince her to stay?
Love is a Canvas : Hot Sexy Moe Anime Dating Sim 2.0.6 APK
Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo gamefrom Genius Studio Japan! ■Synopsis■ After being accused ofplagiarism, you thought your career as an artist was over. Nomatter how much your beautiful artist friend tries to convince you,you just can’t get yourself to display your work… But one day, youdecide to paint the girl of your dreams on a blank canvas andbefore you know it… she appears at your door! It seems likeeverything you paint about her seems to come true! Could you reallyhave brought her life just by painting her? With a new sense ofcourage, you reenter the gallery scene where you meet an up andcoming new artist that encourages you more! But as you paint moreand more, you begin to wonder if this girl really is the girl thatyou painted… Is your true love nothing more than a figment of yourimagination? Or could she be more real than you could ever imagine?The Dream Girl - Linda She showed up at your door one day and she’sidentical to the girl of your dreams that you painted! She wants tohelp you overcome your fears, but could she really be the girl thatyou painted…? The Energetic Artist - Angela This spunky artist is abig fan of your work and will do everything in her power to helpget you back on the art scene! She’s a little skeptical of Linda…but could she be on to something? The Caring Friend - Valerie She’syour childhood friend and has been watching out for you ever sincethe incident happened. She seems to want what’s best for you, butis there more to it than just that? This is NOT a hentai game!
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Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo gamefrom Genius Studio Japan! [Story] You have the strange power to seethe auras of others. One day, on your way to university, you comeacross a girl who exudes a mysterious rainbow-colored aura. Youdecide to follow her, only to discover that she is actually a…magical girl?! The girl introduces herself as Elise, and now thatyou’ve uncovered her secret, you won’t be able to go for free. Youwind up helping her with her homework for her magic school,together with her two familiars. But stepping into a world of magicisn’t all fun in games, as you soon find yourself caught up in abattle between Elise and her not-so-friendly rival... [Character]◆Elise: Elise is a perfectionist that tries to take care ofeverything by herself. She might seem harsh at first, with herfavorite word to shout at you being, “idiot”! But under her sharpexterior, she’s just a girl who wants to do the best in everythingthat she can. As you grow closer to Elise, you feel a strange senseof deja vu. Could you have met her somewhere in the past…? ◆Effie:She might look like just an ordinary rabbit, but Effie used to be astuffed animal! Treated badly by her previous owner, Elise foundEffie thrown away and saved her with magic, turning Effie into herfamiliar. As a result, Effie has a deep distrust for humans and isconstantly on edge. Will you be able to open her heart? ◆Charlotte:Bearing the appearance of a mouse, Charlotte is Elise’s familiarwith a lighthearted personality. In contrast to Elise’s seriousnessand Effie’s timidness, Charlotte has the power to bring a smile toeveryone’s faces. She is quick to warm up to people, including you,of course!
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Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo gamefrom Genius Studio Japan! ■Synopsis■ You’re about to start your newlife as a cafe owner when a few suspicious boxes show up at yourdoor. Inside you find two dog girls that have come back to find youafter you’d left them to start a new life! In this world, pets areknown to take on a human form as time goes by! You can’t resist howadorable they are and decide to work together with them on makingyour cafe the best in town! An expert dog girl decides to join yourteam and just when you think things are going great, a shadow fromyour past comes back to haunt you… Will you be able to overcome thechallenge and become the best cafe owner in town? Will one of thedog girls end up being your true love…? It’s all up to you!■Characters■ The Gentle Dog Girl - Lilly Lilly was one of your dogswhen you were growing up, and now she’s come back to you as a cutedog girl! Loyal and softspoken, Lilly will always be by your sideto help you out! The Sassy Dog Girl - Kat Kat used to be one ofyour dogs along with Lilly and now she’s a super-famous dog girlcelebrity! She can be a little sassy at times, but her charismawill be key in helping you become the top cafe in town! The BossyDog Girl - Mia You hired Mia (more like she hired herself…) to helpout with the cafe, but she herself is quite a handful! She’s alittle pushy, but she has a heart of gold and will help your cafesucceed!
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Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo gamefromGenius Studio Japan! *You can play this game until the end forfree!*Make different choices to open up new scenes and guideyourrelationships. *In this interactive visual novel, two visitorsfromabroad turn your life upside down! *Take on the role of a youngmanwho finds himself swept up in a quest to break the curse thathasgiven his guests part-animal forms. Synopsis You’veneverparticularly cared for the company of other people besidesyourbest friend, but when your parents enroll in a homestayprogram,you find yourself sharing your home with two sisters fromabroad.Resigned, you prepare to make the best of their stay. Butwhen youcatch them being cruel to animals, your patience wearsthin. Alwaysa pet-lover, you won’t stand for that! Little do youknow, youaren’t the only one displeased by their behavior… Thesisterssuddenly find themselves cursed, transformed intopart-animal formsby the mysterious Cat God, who swears they willremain that wayuntil they learn to understand how animals feel. Canthey break thecurse? And will you overcome your differences andlearn to getalong? Characters * [Cold and Refined] Allison Theolder of the twosisters comes across as a refined person, but alsoa coldone—especially where animals are concerned. She has onlydisdainfor animals and the people who care for them, but what madeherfeel that way? * [Fun-Loving and Wild] Erin The younger of thetwosisters likes nothing more than to go out and have a good time.Sheloves clubs and parties, especially if there’s food. Yet shealsohas a deep hatred for dogs, revealing cruelty beneathherfun-loving exterior. * [Dependable Friend] Saki No matterwhathappens, Saki has your back. She’s been your best friend foryears,and you always can rely on her help. She also loves mythsandlegends, so she’s the perfect person to turn to about thecurse.Through your choices, you’ll learn more about Allison, Erin,andSaki and become closer to them. Will they be able to breakthecurse? And as you learn more about them, will yourfriendshipblossom into romance? This is NOT a hentai or porn game!