1.02 / August 7, 2018
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■Features ・Display your phone number. ・Able to display your phonenumber in a notification area when an incoming/outgoing call hasoccurred. ・Able to copy the phone number to the clipboard.・Dual/Multi SIM support. (Android 5.1 and above) ■Notice ・Can notdisplay the phone number for the SIM in use in the internationalroaming. ・Even though dual SIM device, more than one phone numbersshould not be displayed with Android 5.0 and below. (not verified)・Three or more of the SIM should work, but not yet verified.

App Information My phone number

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    My phone number
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    August 7, 2018
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    Android 2.1 and up
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UnwiredMaps -オフライン地図- 1.27 APK
GoogleMapsなど、インターネット上で公開されている地図画像をオフラインで見ることができるアプリです。オンライン時に取得した地図を覚えておきますので、ネットワークにつながってない状態でも地図が見られます。※歩行中、運転中、操縦中の地図閲覧はお控えください■機能・地図の表示、拡大・縮小、回転・地図上への現在位置の表示・追従、進行方向への回転、航跡表示・速度、高度、距離、到達予測時間、俯角の表示・表示の拡大、コントラスト調整・端末シェイク、近接センサ、画面タップパターンによるアプリ操作・外部・内部各電源接続時個別の動作設定・メディアプレイヤーへの再生指示発行・画面レイアウトを編集可能・他アプリへの地図座標の転送/他アプリからの起動■注意・ネットワークに繋がった状態で見た部分の地図のみ、オフラインでも見ることができます …見たことがない場所、縮尺の部分はオフラインでは見ることができません・場所の検索機能はありません。見るだけです・中華人民共和国内では地図と現在位置にズレが生じます。補正するには設定の中国内位置補正をオンにしてください …香港、台湾では補正不要です■高度表示について・高度表示機能は追加アプリケーション"UnwiredMaps高度補正データ"をインストールすることで実際の高度値に補正されます …設定画面からマーケットに移動できます …高度補正データをインストールしていない場合、GPSが提供する生の高度値が表示されます・GPSが提供する高度データは補正を適用してもなお不安定かつ不正確です。航空機の運行や測量などの生命、財産に関わる用途には計測値を利用しないで下さい。 …100~200m単位で値がぶれることがあります■到達予測時間表示について・現在速度進んだ場合に現在位置から地図中心までどれだけかかるかを表示します・表示をタッチすると所要時間と到達時刻の表示が切り替わります・飛行機で、あの島まであと何分くらいだろ?みたいな時に御利用ください■俯角表示について・現在位置が海抜300m以上(根拠:なんとなく)の状態で表示されます・現在位置から地図中心・海抜0mに対する見下ろし角度を表示します・飛行機から、あの島はどの辺に見えるんだろ?という時に御利用ください■アプリが要求する権限について・位置情報 …現在位置の取得に使用しています・画像/メディア/ファイル …地図画像の記憶に使用しています・マイク …音声コマンド入力に使用しています・その他 …ネットワークへのフルアクセス:地図画像の取得に使用しています …バイブレーション制御:コマンド入力時のバイブレーションに使用しています …スリープ無効:外部電源接続時のスリープ無効化に使用しています■備考・当アプリはGoogleMapsAPIの利用規約に違反しているとのことで、Googleマップチームからの警告を受けています。 予告なくアプリの公開が停止される可能性がありますのであしからず御了承ください。・基本的に作者の需要と好みでつくり込んでいるので、要望とかは聞き流されるとお考え下さい■おまけ・そのまま使うとGoogleMapsの地図画像を表示するようになっていますが、小難しい設定をこなせばインターネット上に公開されている任意の地図画像を扱えます …腕に覚えのある人はこちらもご参照ください。  https://sites.google.com/site/appscatfish/android/unwiredmaps/tileurl・地図データ管理用PCアプリケーションを用意してありますが、最近のWindowsでは動かないんじゃないでしょうか。気になる人はウェブサイトを参照してください・Ver1.13から音声コマンドが試験実装されています。が、あんまり使い物になりません …シェイク・タップ・近接センサによるコマンドに[音声コマンド]を割り当てることで試用できます …[拡大|縮小|現在地|移動|終了|再生|停止|次の曲|前の曲|回転|進行方向を上に|北を上に]の各機能を認識します■つぶやき・このアプリ持って全都道府県まわってきました。いろんな景色は典子と見たかった。・ほんというとあと二人の方と一緒に過ごしたかった。気持ちを言葉にすると悲しいので避けてたけど。Suchas GoogleMaps, is an application that a map image that is publishedon the Internet can be viewed offline.Since Remember the mapacquired at the time of online, also you can see the map in a statethat is not connected to the network.※ while walking, whiledriving, map reading in the maneuver Please refrain■ FunctionAnddisplay of the map, scaling, rotation, Display and follow-up of thecurrent location onto the map, the rotation of the travelingdirection, wake Display- speed, altitude, distance, estimatedarrival time, displayed depression ofAnd display the expansion of,contrast adjustment· Terminal Shake, proximity sensors, applicationoperation by the screen tap pattern- individual operation settingwhen the external and internal each power connectionAnd playbackinstructions issued to the media player· Screen can edit thelayoutOf-map coordinates to other apps transfer / start-up from theother apps■ NoteOnly-seen network in the state that led to thepartial map, you can see even offline... location is never seen,part of the scale can not be viewed offlineAnd search function ofthe location does not have. Only ViewIn within the People'sRepublic of China will cause a deviation in the map and the currentposition. Please turn on China in the position correction of theset to correction... Hong Kong, is not required correction inTaiwan■ About the Advanced Display• Advanced Display feature iscorrected to the actual altitude value by installing additionalapplications "UnwiredMaps advanced correction data"You can move themarket from ... Setup screenIf you ... have not installed thealtitude correction data, altitude value of the raw GPS provides isdisplayedAnd altitude data GPS provides is still unstable andinaccurate to apply a correction. Life, such as service andsurveying of the aircraft, please do not use the measurement valuein applications related to the property.... There is that the valueis blurred in the 100 ~ 200m units■ for the predicted arrival timedisplay- in the current case advanced speed Displays whether takemuch from the current position to the map center- when you touchthe display to switch the display of the required time and thearrival time- by plane, it will How many minutes left until thatisland? Please use at the time like a■ About depression display•The current position is above sea level 300m or more: will bedisplayed in the state of (evidence somehow)- Displays the anglelooking down to the map center, above sea level 0m from the currentposition• From the airplane, I wonder that the island looks towhich side? Please use at the time that■ About permissions the appto request·location information... We used to get the currentposition- image / media / file... it is used to store the mapimage·Microphone... You are using the voice command inputAndother... Full access to the network: it is used to retrieve the mapimage... Vibration Control: You are using the vibration at the timeof command input... Sleep invalid: I am using to sleep disabled atthe time of the external power supply connection■ Remarks• This appis the thing to be in violation of the Terms and Conditions of theGoogle Maps API, it has received a warning from the Google Mapsteam.Please understand Sorry because there is a possibility thatthe public without notice application is stopped.- Since thatbasically crowded make the author of demand and preferences, demandToka do you think is deaf ears■ bonus- has become to be displayedas it is used when the map image of GoogleMaps, but can handle anyof the map image, which is published on the Internet if Konasesetting small difficult... even here people who are remembered inthe arm pleaserefer.https://sites.google.com/site/appscatfish/android/unwiredmaps/tileurl-Yes to prepare the map data management for PC applications, or willnot it does not work in the recent Windows. Please people to beworried about, see the web site· Ver1.13 voice command has beentested implementation from. But, it does not take so muchuselessYou can try by assigning the voice command] by the command... Sheikh tap the proximity sensor... [Enlarge | reduction | Youare here | move | end | Play | Stop | next song | previous track |rotation | the direction of travel on the | on the north] willrecognize the features of the■ tweet- with this app it has beenaround all prefectures. Various scenery wanted to see and Noriko.·Really say if I wanted to spend with the people after two people. Ihad avoided because sad and into words the feelings.
Map2Geo :Transfer to other map 6.04 APK
Add the [Transfer to other map] in the [Share] menu of the locationwhere you point in the map app. Through share action, displays thelocation on another map app. For example, you will be able to openthe GoogleEarth from Google Maps. Please refer to the help page forusage:https://sites.google.com/site/appscatfish/android/map2geo/usage_en■Supported apps Apps that confirmed the behavior is as follows:【Transfer from/to】 ・Google Maps ・Google Earth ・MAPS.ME ・Yandex.Maps・Waze ・OsmAnd ・Y!MAP ・Mapion ・MapFan ・NAVITIME ・NAVITIMEDrive・NAVITIMETruck ・PSR Navi ・au NaviWalk ・au Drive ・DOCOMO Maps・ZENRIN ItsumoNAVI[Multi] ・NaviBridge(NaviCon) ・Locasma ・Chizroid・Neshan "Map and Router Badge" 【Transfer from】 ・Google Street View・Google Keep ・Foursquare ・Yelp ・US Topo Maps(Text) ・Juutai Navi・Rakuten Travel ・Other applications that can send geo intent【Transfer to】 ・Google Maps Navi ・Baidu Maps ・Magic Earth・Yahoo!Navi ・CarNaviTime ・NAVITIME Touring Supporter ・NAVITIMECycle・au CarNavi ・TC NAVI ・NAVIelite ・Mapion Weather ・JapanTaxi・UnwiredMaps You can transfer to the app which accepts geo-intent.【Route transfer from/to】 ・Google Maps ・Yahoo!Navi 【Route transferto】 ・TC NAVI ・PSR Navi ・NAVITIME ・NAVITIME Drive ・au Drive ・Neshan■Notice ・Due to specification changes of the map app side, there isa possibility that this app may not work correctly. Please note.・Use the network communication in the indexing of thecoordinates.In particular, Transfer from the share of Google Maps,please note that the amount of communication is relatively large(500 ~ 600KB). ■User-defined transfer format Map2Geo sendscoordinate and zoom level to the transfer destination by default.For each application confirmed by the author, the appropriateformat is applied. If you want to apply your own format for sendingto the unidentified application, it might be implemented in auser-defined file. For details, please refer to the following page:https://sites.google.com/site/appscatfish/android/map2geo/intents-ini_en■Defining hidden apps You can exclude unnecessary apps fromtransfer target list. For details, please refer to the followingpage:https://sites.google.com/site/appscatfish/android/map2geo/appfilter-ini_en■User-defined decoder Users can create programs to decode datatransferred from the map app by sharing with JavaScript. Users canadd support individually for sender apps not supported by Map2Geo.For details, please refer to the following page:https://sites.google.com/site/appscatfish/android/map2geo/externaldecoder_en
UnwiredMaps 高度補正データ 1.00 APK
地図アプリ UnwiredMaps(Ver1.19以降)で可能な現在位置の高度表示を補正するデータです。このアプリをインストールした上でUnwiredMapsの設定[高度補正]をオンにすることで、UnwiredMapsの高度表示値が補正されます。■解説GPSにより得られる高度値は実際の海面からの高度とは異なります。すなわち、海抜0m地点で測位した高度値は0mにはなりません。このアプリは、その誤差を補正するためのデータです。補正は地球全域に適用されます。■注意GPSの精度や補正データの解像度は荒いものであり、補正されるとはいえ得られる高度値は不正確かつ不安定です。生命、財産、尊厳等、重要なものに影響を及ぼす利用方法はお控えください。例:「ここの標高は100mだぜー(ドヤァ」←おおむね間違っており尊厳が損なわれる危険があります端末性能にもよりますが、ひどい場合には100~200mレベルで誤差が生じます。■詳しい解説このパッケージにはデータのみが格納されており、単独で動作するものではありません。アメリカ国家地球空間情報局(NationalGeospatial-Intelligence Agency,NGA)が提供しているジオイド高データ EGM96 -WW15MGH.DACがそのまま格納されています。Unwiredmaps本体に組み込むにはサイズが大きすぎ、利用しない人には無駄なデータですのでプラグイン扱いとしました。データは地球全球のジオイド高を15分間隔で記録したものです。15分は東京近辺では22.5kmの距離に相当します。UnwiredMapsではこれを単純に線形補完して任意地点のジオイド高を得ています。■データのソース2016.9時点のhttp://earth-info.nga.mil/GandG/wgs84/gravitymod/egm96/binary/binarygeoid.htmlより、WW15MGH.DACを利用しています。ライセンス条項が見当たりませんでしたので、取得したデータファイルの内容をそのまま搭載させていただいています。Thedata for correcting the altitude display of the current positionpossible in the map app UnwiredMaps (later Ver1.19).By turning onthe UnwiredMaps setting of [altitude correction] on you installthis app, advanced display value of UnwiredMaps is corrected.■DescriptionAltitude value obtained by the GPS is not the same asthe high from the actual sea level. In other words, advanced valuepositioning is above sea level 0m point is not a 0m.This app isdata for correcting the error.Correction is applied to the earththroughout.■ NoteResolution of GPS accuracy and correction data isa rough thing, advanced value obtained say that is corrected isincorrect and unstable.Life, property, dignity, etc., affect usageto those important please refrain.Example: "Here altitude 100mD'Azay (Doyaa" There is a risk of impaired dignity is wrong ←generallyDepending on the terminal performance, but the error willoccur at 100 ~ 200m level in the worst case.■ detailedcommentaryThis package is stored only data, does not operatealone.National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NationalGeospatial-Intelligence Agency, NGA) geoid height data that isproviding EGM96 - WW15MGH.DAC is stored as it is.Too large in sizeto incorporate in Unwiredmaps body, was made to plug-in to handlebecause it is useless data for people who do not use.Data is whatwas recorded the geoid height of the Earth global at 15-minuteintervals.15 minutes is equivalent to the distance of 22.5km in theTokyo area.In UnwiredMaps by simply linear interpolation this hasearned the geoid height of any point.■ source of data2016.9 pointof http://earth-info.nga.mil/GandG/wgs84/gravitymod/egm96/binary/binarygeoid.htmlThan, WW15MGH.DACItuses the.Since the license terms was not found, but I am as it isequipped with the contents of the acquired data files.
My phone number 1.02 APK
■Features ・Display your phone number. ・Able to display your phonenumber in a notification area when an incoming/outgoing call hasoccurred. ・Able to copy the phone number to the clipboard.・Dual/Multi SIM support. (Android 5.1 and above) ■Notice ・Can notdisplay the phone number for the SIM in use in the internationalroaming. ・Even though dual SIM device, more than one phone numbersshould not be displayed with Android 5.0 and below. (not verified)・Three or more of the SIM should work, but not yet verified.
RippleMapper 1.00 APK
Map2Geo URL Injector 1.06 APK
To use this app, installation of Map2Geo is required.(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=catfish.android.map2geo)■Notice It does not work if "application for always open" is setfor the target link. In that case, look for the application in[Settings] → [Apps], and set [Open supported links] to [Ask everytime]. ■Supported URLs ・Google Maps ・Google StreetView ・Waze・OsmAnd ・Yahoo(JP) Maps ・Rakuten travel hotel URL
Geo2Clip :Copy map coordinates 1.01 APK
This application copies coordinates of the geo intent sent by themap application to clipboard. Coordinates in the World GeodeticSystem (WGS) are separated by comma, in order of latitude tolongitude, without inserting spaces and so on. If you have aMap2Geo installed device, you can acquire coordinates from a mapapplication that can not send the geo intent.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=catfish.android.map2geo■How to use [For devices with Map2Geo installed] 1.Select a pointin the map app, execute [SHARE]. 2.When [Copy coordinates] isselected from the share list, copy to clipboard will be done. [Fordevices that do not have Map2Geo installed] ・Performs a geo intenttransmission operation in the application that can send geo intentand specify the destination as [Copy coordinates], copy toclipboard will be done. *Applications that can send geo intent arelimited, and the names of functions are also various.
LocalGuideAssistant 3.01 APK
Display a list of reviews and photos posted by the localguidefunction of Google Maps.You can see the increase in the numberofpost reviews and the number of photos viewed.And can list postsofphotos on the map.This application takes a lot of timetocommunicate when the number of postings in the local guideislarge.Also, there is a possibility that it will not workifspecification change of Google Maps occurs.As mentionedabove,please use after understanding.■ATTENTION・Photograph imagecan bedisplayed, but "Views" will increase 1 by the access fromthis app.…It is set not to display images by default. …Imagesoutside thedisplay area of the list are not acquired. …Since theacquiredimage is saved in the terminal, the number of displayincrements isonly 1.