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“My Screen Recorder” is an application which is used to recordetheir mobile phone screen to make templates videos, presentationsand motivational videos. Screen Recorder is a free, stable,high-quality screen recorder for Android that helps you recordsmooth and clear screen videos. With a variety of features such asscreen capture, video recorder, video editor and no rooting needed,My Screen Recorder provides an easy way to record screen videos,like game videos, video calls, live shows, and more - makingeverything simple!Screen Recorder HD is a free unlimited screencapture app for recording your device's screen to video.Createpromotional videos; make tutorials or record help videos completewith audio!Screen Recorder is the best app to record the screen ofyour Lollipop. It does NOT require root access, no time limit, nowatermark, ad free and very easy to use with one action to startand stop recording. This screen recording app will let you makebeautiful screencast videos by providing every feature that youneed in a simple and elegant user experience design.Screen Recorderis a free, stable, high-quality screen recorder for Android thathelps you record smooth and clear screen videos. With a variety offeatures such as screen capture, video recorder, video editor andno rooting needed.You must go to security ->choose permission-> permission -> Screen Recorder and turn on pop up window.Follow up, you go to security -> Permission -> AutoStart-> turn on Screen Recorder.Press recently app button and look atScreen Recorder, if Recorder hasn't locked (lock icon over ScreenRecorder), please pull down it -> OKScreen Recorder is a freeunlimited screen capture app for recording your device's screen tovideo.Create promotional videos, make tutorials or record helpvideos complete with audio!Screen Recorder is the best app torecord the screen of your Lollipop. It does NOT require rootaccess, no time limit, no watermark, ad free and very easy to usewith one action to start and stop recording.With My ScreenRecorder’s screen broadcast, you can stream your screen to YouTube,Facebook and Twitch. You can stream gameplay to show your skills,or stream films, TV shows, and sports events to share the thingsyou like with more people.How to Make the Perfect FirstVideo?ㆍClear Screen Recording in FULL HD!* Highest Quality supplied▷ 1080P Resolution, 12.0Mbps Quality, 60 FPSㆍCapture your reactionsfreely while recording game sound and your voice with Facecam!ㆍYoucan record long videos without worrying while saving onExternalMemory (SD Card)!ㆍ(Trim, Cut, Images, etc.) Raise the quality ofyour video with a Variety of Video Editing Features!ㆍPut in yourfavorite BGM and an Intro & Outro Video to make a personalizedvideo!ㆍRecord a clean screen Without a Watermark with CleanRecording Mode!Screen Recorder has lots of video editing functionsthat can help you create better videos. You can easily make thefollowing video editing operations with the screen recorder :- Trimvideo / Remove the middle part of video- Change speed of video-Rotate video- Crop video-Orientation-Recorde Audio-Show frontcamera-Show touches-Count down Before start-Countdown values- Videoresolution-Bit rates-Frame rates-Save to app gallery and phonegallery-Share on social mediaIf you like this app than don’t forgetto give rate & review also…

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Sheikh chilli ki kahaniyan 1.2 APK
Sheikh chilli is very famous character among childrens. And everyperson have interest to reading entertaining stories. This is anentertaining app. As we know about the the famous stories aboutfunny characters that we read it on childhood. But these kind ofstories get the interest of all peoples. And we read these type ofstories for some funny moments.Agar hum entertaining characters kibat karein to bht sy famous kirdar dikhae dty hain jesa k Sheikhchilli, umro-ayaar etc. but our focus in this app about thecharacter of Sheikh chilli. This app contain two latest storiesabout sheikh chilli i.e. sheikh chilli aur pari, sheikh chilli auruska godha. Shekh Chilli, a famous character among children, isnotorious for his follies and simplicity. Quality that wasattributed to Shekh Chilli's character was, that he never caredabout laws of nature. He built castles in the air and in hisimagination established great businesses, empires, became a prince,married a princes-and in the end of the story the castle in the airvanished and Shekh Chilli found him surrounded by the peoplelaughing at him. Feature: Two Full Stories Shekh Chilli aur pariShekh Chilli aur gadha Zooming clarity Easy to read Userfriendly interface
All Mobile Secret Codes 1.1 APK
This application includes mobile secret codes of all mobile devicescompanies i.e. Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola, XIAOMI/MI,BlackBerry, China, HTC, Karbonn, LG, MicroSoft/Windows and OPPO.You can check all secret codes using this application that codesyou are not know before. And that codes very helpful for you. Youcan Check all common android secret codes include Network, GPS,Bluetooth, WLAN test, Firmware version information, factory tests,PDA, display the IMEI number, Super Mode, Service Menu, CheckUpdate, Reset Device, Unlock the device, Recover Forgotten pattern,Engineering mode, GPS test mode, Machine information, SoftwareInformation, Hardware Information, Test Photograph RGB and muchmore.Using this information you can access many codes easily and atone place. Sometimes for finding codes we search many codes andspent many time but we are not exactly sure about that codes areright or not. But for your easiness we include all helpful codes atone place. These secret codes can also be used for gaining accessto the secret portal of the Android and its services.There arevarious symbolic or numeric sequences which easily allow one togain access to the system settings for various usages. In this app,there are various hidden codes given which can be employed on theAndroid devices.This application provides code and some codeexample are following:SAMSUNG*#06# - Display IMEI number*#0*# -General Test ModeSONY*#*#7378423#*#* - Sevice Tests - PressureSensor*2767*3855# - Factory reset on Xperia ZHTC*#*#3424#*#* - HTCfunction test Program.*#*#4636#*#* - HTC Info menuGENERIC - Androidphone*#*#4636#*#* - Display information about Phone, Battery andUsage statistics*#*#0*#*#* - LCD display testSome code of them maynot work on specific devices, but you can still try them. And youcan use them at your own risk. This application is easy to use.
Password Manager Wallet 1.2 APK
Passwords now these are used in a very big form to secure personalinformation. Because in this era we used technology for managementour daily routine works. So the security is prior focus because fordata security we used passwords but still issues about passwordhacking. We should secure our password, if our passwords aresecured then our data are secured.Keep your passwords safely storedand encrypted on your mobile device with Password Manager Wallet.Our app focuses on the protection of user information. Thisapplication is easy to use and provide confidentiality of files anddocuments etc.. using this app you can synchronize your data withanother phone, tablet, PC via your own cloud account Its securepassword vault can store all your passwords – plus credit carddata, addresses, notes and other personal information. Passwordmanager offers full freedom to remember your password because dueto more than one password we forget all password. So that’s a goodway to remember your password using this app.One password is allyou need with LastPass – your LastPass master password handles therest. Store passwords and logins, create online shopping profiles,generate strong passwords, track personal information in photo& audio notes, and more.Feature: Enter an unlimited number ofpasswords. Secure password Storage Cross Platform Access andsync your passwords from any of your devices (phone, tablet) Storeyour credit and debit card information securely Priority supportSecure information with authenticationPassword Manager is theeasiest way to access all your passwords wherever you are. The appis absolutely safe and doesn’t require any permissions such asaccess to the internet, your contacts or otherwise.This passwordmanager application will help you to store all your passwordseasily and safely Password manager is build for users who do notwant a complicate password application with Internet registrationand complicate lists management, cards and synchronization withservers, all is simple and clear. Password manager helps a userstore accounts and password safe, no Internet registration needed.Data manager - Organize passwords in secure folders- Storepasswords in custom folders locked behind your LastPass password-Sort into categories like Social, Shopping & moreEvery user isprovided a secure and private vault protected by our unmatchedZero-knowledge security architecture with multiple levels ofencryption. Each user's vault is guarded by a master password whichonly the user knows. Keeper generates strong passwords inside thevault. Creating a unique and strong password to each website iscritical to limiting the risk of being hacked. * The app locksautomatically when the screen turns off and when you exit the app.*Passwords are saved in an encrypted format.* Export / Importfunction* Password generator* Search* Enter an unlimited number ofpasswords.
Fish Eye Lens 1.1 APK
Fish eye Lens app contains a feature of fish lens feature thatcreate a view just like fish eye. You can add multiple effects onyour photos. Now these days we are using multi filter cameras thathelp to change the image look, and with filters many differentstickers are added. Using these features you can make your owncreative image. Fish Eye Lens Camera is photo editor tools provideyou to take best wide-angle inspired shots using camera. Using thiscamera app you can set many effects on your photo or video forexample: Fisheye Lens Effects. Watch as everything goes beyond theedges while you walk, run, drive, skate or move just from one placeto another with Action Fisheye Camera Effect App.Wide Angle CameraApp has Wide Angle Lens Fisheye Filter applied on your live CameraPicture. It looks like you can see more of the world like youwatching through a curved glass. You also can take screenshots ofyour current camera.If you've always wanted to enter a fun housemirror now you have the opportunity to have the same experience onyour phone or tablet! Hipster photography fans will also bedelighted to know that this fisheye camera has a great number ofcool photo filters and effects that they can find together withseveral fisheye camera lenses. Snap your grin and laugh of yourheart's content when you see the result! Shoot some crazy selfieswith fisheye effect or take a pic of your bffs or family to havefun. Other professional photographers will envy you, as you will beable to shoot not only funny pictures of you and your friends, butalso to achieve unique creations with a number of filters forpictures and wide-angle lenses. So grab your gadget, downloadFisheye Lens Photos for free! Shoot some crazy selfies with fisheyeeffect or take a pic of your friends or family to have fun. You canuse the “fisheye app” for an artistic effect or for pranks andlaughs. Make funny distorted images with a big nose or a mouth withease and feel like you've just stepped out of a crazy mirror house.How to use Fisheye Lens Photo Editor - Camera Magic* Open image inyour phone device via help of camera and gallery.* Set your imagewith rotation and crop according to your choice.* You can alsoapply different beautiful framing on your photo.* You can alsoapply different shapes in your image.* It’s also providingdarkness, opacity, color, blur, light, focus and temperature effectoptions.* Choice one of more lens according to your choice.* Youcan also apply filter and many more colorful effects in yourphoto.* Save your image in my creation and share with friends withsocial networking facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. ::Feature::Process photos from gallery  Edit your old images or take newone! Apply amazing filters for pictures instantly! Built inoption for sharing on social networking like facebook, Instagrametc... Professionally curved Free fisheye picture editor, easy touse Cross Process Process Press Vintage/Retro  Fish eye ViewerUltra wide-angle lens camera-photo editor Fish eye Camera HD FishEye Lens photo editor Fish eye lens HD Mode High quality offisheye camera photos HDR Mode Fisheye Magic View
Latest Photo & Video Editor 2018 1.1 APK
Photo Editor Application allows you to create amazing and stunninglook collages using stickers, text with cool fonts and frames andalso multiple effects included in one application for youreasiness. Photo Collage Editor helps you combine multiple photoswith various frame patterns. Photo Editor:-Edit your photoinstantly with this powerful Photo Editor app, which is one of thebest photo editing tools in android. Get the best photography artin your photos with large number of amazing photo effects.You cancreate good color effect photos with this photo editor app whichwill let you create beautiful photos. This app comes with beautifulphoto frames and different stickers as well. Photo Director Appgives you an array of tools to turn your everyday pics intospectacular National Geographic style artwork.  Intelligentlyremove objects from photographs- Remove a photo bomber, or anunwanted object, from your pics with quick Content-Aware Removalediting tools. Quick and easy photo sharing- Shoot a photodirectly into the app, or enhance and adjust photos from yourgallery- Apply any adjustment, then set you pics as your mobilewallpaper without leaving the app- Get your images ready to uploadto Instagram with InstaFill, plus a host of creative photo filters-Use PhotoDirector's powerful, quick editing and adjustment tools,then start photo sharing with your friends, family and followers onFacebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram andmore.<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>Collage:Classic and the most fashionable & Photo Collage Maker& Picture editor! There are lots of layouts for collages andframes for pictures. Over 100+ Square, Portrait, Landscape, andStrips frames and styles layouts to suit all your artistic collageneeds. Motion Sticker & Sticker:A camera with motion stickers,is an amazing motion stickers face app and a funny photo editor.Take selfie videos with the amazing motion stickers and hilariousdecorate face app effects and send them to your friends. So, manyfunny face effects and stunning motion stickers. Apply hundreds ofstickers with funny, cute and girly themes. Make your photo moreexpressive! Motion Stickers & Stickers update regularly. Funnymotion sticker Motion Stickers & stickers cute theme. PIP:Fancy and creative, professional-studio, selfie with one tap!Popular in over 40 countries! Great for edit photos with PIPcamera. Secret Album:Protect your secret photos fromothers.************Functions**************1. Photo Filter - Easilycreate an authentic and stunning editing picture. 2. No Crop Photofor Social Media - You can post full sized photo on Instagram,Facebook and Twitter without cropping.3. Photo Collage - Greatphoto editor that helps you collage photos with various framepatterns and layout.4. Add Text on Photos - Write texts to yourediting picture using different fonts. You can resize, color, andapply some cool text effects to them. 5. Photo Effects – Withdifferent photo effects you can change your image effects.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Key Features^^^^^^^^^^^^^ One-tap auto enhance Gorgeous photo effects and frames Fun stickers Color balanceCrop, rotate, and straighten your photo Adjust brightness,contrast, color temperature, and saturation Sharpen and blurColor temperature ("Warmth") Color Splash Focus (Tilt Shift)Draw and add text Create your own memes Share to social network
Naats Collection (Audio & Video) 1.2 APK
Naat-e-Rasool-e-Maqbool (S.A.W) contains best naatkhawancollection. This app contains audio and video naat and youcansearch your favorite audio or video naat. A carbonate or Na'atis apoetry sung without music to praise the last prophet ofIslam,Muhammad (PBUH). It a religious activity in Islam topraiseMuhammad (PBUH) and doing so with carbonate is a practicethat'sfamous in south Asian countries, Particularly, Pakistan andIndia.Rabi' al-awwal (ربيع الأوّل) is the third month in theIslamiccalendar. During this month, the ... In many countries aprocessionis also conducted on 12th or 17th of Rabi' al-awwal nightand day.... Rabi Ul Awal Naats •and in multiple Languages mp3 naatsonlinelike Urdu naats, Islamic naats, Arbi Naats-e-Rasool, Englishmp3naats, Punjabi Naats, Sindhi Naats, Pashto Naats, Balochi Naats,Pakistani naats and Arabic naats. You can listen all audionaatsonline as well as download latest mp3 naats by click downloadNaatslink. You don't need any player to listen Hamd-o-Naat online.★Naat application with Audio and Video Category Available★Listenmore than 5000 Audio and Video Naats from our largestrepository ofNaats★ Search your favorite Audio or Video Naat★ Morethan 150Natkhwaan★ Simple and easy to use interface★ DownloadsNaats andlisten them offline without the internet★ Add Naats tofavoritelist and easy access for future.★ Share Naats andapplication withfriends★ We add new naats on daily basis★ Now youcan also listenthe Naats in background, and can start stop and nextand previousfrom your notification bar of android deviceList ofNaat khuan:Khursheed Ahmad Waheed zafar Abdul Raud RufiFasih-ud-din OwaisQadri Tahir Qadri Shahbaz Qamar Qari ShaidShakeel AttariFarhan Attari Usman Ghani Umair Zubair PunjabiNaatsPushtoNaatsQainat Sheikh Yousuf MemonYusuf IslamZafar IqbalPatniZafarIqbal QadriZeeshan QadriZulfiqar AliMuhammad Fahad RazaQadriDuaNoorHafiz Ahmed Raza Mehmoodi Qadriand man more And FamousNaatincludes:Zahe MuqaddarFaslon Ko TakallufJitna Diya SarkarNeMujhkoMeetha Meetha Hai Meray Muhammad Ka NaamBalaghalUlaBekamaalaihiTaajdar-e-Haram Ho Nigah-e-KaramSirf Ek BaarKardeKaram Rab Saianshabaz qamar faridi new naat 2017Aqa Mera Sohnateysohne sohne nainPunjabi Naat Sharif by Qari Shahid MahmoodALLAHHUALLAHMarhaba MarhabaPhir Gunbaz E Khazara kiTAJDAR EHARAMMuhammadShakeel AttariMain Lajpalan De Lar LagiyanZameen MailiNahi HotiTuHa Shujaat Ka Paikar AliKab Kehta Hun NayaabNaginaDaikhain GyRehmat Ky Anwar Madiny MainNaat e Sarkar KiParhtaMAULA SADQAMUHAMMAD DAKYON LOG YE KEHTY HAINCurrently, youcan listen to 100+of naats online and we are in continues processof adding moreUrdu, English, Arabic, Punjabi, Pashto Naats and NaatKhuwans toour already extensive database. The app is user friendlyand can beused frequently during the holy month of Ramadan.This apphelps youto find out the best naatein of famous naat khuan’s.
PTI Flex Maker 1.1 APK
PTI Flex Maker –Decorate flex with your image!Are you confusedabout the design of flex? Do you like to add your picture in a flexwith your leader? Then try this app and design multiple flex usingmultiple features that are included in this app. Flex Maker Editorwill help you to make a dummy flex that you want to print. Firstlyyou try which design is best for printing then you will design hereand after confirmation just print out the flex.Flex Maker of PTI inthe soft form created in this app and through this procedure youcan save your money. For example, if you want to advertise yourselective party then you can make flex design on your phone and usethese designed flex you can advertise on social media. Create PTIpromotional posters, PTI advertisement, PTI offer announcements,PTI cover photos on the go with amazing backgrounds, PTI texture,effects, fonts, PTI sticker and get the attention you want.PTIPhoto frames included in this app. You can make a creative image orflex using PTI dp photo frames. This application will help you tomake a stunning flex that will be useful for you in advertisementpoint of view.Urdu Keyboard functionality will help to write yourname in Urdu and also quotes that are added in this app. You canadd on flex. How to Use: Simply choose the flex and easily createan original work of art. Select your favorite picture fromgallery Crop the image. Set your photo with move drag, rotate,scale etc Choose any PTI slogan from an app Write your name andchange your name color. You can write your name in English andUrdu keyboard Create the picture and save it. Send to yourfriends and family. Easy to useFeature:• PTI Photo Frames• PTIFlex Maker• PTI Banners Maker• PTI Flex photo editor• PMLN vs PTIFlex maker• ANP vs PTI Banners and Flex• JUI Flex and StickerMaker• JI and PTI Flex maker• Kaptaan Khan Flex Maker• Imran KhanBanners photo editor 2018• Nawaz Sharif Flex Maker• Maryam NawazFlex maker• PTI stickers and photo frames• pti banners and flexeditor• PPP vs PTI flex editor• MQM vs PTI Banners maker• 23rdMarch Flex maker• Pakistan day photo frames• PTI Imran KhanBanners• Selfie with Imran Khan • Selfie with Nawaz Sharif• PTIFlex and banners 2018
PMLN Flex Maker 1.1 APK
PMLN flex maker – Different flex design!If you want to check theflex design and also want to support your leader? Then use this appand try the different design of flexes that will help to make aperfect banner for publicity. Now you have no need to waste yourmoney on printing flexes especially for show support, you can showyour support for the politician party and political flexes designedespecially for that purpose. PMLN Dp maker contains the bestediting tools that help to design a best dp picture for your socialnetworks and this will show your effort for your partyachievements.Pmln Banner and Flex Maker is the best app for astylish and rich collection of pmln party slogans and beautifullycarved pmln backgrounds. You can also write your own Urdu sloganwith the help of Urdu keyboard on an awesome collection ofbackgrounds using Pmln Banner and Flex Maker.Pmln flex maker andpmln Dp maker contain a great collection of banners, slogans andalso Urdu keyboard. You can add your image on flex and write yourname using an Urdu keyboard. Create PMLN promotional posters, PMLNadvertisement, PMLN offer announcements, PMLN cover photos on thego with amazing backgrounds, PMLN texture, effects, fonts, PMLNsticker and get the attention you want.You can edit, drag, rotate,zoom-in and zoom-out your poetry on your photo or on the selectedbackground. Urdu Poetry on Photo app is best and unique app withwhich you can write or add maximum four lines slogan to your photoswith the help of default Urdu Keyboard. How to Use: Select anyposter design from application Select image from gallery orcapture using the camera Add slogans on a banner You can writeyour own quotes and names using Urdu keyboard Add multiplestickers and effects on the banner Save your Flex on SD CardShare with friends using WhatsApp, facebook, twitter etc.Feature:Simply choose the flex and easily create an original work of art.Select your favorite picture from gallery Crop the image. Setyour photo with move drag, rotate, scale etc Choose any pmlnslogan from the app Write Your name and change your name color.You can write your name in English and Urdu keyboard Create apicture and save it. Send to your friends and family. Easy touse PMLN Photo Frames PMLN Banners Maker Maryam Nawaz FlexMaker PMLN Banners photo editor 2018 Nawaz Sharif Flex MakerMaryam Nawaz Flex maker PMLN Stickers and Photo Frames  ShahbazSharif Photo Frames Selfie with Mariam Nawaz Selfie with NawazSharif  PMLN DP maker 2018 Pmln flex maker  Pmln photo framePmln dp maker