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For anyone in Chillicothe, Ohio who wants to learn belly dance.Belly dance can be done by anyone of any age and with belly dancecomes many benefits such as self-esteem, better posture and buildsa stronger core while developing muscle control with each move youlearn.If you live in or around the Chillicothe, OH Area, and wantto learn Middle-Eastern (belly) Dance, learn new ideas, bond withother women of many different cultures and backgrounds, and evenget some exercise, then look no further! You have found yourpassion! Turn to Najla’s Dance to fulfill this passion.AboutNajlaBeing from Syrian dissent, my fondest of memories growing up,were spent with my family gathered together. I remember attendingHaflas (Middle Eastern word for party), where usually twice a yearin early fall and early summer, my family would gather together,and be centralized around the atmosphere, dance, live music, andfood. My Aunts and Grandmother would prepare the Middle-Easternfood-Oh, the wonderful aroma! During the preparation of the feast,all of the women would separate from the men until it was time toeat (tradition).My family would dance the Debke’, which is acircle-dance led by the men, twirling a handkerchief, and the womenwould follow, going through a series of steps and hops.My mothertaught me the Debke’ when I was 7 years old, and I became instantlyentranced by the music and dancing (a found memory).In 2004, Ibegan my first belly dance class, in which I found a part of me,deep down inside, alive again! I was bitten by the “belly dancebug!” For years, I would live and breathe the dance, soaking ineverything I could for hours at a time. While working with a localteacher, I was forced to either quit-something I could not imagineto do-or teach. For about a year, I did not know what to do, comingto the conclusion that I still may have to give up.The next year, Idecided to teach, so I concentrated on instructing and learning newtechniques. The next few days, I searched the web and found anonline belly dance instructor who refueled my passion and drive. Ibegan retraining myself, going back to the basics, and hitting uponthings I completely missed.My first class started in April 2008, atmy home in a make-shift studio on the lower-level with 3 students(not to mention, myself, an eager teacher)! The year 2009 I movedmy classes to our local community center and offerd a class inGreenfield, Ohio. Towards the end of 2012, I knew I needed to makea change for my growing classes and my students, so I partneredwith Dance Magic and now hold all of my classes in a beautifuldance studio!Today, I am so thankful for Leyla Najma, that I cannotexpress my gratitude enough. She helped with my confidence issuesand gave me the ammunition to start teaching on my own! BesidesLeyla being my mentor, I have studied under some of the best bellydancers including; Suzzana Del Vehicco, Suhaila Salimpour, NadiraJamal, Rosa Noreen. Each has given me a unique opportunity and I amgrateful for each who have taught me so much. In April 2012, Ibecame part of a professional dance troupe out of Columbus, Ohiocalled The Mystic Jewels. I had my first tv debut on November 3,2012 and was involved with Dancing with the Stars.My passion forbelly dancing has taken me to places I never thought possible. Mypassion is for my students, because without them I would not have aclass to teach. My students are my family, my sisters. I ampassionate about sharing my experience not only with my sisters,but with the community as well.

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Hip Phylosophy Video Sampler 4.5.5 APK
If you're a beginning belly dancer looking fora beginning belly dance intructional video (and more) by a patient,skilled and experienced teacher who understands the unique nuancesof teaching belly dancing on-line to the modern dancer but youdon't want waste time on YouTube and like me believe the DVD hasseen it's better day, then I've got something you're going to wantto hear.Once upon a time the DVD was a good thing. Certainly better thanthe VHS tape, but when you buy a DVD you get a DVD video. That'sit! They're fragile, get scratched and when you're done with it andhave learned all you can it becomes a dust magnet taking up space.In this day and age a waste of time, space and money - especiallynow with a mobile app you can have so much more than just video andhave it conveniethly at your fingertips anytime you want it.Leyla Najma's Belly Dance Video Mobile Sampler for BeginningBelly Dancers is for anyone thinking about learning and exploringtheir potential as a belly dance artist. You get convenient accessto not just one, not just two but 4 full length instructionalvideos, practice music and hundreds of articles on Leyla'sblog.Belly Dance Basics for the Beginning Belly Dancer Belly DanceBasics for the Beginning Belly Dancer Video: - This is one of themost popular beginning video courses on the Internet. In 60 minutesyou’ll learn the essentials of positioning, posturing, single anddouble hip thrusts, hip circles and at the end tie it alltogether.“Your Videos Have Helped Me More Than any Others” “I love howaccessible you are, how very real you seem. You explain the movesjust enough not too much, not too little”! Viewing your videos haveinspired me to continue with belly dancing .you have shown aprofessional motivation and care in teaching. Thank you for yourassistance.” Shadow.Best 10 Minutes Ever Spent I just wanted to say that this isprobably the best 10 minutes I’ve ever spent. Even though this isonly beginning moves and it was a short amount of time, I canreally, really feel my core and muscles….and not in a sore wayeither. This is so helpfuful. THANK YOU! BreeBeginning Intermediate Video - Six Combinations for Speed andBalance Video – A drummer accompanied 50 minute video comprised of6 progressive combinations bringing in sharps, softs, somelayering, back corner thrusts that will give you a workout.This is not your “Everyday” Same ole Style ofTeaching/Instruction, Not the same moves taught over and over. Theclarity of instruction is outstanding. Leyla breaks down move withall 4 sides demonstrated with each drill broken down clearly and indetail. If you’re a beginner you will love the introduction to newsteps. Intermediate dancer learn new combinations and build corestrength and strengthen your legs and quads. Anglia, GeorgiaBack Corner Thrusts Video This is a 25 minute video of nothingbut back corner thrusts going left to right to build balance andhelp build muscle memory so you can pull moves out of your hipscarf. Footwork and Balance Video This medium length (25 minutes orso) video is all about developing really good footwork and reallygood balance in your moves and combinations.Get Leyla Najma's Belly Dance Video Mobile Sampler for BeginningBelly Dancers It's a rich and varied container of media videos andarticles you'd never get from a DVD and do it for this speciallylow but limited proce of only $9.95.PS: Pay no attention to the 1 star review. Admittedly when wefirst released we had a technical glitch but she never reached outfor support. The app works great and you'll love the convenienceand most of all you'll love all you get in the way of greate,student friendly video instruction.