Everyone’s cancer journey is different.MyPathhas been developed to connect individual’s battling breastcancerwith resources tailored to their specific needs. Theapplicationmakes personal recommendations based on the user’streatment planand in-app survey responses. The goal of theapplication is to helppatients manage their health at home.

App Information MyPath (Unreleased)

  • App Name
    MyPath (Unreleased)
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    May 16, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android Varies with device
  • Version
  • Developer
    Georgia Tech Research Corporation
  • Installs
    10 - 50
  • Price
  • Category
    Health & Fitness
  • Developer
  • Google Play Link

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GT Mobile APK
GT Mobile is a web portal, built and maintained by the GT-RNOC, forthe deployment of web applications.GT Mobile is meant to be aresource that benefits the Georgia Tech community by providing aplace where any student, staff, alumni & faculty can host theirapplication or service.GT Mobile features capabilities such asintegration with Campus authentication and authorization to ensureapplications and services can be differentiated and offered to theactive GT community or the public.GT Mobile is also the showcasefor the winning entries of Georgia Tech¹s Fall ConvergenceInnovation Competition ( cic.gatech.edu ).GT Mobile is alsoshowcasing the artwork at Georgia Tech's ArtCrawl (art.clough.gatech.edu ).GT Mobile is open to the entire GTcommunity and all are encouraged to host their applications on thisportal and ensure that GT Mobile is the continued singular webpoint of presence for GT based services.
Commute Warrior 3.0.1 APK
Commute Warrior allows users to track their daily second-by-secondtravel activity. The data collected by Commute Warrior will be usedby Georgia Tech researchers to study travel behavior and estimatetravel times across corridors. Travel monitoring is automatic,recording second-by-second position and satellite details withoutany interaction on the part of the participant. Commute Warriormonitors walking, bicycling, transit, and personal vehicletrips.FEATURES AND BENEFITSCommute Warrior provides flexibilitywith regard to data transmission. Commute Warrior can be set totrack and log travel data for later upload over WiFi or transmitdata in real time using the wireless data plan.Commute Warriorallows the user to set a battery level that, when reached,automatically discontinues the operation of the CW App. Thisfeature helps ensure user battery levels remain above desiredlevels.Commute Warrior users can review their travel patterns forany monitored day.The travel activity are displayed using an opensource mapping system (OpenStreetMaps) for the users toreview.Users are requested to complete travel diary surveys fortargeted days. The survey data will be used in studying travelbehavior.PRIVACYGeorgia Tech researchers are committed toprotecting the privacy of the participants. Commute Warrior datacan be accessed only by the participants and is stored in a securedata server. All research personal have been trained and certifiedin handling Human Subjects. All research protocols have beenreviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board at GeorgiaTech.BATTERY USEThe battery usage statistics shows that in atypical day the App uses around 25% of the battery and it variesdepending on the user. However, in tests the App’s impact onbattery drain time was found to be marginal. The phone’s batterywill last through the work day as long as it is charged everynight.KNOWN INCOMPATIBILITYSamsung Galaxy Note II does not workwell with the App due to its sensors being disabled in sleep mode.
SMARTSign lets you learn American Sign Language vocabulary on yourmobile phone! Practice your recognition and production of 993 ASLsigns. Choose the vocabulary you would like to study, when youwould like to study, and how many words per day. Organize yourstudy by word themes or by popular children's stories.SEARCHUse thekeyboard or your voice to search for videos of signs.STUDYLearn newsigns through quizzes. Review signs through quizzes and recordingyourself.RECORDERPractice the signs you are learning by recordingyourself using the camera.REPORT CARDView your progress learningthe signs.WATCHReview the videos you have created.Note: In order toreduce overall data costs, this application requires a 230 MBdownload of the video library after installation. A Wi-Ficonnection is required.
Litmus 1.0 APK
Ever wondered how secure you phone is? Are youmaking the best security choices? Litmus is there to help you.Litmus provides you with instant feedback on your securitydecisions. For instance, when you change your password, Litmus willgive you a score and display the relative strength of your lockingmethod and password.Litmus monitors your device locking, encryption status, usbvulnerability, which app permissions, the security of each wifihotspot you encounter, and Bluetooth security.Mobile technology provides an amazing array of features thatsimply have never been available until now. Mobile security is avery important issue and most of us have no idea which options tochoose or how exposed or mobile phones leave us.Now you have an app that will guide you through each setting andimprove your mobile security.MAIN FEATURES• Password Strength – discover how strong your current passwordis and the best device lock method• Encryption Status – verify that your phones encryption is inplace and working correctly• USB – determine if you are vulnerable to exploitation via yourphone’s USB port• App Permissions – as you install application Litmus will alertyou to verify that you review the permissions for the new appsespecially your location, contacts, text messaging, and your phonesadministrative information• Wifi – is your phone accessible via wifi and just how secure arethe hotspots you connect to. Litmus provides you with a report oneach hotspot• Bluetooth – detect whether there are unauthorized Bluetoothconnections and shows you a list of your current Bluetoothdevices• News – mobile security is an evolving topic as users andenterprises learn about new mobile vulnerabilities, Litmus willkeep you up-to-date on the latest news and information• Customization – manage Litmus alerts• Easy of use – Litmus provides you with an easy to interpret scorethat helps with you gauge your mobile security at a glance!
Argon4 1.1.1 APK
The Argon Augmented Reality Browser was the worlds first AugmentedReality browser based on open web standards. Argon4 is the nextstep in the revolution started by Argon and continued by Argon2Isotope and Argon3, seamlessly integrating advanced AR technologywith iOS web technology. Argon4 enables traditional web developersto create augmented reality applications that combine the mobiledevice hardware sensors with computer vision tracking technology,making it simple to move the Internet off your desktop and into theworld around you. Argon4 delivers AR experiences exactly the sameway traditional web experiences are delivered, by entering a URLinto the address bar.Web applications for Argon4 are created usingthe argon.js JavaScript library. Visit the Argon developer site tosee how to create your own AR-enabled web site. Documentation andtutorials for creating AR-enabled web content for Argon can befound on http://argonjs.io, the developer site for the argon.jslibrary used to create platform-independent AR web content.Note:Requires a device with GPS, gyro, compass, and camera. Must berunning Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher.
GT Eco - Tour 1.0 APK
GT Eco – Tour is a virtual tour assistant for sustainabilityfeatures across the Georgia Tech campus. The tour shows interactive3D models of stormwater management systems, which are primarilyunderground. The narrated animations demonstrate how the multiplesystems on the campus interact with one another to capture,regulate, and reclaim stormwater.
MyPath C (Unreleased) APK
MyPath C connects patients with breastcancerresources.
ActEarly 0.1.1 APK
ActEarly app from Georgia Tech's UbicompHealth group.