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You can become a specialist in manicures and make the best handsthroughout the whole city! If you want to be a renowned expert inthis field here you can do it. Thousands of girls from differentcountries will come to you for you to fix them with the best handcreams, lacquers and colors that you have in your stay.As soon asyou announce your new openness you'll have a lot of work, so youshould rush up to satisfy all the women who request an appointmentin your studio. They all want their hands loocking nice andarranged, you'll have many opportunities to create your owndesigns.You need to choose the skin tone of the model according toyour taste and then cut their nails with the most suitablefinishing. Then remove the cuticles and lime perfectly to make ituniform. End with a glaze that you like and decorate with all theaccessories that you have at your disposal. You have all thenecessary tools so do not hesitate and get started!

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    Nail Salon
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    April 8, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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