1.0 / December 28, 2017
(4.2/5) (100)


You've got a single attack button that youcaneasily string into a few different combos,
as well as a projectile attack button that you can bolsterwithdifferent types of shuriken found on the battlefield.
The jump button proves most versatile, allowing you toeasilydouble-jump, quickly dash toward your opponent,
and instantly teleport yourself between the two planes found ineachbattlefield.
Naru Ninja heroes Fighting is a one-on-one fighter that favorsspeedand simplicity over depth and precision,
and the controls feel comfortable on the game, though that's nottosay there isn't some nuance to it.
More often than not, though, the key to victory lies in yourchakraattacks,
which are fueled by chakra orbs dropped by your opponentwheneveryou finish a successful attack.
Once you've amassed enough chakra, you can activate it with asinglebutton press,
after which you have a few seconds to connect with yourenemy.
Succeed, and you'll watch as a hyperstylized attacksequenceunfurls, usually taking a huge swath of your enemy's lifebar withit.
Unlike its predecessors, there's no interactivity onceyou'velaunched your chakra attack, which kind of takes you out oftheaction.
Furthermore, there's only one chakra attack per character,whichmeans you'll see the same protracted sequences over andoveragain.
There's a grand total of around 20 characters to play as, andthoughyou might notice some differences in speed andattackstrength,
they all basically use the same controls.
While most of the combat basics should feel instantly familiartoestablished Naru Ninja heroes Fighting fans,
the big twist offered by Heroes is the introduction ofteam-basedaction, which is central to the heroes mode,
where you'll fight against increasingly challengingopponents.
The mode is divided by difficulty level, with each levelconsistingof a set series of fights.
You can choose from an established three-person team ofcharacters,such as Team Kakashi,
Team Guy, Team Kurenai, and Team Asuma, or you can build yourowncustom team.
You also choose the order they'll fight in, which doesn'treallymatter at first,
but since your team's health and chakra levels carry over fromonefight to another, spreading the load becomes a factor.
Naru Ninja heroes Fighting Features:
Ultimate Ninja Kizuna Drive
Ultimate Shippuden Heroes Storm Impact
Akatsuki rising

App Information Naru Ninja heroes Fighting

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    Naru Ninja heroes Fighting
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    December 28, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Console Gaming Dev
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    1,000 - 5,000
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It tells the story of Yumegakure,originallynothing more than the hidden village of a tinycountry.It became known for its control of a massive guardian beast,calledthe Three-Heads.That power made it superior even to the five great nations.The game Narutimate Kizuna drive fight goes by its own uniquestorythat takes place immediately after the AkatsukiSuppressionMission,and it begins the Itachi Pursuit Mission.It formed a pact of peace with Konohagakure, and the twobecameallies.That alliance has kept balance among the nations, keeping eachincheck.However, one night someone who appears to be Uzumaki is seenmovingalong the rooftops of the village with a sinister smile onhisface.As he places a tag on his face, the power of the Nine-Tailsisreleased and he completely transforms.The Nine-Tails then fires a huge blast of chakra directly atthevillage, resulting in an enormous explosion that destroys mostofthe village and sets it ablaze.Itachi Uchiha is then seen observing the burning village asthevillagers run in panic.Higher up, two shinobi, Yomito and Taisa are seen with theirsorrowfor their village, but a kunoichi, named Ryuka, encouragesthethree of them to go fight it.They are, however, stopped by the village chief, Enzo, whostatesthey could not possibly defeat it.As he expresses anger that Konoha has betrayed them, a man,namedGensui, looms over the burning village and confrontsthebeast.As it fires another immense chakra blast, Gensui sends out astormof sealing tags to counter the blast.He then rushes at the beast with a massive explosive tag asitprepares to fire another blast and the scene fades whitewithGensui having supposedly perished.Danzō Shimura is later seen discussing a plan with ashadowedfigure, stating that the rest is up to him.After some time, a series of kidnappings of Konoha ninjabeginoccurring.Team Kakashi, with Shikamaru replacing Sai, are sent on aspecialmission Narutimate Kizuna drive fight to look for clues atthe BlueFire Falls where a Konoha chūnin was abducted mostrecently.After fighting off some wild dogs, they find a backpack lying onthegrass but they quickly get surrounded by a group of banditswhoorder them not to touch the pack.After defeat, the bandits retreat down to the river and TeamKakashifollows.After clearing out all the bandits, the leader appears beforeTeamKakashi.Narutimate Kizuna drive fight Features:Ultimate Ninja ImpactUltimate Shippuden Heroes StormAkatsuki rising
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When Deidara tried to destroy the villagewithhis Explosive Clay, Gaara absorbed the blast by levitating thesandbelow.The story Narutimate Legends akatsuki rising begins inSunagakure,the Akatsuki duo of Deidara and Sasori made their way tothevillage in search of Gaara.Deidara went off to fight Gaara alone while Sasori guardedtheentrance.Gaara intercepted Deidara during the battle and managed to crushoneof Deidara's arms using his Sand Binding Coffin.Despite his improved ability, Gaara's newfound desire todefendSunagakure proved to be his downfall.A direct attack by Deidara forced him to recall the sandwhichcrushed Deidara's arm, which contained a small portion ofexplosiveclay within.The clay then detonated, incapacitating Gaara. AfterDeidaradeparted with Gaara, Kankurō attempted to stop the Akatsukimembersalone,but his puppets were easily fought off and destroyed by Sasori,whowas revealed to be the maker of Kankurō's puppets.Sasori poisoned Kankurō in the process, leaving him to die.The Akatsuki duo took Gaara back to their lair, where theirleadersummoned a giant statue to extract and seal Gaara's demon.Thesealing ritual took three days.Upon hearing of Gaara's kidnapping, Team Kakashi leftforSunagakure.On the way, they met with and were joined by Temari, who was onherway back from being Suna's representative at the Chūnin ExamsinKonoha.On their way, Naru told Sakura and Temari that he is the host oftheNine-Tailed Demon Fox and that Akatsuki are after the demoninsideGaara.After learning this, Sakura vowed to do everything she couldtoprotect Naru from being a victim of Akatsuki.Temari was thankful that there was finally someone whocouldunderstand Gaara, and grateful to Narutimate Legendsakatsukirising for changing Gaara and attempting to save him.Despite the failed attempt by the medics on-hand, SakuracuredKankurō, thus demonstrating her skill withmedicaltechniques.Sakura also developed several portable antidotesratherquickly.Using a piece of Sasori's clothing found on one ofKankurō'sdestroyed puppets, Team Kakashi was able to track him,thus leadingthem to Gaara.Temari offered to assist them, but Chiyo, another puppeteerandSasori's grandmother, went in her place.Back in Konoha, Tsunade decided to send Team Guy as backup forTeamKakashi.Narutimate Legends akatsuki rising Features:Ultimate Ninja ImpactUltimate Shippuden Heroes StormKizuna Drive
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Besides basic movement, jumps and wallruns,players can perform all their attacks simply by pressing theCirclebutton.Even special moves can be executed by hitting Triangle first,thenCircle.In Ninja shippuden Ultimate Heroes, players select one oftheirfavorite characters out of the Shippuden story arc and battleon aseries of dual-stage arenas.Although the game takes place on a 2D plane, players canteleportbetween the foreground and background at theirleisure.The Master Road is presented as a series of squares along whichyoumove cute little animated Narut.As you progress from mission to mission, you frequently unlocknewcharacters you can use in both the Master Road andothermodes.You also unlock new jutsu attacks and tactics that you canactivateto enhance attributes like attack power and speed.You're regularly given the chance to use points earnedforcompleting missions to purchase movies, music, andcharacterartwork as well.If the thought of acquiring all these goodies isn't enoughtomotivate you, you're out of luck because the gameplay itselfiswholly unrewarding.Missions take on one of two formats.In some, the camera is situated close to your character, andyoumust defeat one or two opponents just as you would in afightinggame.In others, the camera is further away, giving the action the lookofa side-scrolling platformer.In some missions, you must defeat a certain number of enemiestoadvance;other times, your goal is to reach the end within a certaintimelimit.No matter what format a mission takes or what goalsyou'reassigned,the shallow action and poor controls ensure that they're allequallyuninvolving.Button mashing is the order of the day in the fights here.That's not to say that you don't have a decent variety ofmovesavailable,though neither the flimsy manual nor the game itself make anyeffortto familiarize you with your attacks Ninja shippudenUltimateHeroes.(Your best bet is the practice mode, where you can view acommandlist of your attacks and test them out on dummyopponents.)But this hardly matters because you can just mindlesslyunleashstrings of attacks until your opponents go down.Ninja shippuden Ultimate Heroes Features:Narutimate Ninja ImpactUltimate Shippuden Heroes Stormakatsuki risingKizuna Drive
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An old man named Osmo offers daxter ajobexterminating Metal Bugs. daxter accepts the job, andcompletesmissions while also looking for JakThe game takes place in the final months of the two-yeargappresented in the opening of Jak II, between the moment when Jakistaken prisoner by the Krimzon Guard and the time in whichdaxterfinally rescues him from the Krimzon Guard Fortress.The introduction shows Jak being captured, while daxter managestoescape. Almost two years later (having no luck with rescuingJak),daxter has forgotten all about finding his friend.An old man named Osmo, whom daxter meets, hires daxter asanexterminator working in various parts of Haven City,andoccasionally its environs, to exterminate bug-like MetalHeadsreferred to in-game as 'Metal Bugs'.During his adventures, daxter meets a mysterious woman namedTarynwho, despite being less than impressed by daxter's interest inher,occasionally helps him.After completing a number of missions for Osmo, daxter sees Jak inaPrison Zoomer and attempts to chase after it. After beingcorneredby some Krimzon Guards (who had noticed daxter's pursuit),daxter isrescued by Osmo's son Ximon, who assists him with severalmoremissions including one to Baron Praxis' palace where daxtersteals amap of the Fortress, the prison where Jak is being held.Afterreturning to the extermination shop, an arthropod sidekickthatdaxter acquired earlier is killed by Kaeden, a bitter manwhoseemingly wants to steal Osmo's shop, but, in actuality, isworkingfor Kor, the Metal Head leader.When daxter tries to stop Kaeden from escaping the shop,Kaedensuddenly blows up the shop with a bomb he placed in theshopearlier. daxter and Osmo survive, and daxter promises tostopKaeden, but only after he rescues Jak.daxter adventures infiltrates the Fortress and finds Kaeden,whoreveals himself to be a giant Metal Bug. daxter manages todefeatKaeden, who tries to warn him that Kor is waiting outside forthem,and then uses a hover platform to begin searching for Jakwithinthe Fortress, leading into the opening cutscene from Jak II.Afterthis, the game cuts to a point later in the timeline atdaxter'sNaughty Ottsel Bar, where he is recounting the story toJak, Keira,Samos, Tess, and Taryn.GameplayDue to his new job, daxter is now equipped with an electronicblueeco powered bug-swatter, which acts as his melee weapon, andanextermination tank, which sprays green eco based bug spray tostunenemies.The tank eventually receives several modifications,includingdoubling as a type of jet-pack that allows daxter tofly,flamethrower capabilities, and an ultrasonic attachment.The flamethrower modification allows daxter to hover higherandlonger in jet-pack mode. With the ultra-sonic attachment,daxtercan shoot a blue eco projectile that causes highradialdamage,but uses one fifth of the player's maximum bug spray. Whentheplayer finds a small space where daxter's normal stancecannotsqueeze through, the player simply presses the trianglebutton fordaxter to crouch.The game also features levels where daxter navigates vehiclestomove around massive areas quickly. The player can alsodouble-jumpin order to reach great heights.The player can also climb certain areas by using daxter'sOttselabilities. daxter can also ride on a zipline, jump ontoatrampoline to reach great heights, jump from netting to nettingandenter portals to other areas.There are also the traditional Precursor Orb collectibles (1001innumber), which unlock videos about the game.The game also has a new collectible known as the GoldenBug-Gems,which can be acquired immediately when you kill a bug,excludingthe bosses and Haven City termites.His health can be regenerated by receiving green eco healthpacks,and the extermination tank's green eco based bug spray canalso beregenerated by absorbing green eco clusters.
Narutimate Ninja Hero Attacks 1.0 APK
This release is the full non-modifiedversionof Ultimate Ninja, and contains the three characters thatwereremoved,which includes The Third Hokage, Shizune and Kabuto. Bothremovedstages and the game's Story Mode are now present aswell.In this video game Narutimate Ninja Hero Attacks, the playercanequip skills and items to four characters of any choice.Additionally, movesets have been updated. Gamers can also selectthecharacters to use Japanese or English voices.Jiraiya and Naru can use Rasengan, Kakashi can use LightningCutterand Sasuke can use Chidori without the use of asecrettechnique.While some characters retain their old techniques, others, suchasNeji, have theirs upgraded.The game contains an original storyline involving moving upahaunted castle through the eyes of,and for a certain amount of floors, Gaara, called the MugenCastlein the sky and has a hundred floors.Each floor has several "unstable" rooms where the usersplacerandomly generated scrolls to determine the type of actionthatwill take place in the room.The scrolls include Battle (a player vs. CPU fight) and fiveminigame scrolls: Tree Climbing ( dashes up a tree and dodgesbrokenbranches),Shadow Possession (style button pressing), Amusement(slotmachines), Riddle trivia) and Clone (the shell game whiletrying tofollow the real clone).Stable rooms include Treasure Rooms, Healing Rooms and Dramarooms(where the story progresses and cut scenes take place).Hidden Mugen Castle Mode is unlocked after completing MugenCastleMode.It involves viewing through the eyes of Jiraiya who isaccompaniedby Tsunade, Shizune, and Kakashi (temporarily)and going down Mugen Castle 30 floors (from the stairs leadingbelowthat were hidden in the first floor by a FalseSurroundingsTechnique)to the cauldron where the vitality is stored.Previously, Jiraiya couldn't make it alone due to a sealthatrequired at least four ninja to release.Other game Narutimate Ninja Hero Attacks modes include Vs. CPU andawireless battle mode where the player can fight against afriendusing only one UMD (but two).Narutimate Ninja Hero Attacks Features:Ultimate Ninja Kizuna DriveUltimate Shippuden Heroes Storm ImpactAkatsuki rising
Narushippuden Ninja Impact Ultimate 1.0 APK
In the Ultimate Road campaign, Narushasreturned to Hidden Leaf Village after three years ofintensetraining to be reunited with many of his friendsandcomrades.However, his dear companion Sasuke, who has defected to servetheinsidious Orochimaru, is not among them.Narushippuden Ninja Impact Ultimate adapts the storyline of themostcurrent Naru anime series, Ninja shippuden fight.Narut learns of some pressing events happening in the villageandelsewhere,and he immediately sets off with his teammates to try to setthingsright,only to get tied up in a much bigger plot that involvesseveraldifferent factions.The way the game adapts the story is admirable, though ifyou'realready familiar with the way events play out (having readthecomic or watched the show), there isn't much in the wayofsurprises.The main game is divided into several chapters,each of which contains a map screen that allows Narut and companytoadvance to various events and stages.By completing certain stages or objectives (some mandatory,someoptional), new playable characters, missions,and special ability cards can be unlocked. Successfullycompletinglevels and performing skillfully in battle also earns youninjapoints,which allows you to purchase character-enhancing card piecesandupgrades, along with extras like music or wallpaper.Each chapter has a separate completion gauge that lets you knowhowmuch further you have to go before you've found andcollectedeverything available.There's a lot of emphasis on collecting bonus goodiesinNarushippuden Ninja Impact Ultimate, and this element of thegameis well executed.Visuals and sound are also quite nice: The character modelsarefaithful to the original designs and aresurprisinglydetailed.A heavy amount of voice-over also accompanies the story inbothEnglish and Japanese audio tracks.The actual combat, however, is considerably less exciting.Ninja Impact borrows liberally from the design of the ninjawarriorsgames, for all of the good and bad that may entail.Controls are easy to grasp: You can jump, air-dash, or guard,aswell as perform basic attack combos and throw weak projectileswithsimple button presses. The chakra attacks are slightlymorecomplex;they require you to first charge up your chakra metersufficientlyby holding down the triangle button and then eitherexecute them atthe end of a basic combo string or hit a set buttonsequence.Narushippuden Ninja Impact Ultimate Features:Ultimate Ninja Kizuna DriveUltimate Shippuden Heroes StormAkatsuki rising