21.3 / September 8, 2017
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My Santa Selfie is a Selfie App with Santa Frames.You can EnjoyVarieties of Santa Frame along with Real HD Image Filtering.AllFrames are Designed by technician to capture Real SelfieEffects.You can Enjoy Many Selfie Modes like Single Selfie, CoupleSelfie.Our aim for developing this app is Enjoying Christmas...MySanta selfie app is available in all over the world.You can Installit from Google Play.So no need to worry tap Install button andenjoy Selfie in wear of Santa.*Permission Declaration*-In AndroidMarshmallow 6 It may Gives you dialog to allow Permissionhere, isdeclaration of it.1) Camera permission is only used for capturingselfie, and is only when you are running the App.2) ExternalStorage is Used to store Captured Image into Memory. You can alsoSend it to Any Social Media.Just only 2 Permission Allowance willRock your Selfie with My Santa Selfie.Our aim for developing thisapp is Enjoying Christmas...Install it.Share with Friendshave aGreat Fun....

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    My Santa Selfie
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    September 8, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Pranav Davda
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