1.0 / January 14, 2018
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The best shopping list that will help you efficiently organizeyourshopping (shopping, shopping, notepad).This application allowsyouto create your events in a list and add your items to the listwiththe ability to change the name of the event, delete it, checkitemspurchased, delete items one by one or delete them in whole,Afast,efficient application, with a rich and simple design, followedbyour technical team to solve all the bugs and improvementrequestsreported by the users.Do not hesitate to tell us anyanomalies ordesired changes.Good shopping to all.

App Information My shopping list.

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    My shopping list.
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    January 14, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Private Notes is a secure, elegant notepad app with passwordprotect. With this notepad take notes at any time .This Notes is agood helper to manage your schedules and notes. It gives you aquick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes,text memo , colornote , email, message , wrote notes , memorandumets... Features: - Create simple Pin code with 4 character. ChangePin code. - Modify and edit notes. - Secret notes with a password :notes with password - Create a simple note and the first sentenceof the notes will be set as the title. - Notes app for android :simple notepad free - Take a quick note - Keep my notes notepad andmemo - Checklists/To-do-list Notes - Notepad for android - mynotebook - Notepad for stylus pen : notepad widget - Memo pad forandroid : memo pad for taking notes - Notepad with password Totallyis FREE! Notepad free for android
Solver Equation Quadratic 1.0 APK
L'application permet de résoudre une équation de second degré sousla forme aX² + bX + C = 0 où a, b et c sont des coefficients réelsavec a non null.Le nombre de solutions de l'équation dépend dudiscriminant : - Si Δ > 0, l'équation admet deux solutionsréelles notées x1 et x2. --> x1 = (−b − √Δ ) / (2a) --> x2 =(−b + √Δ ) / (2a)- Si Δ = 0, alors l'équation admet une solutionréelle double notée x0 . --> x0 = −b / (2a)- Si Δ < 0, alorsl'équation n'admet pas de solution réelle.Pour résoudre l'équation,je vous invite à saisir les valeurs a, b et c comme montrel'interface de l'application, si votre équation est sous la formeaX² + bX = 0 la valeur de C est de 0 donc il faut saisir 0 commevaleur de c et si sous la forme aX² + C = 0, la valeur de b est 0,donc il faut saisir 0 comme valeur de b.Je reste à votredisposition pour toutes informations complémentaire et merci denous contacter pour améliorer l'application.The application solvesa second order equation in the formax² + bx + c = 0 where a, b andc are real coefficients with a non-null.The number of solutions ofthe equation depends on the discriminant:- If Δ> 0, the equationhas two real solutions denoted x1 andx2.       -> x1 = (-b - √Δ) /(2a)       -> x2 = (-b + √Δ)/ (2a)- If Δ = 0, then the equation has a double real solutiondenoted x0.       -> x0 = -b/ (2a)- If Δ <0, then the equation admits no real solution.Tosolve the equation, I invite you to enter the values ​​a, b and cas shown in the interface of the application, if your equation isin the form ax² + bX = 0 the value of C is 0 so you have entering 0as c value and if in the form ax² + C = 0, the value of b is 0,thus 0 must be entered as the value of b.I remain at your disposalfor any additional information and thank you for contacting us toimprove the application.
Carte Metro MOSCOW Map 1.0 APK
Une application simple qui vous accompagne dans votre visite àMOSCOW sans besoin d'internet facile et rapide.A simple applicationthat tracks your visit to MOSCOW without need quick and easyinternet.
Temperature converter 1.0 APK
Temperature converter between three temperature units: Kelvin,Celsius and Fahrenheit.The application is easy, simple and free, Itallows you to convert temperature Celsius (° C) to (° F) and (° k),Fahrenheit (° F) to (° C) and (° k) (° K) to (° C) and (° F).How touse the app?  1 / Choose the type of temperature.  2 /Enter the value of the temperature to be converted.  3 / Clickon the "Convert" button.If necessary, you can use the RESET buttonto initialize the I / O fields.Feel free to leave your comment andcomments to help us improve the application.
Map transport of Paris 1.0 APK
The application is free, available in several languages ​​for thosewho wish to visit Paris easily.Moving to Paris is not easy giventhe number of connections that must be made to arrive at thedesired destination, for this application accompanies you in theheart of your trips to Paris to facilitate your correspondence andfind the fastest way by metro without internet connection.Theapplication features the official RATP maps of the Paris metro withthe ability to zoom in and out for easier viewing.To use thisapplication, simply choose the type of transport (RER, METRO, TRAM,BUS) and you will have the transport card of your choice.IMPORTANT:given the difficulty of getting the internet network in guys, nointernet connection is required to use this application.Supportednetworks: the Metro, the RER, the Tramway, airport access.Theapplication is available in several languages, the language will bedetected according to the language of the phone.If you havesuggestions or something that does not work, do not hesitate tocontact us.
The best Tajine recipes 1.0 APK
Tagine is the traditional dish par excellence in Morocco, cookedwith a basic element such as beef, lamb, poultry or fish,It can beprepared with all sorts of ingredients and subtly combinesoriental, salty and sweet spices.Each Moroccan region has itsrecipe, variations around a stew of meat or fish accompanied byvegetables or even dried fruit.I have selected in this application13 recipes of tajine the most cooked and that we like to share withfamily.The recipes are simple and easy to make, ideal foramateurs.A few tips : + It is important that the sauce becomesas condensed as possible to exalt the flavors. + Let thetajine cook covered and only open it to check the cooking. +If excess sauce is present, cook uncovered a few minutes untilreduced then finish cooking with cover to make the vegetablestender.Feel free to post your comments to help us improve theapplication.
VAT is a small and effective application that allows you tocalculate the VAT amount and the total amount, it does not requireany authorization to run on your phone or tablet.There are twoinput fields : - Amount exclusive : for the tax-free amount. - VATRate : for the vat rate in %. There are two buttons:- Calculatebutton allows you to start the calculation of the vat.- Clearbutton allows to reset the fields.There are three output fields :-Amount exclusive : for the tax-free amount.- VAT Amount : this isthe vat amount - Gross Amount: this the Amount exclusive + VATAmount.Thank you for your interest. We hope you enjoy using yournew calculator! Do not hesitate to send us your comments andrequests for improvement.
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Une application Catre simple qui vous accompagne dans votre visiteà Saint Petersburg sans besoin d'internet facile et rapide.A simpleCatre application that tracks your visit to St. Petersburg withoutthe need for easy and fast internet.