1.4 / October 15, 2015
(4.2/5) (9)


My Photo Lock Screen . Customize your lockscreen with your favorite photo,name and It can also includes
-Battery percentage.
-Upcoming Alarm.
-Digital clock(Day,Date,Month,Year)

* Customize your lock screen background with beautiful in builthigh resolution screens.
* Select your picture from camera or gallery and also apply effectsfor selected picture.
*Set your title with selected font style , color and size.

App Information My Photo Lock Screen

  • App Name
    My Photo Lock Screen
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 15, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
  • Price
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Satellite Director DISH 1.1.1 APK
Finding a TV satellite, in azimuth, canbepretty difficult. Before you can find it with a compass you havetodo some calculations using GPS location, magneticvariation,compass azimuth and satellite azimuth.Satellite Director replaces all of that. See tips tosuccessbelow.Português: Telefones sem bússola não pode baixar este aplicativo.Some phone/tablet compass are really bad so compareyourphone/tablet compass with a real compass !!Unfortunatly you have to calibrate the compass beforeusingit.Metal covers/cases or covers/cases with metal/magnetic closurewillinfluence/disrupt the compass of your phone or tablet. Do notusethese covers !! The compass of your phone can also getinaccuratebecause it is affected by other electro - magnetic fieldsorbecause it is weakened by age. Calibrating the compass may nothelpanymore.PRECISION DEPENDS ON THE QUALITY OF YOUR PHONES HARDWARE.How does it work ?is a tool which will help you to set up satellite dish. It willgiveyou azimuth, elevation and LNB tilt for your location (basedon GPS)and chosen satellite from list. The result is shown both asnumericdata and graphical on google maps. It has also built incompasswhich will help you to find proper satellite azimuth. Italso canuse augmented reality to show where is satellite on cameraview.The satellite list is complete and includes alltelevisonsatellites, so the app should work worldwide. If you foundsomeerrors please send me e-mail. It will help me make this appbetter;)Since version 1.07 there is whole world FTA andencryptedchannels database. It take a few seconds to show wholelist so bepatient. It use internet connection. Top 10 countries gotfixedlanguage on nice list. The list will be updated. The usersfromanother countries can type language manual.Just enable the GPS in your phone or enter your GPS location,selectthe desired TV satellite and point your phone to the sky totarget(find) the TV satellite. You have found the satellite whenthe whiteball is in the white circle and the cyan ball is in thecyan circle.Align, in azimuth, the offset arm of the satellitedish to the cyanarrow on the phones display and the satellite dishis aligned inazimuth with the satellite.Selectable audio tone, camera preview, continuous mode (nopause),color pickers or a user defined satellite position may makeiteasier for you to find the desired TV satellite. The satellitelistcontains 280 satellites.Optional you can take a photoOptional: you can get an indication when you are to close toiron(dish/pole) in the form of an green/yellow/red bar.
Universal Remote Dish / DTH 1.0 APK
Free Dish Remote & TV Channels one ofthebest app which provide you a IR .or WIFI TV remote.you candownloadour app and use the smart phone as a tv remote.also weareproviding free DTH/DISH services ,like a number of DTH-DishTVchannels you can watch through out our applications.weprovidingall the major services .our dish remote is tested with allthe TVbrands like Samsungs and Sony.checkout the list of TV whichwe aresupporting , Its totally free.Download our application andturnyour smartphone for the DTH receiver / DISH, it detectsallconnections cloths and connect with the selected onceconnected,you can use the remote control with your remote app.turnoursmartphone to your TV Android smartyou can order your Smart TV with our remote TV remote .thisisuniversal and you can manage any brand of TV, and we addedalmostevery dish or DTH (direct to home) connections withintheapplication, check your connections with our tv or download theappand enjoy turning your smartphone smart.Download our application and turn your smartphone for theDTHreceiver / DISH, it detects all connections cloths and connectwiththe selected once connected, you can use the remote controlwithyour remote app.turn our smartphone to your TV Androidsmartyou can order your Smart TV with our remote TV remote .thisisuniversal and you can manage any brand of TV, and we addedalmostevery dish or DTH (direct to home) connections withintheapplication, check your connections with our tv or download theappand enjoy turning your smartphone smart.Free Dish Remote &TVChannels One of the best app you a qui Provide IR .or WIFITVremote.you can download our app and use the smartphone as aTVremote.also we are providing good free DTH / DISH services, likeanumber of DTH-Dish TV channels you can watch through outourapplications.we providing good all the major services .ourdishremote is tested with all the TV brands like SamsungsandSony.checkout the list of TV qui Supporting we are, Itstotallyfree. Download our app and turn your smartphone for theDTHreceiver / DISH, it Detects all connections cloths and connectwiththe selected once connected, you can use the remote controlwithyour remote app.turn our smartphone to your Android smartTVyou can order your Smart TV with our remote TV remote .thisisuniversal and you can manage Any brand of TV, and we addedAlmostevery dish or DTH (direct to home) connections Withintheapplication, check your connections with our tv or download theappand enjoy turning your smartphone smart.Download our app and turn your smartphone for the DTH receiver/DISH, it Detects all connections cloths and connect withtheselected once connected, you can use the remote control withyourremote app.turn our smartphone to your Android smart TVyou can order your Smart TV with our remote TV remote .thisisuniversal and you can manage Any brand of TV, and we addedAlmostevery dish or DTH (direct to home) connections Withintheapplication, check your connections with our tv or download theappand enjoy turning your smartphone smart.
Car key lock remote prank 1.0.1 APK
Car key lock_remote Universal will help you toremotely control your car its totally free app and universal remotefor your car,we are giving you ten car key simulator skins foryou.you can select any of these and control your car,you can lockand unlock the car also able to control alarm and car horns .turnyour smart phone as a smart key or remote for your car.we arelisted almost top 100 car brands in our app.if you are using any ofthe car brand download our app and give a try.ToyotaBMWVolkswagenMercedes-BenzHondaNissanFordPorscheHyundai MotorsRenaultPeugeotAudiChevroletKia MotorsSuzukiFiatDaimlerGeneral MotorsMazdaLand RoverGMCCitroënMINISubaruLexusFerrariHarley-DavidsonMitsubishi MotorsDongfeng MotorVolvoIsuzuHinoDaihatsuSAICOpelKenworthJeepScaniaLincolnGreat Wall MotorsDodgeTata MotorsAcuraBentleySkodaChryslerRAM TrucksBuickMahindra and MahindraPang Da AutomobileChanganInfinitiSmartFAWRenault TrucksCadillacMaruti SuzukiPontiacJaguarFotonGeelyTesla MotorsJACJMCVauxhallScionSeatRolls Royce (Auto)DAFGAC GroupXiamen King LongZhengzhou Yutong BusUD TrucksHeroMaseratiLamborghiniEicherHaimaBajaj AutoHoldenAvtovazKamazMackAlfa RomeoRenault SamsungSSangYongSaabLanciaBYDGAZChina Motor CorpAshok LeylandBrillianceFAW TianjinProtonNew FlyerUAZSinotrukUMWDrb-Hicom
Remote Control for TV 3.5 APK
With Remote Control for TV, you can controlalmost all TVs. westinghouse tv remote controlSupports Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Hitachi, Cable, Dish Network,Vizio, Fujitsu, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Philips, Sony, 3M , JVC, DishNetwork, and many more TV models! We are continually adding supportfor more and more models with each update. If your TV is notcurrently supported, please email us it so we can add it very soon!tv control remote samsungHow to use:1. Open the app and go to SettingsS2. Set your TV model and other options3. Go back to the remote controlPlease note, this app requires an IR Blaster. It uses the IR signalfeature of supported Android devices to function. To check if yourdevice has the IR function, please consult your user manual.
sound Meter 2.97 APK
sound meter PRO is professional sound meterfor your Android. sound meter is also known as sound level meter,Sound level meter app to measure noise volume in decibels.This App have useful below features and high quality graphics.sonometreIts best sound level meter app for android new releasedrecently.free pro toolsMicrophones in Android devices are made to record human voice,therefore the maximum noise is limited and very loud sounds cannotbe recognized (in most cases above 100db). sound meter PRO iscalibrated to be accurate in +-2.5 dB range of actual noise leveland is probably by far the most accurate sound meter on Googleplay. We have adjusted sound meter PRO with the use of professionalsound meter used by sound engineers and made required adjustmentsfor many Android devices, sound meterincluding the most popular devices on the market today. free protoolsThe noise of their surroundings is the sound level meter to measurehow much.This shows that the referenced using your built-in microphone.frequency soundsYou can measure the number of Android devices in dB and theactual sound level meter.You are the maximum value and the minimum value, starting themeasurement noise, and can determine an average value.Levels of Noise In decibels (dB) according to American Academyof audiology (www.audiology.org):140 dB - Gun shots, fireworks130 dB - Jackhammers, Ambulance120 dB - Jet planes taking off110 dB - Concerts, Car horns100 dB - Snowmobiles90 dB - Power tools80 dB - Alarm clocks70 dB - Traffic, vacuums60 dB - Normal conversation50 dB - moderate rainfall40 dB - Quiet library30 dB - Whisper20 dB - Leaves rusting10 dB – Breathing
Vibration Meter 1.03 APK
vibration meter, also known asseismograph,This app uses the phone sensors to measure vibration or theearthquake, and it shows a reference as a seism detector.Some countries use Richter scale instead of Mercalli scale. TheRichter scale is a base-10 logarithmic scale, which definesmagnitude as the logarithm of the ratio of the amplitude of theseismic waves to an arbitrary, minor amplitude.mercalli intensity scaleprésente les caractéristiques suivantes:1. instrumental - Not felt. Recorded by seismographs.2. Weak - Rarely felt, usually only on top floors of highbuildings.3. slight - felt indoors, like a passing light truck.4. moderate - Windows, dishes, doors rattle. Like passingtrain.5. Rather Strong - felt by all. Small objects upset.6. Strong - Books off shelves. Trees shake. Isolated damage.7. Very Strong - Difficult to stand. Many poor buildingsdamaged.8. Destructive - Significant damage. Branches broken fromtrees.9. Violent - General panic. Serious damage. Ground cracking.10. Intense - Most buildings destroyed. Rails bent slightly.11. Extreme - Rails bent greatly. Pipelines destroyed.12. catastrophic - Near total damage. Objects thrown into theair.
Pinball Flipper 2016 1.0 APK
All levels have a special theme andareuniquely connected. Be surprised with tunnels andvortexes!Discover the special key to blast millions in score andgot yourname posted on the online global high score board!Highlycompatible, it is with accurate physics calculationandbeautifully-rendered too.The game has 3 beautiful levels pre-installed in this release.Morewill come in a short period and they are also all FREE!Features:* 9 pinball tables with unique graphics, instructions,missionssystem, locations and characters! Wild West, The Deep,Tanks,Pirates, Jungle Style, Da Vinci, Snow, Halloween, Arcade –each oneis a masterpiece.* The game can be played in either landscape mode orportraitmode.* An awesome 3D engine and realistic physics. Lifelikeflippermovements.* Local and global high scores. Become a star, get the firstplacein the world high score table!Summarizing, Pinball Fantasy HD 3D is superior to otherpinballgames online, and because it has 9 different tables, it’slikehaving 9 games in one, kind of.You love pinball. You're addicted to jewel-breaking games.Nowplay them both AT THE SAME TIME!* Brightly colored gems to smash in huge chain reactions* Exciting graphics and animations* Awesome powerups* Multiball action!* Three unique tables, including a multi-level table with abossbattle!Each month, regular updates will add on classic pinball tablesforpurchase.Our goal is for the Pinball Arcade to become the mostrealisticandcomprehensive pinball game ever created. Please support usinourefforts to preserve these tables and join the indeliblepartofAmericana that is pinball!
kitchen scale app 1.2 APK
Pocket scales Simulator is a prank: act likeyou weigh in kilos with your phone! Touch the screen with yourfingers and Pocket scales Simulator will show the weight of stuffon the sensor! accurate digital scalesDetermine weight of ingredient like salt, sugar, powdered sugar,flour, rice, pepper, gold, silver.Just set weight and fill up white circle on the display. Notice thewhite circle gets bigger or smaller depending on the ingredient orthe weight you entered. It's just a guesstimate based on mass andvolume accurate digital scalesTouch the scales insensibly pretend that you measured the actualmass of the thing laying on the phone! The sensor digital scale forgrams of ‘Pocket scales Simulator’ works only with the touch offingers, scaleIn a glass poured water (milk, juice and so on). You need to knowthe weight of this liquid. You will need a ruler. In the program,type nozzle diameter and the liquid height in inches. Based on themathematical calculation program determines the weight in grams(ml) (with the function of calculating the volume of the cylinder).but the app looks like fully functional scales weighing mass inkilos! Make a joke for your friends! Surprise staff in the foodstores,free digital scalescaleweighing foods with Pocket scales Simulator. scale applicationelectric scaleIf you do not understand - the program adds more detailedinstructions with illustrations. Try to make accurate estimates ofthe ruler to the result! electric scalesThe program is called Simulator for the reason that it is not realweights. Appendix considers only indirectly by weight based on themathematical formula by using the data that the user enters.