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My Photo Locker - Photo Password can hide its photos and videos andkeep your secret photo absolutely safe. You can import your privatephoto and videos in this secure vault, and nobody knows theexistence of it. What's more, My Photo Locker - Photo Password hasthe beautiful design and simple to use, it provides you the smoothand amazing media browse experience.Trying to lock photos andvideos, and hide them in a security place? Worried about securitywhen lost your phone or somebody looked at your photos or videos?Have you ever been in a situation where people were trying to lookat photos and videos that you don't want others to see? My PhotoLocker - Photo Password will securely lock phtos and videos keepingthem away from prying eyes, Now you can easily share your phonewithout worrying about privacy and photo safe. My Photo Locker -Photo Password secures lock photos and videos by hiding them downwith photo password, fingerprint authentication. It’s the bestplace for hiding personal secret photo and videos for keepsafe, youcan protect your privacy, secure your photo locker, andvideos.Features✓ keep safe, simple and practical photo locker andvideo hiding!✓ Hide media files,so that,they wont appear ingallery.✓ Whenever you wanted your secret hidden files,unhide themfrom the application✓ This application is password protected,so noone can access your files unless they know the password✓ You canopen hidden files from the application without unhiding them✓ Usefingerprint to unlock vault✓ Eye catching UI to manage hidden filesfrom the application without unhiding them✓ Multiple Hide andUnhide Option.✓ Support up to Android 7✓ No internet connectionneeded✓ Hide and secure unlimited photos & videosUnlike otherlock photos and videos apps will be hidden, but also encrypted withAES keepsafe. There is no possibility to gain access without thePIN. Your private lock photos and videos are safely stored in yourprivate photo vault. This is a powerful photos and videos vault!Try this amazing functional photo locker and hide photo &videos vaulty so that photo hide not visible in photogallery.----------- Frequently Asked-----------Question: Will itrestore the hidden photos and videos without deleting if i changethe phone ? Can we hide and restore the photos and videos?Answer :If you change phone you need to restore photo and video fromapplication first other you lose it. You can implement cloud backupby your self to restore photo on another device by user unique idand Password. Question: I try to hide video file on ExternalMemory, the video not hiding. Only work when try to hide video fileon internal storage?Answer : After android 4.4 there no option toremove video after hide from external memory. so user need toremove manually remove from external memory.Question: It hides thethumbnail, leaves a blank thumbnail, but when I tap on it, it stillshows the full picture.Answer : Because of some limitations we cannot delete file from SD CARD user need to delete it manually.

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Ultra Fast Charging 5X 2.15 APK
Ultra Fast Charging 5x is new free battery charging applicationthat help to kill all the background processes just with singleclick. Ultra Fast Charging 5x charge smartphones very fast and infew minutes than before. Fast battery charger reduce your chargingtime up to 30-50% and your mobile phone charged fully just in 30-50minutes. Ultra Fast Charging 5x helps you scan all services thatare consuming phone battery including Bluetooth, GPS, wifi, Mobiledata, High screen brightness, Screen timeout etc. Ultra FastCharging 5x helps you close all services consuming battery on onescreen. It further contains battery health diagnostics to furtherchecks battery health and finds battery health status. Ultra FastCharging 5x not only improves charging time but also extends yourbattery time. To keep running fast charger in background press'home' button. ✓ Our app is very easy to use and there is nocomplex process. Just download and install it from Play Store forFree on your android Smartphone or tablet. Tap the optimize buttonand we will take care of the rest. It’s all. ✓ Once you install ourapp you will benefit from our fast and smart charging feature thatwill help your phone to be charged super fast. You will see a bigdifference between charging your phone with and without FastBattery Charger 5x. ✓ We guarantee that you will get at least 50%more of battery life with our app. It was developed by androidspecialists and they implemented the latest technologies to helpyou to get more battery life. ✓ Your battery is running out ofenergy super fast ? Want to have better battery performance? Ourapp helps you to increase battery life and have better batteryperformance. ✓ Detailed battery information within the main screenof the app. You will be able to see the percentage of batteryenergy as well as Temperature in C°, Voltage of battery and finallythe level. ✓ The best thing in our longer battery life app is thatyou can use it for Free without paying any fees or specialmemberships. Enjoy it for Free! ✓Once you activate our longestbattery life app, you don’t have to touch it again, because it runsin background and automatically. We will save your battery withoutopening our app. ✓ Inside the Battery details section of ouroptimize battery app you will be able to find many details andinformation about you battery life. ✓ With Fast Battery Charger 5x,you can easily activate or deactivate WiFi network, Bluetooth,Brightness, Rotation, Sound and Timeout. Don’t forget that thosesettings steal your battery energy ✓ Nice and User-friendly UI. ✓Shows the battery capacity in the app. ✓ Automatically activatesfast charging mode. ✓ Automatically turn off wifi, 3G. ✓Automatically turn off Bluetooth How to use Ultra Fast Charging 5x1. Launch the app and turn on the fast charge mode. 2. It willautomatically boost your charging speed when you connect thecharger next time. 3. Ultra Fast Charging 5x Up to 15-30% fasterthan other apps. Thanks for use Ultra Fast Charging 5x
Ultimate Flash Notification 2.5 APK
Fantastic Free Ultimate Flash Notification application. Prettyuseful when you are in a dark place or in a meeting where you don'twant to hear ringtones or vibration. Imagine you are in a heavymusic party or at night where you cannot hear ring tones and cannotfeel vibration. So this Flash on call will notify you clearly. ThisUltimate Flash Notification will notify you via mobile phone backlight flash blink alerts , the back side flash light will blinkgiving call alerts. Go on and download this application. LED callblinking LED indicator. See the blinking flash light alertnotifications when phone rings with an incoming call Features: -Blink flash alerts when have call - Ringing flashlight when phonehave incoming Call Notification - You can turn on or turn offservice by manual over device status sound mode as Ring, Vibrate orSilent mode - Allow change speed of flash light alert - Stop flashalerts with volume or power key - Turn off flash alerts whenbattery low, help you save battery Recently Tested Flashlight ontop brands like Samsung, Motorola , LG, Huawei, OPPO Feedback Ifyou like the app, rate us 5 ★★★★★ and share the love in reviews. Iffound an issue, report to us via email. Thank you for your support
Web Image Download - Fast,Free Image Search 2.3 APK
It is app for download images which allows users to download imagesfrom websites in a very easy just by 1 tap! How to use - copy thewebsite URL then open our app paste the website's URL on textviewand tap submit button then will show list all image, you canpreview or save in device's storage. Features - Simple UI justsingle view and use single finger to download! - Unlimited downloadimages - Preview image before download - Save in SD card orexternal storage - Support redirect URL - No any third partylibraries if you want download images from websites, This app willhelp you do that
Call Recorder - Shake & Record 2.3 APK
Call Recorder - Shake & Record is one of the best freeunlimited automatic call recorder app. With this app you can recordunlimited incoming and outgoing call. You can also customize thecall recording functionalities as per your requirements and saveonly that you need.Features The application is downloading look atthe cool features below:– Extra fine quality of recordings ( Wav,Mp4, ARM…)– Fully customizable recording functionality– Save onlythe recordings that are important– Cloud storage available–Maintain privacy and security by password– Shake and recordfunctionality– Player friendly– Share record to friend, family…very fast and easily– 100% Safe with private mode– Support recordfrom many source audio ( Voice call, Mic, UpLink …)And many otherfeatures.Once you go to the menu you will find the other optionsthere, to customize the call recordings as per your requirements.You can change the storage folder as per the space availability inyour device. The extra feature of this app is that you can storeall your recordings on cloud using the Dropbox. This way all yourrecordings are safe and will not occupy memory on yourdevice.Activate the ‘Shake and Record’ feature here and if you wishto stop the recording of any call, you just need to shake yourphone and it will not record that particular call. You can also setup a password to access the recordings that you have stored tomaintain the privacy.So what are you waiting for..? Download thisbest auto call recorder application for android and start recordingall your calls.
com.com.dharma 2.2 APK
Dharma Saint is an application of the dharma teachings, or doctrinehomily of the monk, whom the Thai people respect and venerate. Theyprovide models for how to live, see a viewpoint, give warnings, beadapted with work, love etc., and stay with precept, and notcarelessness. If you have any sorrow, you can study doctrine homilyfor a peaceful mind. This App is designed to be simple, focusingmainly at usability. It can be used with just one finger. The Apphas the following features: -Swipe right to move up to watch thedoctrine homily of the past. -Press the share button to share thedoctrine homily or go to email or other social networks.
File Manager Explorer 1.3 APK
File Manager Explorer is the Android browser allows you to browseyour SD Card, record the show list and drop very fast, very simpleand E-book reader with PDF / E-PUB support, Is support FullFeatured File Manager (File Explorer)Super File Manager (FileExplorer) provide full featured file management, including cut,copy, paste, delete, rename, check file detail, search, etc. Moreare on the way.- Smart Category File Manager (File Explorer) canintelligently categorize files into video, music, picture,document, APK, share history, and download category. Enjoy superfast access to files you need just one tap away.- Build-in withepub ebook reader you don't need any epub app for read epub booksfiles, This is awesome feature epub reader for android free useread book support many ebook store.- Include ebook pdf reader :build-in with pdf reader apps for pdf file ,You don't need any pdfapps download with this app easy to open pdf viewer work perfectlylike pdf app free download- File Explorer: explore images, music,videos, documents and other files from your phone and yourcomputer. It allows Android users around the world to manage theirresources for free; you can see the files on your phone, accessfrom any where and share them with others; it makes it easy tomanage your photos or watch videos, stay connected over 3G, EDGE orWiFi, and share with friends.- Safe, Secure, Private Super FileManager (File Explorer) is totally based on local file management.There is no risk of any file upload, loss, leakage, etc. So it is100% safe, secure, private. Your files and information arecompletely safe with us.- Ultra Fast Search Engine The powerfulsearch engine will help users find files in 1 second.- Access toyour Gallery, Video, Music, E-Books, Documents, Apps, Plug-in, APKfiles, Zip Files, Favorites- Access to the SD card of your phone,external SD card and internal memory- Search SD card, perform onthe result of research operations- App Manager – Uninstall / Backupyour Apps. Click to install an app. Support silent operations ondevices Rootes- Archive Manager: Create and decompress ZIP archive,unzip your RAR.- App Manager- Share – send files by Bluetooth,email, or whatever the media device, any where- File Search- Typessorting: Alphabetically, type, size, ...- Supports many file typessuch as: Png, jpg, mp3, xls, doc,- View different file formats,photos, docs, videos any where, supporting third party applicationsSuch as Document To Go to open the document files- Many other veryuseful features are waiting for you to discover! And shows folderhierarchy in a tree for a clear direction and fast switching toother location.- You can explore the internal device and if you aresure that power user and have your device rooted, you can changethe system data – backup files, remove unwanted applications, etc.-You can easily see the contents of the mass storage on your device,or perhaps attached USB memory.- Access to hidden files andfolders- Main operations are related to managing files and folders– viewing, copying, moving, deleting, compressing to Zip,extracting, renaming, sharing, and more.- Multi-selection allows todo the operation on multiple files at once. Files can be selectedby clicking check box. It is also possible to select all files in afolder, or clear selection, by clicking on the check box of theparent folder.So what are you waiting for..? Download this bestFile Manager application for android and start manage all yourfiles.
PIP Photo Collage Maker 1.9 APK
If you are tired of simple collage makers and want to try somethingnew, search no more, you’ve found a perfect picture editingsoftware! We present to you PIP Photo Collage Maker, our latestcreation in the field of artistic picture editing! It allows you tocreate picture in picture collage in an instant, with no effort atall. You don’t have to be a professional to add pip camera effectto your selfies, all you have to do is choose your favorite picfrom the phone gallery or take a selfie with this camera app, andunleash the inner artist which lies in you, and choose one of thenumerous picture in picture layouts which you like the most to makeyour pic extra fun. Then you can try out various filters andeffects on the pics. The background image can be blurred or not,depending on your choice only. Be creative, insert your selfie picin most beautiful shapes and share your creation on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram for free. Download PIP Photo Collage Maker andenjoy watching the magic happening right before your eyes! * PIPPhoto Collage Maker allows you to create amazing collages usingyour photos, fun stickers, backgrounds, text with cool fonts andframes. * PIP Photo Collage Maker helps you combine multiple photoswith various frame patterns and photo grids, then share them at atime! * PIP Photo Collage Maker packs a simple design with apowerful editor to give you everything you could, and Collage yourphotos to be amazing! Key Features: + Clean and beautiful UI foreasy to use. + Import photos from gallery or take from camera. +Many photo in photo frames with different shape and style to makeyour photos in glass, camera, magazine, grid and so on. + Blurbackground for photo each photo frame block. + Use blur backgroundinside photo frame! + More than 56 photo collage frames. Collageyour photos with awesome grid layouts and frames + Support previewphoto editor crop rotate retake from camera for your photoselection. + Build in a fast and beautiful camera + Support photocollage blur background, pattern backgrounds or color background. +Support photo frame border more than 40 borders! + Support phototext editor on image with custom foreground color and font. You canuse it for photo text editor. + More than 80+ Premium stickers.Unleash your creativity with 80+ premium stickers, Make yourstylish selfie pictures to stand out from the crowd. + Insta squaresize and no crop photo, post entire photos to Instagram. + Photoeditor & cool filter effects : with contrast, brightness,saturation, beautify, aperture, sharpness, smooth toon etc. + Shareto social network Note: the edited image is saved in "FileManager/DCIM/PIPCollage" or “\Sdcard\PIPCollage” So what are youwaiting for..? Download this best PIP Photo Collage Makerapplication for android and start make beautiful photo collage!
Capture Screen Recorder Video 1.4 APK
Capture Screen Recorder Video with no root required, We made thisvideo recorder to make your record easier! and with screen recorderno root you can Record in HD quality everything: your son'sgraduation, birthday party or other beautiful moments from yourlife!Capture Screen Recorder Video this is a super simple recorderwith large buttons. It turns your phone into a real recorderscreen. Use it to record everything you want it,games,videos,discussion char,explanation of something...CaptureScreen Recorder Video no root this application is a solution forthose who want to record browsing tasks. If you find outinteresting things and like to share it with your friends, or youwant to instruct them doing some manipulation , Capture ScreenRecorder no root will help you by the fastest way.Features- Issimple to install and easy to use- Records your audio and gestures-Supports almost all tablets and phones- Easy to use HD ScreenRecorder- Great audio- Stored videos of all your HD screenrecordings- Up to 1 hour HD screen recording- Loads of settings..adjust the video bit-rate, resolution etc- HD Audio recording- Donot lose time- Unlimited recording time- Higher resolution screenrecorder- No root required for this appSo what are you waitingfor..? Download this best screen recorder app for android and startrecording your device screens.