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Natural Beauty Tips & Remedies present you many simple andeffective natural home remedies for glowing skin and fairnessthrough various natural beauty videos.

Disclaimer: Natural Beauty Tips Videos are fetched frompublically available videos in YouTube. Copyright for the videosbelongs to the uploaders of respective videos or to the originalcreators.

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India Tourist Guide 3.0.1 APK
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India's rich history and its cultural and geographical diversitymake its international tourism appeal large and diverse. Itpresents heritage and cultural tourism along with medical,business, educational and sports tourism. This India Tourist Guideapp is a collection of travel videos of India’s Travel attractionsand top destinations. India tour Videos are from YouTube showingtourist attractions of India. Through these videos you can use itas India travelling guide which covers almost all not to be missedplaces in India across the India tour map. India tourist guide is avery useful video collection which is better than any other Indiatravel guides since you can see each place and hear about itsspecialties and importance before visiting there. So you canprepare for India travel by watching these videos about tourism inIndia.It can be used by any domestic India tourist or anyInternational Tourists from USA, Europe, Russia, China, Australia,New Zealand, Brazil etc.As you can see some of the important places to visit in Indiatravel includes Tajmahal, which is one of the eight wonders ofworld. Also you should surely visit Kerala tourist places. Keralais called the God’s Own Country, which is southern state of India.It is known for its greenery and backwaters. Make sure that youplan a Kerala tour while travelling to India. There are many Keralatravel guide videos also in this app to help you learn about Keralatourism. Another important place you won’t miss is Delhi, thenational capital of India which has a prominent place in the Indiatourist map. You won’t need another Delhi tourist guide to learnabout Delhi tourism and you will be just ready for a Delhi tourafter you have this app installed.There are also too many beaches in India along its vast coastlinewhich is main attractions for many foreign tourists. Goa is a smallstate renowned for its beaches, places of worship and worldheritage architecture, Goa is visited by large numbers ofinternational and domestic tourists each year.In this India Tourism app there are options to bookmark videosfor watching later in the favorites tab. Also you can share thevideo links to your friends through email, Facebook orwhatsapp.Few of the must visit places in India are Kulu Manali, Shimla,Amritsar, Wagah border, Andaman Nicobar, Lakshadweep, JammuKashmir, Leh - Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Amravati, Varanasi,Cochin, Munnar, Kanyakumari, Pondicherry, Puri, Kolkata, Nagaland,Hyderabad, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Goa, Gokarna etc.Disclaimer: India Travel Videos are fetched from publicallyavailable videos in YouTube. Copyright for the videos belongs tothe uploaders of respective videos or to the originalcreators.Keywords: Karnataka tourism, Gujarat tourism guide, Mumbai tours,Calcutta tour, Goa tourism, goa beaches, goa tour
Indian Recipes Free 3.0 APK
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India cuisine or Indian food encompasses a wide variety of regionalcuisines native to India. Given the range of diversity in soiltype, climate and occupations, these cuisines vary significantlyfrom each other and use locally available spices, herbs, vegetablesand fruits. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religious andcultural choices and traditions.Through this Indian Recipe Free App we provide you wide varietycollection of tasty, spicy Indian food recipes for you. This appwill surely be of use to you if you love spicy Indian recipes. Allthe recipes are presented through videos by different people allover India. This YouTube based recipe app can replace any Indianrecipe book with the wide variety of Indian recipes from North toSouth. Since this is not an Indian recipes offline app, you willneed wifi or 3g connectivity to watch the video recipes.Known for the spicy, masala foods Indian recipes are available inits own unique food recipes for both vegetarian andnon-vegetarians. People across the world love Indian food for itsspecial and unique taste which no other cuisine have.Indian recipe ingredients, style and taste varies as per the localculture or religion and normally you may find more vegetarianrecipes than non-vegetarian recipes in Indian Cuisine. Potato,Onion and tomatoes are common ingredients of Indian food recipes.The Indian food calories depend on the style of cooking or as perthe cook and it can be limited so as to make healthy food for everyage of people. We also see many fusion food recipes with Indianfood mainly by foreign chefs. Indian food has been influenced bymany international cuisines and you will encounter lots of Chinesefood restaurants in India that provide Indo Chinese recipes.Similarly you will find many Indian restaurants in Europe andAmerican countries that serve tasty Food recipes Indian made ofawesome Indian recipe. Also Tasty Street foods are common all overIndia.South Indian Recipes: South Indian food are popular forits tasty spicy and masala food. There are many special tastybreakfast food recipes Indian like idili , dosa, sambar, vada,appam, masala dosa, puttu, idiappam etc Due to the coastal regionin south India fish is part of the meal and Fish fry and fish curryare South Indian specials. In South Indian we also get many Indianvegetarian recipes including healthy breakfast and meals fromIndian restaurant.North Indian Recipes: Vegetarian food is more common inNorth India Dishes like Aloo Gobi, Naan, Channa Masala, Rajmachawal, mutter paneer, paneer masala, are so delicious andpopular.Chicken recipes also have variety of styles in foodrecipes Indian. Chicken Tikka Masala, Indian Butter Chicken,Tandoori Chicken, Chilly Chicken are all popular food across India.Indian Vegetarian recipes also have many dishes that taste exactlylike non veg foods.Recipe Indian food is loved by many and Indians love other foodstoo. So Indian food restaurants serve other cuisines like Italian ,French , Mexican, Arabian etc. Shavarma is very popular in Indianow. Indian food restaurants are present all over world servingbest Indian food to food lovers. Indian nationals love to eat momsbest recipes from best Indian restaurants. The top Indian foodrestaurants provide healthy and balanced diet Indian food recipes.We get many recipes free in this recipe app and can replace anyother recipes cook book . There are also many a lot of yummysweets, sweet desserts etc also in Indian Recipes. Surely you willfind recipes for weight loss and for diabetes as many food loversare health cautious too.We provide many healthy Indian food recipes through our recipeindian app.Disclaimer: Indian Recipes Videos are fetched frompublically available videos in YouTube. Copyright for the videosbelongs to the uploaders of respective videos or to the originalcreators.
Inspirational Videos Free 3.0 APK
Best Videoz
Inspirational Videos inspiring you daily to live life with lot ofpositive energy, enabling you to achieve success. You can see manyinspiring videos about successful athletes, leaders, entrepreneurs,doctors, engineers etc. Those inspirational stories will help youkeep up motivated and remain with the inspirational spirit. All themotivational stories available in this motivational videos app areavailable in YouTube. There are new motivational video clipsavailable every day and you will get a daily notification remindingyou to watch at least one inspirational video daily in the morning.Watching inspirational movies and small clips will present you witha pleasant morning full of positive energy and creative mind. Thiswill help you to begin your day with good positive thoughts andhappy mind. It will help you to forget your unnecessary tensionsand stress. In turn it will help you to do your work better and bea lot productive than before. Watching an action oriented thoughprovoking motivating videos is considered to be better than readinginspirational quotes or motivational words. Videos create a biggerimpact in your mind and true stories inspire you daily withoutfailing.People always have a set of favourite videos which they watchregularly to get inspirations. In our app we have so provided anoption for users to star their favourite videos to watch later orwatch again. You can also easily send the videos to your friendsthrough whatsapp, email, or facebook.So never remain unhappy, sad or down. Whenever you feel so, justopen our app and watch some cool videos. This is a must app for allthose people who prefer taking the less travelled path and wants tomake mark in the history of world by doing something different,something that will benefit every people. Such people are alwaysthere everywhere. Not just entrepreneurs or startup founders, thereare such people in every profession who bring in some sort ofinnovation and path breaking achievements and continue improvingthe system. Everyone strives to be like them. But not many succeeddue to lack of the right encouragement and support. It is alwaysbest to be self-motivated than look up on others for encouragement.So this small simple mobile app solves that problem of everyone whois striving for self-motivation and success. This mobile app willbe handy for everyone to remain motivated throughout their life.This app will remain completely free as the best Free Inspirationalcontent delivery app and work on all android devices above FroyoVersion. It has been tested in all Android phones with updatedYoutube app installed.Disclaimer: Inspirational Videos are fetched from publicallyavailable videos in YouTube. Copyright for the videos belongs tothe uploaders of respective videos or to the original creators.
Spanish Recipes 3.0.1 APK
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Spanish Food Recipes with video explanations. Exclusive Spanishcooking recipes for cooking authentic Spanish food. This is a musthave app if you are food lover who loves to cook new food dailyespecially if want to try out some Spanish recipes. Spanish cuisineis a way of preparing varied dishes, which is enriched by theculinary contributions of the various regions that make up thecountry. It is a cuisine influenced by the people who, throughouthistory, have conquered the territory of that country. The Spanishcuisine presented in this spanish recipe apps is collection ofvariety of dishes from the following Spanish regions – Andalucia,Aragon, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Basque Country, Canary Islands,Cantabria, Castile-La Mancha, Castile and León, Catalonia, LaRioja, Extremadura, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia, Navarre and Valencia.It was in Catalonia that first Spanish cookbook was written. It isa rural culture with triple cuisine.Following are some of the Popular Spanish Food under variousCategoriesSpanish Starters: Canarian wrinkly potatoes, Coca,Escalivada, Migas, Pa amb tomàquet, Patatas bravas, Pincho, Pulpo áfeira, Tapas, Tortilla de patatas, Tumbet, Zarangollo.Main Spanish dishes: Arroz a la cubana, Arròs negre,Chicharrón, Chireta, Cuchifritos, Escabeche, Fideuà, Gachas,Gazpacho manchego, Merienda, Paella, Pinchitos, Pringá, RopaviejaBreads and pastries: Empanada, Ensaïmada, Hornazo,Mollete, Polvorón, TalauSpanish Soups and stews: Ajoblanco, Cocido, Cocidomadrileño, Escudella, Caparrones, Fabada French, Gazpacho,Marmitako, Olla podrida, Ollada, Pipérade, Pisto, SalmorejoSpanish Condiments and sauces: Almogrote, Mojo (sauce),Nocilla, Palm syrup, Paprika, Piquillo pepper, Romesco, Sherryvinegar, Sofrito, Tomate Frito, XatóSpanish Desserts: Alfajor, Churro, Flan, Crème brûlée,Frangollo, Marzipan, Panellets, Quince cheese, Tarta de Santiago,Teja, Tortas de Aceite, Tortell, TurrónDairy products (Spanish Cheeses) : Afuega'l pitu,Cabrales cheese, Cuajada, Idiazábal cheese, Garrotxa cheese,Manchego cheese, Mató cheese, Natillas, Picón Bejes-TresvisoSpanish sausages: Morcilla, Botifarra, Cecina, Chistorra,Chorizo, Fuet, Jamón, Jamón ibérico, Jamón serrano, Lacón Gallego,Lechazo, Lomo, Longaniza, Mojama.Non-alcoholic Spanish beverages: Café con leche,HorchataAll the spanish food listed above may not be available asrecipes in our app. But through this app we provide you somespanish recipes for everyday cooking. All the spanish food recipesby top chefs and top restaurants of world published in YouTube areavailable here. We are sure that you won’t fail to find any spanishrecipes you are looking for in the 500 recipes available in ourSpanish Recipes VideoBook.Disclaimer: Spanish Food Recipes Videos are fetched frompublically available videos in YouTube. Copyright for the videosbelongs to the uploaders of respective videos or to the originalcreators.
Natural Beauty Tips & Remedies 3.0.1 APK
Best Videoz
Natural Beauty Tips & Remedies present you many simple andeffective natural home remedies for glowing skin and fairnessthrough various natural beauty videos.Disclaimer: Natural Beauty Tips Videos are fetched frompublically available videos in YouTube. Copyright for the videosbelongs to the uploaders of respective videos or to the originalcreators.
Card Tricks - How to do Magic 3.0 APK
Best Videoz
Card Tricks is a free application to learn card tricks or cardmagic by watching videos about the secret behind various amazingcard tricks. There are many card tricks tutorials in this cardtricks video application. You will find many card tricks for allincluding many magic tricks for kids for free. These magic trickstutorials will help you learn card tricks and demonstrate in frontof your friends and get their appreciation and attention. Alsolearning how to do magic tricks with cards is a fun hobby and manymagicians present their sessions about how to do card tricksthrough the magic tricks videos in this how to do magic applicationfor Android phones. Many magic tricks revealed are available forfree through this. Try this free application tested for almost allandroid devices above 2.3 including Samsung galaxy s4, galaxy s3,galaxy grand, galaxy mini, moto g, moto x, moto E, htc one etc.Disclaimer: Card Tricks Videos are fetched from publicallyavailable videos in YouTube. Copyright for the videos belongs tothe uploaders of respective videos or to the original creators.
Europe Travel Attractions 3.0.1 APK
Best Videoz
European Travel attractions and top destinations. Videos fromYouTube showing tourist attractions of Europe. This app will helpyou find many European destinations to plan your Europe tours. Thisis must app for all people who are planning to travel to Europe tounderstand about the place through awesome videos. So you canconsider this app as a Europe travel guide free though it is justtravel videos about Europe.It is obviously the best way to plan your vacation activities inEurope with the wonderful ideas people share to you in thesevideos. This will help you to prepare your vacation packing listswhile your children are busy waiting with the vacation countdown.It is always difficult find some good vacation villas for yourvacation village voyages. Also vacation rentals or vacation beachrentals are quite high when you approach through agencies. So itwill result in an increase in your vacation expense and end upspending more vacation money for vacation homes. You can surelyreduce your vacation house rentals if you can approach the placedirectly.Euro rail is the best way to travel through various countries inEurope. Learn about such awesome ways to explore Europe through thevideos in our app. You will surely find useful than any otherBelgium travel guide or France travel apps. It can also substituteGreece travel guide and also help you plan your vacation forCroatia travel, Finland travel, Ireland travel and Switzerlandtravel. Some of the other important tours inside Europe are Francetour, Greece travel, Iceland travel free, Ireland trip, Maltatravel, Poland travel and Vatican tour. And also help you greatfood in Europe like Ireland travel food.Videos available in this App include:Europe tourism videoEurope tour documentaryEurorail documentaryEurorail videosEurope travel documentaryEurope travel destinationsEurope travel showEurope travel guideEurope tour guideEurope tour by trainEurope tour movieEurope tourism commercialEurope tourist attractionsEurope trip documentaryDisclaimer: Europe Travel Videos are fetched from publicallyavailable videos in YouTube. Copyright for the videos belongs tothe uploaders of respective videos or to the original creators.
Nail Art Designs Free 3.0 APK
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Nail Art Designs Free app presents you a large collection oftrendyand beautiful nail art designs. It is a dream of all fashionlovinggirls to get a complete nail salon makeover from a costlynailsalon. But everyone can’t afford such costly nail arts salon.Thisapp helps you to learn how to do nails and nail polish diy withthehelp of awesome designs and nail art designs steps by nailfashionexperts.It is very important to spend some time for nail care and it willbegood if you go to nail salon for doing the nail polish. Inthismodern fashion world, people give a lot of importance to styleandmakeup. Going to hair salon and nail salon are very commonamongcity girls. Actually if you can spend some time yourself fornailfashion you can learn many new nail arts design free frombeautifulnail arts pics available in nail art tutorial availablethroughthis nail polish designer app. You will find many new nailartdesigns 2015 and also few nail art designs 2014 along withmanynail art designs free for kids.Awesome trendy and stylish nail art designs set and patternsareexhibited in these videos from youtube.You will rarely find these kind of nail polish for girls inyourlocal nail salons or beauty parlor. These nail art forkidstutorials will help Girls take good care for their nails andforthat there are many nail kits available locally. All thosewhovisit nail polish salon regularly must try our app and try tolearnsome simple techniques for nail care and also treatmentsavailableto change the habit of nail bite. Teen girls are very muchfond ofnail polish games and nail salon games because they love totestnew nail art designs through these game apps. Also girlsalwayssearch for new nail books with set nail art designs.Nail makeover should be done so as to match with youroverallmakeup. Proper nail care requires special nail clippers andnailpens, brushes, mechanical pens, special nail art gels etc. Thisappcontains a lot of perfect nail color combinations which willhelpyou to choose nail colors and nail art to match with yourbeautifulcostume. Girls with personal nail designers can use ourapp to givenew nail design ideas to them and avoid having to go toother nailsalon makeover studio for better nail art designs.Proper manicure should be done before trying new nail designs.Amanicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernailsandhands performed at home or in a nail salon. A manicure consistsoffiling, shaping of the free edge, treatments, massage of thehandand the application of polish. Some manicures can includethepainting of pictures or designs on the nails or applyingsmalldecals or imitation jewels. Other nail treatments may includetheapplication of artificial nail gels, tips, or acrylics, someofwhich are referred to as French manicures.Our app has many nail design ideas videos provided withverybeautiful nail images. There are many nail design by famousactorsand models, useful nail tips and tricks for proper naturalnailcare of home nail care. Most are DIY easy nail art which canbedone without going to salon. So Install this awesome app andenjoydesigning your nails with awesome colors and drawings.Disclaimer: Nail Art Designs Free HD Videos are fetchedfrompublically available videos in YouTube. Copyright for thevideosbelongs to the uploaders of respective videos or to theoriginalcreators.