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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manage MyServiceOrders Mobile Smartphone application allows the servicetechnicianto view and manage a list of service orders assigned tothem. They can view Service Order details, view photos, andattach newones. Specifically, they can see the service orderdescription,equipment, priority, status, planned start date andplannedcompletion date. Customer and site information is alsoavailable,including contact information for the customer and a mapof thelocation.

This application leverages functionality from the JDEdwardsEnterpriseOne Service Management system.

Contact your IT department for the final step to configurethismobile application with your business data on yourdevice.Instructions to enable mobile services for this applicationcan befound through My Oracle Support at https://support.oracle.com.

By installing this app you agree to the End UserLicenseAgreement terms at http://www.oracle.com/pls/topic/lookup?ctx=E16582-01&id=EOALC.SeeOracle's Privacy Policy at http://www.oracle.com/us/legal/privacy/index.html.

App Information My Service Orders for JDE E1

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Oracle Virtual Desktop Client APK
By installing this app you agree to the EndUser License Agreement terms athttp://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/sunrayproducts/docs/default-1938992.html.Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for Android is an idealapplication for highly mobile and secure access to your virtualWindows, Oracle Linux, and Oracle Solaris desktops andapplications, including Oracle's industry-leading applications.WORK VIRTUALLY ANYWHEREGain higher productivity and flexibility to work virtuallyanywhere, anytime, with access to all your server-hosted desktopsand applications from your Android tablet.HIGHLY SECURE ACCESSAccess your desktop and applications with confidence that nosensitive data is stored on the iPad but kept secure andcentralized in the safety of the datacenter.BROADEST CHOICE OF PLATFORMSOracle Virtual Desktop Client offers you the broadest choice andgreatest flexibility of accessing desktops and applications runningon various platforms including Windows, Oracle Linux or OracleSolaris.UNCOMPROMISED PERFORMANCEOracle's Appliance Link Protocol delivers performance and asuperior multimedia playback experience, even over low bandwidthand high latency WAN environments, without the additional costs ofWAN accelerators or branch repeaters.MOBILE ACCESS TO APPLICATIONSSecure and easy access to Oracle's industry leading applicationsalong with your Microsoft Windows and native Androidapplications.BACKED BY ORACLE'S WORLD CLASS SUPPORTOnly Oracle offers and supports the industry's most completedesktop virtualization solution.FEATURES:Optimized User Interface for Android Tablets- Simple and intuitive gestures and navigation- Rich keyboard support (including Ctrl, Alt, Esc, Insert, Delete,Tab, Home, End, Function, paging, and cursor keys) enables enhanceduser interactions with your virtual applications- International on-screen keyboard support- Clipboard for copy and paste of text between Android tablet andvirtual desktopEnhanced Multimedia Experience- Smooth multimedia playback experience on Oracle DesktopVirtualization hosted applications, including Adobe Flash Playerand Windows Media Player- Optimized multimedia delivery to the local client providesenhanced network utilization and scalabilityGreater Security- Secure remote access using your existing VPN software- Leverages the ultra secure Appliance Link Protocol (ALP) with SunRay Software or Oracle Virtual Desktop InfrastructureMulti-tasking Support- Increase productivity with the ability to instantly switchbetween virtual and native Android applicationsFlexible and Hassle-free Configuration- Simple UI configuration and connection server settings- Auto-discovery of available Sun Ray Software and Oracle VirtualDesktop Infrastructure serversFast and Easy Connectivity- Click-and-go connectivity to configured and available desktopsand applicationsREQUIREMENTS:Client: Compatible with tablet devices running Android 4.x. Notsupported on Android phones. Oracle Virtual Desktop Client wastested with several preferred models of Android tablet devicesunder specific configurations of Sun Ray Software and OracleVirtual Desktop Infrastructure. Due to the wide choice of Androidtablets available in the market, there may be variations in OracleVirtual Desktop Client feature availability and functionality dueto device vendor specific features and modifications made to theAndroid operating system that may affect featurecompatibility.We highly recommend that you test Oracle Virtual Desktop Clientwith your tablet device to ensure that it is compatible with yournetwork and firewall configuration, software, systems, and clientdevice prior to making purchasing decisions.Server: Sun Ray Software 5.1 or higher or Oracle Virtual DesktopInfrastructure 3.2.2 or higher.License: Use of Oracle Virtual Desktop Client requires a valid SunRay Software or Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure license.
Oracle WebCenter Content APK
By installing this app you agree to the EndUser License Agreement terms athttp://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/cloud/documents/eula.html.See Oracle's Privacy Policy athttp://www.oracle.com/us/legal/privacy/index.html.Oracle WebCenter Content for Android provides simple, secure accessto your Oracle WebCenter Content environment, version orhigher. Users can easily browse, view, favorite and downloadimportant business documents from virtually anywhere. With theability to download, critical files are stored locally andavailable with or without an Internet connection. Oracle WebCenterContent for Android ensures that your mobile workforce can stayinformed and up-to-date with the most current information -ensuring better business decisions and faster resolution ofissues.Oracle WebCenter Content for Android lets you:• Browse and preview your WebCenter Content files with fullmetadata• Mark items as Favorites so that they can quickly & easily belocated• Download files for offline access and open them using 3rd partyapplications• Manage files and folders: create, upload, rename, delete, copy,move, check-out/cancel check-out*• Participate in workflows: list pending workflows, view workflowdetails, approve or reject*NOTE: This app is designed to work with an Oracle WebCenter Contentenvironment that is running version or higher. Somefeatures require the January 2014 patch of version check with your Oracle WebCenter Content administrator or ITdepartment to ensure that your system is up-to-date beforeinstalling and using this app.
Oracle Events 17 1.1 APK
By installing this app you agree to the EndUser License Agreement terms athttp://www.oracle.com/webfolder/mobile/Oracle-Events-Android-EULA.html.See Oracle's Privacy Policy athttp://www.oracle.com/us/legal/privacy/index.html.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you’re attending a key Oracle event, this is the official appfrom Oracle to keep you informed, up-to-date, and connected. Searchfor your event within the Oracle Events app and access all thelatest news and information; a complete day-by-day agenda andschedule of activities; and bios of Oracle staff, expert speakers,partners, sponsors, and exhibitors. When you download and installthe free Oracle Events app, you can also connect with otherattendees and join the conversation on social media. Pre-event oronsite, use this app to find the latest on keynotes, technicalsessions, hands-on labs, demos, and more.
Oracle Voice 3.0.2 APK
Oracle Voice is a fun virtual assistant thatallows sales teams to talk directly to the Oracle Sales Cloud ontheir smart phones. With Voice, sales representatives canefficiently retrieve and capture sales information on the go usinga speech interface.Use Voice to:Prepare for meetings* View Relevant Notes - To see what happened during previousmeetings* See Important Activities - To view previous tasks andappointments* Brush up on Opportunities - To check on revenue, close dates andwin probabilitiesWrap up meetings* Capture Notes and Activities quickly - To record key detailsbefore they are forgotten* Create Contacts - To remember important new people* Update Opportunities - To progress the deal along
JDE EnterpriseOne Mobile Apps APK
This application will provide JD EdwardsEnterpriseOne Mobile Applications access to the native featuresavailable on the mobile device, such as the camera and photogallery. Having access to these features will enhance the user’sexperience by allowing photos either taken by or stored on thedevice to be attached to data entered utilizing theseapplications.
Oracle Tap - Legacy 1.1.5 APK
Oracle Tap gives organizations secure accessto their Oracle Applications Cloud for Human Capital Management(Fusion HCM, and Taleo Enterprise Edition).- Provides optimized layouts and navigation gestures- Easily access a worklist from your cloud applications and quicklyrespond to approvals sitting in your inbox.- With Human Capital Management, you can browse your organizationand gain insights by having access to employee information liketheir talent scorecard and goals.- The Talent Management Cloud provides recruitment on the go, withaccess to requisitions, candidates, and actions to manage theentire recruitment process.Oracle Tap Requirements:Oracle Tap requires an active Oracle Cloud Applications account,and features will vary based on licensed functionality. See theApplication License Agreement for details.By installing this app you agree to the End User LicenseAgreement terms at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/fusion-apps/oracle-tap-android-eula-2248823.pdf.See Oracle's Privacy Policy at http://www.oracle.com/us/legal/privacy/index.html.Oracle customers can find the Oracle Tap Compatibility Matrix ofSupported Devices (Doc ID 1558351.1) on the support.oracle.comwebsite. Oracle Tap supports a wide variety of Android operatingsystems and devices and the Oracle Tap compatibility matrixprovides a view into what is supported.
Oracle Mobile CRA 2.0 APK
Oracle Health Sciences Mobile CRA is a mobileapplication giving clinical monitors improved visibility,flexibility, and control over site monitoring. The Site-At-a-Glanceand Study Alerts and Notifications features provide on-the-go studyprogression awareness, while the disconnected trip reporting modeenables CRAs to remain productive and efficient at clinical sitesregardless of network/cellular connectivity. Upon arrival at thesite, CRAs can use the Site Check-In feature to capture theirgeolocation for the site visit report. In addition, Site Contactssynchronization to Oracle's CTMS system provides site informationat their fingertips making collaboration with sites faster andeasier.Oracle Health Sciences Mobile CRA runs on Android Phones,Phablets and Tablets enabling more efficient, proactive planningand more productive site visits - shortening study cycle times byobtaining and delivering higher quality data more quickly, andreducing development costs by maximizing the utilization,efficiency, and productivity of monitoring resources.The Oracle Health Sciences Mobile Clinical Research Associate1.3 release brings the mobile application onto the Android OS. TheAndroid version of the app supports all the features available inthe 1.0 and 1.2 versions of the Oracle Health Sciences MobileClinical Research Associate app that were previously released foriOS devices.By installing this app you agree to the End User LicenseAgreement terms at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E53059_01/index.htm.Also see Oracle's Privacy Policy at http://www.oracle.com/us/legal/privacy/index.html.
Oracle MAX 15.1.3 APK
Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator client app provides a simpleand easy way to browse, install and run modules generated using theMobile Application Accelerator (MAX) feature of Oracle Mobile CloudService. The MAX design experience provides users the ability togenerate enterprise mobile modules without coding. The MAX clientapplication is used as the container to run these modules asdevice-resident mobile apps. The MAX client app allows users to: *Browse existing MAX modules * Scan a barcode to install new MAXmodule * Tap on existing MAX module to run it * Delete MAX modulesNote: The Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator cloud solution is afeature of the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. To use the MAX clientapp, you must be a licensed user of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service.