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When the weather outside is dreary, you can relax knowing that yournails look great! You probably do not always create simple naildesigns during the winter, but the truth is that there are many fundesigns waiting for your nails. How about a play on the originalFrench nail manicure? Using monochromatic blues, you too cancelebrate the season with good cheer.Become an ice goddess withthis lovely play on the French nail manicure. Right away, you willnotice three distinct differences.The first difference is the useof color. While the French nail manicure presents a natural look,our winter blues look is well, blue. An ocean blue is used as thebase and a cotton candy blue for the nail tip. Finding the cottoncandy color may prove more difficult, but you can always use a babyblue.The second difference is the line, which divides the nail tipfrom the nail base. A French nail manicure line is usually silver,if any line is used at all. To achieve this simple nail designlook, you can use a blue glitter nail art brush or even try silver.If using blue, draw a white line first, and then go over it withthe blue glitter. Otherwise, the blue glitter will not show upagainst the blue nail polish.The final difference is the angle ofthe glitter line. A French nail manicure has a straight or slightlycurved line to it. This line is clearly angled. The angle occurs tothe left of the nail. I would suggest drawing the angled line firstbefore doing anything else. Then fill in the ocean blue. PopularDesignsTypically, a manicure involves the application of nailpolish, but there are several nail art techniques that can be addedto the vibrant coat of paint. Many nail salon technicians are adeptin applying decals, stickers, gems, glitter and flowers onto thenails. Some individuals go so far as to have their nails pierced inorder to insert small hoops and studs. Many nail enthusiasts chooseto have acrylic or gel nails put on before having any nail artdone. The shiny acrylic enhances the designs. Some nail art trendsinclude affixing motifs for specific holidays, such as pumpkins forHalloween, hearts for Valentine's Day, and snowflakes or holly forthe Christmas holidays.In Japan, 3D manicure nail art has reallytaken the world by storm. In this technique, actual charms arefastened to the nail and sculpture powder is used to produce aunique 3D look. From opaque polish, to pearls, funky geometricshapes and comic book art, anything goes in this art form.ManicureNail Art Goes DigitalWhile many nail technicians can createsophisticated masterpieces with a free-hand technique using sharpbrushes, or by employing a stencil, a new digitized method in nailart application has been introduced. The nails are cleaned andtrimmed, just as they would be for a normal manicure, and a basecoat is laid on and left to dry. Thereafter, a special polish isapplied to allow the nail design to adhere properly. While it sets,a design can be selected by the client. Next, the client's hand isplaced in a cradle under a machine that sprays the design from theprinter onto the nails. The printer is set to stop the processshould the client accidentally move their hand. Permanent NailArtAlthough manicure nail art is available at most nail salonnowadays, some individuals prefer to stop by the tattoo parlourinstead. They forgo coats of polish and glittery decals and opt toget their nails tattooed. The design is etched into the nail via asingle-needle tattoo machine. The surface of the nail is penetratedthousands of times per minute to embed micro-pigmentation. Thetattoo will only last until it is clipped off, so there is no needto worry about loving that particular design for the rest of yourdays. There are a hundred nail art and manicure design for you inthis application.

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Ankara is a new fashion trend that originally came from the streetsof Lagos. After many years as a traditional African fashion style,Ankara has now become a worldwide trend being seen on catwalksthroughout the world. As countless celebrities have been spottedwearing gorgeous Ankara designs more and more people have adoptedthis new style as their own. Now, you can see Ankara everywhere onthe streets and in the fashion boutiques, as these bold fabricdesigns have become increasingly more popular.Ankara is a Type ofPrinted FabricFor those who are still unclear about what Ankaraactually is, Ankara is the word used to describe the bright printedfabric that is inspired by African fashion. For this reason Ankarastyle is not just found in clothes but also on bags, shoes, jewelryand accessories. Ankara for Plus Sizes and Pregnant women are goodfor them, because every accent in this styles brings goodfashion.Now that Ankara is in the mainstream, the perception of“what Ankara is” has changed dramatically. In the past, Ankarafabric was produced primarily in Africa as for the manufacturing oftraditional garbs. Now, everyone is making their own version ofAnkara prints for clothing and other purposes. However, cheap“knock-off” Ankara pieces are not the same as the authentic Ankaraitems that you can purchase primarily from African designers.Why IsIt Important To Buy Authentic Ankara?Ankara with chiffon - Sincethe emergence of Ankara prints into mainstream culture in the1980’s there has been an increase in the demand for authenticAnkara fabrics from Africa. Ankara Styles has dramatically impactedthe West African economy, and the Nigerian economy for the better.Ankara fabric manufacturing employs millions of African people. Itis also has created new opportunities for African designers to havetheir work featured internationally. Ankara For Men is goodtoo.Ankara with Lace - Due to the growing popularity of Ankaraprints on the global fashion scene, the textile industry in certainareas of Africa is booming. This means a lot for a country that hasstruggled economically for many years.Ankara pants and shorts -This is one of the main reasons why we encourage people to purchaseauthentic Ankara and Ankara Top here on the Ankara marketplace. Wealso hope that Ankara enthusiasts will continue to support emergingdesigners when purchasing Ankara fashion items so that this newfashion trend can continue to have a positive impact on the Africaneconomy in Ankara prom style.Ankara for kids - If you are lookingto purchase a signature Ankara piece and Ankara Dresses to spruceup your wardrobe and participate in this new fashion trend then youreally should check out the Ankcara marketplace to see what realAnkara designs look like. Yes, you may see some cheap Ankaraknock-offs at your local Target, but nothing meets the realthing!In this application, you will find a hundred of Ankarafashion styles for you. The best Ankara design is best for yourdaily activities, prom, or maybe for party.
Anime Drawing Tutorials 1.0 APK
Anime appeals to everyoneAnime drawing full body tutorials - Withtoday's hit anime programs and the growing popularity of thevarious genres associated with Anime, there is no doubt as to whyanime is as popular as it is. Children, teenagers, and even adultslove anime and enjoy watching it. Something that many fans from theold to the young want to do is learn how to draw anime. There isnothing more exciting then drawing your favorite characters, andshowing off your drawing ability to your friends and family.AnimeDrawing Books are they worth it?How to draw anime characters -Honestly from my experience no, books on how to draw anime oftenfail miserably at teaching the reader basic concepts and oftendistract them with senseless drawings that show no relevance to thetask at hand. The popular "How to draw Manga" Book series hasbecome an often choice for many begging artist and sadly many ofthem find themselves lost and over whelmed with all of theinformation. Instead of going in a step by step start to finishmotion, they jump and skip to develop skill while skipping overbasic fundamentals. Another thing about these books is that theycost so much money, an average book will cost you at least25.00.Where to go to learn how to draw Anime?How to draw anime face- Well in today's modern world you can use your very own computerto teach you all that you need to know in terms of drawing andcreating anime characters. The internet is home to many tutorialsand videos that cover how to draw anime. The thing about theseonline tutorials is that some of them feature technology thatallows you to see a drawing from start to finish, yet they allowyou to pause and go back when ever you need to. Best of all onlineanime drawing tutorials are free.How to draw anime step by stepeasy - Short hair is slightly more challenging to draw than normalhair because hair does crazy things when its shortened. With longerhair, the sheer weight of the hair pulls the hair down in arelatively consistent direction. But short hair can curl, bend, andgo just about everywhere. Cartoon design ideas is different frommanga or anime drawing. Drawing anime tutorials for beginners - Thetop part of the head can be drawn as an extremely curving line, orcan be drawn with simplistic alfalfa sprouts, or can be drawn usingall sorts of triangles and curves. Typically, the bangs are morecomplex than the rest of the hair on a short hairdo. This part ofthe The key is not to draw every single strand, but rather to tryto draw huge chunks of hair. Not only is it difficult to see reallyfine strands of hair, but drawing clumps of hair is lesstime-consuming than working to draw every single strand of hairgrowing out of a character's head. This especially makes drawingindividual strands branching off from the sides of the heads a loteasier. It can seem like a nightmare trying to figure out how thin,yet normally visible strands of hair branch out. This applicationcontains body manga, head, hand, leg, torso, and expression of themanga. So, let’s download this application immediately and installit.
Paper Flower and Craft Design 1.0 APK
Looking for some cool ways to keep your kid busy during weekendsand holidays? There’s nothing better than introducing him to somecraft activities that will surely enhance his creativity and keephim away from the TV. What’s more, these will also help your kiddevelop his artistic and motor skills. These cool paper flowercrafts for kids will keep your kid busy for a couple of hours whileyou sort out your day’s activities without having to bother abouthim.1. Cartoon Style FlowersThis one is very easy to do. Just drawa shape of a simple flower on a piece of a colorful paper and getyour kid to cut it out. Now trace a small cartoon shape, such asmall sun on a piece of plain white paper, ask your kid to paint itand after let him cut it out half a centimeter outside the tracemarks and then rub it out. Now place this cartoon shaped sun in themiddle of the colorful flower piece and glue them together!2. PhotoHolder FlowersIf you’re getting your kid to learn something new andinnovative that can be used, let him try his hand at these simplephoto holders. Choose small sized photos of his and his friends.Ask him cut out paper flowers that have a large hollow in middle,enough to allow the face in the photos to be visible. Let himsimply glue photos to the back of each flower with your help. Youcan make a collage of such flower pictures and hang it in hisroom!3. Paper RosesHere is another simple trick to get your kid totry out. Let him cut out a large circle of red colored paper andlightly draw a spiral on it, starting from inside to the outside.Now cut along the spiral lines, roll it back together following thesame path, and stick the loose ends- viola! You have red paper roseready!4. Paper FlowersFlower making and arrangement is a popularcraft practiced in many regions of the world, and the best way toget your kid involved is to pick up a good reference book and getyour kid to cut out different shapes using colored paper and stickthem together to create a flower art.5. Glittery FlowersGlitteralways manages to grab the attention of kids – you can help yourkid create these simple flowers by cutting out petal shapes from apink colored card paper and sticking them together, and finallyapplying glue around the petal tips and sprinkling some glitterover them.6. Tissue Paper Flowers are simple, quick, andinexpensive. They are a thoughtful handmade gift that is easy tocustomize, looks beautiful, and can last a long time. You can whipup a dozen flowers in about an hour. It's a perfect gift ordecoration for Valentine's Day!In this application, you will find ahundred ideas about paper flower for your daily life as gift oretc. So, let’s download and install it immediately.
Long Dress Design Ideas 1.0 APK
Long dresses represent sophistication at its finest. From backlessto halter dresses, they are perfect for holiday parties and eveningaffairs. They are created from the finest materials, including silkand polyester. As fine apparel, they are designed to enhance awoman's beauty and essence. With sexy features, they offer comfort,class, and convenience for any social event. The maxi dresses speakfor themselves and are available in a variety of sizes and colors.As a symbol of class and distinction, they truly resonate the styleand appearance of the person wearing it. It's also the preferencefor many fashion models and celebrities attending award shows thatlong sleeve maxi dress is better when used at night. Long dressesstand out in a number of ways. From design and color of maxi dress,stylish accessories and shoes can also accompany maxi skirt andwhite maxi dress. The prices can be bit steep; however, they arecreated for high end and important engagements. A sparking piece ofjewelry can also accent the dress if utilized properly. Fashionaficionados have always remarked on how impressive these dressesare. Many styles include draped hems and cummerbunds. As a formalattire, they can also be worn at the top nightspots or classy jazzbars. These multipurpose outfits have been in existence for manyyears, and are always the highlight of fashionable trends.If you'rein the market for long dresses, there is a wide array of top brandnames. Nearly every major clothing designer carries a unique line.You can compare dresses at your convenience; however, there are afew steps you can take to ensure perfection. One way is by samplingdresses at your favorite store or boutique. It is safer to try oneon before ordering it online or from a catalog. Even though thedresses do not restrict movement, there are some that are only madefor particular physiques. So it's better to select a dress that notonly showcases your beauty, but one you can feel comfortable in.Colorful long dress is like black dress, petite dress, plus sizedress and maternity.Another way to find long dresses is by lookingfor discounts. There are always special promotions and sales takingplace. Although a year round product, there are times when thesedresses are overshadowed by newer and stunning creations. This is agreat time to look for dresses that are overstocked, or simply didnot sell at a high volume. From online vendors to clothingwarehouses, you should be able to pick up some nice outfits. If youare living within a budget, used or second hand dresses might alsobe an option. There are countless stores that specialize in formalwear, while offering substantial discounts off the premium rate.You can also opt for traditional pieces as opposed to contemporarydesigns. These, depending on the vendor, are normally priced downdue to changes in current styles and fashions. Different from minidress or short dress, Long dress is good for wedding dress too. So,you can design the dress by using your hand. After downloading thisapplication, you will great ideas and make your DIY Dress design.The pictures of long dress will be best as your prom dress too.Longdresses will always remain a cornerstone of fashion. As a highlysought after item, they deliver stunning visuals with immaculateconcepts. They are great for weddings, receptions, proms, or evenblack tie affairs. With constant changes and enhancements, theseoutfits have stood the test of time.
Modern Hijab Tutorials 1.0 APK
On the several modern hijab fashion blogs, the hijab is requireddress for many Muslin women and is available in a range of colors,fabrics, and styles, which lets the women adapt the look of thehijab to match a particular style choice or occasion. Also, thehijab style can differ quite significantly around the differentregions of the world.Here are some of the more common styles of thehijab available on the market:modern hijab clothing like Pashmina:One of the more familiar styles available, the pashmina hijab ismanufactured in a light, comfortable fabric, is rectangular shapedand features a variety of design choice, including a comprehensiverange of Arabian and Indian designs. A genuine hijab of this typeis likely to be highly expensive. Also, it offers a high degree ofversatility when worn, with the option to tie, drape, or wrap inits daily or special occasion use. hijab fashion online is theright answer for you.modern hijab outfits is like Single Piece: Avery commonly worn style is the single-piece hijab which was firstintroduced in the Middle East region. It's a highly durable,comfortable, and practical option, so perfect for women andchildren to wear as part of their required dress. A hijab in thisstyle is often manufactured in a cotton jersey type fabric anddesigned to be very easy to put in place. It is basically tubularin shape which makes if very easy to pull over the head.modernhijab dresses - Long: A long hijab, which is another of therectangular shaped styles, is likely to be one of the oldest, oneof the most flexible, and one of the most favored styles. It isoften manufactured in a variety of fabrics, from silk, satin tosoft polyester or cotton. It is perfect for those looking forcomplete flexibility in wearing; the length makes it easy to turnand fold into several different shapes. A luxurious designed hijabcan come with a lot of gorgeous designs and styles which run theentire length of the material.modern hijab style tutorial - Square:An alternative to the tube or rectangular shaped style is thesquare hijab, which is frequently worm in parts of Southern Asiaand Eastern Europe. Common fabrics for this particular hijabinclude polyester and cotton. It can be completely plain or adornedwith a range of patterns and designs. This type of hijab isgenerally worn by folding the fabric to create a triangle shape,which is then pinned beneath the chin. It is often suggested forthose for slim or long face shapes, can look great with minimalfuss and perfect for any occasion. modern hijab styles tutorial isgood for you to learn more about how to make good hijab in dailylife, party, or just play with people who you love. Download thisapplication immediately and find a hundred fashion ideas and diynew style ideas about latest hijab tutorial for you beautifulstyle. The design is started from simple, moderate, wonderful,impressive and colorful like green, white, blue, red, black, goldand etc.
DIY Clothes Ideas 1.0 APK
DIY clothes can save you a lot of money. That’s why as much as Ican, I try to make our own clothes. Whenever I go shopping with mydaughter, we don’t really go shopping, normally, we go shopping forideas on what new DIY clothes to make or copy.Can clothes berecycled?Ok I will tell you that I love making DIY clothingprojects and it became a bonding activity for me and my daughter.From tops and blouses, we just really love making DIY clothing.That’s why to get you started on your next sewing project, Addsomething new to your wardrobe today!Diy clothes ideas for men –Like Stenciled T-Shirt, A nice way to customize your t-shirt ispainting on it. Not always easy if you don’t have an artist soul!But there is an easy way to do it, did you know you can use freezerpaper as stencil? It’s very simple, you need a few supplies andthis shirt design tutorial! DIY Over-sized Cropped Tank or Vestfrom a T-shirt - Make a cool clothing from an over-sized shirt byjust cutting and tying. It’s so easy you can make it in minutes.Like Peplum T-Shirt, Laced Up Collar Sleeves is different from NoSew T-Shirt Bow Sleeves, like Downtown Abbey Inspired Top andRuffle Neck Top, the design is better for you. Upcycled Tee and NoSew One Shoulder Shirts are like DIY T-Shirt Bow good for party anddaily life. If you need modern style you should try Stylish Blouse,Cozy Square Top, Ladies Asymmetrical Hem. And automatically youshould make it in your way or do it yourself right?Diy clothesrecycled fashion with No Sew Draped Vest - Start wearing thistrendy piece anywhere. I just love that you can make this withoutsewing anything. Galaxy Shirt, Are you the kind of gal who’sfascinated with the stars and galaxy? Make this customized shirtI’m sure you’ll love. You may try to create Easy Top by Creating asimple top by making your own pattern. Try too, the design of DiyRacer back Workout Shirt, so why shop for your workout shirt whenyou can make your own. Or maybe you should make Beaded Epaulet Topand forget the bling when wearing this beauty top. You can save onaccessories because you’ve got everything you need to lookamazing.Diy clothes tutorial and diy clothes no sew - If you arebored with No Sew Tee-Shirt Halter, you should try with SafetyPins, Ruffled Tube Top, and easy tank. So you can make somethingquick and easy, try this clothing project that doesn’t require anysewing.In this application, you will find a hundred ideas about howto create something interesting in your clothes. Latest design isthe priority for all of stylish people. So, don’t late to getsomething new in your fashion style. Let’s download thisapplication immediately and install it free for you!
Cornrow Hairstyles 1.0 APK
Today, cornrow hairstyles are differentfromcornrow styles 2011. A popular and very fashionable hairstyleforwomen these days, is cornrows. This makes hair practical as wellasstylish, as it helps to keep longer hair out of the way. Thismakesit perfect for working out and wearing hats. It may take alittletime to learn how to make cornrows. However, with somepatience andpractice, one can learn the process. Here are some tipstoconsider.Deciding on What You WantBefore you start, it is a good idea to know exactly what yourhairwill look like. You can write a plan down or you may wish tolookonline or through publications to get ideas. These things willhelpyou formulate the best plan for your new hairstyle. cornrow menisbest for stylist men style.Water and the HairMake sure that your hair is damp, but it should not becompletelysaturated. One good method is to simply use a spraybottle. It maybe a good idea to mix some detangling product withthe water. Thiswill help to relax the hair, and you may not have topull so hardon it. Another method is to mix some hair conditionerwith thewater. cornrow braids photos in this application could showyou thebest ideas about latest hairstyles.Hair PartsSelect some hair to begin and part it from the rest. It may beagood idea to move hair around it, out of your way. Some peopleusea pigtail for hair that is not being used. cornrow tutorial isveryeasy to be followed. cornrows hairstyles men are verysimplehairstyle that is easy to be used.Braiding and SeparatingThe hair that you select needs to be formed into therestrands.Braid these strands twice and this should make twostitches. Whilegrasping the outer two strands, add more hair to thestrand in themiddle. You should now have three strands to continueworking with.This part of the process is vital, as it keeps braidsclose to thescalp. Continue braiding and do not forget to add extrahair to themiddle strand. Do this until you finish the braid.cornrow braidsare different from another easy hairstyles.Securing the BraidWhen you finish each braid, you will need to secure it. If not,itwill simply unravel. There are many good products like clipsandbeads that will work fine. Refrain from using rubber bands,unlessthey are made for hair. Normal rubber bands may be too tightandthey may damage hair. cornrow updo combined with latestfashionstyles are very good to be tried.Pictures of female cornrow styles - Braiding hair intocornrowsis not too difficult. It may take a little time andpatience to getused to it. The hair must be damp but not soaked.Part out asection of hair to braid. Form it into three strands.Braid thestrands twice and then add additional hair to the centerstrand.This keeps your braids close to your head. Secure each braidwith agood hair product and not normal rubber bands.
Women Shalwaar Kameez Ideas 1.0 APK
Salwar kameez gained more popularity among the women for itscomfort and versatility. The embroidered shalwar kameez looksreally classy and elegant. This dress has become very popular allover the world with each passing day the attraction to the attireincreases day by day. The ability of this embroidered shalwars toblend elegance and style is the best thing about the dress. Nosurprise that this dress has become a must have dress in everyIndian woman wardrobe.indian salwar kameez vague - The embroiderysalwars are made of thicker and stronger varieties of fabrics. Someof the fabrics used in the designing of embroidered salwars arecotton, Brasso, Brocade, fancy fabric, Faux Brocade, Faux chiffon,Faux crepe, Faux Georgette, Lycra, Net, Poly cotton, Pure chiffon,poly silk, Raw Dupion silk, Satin, Semi silk, Silk cotton, Tussarsilk, Tissue etc since the embroidery would not tear thefabric.Pakistani Shalwaar kameez - The embroidered salwars areavailable in variety of shades to fulfill the needs of differentcustomers that includes Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Green,Grey, Gold, Lavender, Magenta, Maroon, Multicolored, Mustard,Orange, Ochre, Pink, Purple, Peach, Red, Rust, Silver, Turquoise,Teal, White, Wine, and Yellow.The embroidered salwar kameez has astraight fit which starts at the hips and extends till the heel.This shalwar may have somewhat flared ends or may be boot cutdepends on the choice of an individual.salwar kameez design forstitching - Some of the latest collections of embroidered salwarsare enticing embroidered salwar suit, ornate green shalwar suit,mesmerizing black salwar suit, retro salwar suit, simply elegantChuridhar suit, beautiful black salwar kameez, shimmering Churidharsuit, pretty salwaar suit, decorative salwaar suit, colorful salwarsuit, flattering salwar suit, marvelous salwar and many more thatwill surely attracts the eyes of every women.You can buy theembroidered shalwar through online. Nowadays, most of the shopsprovide the option of buying salwaars by just sitting inhome.Different from salwar kameez design for man, bangladeshisalwar kameez design is good for woman, like Kurta, saree, dupatt.salwar kameez design boys is good for children too. In severalsalwar kameez design catalogues, they are showed that salwar kameezneck design should bring the good view, modern, vintage, orcolorful to make the design look beautiful if the design for woman.Not only salwar kameez neck designs catalogue, several designerssaid that salwar kameez cutting should be better or beautiful tomake the fashion style for woman better. You should download thisapplication immediately and install in your gadget.