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Do you want to use your phone as a torch ?Do you ever find anysimple light weight torch ?You are at the right place to utilizeyour phone as a torch. This torch app is developed and design toutilize flash in there camera.we need your precious feed backs sowe can improve our apps in the future and the present !!Usage: touse this torch app you can simply switch on and off you torch usingsingle button.

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Funny SMS 2018 1.6 APK
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Laugh is a natural gift for every creature to show its feelings inhappiness. Funny sms is the best app to make you laugh. It providesyou a better way to remain happy and in a good mood every day. Itis the collection of hundreds of funny sms to make your daybeautiful. This app consists of quality messages. Through this appyou can send funny sms to friends, family or to anyone to maketheir day and mood beautiful. It consists of hundreds of attractiveand quality sms. It consists of different features listed below:•Funny sms• Easy to use• Clean and Quality sms.• Hundreds of funnysms• Share sms via text message.• Simple and attractive theme foryour comfort.• Share with twitter friends• Share with Facebookfriends• Send to your Google+ friends• Share at WhatsApp• Sharewith your sms friends• Share SMS via Bluetooth• you can select yourfavorite Funny SMS • Select contacts and send directly• you cantype/add anything in the sms In case of any problem feel free tocontact us at | aappsventure@gmail.comIt’ll be very muchappreciated.
Masnoon Dua 2.4 APK
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Islam is the religion in which human being can stay in touch withhis/her Creator anytime anywhere By having a habit of reciting holy“AAYATS” which are commonly called “DUAS”. Our beloved ProphetMUHAMMAD (peace be upon Him) has asked a lot of times for askingdua whether you are happy or sad. This app is a best platform foryou to stay in touch with your ALLAH anywhere anytime. It has gotthe basic and important duas which if we get habit ofreciting/saying will have a beautiful and great impact on ourlives. This app provides you a channel a path to stay connectedwith your Creator for 24 hours of a day no doubt dua is a blessingfrom our ALLAH we must have the habit of reciting it before doingany kind of work.Features of Masnoon dua• Simple and elegant•Almost about 80 Duas and will be updated• Easy to read/recite•Arabic text with meaning in Urdu & English• Navigate to otherdua after having recited first• Detail screenDisclaimerAll thecontent has been referenced for authenticity, however if there areany discrepancies please contact us via e-mail or website and wewill take the necessary action Note:In case of any problem pleasefeel free to contact us at | aappsventure@gmail.comIt will beappreciated.
Mehndi Designs 2018 1.0 APK
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Eid is a beautiful occasion with beautiful blessings in the form ofdifferent small beautiful happinesses gifted by Almighty ALLAHafter the Holy month of Ramzan. One of the small gift isMehndi/Henna which is very attracted by women in Pakistan,Bangladesh,India,Nepal and Arab countries. It is applied mostly ondifferent occasions like Eid,Wedding,birthdays or other occasions.And time is running very fastly towards our wonderful gift EID sowe need immediate and beautiful mehndi designs to apply on so hereis an app especially designed for Eid occasion for your conveniencenamed "EID MEHNDI DESIGNS". Eid mehndi designs app consist of morethan 100 beautiful and attractive deigns. it consist of first timeever beautiful designs for kids so you dont need to worry about thedesigns for kids. It contains latest and beautiful designs forhands,arms and foot. it contains large amount of mehndi designs. itcontains eye catching designs for girls and women throughout theworld. it contains All High Quality (HQ) images displayed in albumwith thumbnails and full view.FEATURES:* designs for hands* designsfor arms* designs for foot* designs for kids* designs for palms*designs app contains more than 100 attractive mehndi designs* allMehndi designs are perfected by a professional art mehndi designer*Eid mehndi designs app consist of bridal designs too* simple andelegant In case of any problem please feel free to contact us at |aappsventure@gmail.comyour act will be appreciated.
Nail Art Tutorials New Updated admob version to 11.6.0 APK
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It consists of simple nail designs to be applied so easily and lookadorable.Nails are the important part of a woman’s personality andto make them beautiful is always been the priority. Nail arttutorial application provides you a number of beautiful andadorable designs of nails to beautify your nails by yourself. Thereis no need to go to beauty salon and spend your precious money onthe designs which can be designed by yourself at home by this nailart tutorial application. Hundreds of beautiful, attractive andpretty nail art designs are included in this app. The nail arttutorial app consists of simple nail designs to be applied soeasily and look adorable.FEATURES:Zoom in and out option for clearimageMore than three hundred design tutorialsSimple, easy andelegantVideo Player Can Play pause repeat any video tutorial
Ramzan Alarm 2018 4 APK
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Ramzan kareemRamzan is an especial and beautiful gift from ALLAH tomuslim ummah. In this holy month of ramzan the most importanttimings for a muslim are the “sehri” and “aftar” and it is veryimportant to maintain sehri and aftar timings. Though we keep aneye on the timings to keep and break the fast but we quite miss thetimings a few times so here is the solution “Ramzam alarm 2014/1435 which keep you alert before sehri and aftar anywhere anytimeso that you may get ready before aftar and sehri and say yourprayers. ramzan alarm 2014 is easy, simple and reliable. Thisramzan alarm app is a special gift to muslim ummah in this holymonth of ramzan and better solution to your problem.Ramzan alarmapp consist of following features• Auto location of your city• Turnalarm on or off for Sehri and Iftaar separately• * Specify thenumber of minutes before or after that you want to be alerted•Default ringtone on every alarm• Current time • The date of fast“roza”Get your ramzan alarm app today and stay alert on sehri andaftarDownload it today .Note:In case of any problem please feelfree to contact us at @ aappsventure@gmail.comWe need your preciousfeedback to improve our apps.
Kids Poems New 2018 1.4 APK
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Kids Poems brings you the best of the Classic Urdu Rhymes for yourKids. Excellent entertainment for kids ages 1 Year and up. The appdoes not need Network connectivity so you kid can enjoy the poemsanytime anywhere.- Alo Mia Alo Mia- Lakri ki Kati- Billi BoliMyaon- Utho Beta Aankhen Kholo- Machli Jaal Ki Rani- Choon choonkarti aee chirya- Nani Teri Morni- Chanda Mama dur k- Ek Bandar nakholi dukan
Nail Art 2018 1.8 APK
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Nails are the important part of a woman’s personality and to makethem beautiful is always been the priority. Nail art applicationprovides you a number of beautiful and adorable designs of nails tobeautify your nails. Hundreds of beautiful, attractive and prettynail art designs are included in this app. The nail art appconsists of simple nail designs to be applied so easily and lookadorable.FEATURES:Zoom in and out option for clear imageMore thanhundred designsSimple and easyDISCLAIMER:In case of any problemplease feel free to share at - aappsventure@gmail.com
Eid Greeting Cards 2018 1.3 APK
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Eid is beautiful and lovely gift for Muslim Ummah from ALLAH so wemust celebrate it with our loved ones. Saying eid Mubarak in plaintext or sms is so old school. Share your eid greetings in a coolway by “Eid greeting cards” app. This app includes beautiful andattractive greeting cards for you to celebrate your eid with yourloved ones. Eid greeting cards app includes beautiful and qualitygreeting cards to share with your loved ones. This app containslots of beautiful greeting cards. You can share your greeting cardvia email, Bluetooth, whatsapp, facebook, sms, twitter or whateverway you want to. FEATURES:Beautiful and attractive greeting cardsSimple and elegantSimple designShare the greeting card via whateveryou preferMore than 100 designsGood quality of imagesEasy touseSend your wishes with card.In case of any problem feel free tocontact us at | aappsventure@gmail.comit'll be very muchappreciated.