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Need a manicure? Woofie Games brings you with the best Nail Salongame full of fun and excitement. Get the best manicures at our NailSalon and use awesome accessories like gems on the nails. You canbe the best nail designer in town by providing manicures &being a nail artist. You can put nail polish on the nails, giverelaxing manicures and add gems, diamonds gemstones and much more.Use colors and accessories like gems so that your nails can shineafter manicures and take a photo of your nails and share with yourfriends. So get the best nail salon game on your device and starthaving fun!

App Information Nail Salon Girl Games

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    Nail Salon Girl Games
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    July 5, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Woofie Games
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    22-F Commercial, Phase 1. D.H.A. Lahore, Pakistan
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The all new amazing dental surgery simulator. If you want to be adentist in the future then this virtual surgery simulator game isall you need. You can select your own patients and become the bestdentist clinic in the city.Your hospital doesn't have any dentistsand nobody is fond of taking care of their teeth. Every mouthstinks and their teeth are like zombie teeth. Become a pro atgiving root canals and after that a very sweet candy to yourpatients. Impress the patient with different tooth pastes anddental surgery kit to show your experience in the hospital. Playthe awesome game with 3D characters like no other dentist game onthe market. Open your patient’s mouth to see any cavity and germsso they can be treated. Extract the bad tooth and see if there areany monsters hiding in their mouth.The most fun thing is that youcan play loads of mini games in this virtual dental operation. Soshow your friends that it’s time to revolutionize the doctor gamesand stop playing games like maternity and surgery simulators,because this is the real virtual dental surgery simulator thatbeats all the other doctor games.- Better game play with 3Dcharacters- Reality and virtual operations keeping you on the edgeof your seat.- Use different characters in your own hospital- Rootcanal, cavities and candy monsters, remove them all
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Princess Hair Tattoo Makeover 2.0 APK
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The Princess is back with most amazing game ever. The princess ison her honeymoon with the prince. She has to look beautiful at alltimes. Sweet Princess Doll is very careful about her hair and howshe maintains her.With hair like a princess, she has to be extracareful what she does with her hair and how she manages them. Youcan now manage her hair for her with amazing new things that havenever been in a game. Start using hair tattoos on your princessDoll with the most amazing colors and designs. You can select fromso many hair styles that have the latest trends. You own abeautiful tattoo boutique and it’s up to you to help this beautifulprincess look beautiful.Before applying any tattoos on yourPrincess Doll, you should use hair products like shampoos and soapto make her hair clean and beautiful. With Princess it’s all aboutfashion statements. Use beautiful Fairy Princess Kind of colors onher hair to make her look like a fairy of the fashion world.Experience the new amazing shades from red, yellow and magicalblue. Now comes the main awesomeness of the game where you canplace tattoos on her hair. So many wonderful and beautiful pearlsand diamonds you can choose from.*How to Play*- Select fromdifferent Princess Dolls- Use different like hair styles- Applycolors and so many different shades on her hair- Use awesometattoos from your boutique to apply to her hair.
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